why did everyone like Charmed so much

Publicado em 16 Jul 2019
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does anyone remember Lizzie McGuire?
Descendants doesn't make any sense...
why does everyone like On My Block so much
Twilight Breaking Dawn doesn't make any sense...
Descendants 2 doesn't make any sense...
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  • Because the women were attractive (for the guys) and it was a renaissance of female empowerment (for the ladies). The storylines were never really that good. The acting was never that good. A lot of the side characters were interesting. Alyssa Milano was hot.


  • Did you do the charmed reboot yet?

  • Piper is my favorite

  • I love Charmed. In middle school, I was a huge Buffy fan. But as Buffy got to season 3 and 4, she started having more sex scenes and my mom made me stop watching it :( (obviously that didn't always stop me from finishing Buffy I Tim the end :D) sooo fast forward a little, and I'm surfing through the channels and stumble upon Charmed, randomly. It was a season 3 episode when Prue and Phoebe are looking for some guy who gets hit by a bus? when they fight that demon who infects them with sins, and I was hooked after that. It was giving off hella Buffy vibes, but not as dark or sexual (so I was allowed to watch it!). I loved this show. It had cool powers, beautiful sisters. Nothing was ever rushed. Characters were fully developed. Love stories weren't rushed or forced. Leo and Piper'slove will forever be the love I strive to have. It was healthier than Buffy and Angel's twisted story. The effects weren't over the top like the supernatural and superhero shows you have now, like Legacies/Vamp diaries, Sabrina, etccccc. The reboot Charmed is cool, but also bad (like pretty bad lol) especially the ridiculous cgi and the rushed storylines. I will forever love Charmed. From when the sisters first are learning how to use their powers on their own (without the help of their whitelighter or dead mother literally holding their hand and explaining everything day one. Like Barry is so annoying...he literally shows up episode one and tells them everything they need to know about being witches and then the Vera sisters learn the craft mad quick), from Prue's death 😭 and the arrival of Paige. From having a villain/hero like Cole Turner/Belathazor/The Source. Sure, the show did decline once they got new producers and the WB stopped supporting them as a show, especially in the final season, but still hands down better than any show out there now (based on story alone). Did it have some issues?! Sure! There were times where they could have gone a bit darker in tone and less campy or family friendly...but it will forever hold a place in my young heart. I don't know who I would be had it not been for this show I've religiously watched for the last 15 years. My childhood/teen years would not have been the same without this show! Forever Charmed ❤️

  • Charmed was so popular in 1998 because it was a product of its' time. In 1998, The Spice Girls were extremely popular. The UK and America, along with Australia; were whipped up into a "Girl Power" frenzy. Look at the most popular shows between 1995-2005. Charmed. Sex and The City. Sabrina: The Teenage Witch and Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. All products of 'girl power'.

  • Love og charmed

  • You should over the reboot of Charmed since season 3 of it is premiering this week!

  • I loved the idea of Charmed more than the actual show. Piper was the only sister I could stand. The one thing I loved the most and still love to this day.... Halliwell Manor..... That house..... my God, I fucking love it.

  • I thought her name was prune litterly

  • ummm these magic special effects for the 90s are better than Once Upon a Time recently 😂

  • you're a monster Charmed is my life!!!!!!

  • Can u do the new one?

  • The original charmed was really good yes it had magic in it but it wasn’t that bad the remake just like the Sabrina remake is completely Satanic and disgusting I really believe Satan worshipers are starting to make these shows

  • They were the inspiration for "Powerpuff Girls" XD

  • Oh, Prue dies at the end of season two.

  • “The way girls fight just looks... exhausting” More girls should solve conflicts the way guys do: simply roll up your sleeves, break each other's noses... then go to a strip club.

  • 👍

  • During the first bout of quarantine in michigan I moved up north with no wifi or cell reception. Me and my girlfriend watched pretty much only charmed because I bought my mom the full disc set. Anyways I kept having weird charmed dreams based off of the things they fight. Good times.

  • *Because the original Charmed was AMAZING!*

  • Of course the original one is best.

  • Like, my mother was opsesd with it and is rewaching right nog. It stil looks like Notting more than drama drama drama to me

  • Liked it the first time around. Tried rewatching it and found everyone to be incredibly whiny and pessimistic. Have no interest in the remake.

  • I've watched this show for so many years, and despite how many people go on about it, it's nostalgic to me. But every person is entitled to their own opinion.

  • I loved Charmed, but yeah it got ridiculously bad the longer it dragged on.

  • Always this “the powers of three” shit. Like, come up with something original you 40-something-year-old author whose books people will make shitty movies about for no reason.

  • LMAO I never noticed that problem with Andy's mouth before and now I can't UNSEE it. How dare you.

  • Omg “can you believe in the third grade, she told me I look like Helga from here Arnold!” Lmao that’s fucked up

  • For reaaaaal the new charmed is wack compared to the original!!!! I said what I said💀🤚🏻 UwU

  • 📟🎙📞🎚📞☎️💽📀🖨🎥📟⏱⏲🧭⏲ Ji

  • The original charmed had good episodes that I would watch getting ready for school in the morning but I never followed the storyline I must say the new charmed has more relatable characters which makes me want to know more about their story

  • intro song?

  • And I thought Buffy the vampire Slayer was bad this show takes the cake! Hated both shows really. Always hated shows like this so boring!

  • Only the first four Seasons though ... :D

  • When girls fight ether we a.gossip,yell,then make up or b.we fight with hands and tell our friends to go after them

  • Your vids are all 10:00 min

  • 3 hot girls in tight skimpy clothes that fight demons. I have no idea why this was so popular....

  • You should do daybreak on netflix

  • It had all the ingredients that made a successful drama sitcom back in the 90s. Tons of attractive young people, mystery, chemistry, good enough writing, music, and a splash of comedy. Man, I love my generation.

  • I love charmed.

  • The original phoboe is Lori Rom also I see why they make POC COMMUNITY the main characters yes they helped POC but they weren't the main characters.

  • It’s spell not a poem Alex tune down the bitchiness Alex 😂

  • 999k views?! Wow

  • I think that's why a bunch of actors don't watch their own movies

  • Oh my gosh. I'd love a copy of YOUR book of Shadows. *snort* "dog"

  • I'll subscribe just for the Rick and Morty is overrated comment!

  • Charmed was about empowering woman (as Buffy), but it may be considered passé today. The girls kicked ass, but they also were females. They dressed up, REALLY fell in love and were mothers. These are things a lot of the show intended demographic hates nowadays.😂😂😂

  • Never watched the original show..... Love the remake tho!!

  • Nice Adult Swim intro :D

  • Dead on for that doctor. Lol What's with his mouth????? Lol

  • Everyone: I love Charmed but not the reboot Me: Yeah me too the reboot sucks!

  • alex: why did everyone liked charmed so much? me: cause it has sarah jeffrey in it?

  • Me: *loves this show* Me now: *Still loves it but laughs when these scenes come on*

  • only thing i can say to this video is ROTFLOL

  • In chamred I wound be billie or Piper

  • friendzone-freddy xDD

  • Seriously,can you take down the theatrics in your voice (cause I want to like your videos)

  • I busted out laughing at the guy who talks & tries to get popcorn outta his teeth! 😂😂😂

  • I remember coming home from elementary school and finding my older sister and my mom watching it together

  • Yeah, some of ssn 1 of the original charmed was ROUGH. Once it got into ssn 2 and especially when it entered the 2000's it's more bearable.

  • My teacher recommended this show to us way bacj in middle school. Best teacher ever!

  • Yessss who doesn't want to watch the Mighty Ducks 🤣🤣❤

  • Alex: Some girls would just hold on to the smallest grudges. Me, a gay: oh they don't even know what holding a grudge is. xD

  • I still love it and watch it all the time

  • I didn't watch it, but I know why people watched it. And let me tell you, the magic is real. Alyssa Milano can, through a television screen, redirect the flow of blood inside my body.

  • You should do buffy! Also nearly unbearably 90s but with the best sidekicks and the CRAZY drama

  • Im a girl and let me tell you the way we fight is exhausting and i hate it

  • I grew up watching this show so I can't deny I'm a hardcore fan of Charmed, I watch it on the regular ngl. It's amazing to me in all ways, so I tried keeping an open mind to the reboot but honestly I couldn't do it. Charmed is Charmed, it's in my heart and I just pretend the reboot didn't happen.

  • The book of shadow ..... i smile rly to mush!

  • DUDE I love this show but I HATE the new show the new show is stupid the old show is awsome

  • Lol I still love it it warms my heart lol

  • I always watch the Reboot of charmed

  • THis show was my life, always has been always will be😂

  • Charmed was done being made before I found netflix and saw every season [I was like.. 9] but I love that show so damn much- I've watched it several times in the past 9 years XD And I'm really salty they're taking it off netflix But unlike a lot of other people, I really like the reboot! We stan lgbtq and poc inclusion and I honestly love it. I'm trying to love it separately from the og show and try not to compare them-

    • I agree that being inclusive and adding in LGBT and POC is good but there was a way to still do that even if they didn't do it in the way they did. I feel like more of the anger and disappointment comes from the fact it should have been a continuation, because their kids for sure would make it interesting. That being said LGBT and POC could still be included into it without changing it? I feel as if the show wasn't a reboot of Charmed it would have been fine, just another witch show, but it's a reboot. In the end a lot of us fans wanted a continuation and not another casting. Also, I also haven't watched the reboot for this reason, in the end I'm a Charmed fan and I grew up on this show so (I think they should have just left it alone if it wasn't a continuation.)

  • It is a great show. Im currently binging, next stop Gilmore girls but anyways I love Pheobe's character, she loves so hard, understanding, pretty. I also like Paige cause she acts like how pheobe did against prue but i cant stand how both Pheobe and piper treat her like she cant do anything. Piper is something else. Like her character gave me scary, but willing to do anything , she gives up way too easily, panics every sec to the point where she cant even live in the moment, just i dont like her 4-6 seasons

  • I loved this sooo much and I still do

  • im inlove with this show! i remember when i was a kid feeling excited everyday to wake up bcos i get to watch it and everytime an episode ended, i just wished a day would go by so quickly so i could watch it again tomorrow. and now im already 25 im watching the reruns on TV every night and it brings so many memories and nostalgia. (PS i like the first 4 seasons more when prue was still alive. i was bitter the rest of the show after prue died lol)

  • Leo and piper was a better love story than twilight, periodt

  • I think it really took off after they introduced Leo and the whole him and piper love thing happened. I mean it was the heart of the show

  • Bc charmed is the best I'm pissed there taking it from netflix


  • I think the original charmed was good but the new one is awful

  • I went back to the original charmed and it had a lot more sex jokes than I remember also the acting was horrible, just awful. I loved watching it with my mom as a kid and I don’t know how I ever enjoyed it at all, let alone as much as I did. So many sex jokes... so many...

  • Charmed is cheesy but Alyssa Milano is fine.

  • Alyssa Milano’s Character & her. & also I just loveeeeee it. Rewatched it and loved it.


  • When charmed first aired it wasnt much to do with the magic why we liked it so much, it helped people deal with there lives we could relate also it gave us an escape for an hour, the reboot lost factor i dont hate it but its not charmed either it was a show with 3 sister witch factor they slammed the logo charmed on. Comics,books the original had haliwells not vera. Plus there was only ever one set of charmed ones thats gone in the reboot.

  • The first 4 seasons were iconic then it becoming boring and trash

  • Do titanic!

  • I know the moment Supernatural ends they will be talking about a remake -______-

  • spell ,incantation ...... not a poem !!!

  • I loved the show so much I named my son Wyatt 😁

  • What are you talking about?! I've seen guys who didn't even knew each other get into a very violent fight just because one of them "looked at the other weird" and they definitely didn't"grab a beer" afterwards... You live in your american stereotype movie world lol your view on the world is very off...

  • After the killed Prue charmed was horrible

  • Charmed had it all, action,drama,charisma, Supernatural, suspense. The girls on the show were Sexy and attractive and Kicked butt. I still watch them today as the reruns Keeps going on.

  • First two seasons slap, the other 6...

  • What even is this channel

  • (Obscrous Lupa crashes through your wall) Diiiid someone on the internet mention "Charmed"?! Me: Brad Jones. Doug Walker. (Lupa scowls) I'm blocking you on twitter, 'cuz you suck.

  • Idk why i liked it

  • I’m rewatching it and currently in season 8. I’m so sad. Hope it was longer.