Descendants 2 doesn't make any sense...

Publicado em 9 Jul 2019
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Descendants doesn't make any sense...
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Camp Rock doesn't make any sense...
Kim Possible is kinda dumb...
Camp Rock 2 doesn't make any sense...
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  • hey everybody, so yeah the timing on this video couldn't be worse. But, I did include a little piece about Cameron at the end, like I did with Luke Perry in my Riverdale videos. Obviously these videos are just for fun and light-hearted jokes so I hope you all watch it with that mindset. Jokes aside, I have nothing but respect for Cameron and all the actors and crew that make these movies possible.

  • The things is you just too grown up for this movie lol , you don't need to watch it , I don't care what your age is lol , and also you talk funny and your are like an idiot just Nagging , no offense thought


  • Guys friendship is cool 🤣🤣🤣 rip 😢😢😢😥😥😥😭😭😭

  • This is kinda like Zombies 2 but with humans with the same singing and dancing

  • 7:54 *insert dishonor on you meme* I mean, Lonnie was just helping.

  • 9:40 I'm a female and I can confirm that's what it feels like.

  • you are so funny

  • Idk about you guys, but I’m convinced that the sole purpose of the dog being able to talk in this movie was just because of that one part where Mal pretends to use the wand on him😒

  • Hi

  • We will never get to see you smile or laugh again. We will miss the way your smile brightens up our day. We will miss how kind you were, donating money for a better cause. We hope you watch over us from up above, and influence us to do good, as you did in your life. We love and miss you, Cameron. Thank you for being the Sun that brightens up our day.

  • mal: "i know what love feels like now" me: what, and you didn't when you power-of-love'd your mom into a lizard?

  • ben, frowning: long hair spell? me: look using magic on yourself is free i think that's a pretty good deal

  • almost thought we were looking at liv and maddie when one of the clips started

  • 11:42 ben looks like wth is this woman talking about like...


  • I love the part when he says the island of the everybody wears lether pants

  • I was planning to watch this movie but then me and my family went on a trip and in the hotel my mom told me that they were playing it so I was going to watch but only had time to watch half of it

  • Thats when she learns the truth Simply piano ad

  • Wow not even I minute in and I’m wondering why Malerie dyed her hair blonde

  • Thats not true the only reason the spell book didnt work there is because that was a villans idom

  • Disney Character: *kisses a boy or a girl* Alex: *vacuums up the cringe*

  • Octopus obviously dumb dumb

  • what happened to bens old gf

  • Can everyone like this video for Cameron He was too young

  • every person who thought they knew everything about descendants when they hear Alex say "When Fairy godmother is standing right there holding the wand (Closes device) (Grabs a lighter) (sets device on fire) (Takes burned device to a dock) (dips the device into the water) (takes out) (Puts in Parana and shark cage) (Says : It just feels right >:(

  • i love that he took the time to respect cameron's death even though he really didn't know him or watch his stuff i thought that was really nice 😌( r . i . p )

  • A little fairy flyes into your room lol

  • Cameron didn’t even live to COVID.

  • 6:40 captions: dont quit i smell

  • 12:27 I died right then and there

  • Iittel mrmade

  • The part when he said "ben forgot that his mom didn't buy pop tarts" made me laugh none stop.

  • oooh looks like evie tryin ta make a move on old bennie boy. "you have to take me with you!......And the boys -" She sure do like hangin out with boys....

  • ew... look at bens eyes... THE EYES!!!!!!!!!!!! theyre disgusting!! theyre all puffy and baggy underneath. blech! like what happened to him?!

  • On the Island only evil magic do not work Good magic like the wand still works

  • Okay there is no WiFi yet they can watch live tv

  • 😺

  • Was I the only one that had a crush on harry?

  • I love his videos!

  • Rest In Peace Cameron. I grew up watching Jessie and he was an incredible actor who I really enjoyed watching. It’s sad cuz he was never 21, he never married or had kids, but at least he made millions of people in the world happy every time they saw his face on a tv screen.

  • lets have a momeent of peace for cameron

  • No points out that Ben screams like a ogre

  • RIP Cameron rest in peace

  • Rip Cameron boyce

  • Watch the high school musical 2 vid it's funny when troy asks something

  • Descendants 3?

  • Isn't Gaston dead?

  • 12:26 constipation

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🥲😏☺️😅

  • you're not going to make me hate disney!

  • I was laughing then when I heard the Cameron no ice thing I started crying. Funny but sad story: when I first watched the decendants I liked Carlos then I told my cousin and she told me he was dead and it was sad

  • R.I.P Cameron 😭😭😭

  • Cameron Died Before 2020, and the Award Of Avoiding 2020 Goes To..

  • nice trogdor easter egg


  • Descendants 2 came out in 2017??

  • I love descendant I have so much respects for the VK's *watch videos* Why did I watch these Disney movies

  • Yah I loved Descendants 2 but I saw a clip of Descendants 3 and was like Hell Nah!

  • Cant we have a disney movie thats realistic and more than 2 people die?

  • Well first of all 3 things I hate about the movie 1. Dude the movie makes up these weird stuff like magic stuff I mean like what the heck is it talking like this "magic magic whatever" 2. What the heck I am on uma side because mal is a spoiled brat we could say in general 3.If you want to ask a girl out just keep it calm and normal don't act like like hey umm.. Do you want to.. The girl will be like um ok? WARNING Pls do not hate this is a option pls do not judge have a great day everyone!

  • amaze-balls.

  • "So Mal was like GRRR and Uma was like ulululul and Ben found out his mom forgot to get pop tarts: ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" Me: I mean, I feel like this is second hand embarrassment, especially in that outfit, sir.

  • The dragon cool in a way...

  • Bootiful: 3:12

  • I happen to watch this

  • LOL SHE- Pini better jelly sAndWitCh

  • People I watch- nvm

  • i could probably make a better movie in 20 minutes while tired,drunk,and high af on crack

  • "lady of the court" in france just meant thot

  • after watching this, i will go commit die

  • 12:24 TROGDOOOOOOOOOOR!!! Yeah Mal’s gonna be burninating...whatever Uma is.

  • I hate you

  • Alex: But thats when he learns the truth! Ad: Marshalls is doing online shopping

  • “And that’s when he learned the truth” *gets car add*

  • lets make this worse he died the day of my birthday wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Just realized this was posted on my bday

  • Dragon vs oktopus POKÉMON!!!

  • harry hook is the mvp of these movies hands down :D

  • When you look in the reflection at 3am : 3:13

  • Nothing make’s sense to you maybe don’t watch movie’s

  • Atleast he had the respect for camereon.

  • Me: I don’t need bangs The fairy: but what if you got bangs, hehehe🌝

  • Litterly no one Not even the fans: Everyone in my school: uma uma uma uma what's my name what's my nameeee

  • dark magic does not work there the wand uses good magic

  • He is SO funny

  • 9:39… spot on

  • arent you scared the boat is sinking.

  • Uma turns into a upside down Medusa

  • well, at least luke-- I mean cameron got a date before he pasted...


  • who tf would f*ck hook???? gaston makes sense, but who tf would f*ck hook???


  • 12:31 the roar used to sounded stupider when i first saw that scene

  • blonde

  • Wait. Doesn't captain hook hate women and gaston was always single but he died before he could get married. So how did they have- you know what forget it its a disney movie for kids its obviously not gonna make sense

  • All I want to know is how a 3D printer is useful when they have the ability to literally pull things from air.

  • At the end of the movie and says she cursed the ring that Mal had. Also descendants 3 had no thing to talk about that. Smh

  • “ amazballs “

  • Why we can't see the kiss