ZOMBIES 2 doesn't make any sense...

Publicado em 25 Fev 2020
ZOMBIES 2 Disney Channel Animated Commentary
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ZOMBIES is hilariously dumb...
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  • 1:56 Anyone else laughing

  • Ok so my sister loves the zombies movies and I'm really into marvel so everytime my sister mentions Bucky I think Bucky Barnes and my sister and I wear sitting at the table and she said "Bucky's running for president" and I choked on oxygen

  • Tall Girl: “i’m 6.1’ and i wear men’s size 13 nikes. beat that” Addison: “i have REALLY BLOND HAIR” oh, first world problems

  • I was thinking why Zed looks so familiar like a friend Then I realized he looks like Ross Geller -.-

  • This offends me because I literally love it

  • Damn zed rly be roasting her 🤣🤣

  • 🤣🤣lmao it’s just like the first shitty

  • Alex: and all those others people who don’t have THERE OWN COLORING BOOKS! Meg and milo: am I a joke to you-

  • This is one of my favorite movies I unsubscribe

  • dear person reading this, ur so loved and worthy 🦋

  • WHAT!?!?

  • U do Fuller House on Netflix?

  • Wait, so the werewolves aren't even monsters, they're just furries with magic stones?

  • Zed: says the girl who wore a wig her whole life that trumpet you added made the movie 10 times better

  • You completely forgot that plot twist in the end when Addisons hair starts glowing

  • The movie would’ve been better if all the zombies watches broke and they battle the wear wolfs and the world fucking ends cause zombies win

  • 9:08 lmao the werewolves look like a cult

  • 10:42 why does Wyatt look stoned 😂😂

  • Honestly your animated versions of the characters are much better than that whole screenplay hahahahah xD

  • how you gonna go from American Housewife to Zombiessss

  • bEaCuSe NoBoDy UnDeRsTaNdS tHe TrUe StRuGgLeS oF bEiNg An eXtRa BlOnD gIrL

  • I feel like zed got a little fatter

  • is anyone else just spotting The Next Step casts in the movie? Like anyone else?

  • "YoU GoT SoMEThInG TO ShArE WiTh The CLaSs EliZa?"

  • I never really realized that the wolves kinda look like Gacha wolf characters but they’re real life, random streak of color in their hair, stereotypical wolf things I guess?

  • that is realy dumb

  • :O

  • W h a t i s t h i s m o v i e

  • Me when I leave a class a minute before the bell rings. 6:58

  • 4:37 I got an add

  • Those aren't even werewolves there just nutjobs who live in the woods and make silly noises seriously they don't have any wolflike anything

  • The shrimp mascot carried this whole movie tbh

  • is no one gonna talk about what is on that board ?? on 7:10 ????

  • “I like vanilla” “Clearly” I actually started choking-laughing 🤣

  • *grabs death note* *writes name of creator of this movie in it* you welcome

  • addison does have beautiful hair and i think the werewolves are quite badass

  • This was made on my birthday

  • Where are the Peashooters

  • Why do the anti monster laws need to be reinstated, they don’t know if the lycanthropes are dangerous or not plus the zombies go to the prom anyways so this scene is completely pointless 4:02

  • riverdale is the best

  • personaly i think the blonde suits her

  • Addison and the Tall Girl would’ve been best friends because of their life pRobLemS

  • I gotta say winter is just Soo cringe worthy....in this movie and her other stuff on Disney. She kinda comes off as stuck up imo on the commercials w Trevor who actually is pretty funny.

  • Furry racism moment

  • What are there zombie children? Do they not age? If they do how do people who are clinically dead (no semen/ eggs) have children?

  • It's such a coincidence I'm watching the movie while watching this

  • I’m surprised he didn’t mention the very end part where her hair glows.

  • Į łïkë çåtß äńd døgß æñd håmßtërs

  • Føōd īß gôød dœ ÿøü agrëē¿

  • Wow, if they decide to make, i don't know, two more movies, there will be Vampires and Mummies, making the humans look, um....different.

  • This was made the day before my birthday if anybody asked

  • I feel so bad for Addison, imagine being a pretty blond girl who is a cheerleader and might be the caption of the cheerleading team. How on earth can she fit in

  • Don’t do river dale like dat 😩🤚🏼

  • Moon stone from Pokémon

  • these "warewolfs" are the worst kind of furry

  • Is it only me or when they said moonstone who thought about the vampire diaries and klaus mikealson and the whole shenanigans..........me okay


  • Remember kids moral of the story

  • When I was in high school there was these weird kids they had a wolf club or whatever it was basically kids that acted like wolves I think they were furries I don't know it was just weird

  • Furries and gacha fans thats all im saying......……………….......……………....... ...………………….........................................................................................................................................………………………………………………...................................................................................................... they Are. Furrys

  • This is my five year old sister’s favorite movie. I am very disappointed in her.

  • I can't imagine how cringy it was for the casts to film these scenes.

  • The Moonstone... Gotta Catch ‘em All

  • Love this video!!! 😍😍😂

  • At 13:34 you can see that the guys with the mohawks on the left are the same person.


  • Wyat be looking like a bad guy in borderlands3

  • Captain America's Latino sidekick accidentally made this man braindead at 3:52 for 3 seconds with his joke

  • 3:17 i literally just saw rip from pj masks as a teenager lol

  • We’re gonna the game is it good fun

  • Anyone else notice how passive aggressive all the werewolves stand?

  • Tf is this

  • I'm just shocked that the creative team at Disney couldn't find any other way to make Addison an outcast besides "Yeah, uh, let's give her super blonde hair and have everyone hate her."

  • Imagine addison and Zed having a halfblood zombie. Eww

  • So the werewolfs are furrys

  • If you did not know, at the end of the movie there is as blue light outside of Addison's window and her white hair glows so is she an alien?

  • 3:07 me: PREDETER

  • "WhAT?!"

  • minenaiswyatt

  • 1:45 That comment sent me FLYING

  • Wow this is a strang school

  • Ha you wish

  • Real life monsters: actually look terrifying and like they would kill you Disney and anime monsters: teenagers with dyed hair, ears, different colored skin and have something that keeps them in control

  • People who actually like this movie: *My dissapointment is immesureable, And my day is Ruined.* seriosly thought i find this movie 7/10, the logic is stupid but its stupidly entertaining and the lore isnt that bad but the people who actually LOVE this movie then i kinda feel bad, this video is all about how dumb this movie is but there is still people who loves this movie who get offended, like my little brother, he watched this movie zombies and zombies 2 in a row infront of our whole nuclear family.

  • bro you crack me up a lot my new fav youtuber and when you like ill be like uughhh I laugh amazing jobs on the viedo

  • 0:33 Hmm if they are zombies why dont that zombie kid dont have that watch thing

  • "the most confusing and weird movie" Random MEN: this is suffering Random KID: ;) gud muvi

  • I tell you there gonna be a zombies 3 and 4 whats next unicorns and dragons

  • WAIT I JUST THOUGHT Z=Zed=Zombie W=Wyatt=Werewolf A=Addison=Alien????

  • your makeing change my childhood stop doing this vids

  • Dude you just ruined a movie for kids it is supposed to be fun not make sense

  • They're saying"demon beast" even though it just looks like a werewolf. With a dead guy, it'll just be Twilight Edited : Ha! I was right. God NOOOOOOOOO!

  • so who end up with the blond girl, the zombie or the werewolf?

  • So, the founders of that town came to that forest, kiked the werewolfs out of theyr home and now they are banned? Hmmm... I wonder where I have heard that before?

  • But serouisly how old is this dude

  • Addison being born G-d: putting on the final touches G-d spills his mug machine: gives hair of gold of malfunction parents: blind

  • Wait so there is humans zombies and now werwolf’s what nest 👽 aliens

  • you should watch Julie And The Phantoms

  • Is every move On this channel