The Kissing Booth 2 is hilariously dumb

Publicado em 5 Ago 2020
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The Kissing Booth is kinda dumb...
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To All The Boys 2 is kinda dumb...

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  • *Marco deserved better*


  • This is hilarious, love you so much , Don’t like the main actress, her face is so annoying

  • 😑😐🤨

  • I feel like Alex Meyers was that kid at school everyone thought was gay. 😂

  • It's always the girl that cheats on the guy in the long-distance relationships

  • Is no one talking about the fact that Elle is 17 and she's drinking alcohol all the time?

  • I just finished watching this movie then I came here. It's a movie is all I can say

  • When Marco said “I’m a bit hungry, I think I’m going to go get a SNACK.” Elle should have said “Well, your SNACK is right here.”

  • When you can relate to an ad 😥

  • This video was way entertaining than the movie.

  • Never watched either of the two movies but I gotta admit Marco is thr only attractive looking cast member.

  • So Covid and Kissing booth come back in 2021??

  • Harvard accepting applications just for doing kissing booths since the year 20XX. Hold on, Imma go tell my mum.

  • 2:50 as having all my friends be girls I can say that your correct it’s graphically inappropriate Jesus Christ

  • my man makes money by watching movies and drawing -_-

  • 1:40 dog: help my please

  • Favorite BRdownr

  • I use the same pass for my alt, normal and my brother account on roblox

  • 2:56 - 3:15 this is gold 🤣🤣🤣

  • At this point I prefer watching your videos more than the movies

  • Every movie review I see of this guy is the same I say this guy is ridiculous

  • Yay finally 2021

  • kids in movies: harvard kids in real life: drop out


  • Kissing booth 2 is soo much like P. S. I still love you it I copy

  • Has anyone besides me and my brother seen iZombi before?

  • Hey loves! If anyone out there needs to hear it right now I just want to let you know that *Jesus is loving* He died out of love and He can still forgive you, so even if you've run from Him, go back and allow Him to accept you with open arms because He created you and He's coming back soon and I dont want it to be too late. Love y'all have a wonderful day ❤❤

  • Poor Marco

  • ♡ ♥💕❤😘 YOUR VIDEOS




  • Why is nobody talking about how Marco looked at her for a moment and literally said “yeah she’s worth it”? 😳

  • what bothers me the most is that they canceled anne with an E, and amazing show that needed more, for this useless sequal. step up your game netflix

  • 7:48 that's the freaking girl who played Amaya from Dc's legends of tomorrow

  • DUDE this movie had no point to even exist at all we got so happy and sad when she told Marco she likes him just to get back with Noah she could have just asked him and not be assuming wam bam chicken maam movie over in like 10 or 20 minutes!!!! Dude, That is not how girls talk about guys "Hes so cute and his hair is so soft I just wanna run my fingers thorugh his hair and he is so cute he makes me melt!" Thats how girls talk about guys. (Unless their those girls who watch you sleep and take your stuff -_-ll) Also noah went from "Bad Hot guy" hair cut to "Justin Bieber Hair cut"

  • Elle looks like an older version of Sabre from the Norris Nuts...

  • Once in my life I want a romance movie with good communication and no love triangle (instead try polyamory, mutual consent and communication x2 is great)

  • Wait, so why was fancy british girl all over noah then

  • Is it bad that the “it’s you, its always been you” quote was in the Wattpad fanfic I read yesterday that quote is so cliche anything romantic just slap that quote in there

  • “so what are ur plans?” “meh idk” literally me xD

  • Alex really likes hamtaro ham ham heartbreak

  • I thiught rule 19 was who smelt it dealt it...

  • During the awkward moments I said kill me

  • No one notice Noah had a damn FIREPLACE in his dorm room? @4:18

  • Why do I feel like they ripped this plot from the first 40 episodes in Jane the virgin

  • Imagine thinking this girl's name is just L

  • the "....well this is fun..." at 12:58 always get me

  • This man make me choke on my spit cuz of how hard he made me laugh 😆.

  • ok if there was a misunderstanding whats the texts that she read in Noah's phone 🤷‍♂️?

  • That shouldn’t be in Disney it’s a kids channel this is why I HATE Disney *STUPID DISNEY*

  • Its so cringe I need to physically turn ,y head from my phone screen and try to stop myself from puking

  • I have the perfect nose and a beautiful one

  • Did anyone else notice the middle brown haired omg is different from the first movie?

  • Me suck dumb yes

  • Rachel is mj from the spider man moveis the ones with tobby McGuire

  • Why are u angry with all the fcking movies

  • Is that who I think it is here from live in Maddie you have to be kidding me Liv and Maddie do you realize that it’s the guy from Liv and Maddie I watch that when I was a kid

  • female frodo go hard ngl


  • I didn't like these movies because of the cliches and how toxic Noah and Elle's relationship is. But poor Marco. All he did was try to help Elle. And she just leads the poor guy on, even kissing him. But then she just rejects him. Marco deserves better.

  • Does everyone ignore the part where she just goes ''Watched him sleep :) ''

  • Well we know she wrong for that! 8:00-8:06

  • Me: *watching video* Also me: *gets a coffee commercial*

  • hi it's 2021 alex I'm praying for your sanity....nvm that shit is long gone

  • Ok I cannot lie, his animations are hilarious. Definitely not the reason I subbed. Also because he is just hilarious.

  • Nice

  • Wait but how did he explain the dirty text messages between them?

  • 11 : 22 😂😂😂😂

  • Netflix has a thing for shirtless guys and kissing and anything with no logic

  • my favourite tv show got cancelled cause of kissing booth, everyone hated kissing booth why do you need a new one when the one that was getting a new season had little to no hate and a fantastic plotline?

  • 14:47 I thought I clicked another video on accident lmao

  • I love how Elle who isn’t even that pretty can get away with flirting with Marco but be jealous of what Noah is (not) doing with this other girl. Ofc she gets to be the victim right?? I mean talk about a basic, boring, bland human.

  • Marco looks like Rafael from Jane the Virgin, like exactly like him lmao.

  • I love it when you censor kissing with the vacuuming grandma

  • Lee’s so cute I’m dying

  • I feel like alex has wached too many of these kinds of films and now thinks like a teenaged girl

  • they are making part 3

  • You know at least with this, there was a misunderstanding where movies like twilight and to all the boys I've loved, it's like, "we still have all our problems and theres a new guy who treats me better but I'll still give you another chance because the fans have been shipping us since last movie

  • Do a horror movie plz

  • If she doesn't get into Berkley her back up school is Harvard? I was expecting an Alex joke here

  • So is nobody else gonna notice that Mia looks totally different in the second movie than in the first? Even if they like casted someone else it bothers me so fricken much.

  • I literally like this movie for some reason

  • When you realize, that kissing booth is by wattpad ಠ_ಠ...

  • marco and chloe were the only characters that were good

  • 5:00 had me dying

  • i'm making a fanfic of tts on wattpad and hoping its gonna become a movie

  • are not wrong about how we talk about guys we like, at least not with me and my friends.

  • I hate Elle in this movie she’s like “i can have a guy best friend but my boyfriend can’t have a girl best friend”

  • Lol you're absolutely right. 10:45 I always wonder why Hollywood is always doing this kind of of thing when some guys will just suddenly pull something big out of nowhere even though you can clearly see before that moment that it's impossible for them put something big in their pockets.

  • there was really no reason to make a sequel and continue the story besides the money which tbh was most definitely the reason this was even made

  • Good review for an awful movie.

  • I know someone else said it but this movie made Elle unironically get upset at Marco after she very much sexualized and objectified him over the school intercom which obviously makes so much sense, also that money would not pay for Harvard, like not even one semester

  • Si soy sincera no me importa que diga la película, estoy completamente segura de que Noah engañó a Elle con Cloe, you can't change my mind :P

  • When you guys are just saying your stuff about the movie, im just noticing that Alex Meyers signed in as Robert Stewart...

  • You should do frozen

  • How dare they make my boy Jacob look like a 45 yr old balding man with cat fur as a toupee?😭💃

  • One good thing about this entire film is the acting of the actors and actresses because honestly they’re all amazing

  • Marco is ugly idc What anyone says