how is Riverdale still on tv...

Publicado em 21 Jan 2020
Riverdale Season 4 reaction
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how is Riverdale a real show
Riverdale Season 4 is a mess...
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Home Alone 2 literally makes no sense...
Victorious was kinda dumb...
YOU is a weird show...
Anne with an E is pretty great

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  • I only watched Riverdale for Cole and Madelaine

  • I like how the all the characters are having weird story arc, while Cheryl is just chilling with her brothers corpse

  • No. It turns out his alter ego in the Baxter Brothers series (Bottlehead or something like that idk😂) is the real person and he’s a “normal” person writing this off of Cole Sprouse because they’re obsessed over him and are writing a Wattpad about him and the person writing it is Betty and is going through some things in a mental institution...Seems like the most logical explanation really.😂🤣

  • 8:09 I never really realized how many “secret/new family members” there are😂😂

  • It's always funny to me that whenever writters want us to know that there are latinxs in a show...they say "padre" or "hermanita". Dude we don't speak like that...I don't call my brother "hermanito" I call him by his fucking name lolol

  • What did bettys mom slide on the table

  • hahahahahahahahahaha wat your videos are so on point on Riverdale

  • i’ve stopped watching riverdale after s1... and binge-watching these videos now...... i can’t believe this is a real show. even with context these clips seem EXTREMELY out of context like what the hell is going on

  • I feel bad for the counselor women who has to listen to betty's and Alice's issues like, this is a high school not couples therapy

  • WAIT A SEC in the episode where alice tells betty the story of G&G, young FP tells that his father beat him up, breaking his arm, because FP didn't want to join his father's gang and wanted to be (and I quote) the FIRST Jones ever to go to college... and now you're telling me that the same person who beat up his kid because he wanted to go to college not joining his gang, actually attended to college and was also a very good writer and a part of this super secret society of writers??? well... I'm confused

  • Only reason I watched this show is cuz I saw ma man cody

  • 3:42 it gets me

  • OK... so a teenager hates her dad but still lives in the house and comes to dinner when he announces it. therefore she is obsessed with him...?

  • 1:20

  • 8:20 Well Im pretty sure they're adding another cast member as Pop Tate's granddaughter or something so...

  • Shut the hell up Riverdale is amazing you r dumb!

  • Final season of riverdale: I hope will never come because I love alex meyers videos on then

  • Si, un comentario en español.ira puede que no sea la mejor serie pero hay gente a la que le gusta. si, puede que a veces sea ridícula pero por qué meternos con los gustos de los demás? Que cada uno vea los que quiera y que no tenga que ver videos juzgando a series que le gustan porque todos nos sentimos mal cuando critican algo que te gusta. En fin solo es mi opinión

  • "Using the word Jingle-Jangle unironically". I'm dying. 🤣🤣🤣 Also though, I feel like everyone should already know that Veronica has some extreme daddy issues without being told. Just by watching the show.

  • I said “woah, what” out loud in my bedroom when Betty went back in time

  • Which anime does that house come from?

  • THAT'S how you utilize the talent of Sam Witwer?! You make him jump out of a window? Also, this just solidifies that The CW REALLY doesn't like casting outside of its pool.

  • Am I the only one who has trouble under standing HOW IN THE WORLD Polly is older than Betty, but Jason and Cheryl are twins, yet Jason and Polly were IN THE SAME GRADE. Riverdale has just lost it's mind.

  • Cheryl lowkey is terrifying.


    • Not necessarily that she is doing it, more that she wants to. Cuz I know when I’m in a home situation where I have nowhere else to go and other sheez, it implies Foggin Incest! Thanks Riverdale :/

  • Getting rid of Dark Betty was a travesty.

  • My general reaction to everything that happens in Riverdale is just "Well, that happened, I guess..."

  • i wish i was the guy at the start after watching this

  • 5:09 what did exactly Betty's mom find at her room?

  • Mr. Chipping's actor (forgot his name) plays Darth Maul in TCW and SWR.

  • season 5/6 whatever finale : jason blossom was in a coma and it was all a long dream 🤔💭 orrrrrr...... the whole thing was secretly organised by pops and he just wanted everyone to dieee 🧐🤨

  • They can't leave this window alone, can they?

  • These charaters have so much family.... Me and my self

  • This makes my mom's daily soaps more sensible

  • 6:29 to 6:55 my reactions were exact

  • I mean pop Tate has a daughter in the new season apparently so...there's that... I pray for your soul Alex

  • ok veronicay buddy arche what comic is this from?????????

  • pls publish the song pls

  • Also, if the Lodges are latinos why are family dinners in english? XD

  • I'm sorry why did Mr Chipping jump out the window?

  • i've watched only the first season and honestly what the actual fuck?¿?

  • ‘You willingly live at home...’ ‘SORRY IF I DON’T WANT TO LIVE ON THE STEETS’

  • Solution to every teen drama that nobody in the show ever thinks of: CALL THE POLICE!

  • I guess this means that all those times i ran errands for my dad it was because i wanted to tango with him....:/

  • Can you do Once upon a time??

  • I laughed when they just zoomed out of earth and he just goes like WHAT

  • Favourite moment 08:12 to 08:18 ............wut.........?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Idk why but yelling stop like it’s chica from Fnaf makes me laugh

  • Am I the only one that doesn’t want riverdale to end bc I like the cringe videos that come out of it- No- I’m crazy- k bye

  • Watch the whole series just be Hiram playing chess In prison and everyone else is his pawns ☠️☠️

  • What's that object Alice slid at 5:10?

  • Riverdale is basically the fever dream of one emo boi obsessed with archie comics

  • Never watched an episode. Only here for Alex's critique

  • PLOT HOLE PLOT HOLE PLOT HOLE *S1 claims Freds one DUI is because he took the blame for FP but this season claims it was Frank he took blame for*

  • Have to say, I never imagined a serious plot point in this show would be a character wanting to bang their own parent when it was a detective story in season 1.

  • i laughed so hard this video

  • This guy jumps through window what is this ???

  • Even by riverdale's standards season 4 is shit.

  • Is it just me who thinks it’s kinda cute Archie called them his kids

  • The whole relatives thing gets more and more like Once Upon A Time...

  • How many likes to get this to so you do a face reveal ?

  • I actually like the show though

  • 0:55 Does Stonewall have many secret societies? Who am I kidding it's Riverdale of course they do.

  • 6:40 sweet home Alabama

  • The whole town of Riverdale is inbred!

  • This one writer: Wait, guys, why does Veronica still live at home? It's not like anyone cares about custody or stuff like that in this show. THAT one writer: Well, if it's not money, it's sex.

  • Does the counselor not know what abusive domestic relationships are like? Or that Veronica is a fucking highschooler so she is not old enough to move out? Also,super rich families tend to have generations living together under the same roof and never bother getting anyone to move out once they hit 18.

  • I actually really liked the episode with the counselor because of how they succinctly expressed the craziness in the show.

  • this makes glee look g-..........ok

  • That song was gold 😂

  • betty has a half-brother she thought was dead veronica had a half-sister she never knew about archie had an uncle that HE never knew about jughead: ur kidding-

  • I was done with riverdale after season 3 and might not watch it ever again then I saw you season 1 2 3 videos and had to watch the next one even though I haven't watched it. This is more fun than the show itself.

  • I gotta say, labeling Betty a top and Jughead a bottom at 2:26 has gay me laughing hysterically.

  • how come actual good shows get canceled but riverdale is here on their 4th season of nonsense 👁👄👁

  • At least pretty little liars knew that that they were ridicules.

  • I gave up on Season 2 episode 9

  • I think the biggest shocker is Archie didn't defeat Dodger with his abs

  • I hope aliens never see Riverdale to get cues on humans...

  • when that dude jumped out the window i literally choked on my spit from laughing so hard OH MY GOD this show sucks so much i’m glad i never watched it passed the first season. can’t believe this pile of crap made it this far.

  • ... Well someone's a big fan of Freud..

  • When Betty was saying all her mom did out loud I realized how confusing this show is. But I understand it.

  • I don’t want to watch, but I can’t help it. It’s so freaking ridiculous!!


  • I guess this show was written by Eric and the gang during the circle.

  • Mr Chipping really said yeeeeeeeet

  • Plot twist...they pull a twilight on us and there’s someone in Riverdale that can see the future and that’s what they see 🤦‍♀️😂

  • They might as well cast a long lost twin brother for jughead too

  • The amount of plot twists in this show is just making it nonsensical, repetitive and funniest thing? CLICHE! The sense of a plot twist is to not be cliche but that is exactly what they're being! And can they not think of something else other than suprise sibling? MEK SENSE U JUSS SEH DEM A DO INCEST CAUSE FKSOVIAODAVKUI

  • I only watched season 1 and now I just watch these to remind my self it's not worth my time.


  • I’m glad I found your channel because I gave up on Riverdale in the middle of season 3. I’ve been getting caught up by watching your clips and I see nothing has changed lol I’m really confused now. Are we all going to pretend it’s nothing wrong with how adult-like they are but supposedly are Seniors. No adult in this town can function with out their TEENAGERS fix the problems. I’m sorry the first season was great but now it’s just absurd 🤣🤣

  • I swear if they say someone has a secret sibling one more god damn time!!! **Archie’s dad has a secret brother** Me: 1:30

  • at 2:25 I thought you were saying that betty was a top and jughead was a bottom and honestly, i didn't question it. my gay ass did not read it correctly

  • Am I the only one who doesn’t know what the fuck she found in the false bottom of Betty’s nightstand?!?!

  • FBI magic lmfao

  • Why do you make som many versions of riverdale?! Yes, it's a mess and boring show, please move on!! Jeeezz!!

  • Cheryl and Toni are the only reason why I still watching Riverdale


  • this was the best one so far, I'm watching all your riverdale videos, don't even want to see the show, this videos are just hilarious!