High School Musical The Musical The Series is hilariously dumb...

Publicado em 20 Nov 2019
High School Musical The Musical The Series
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Lemonade Mouth is kinda dumb...
My Babysitter's a Vampire doesn't make any sense...
Tall Girl is kinda dumb...
Descendants 3 doesn't make any sense...
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  • "Explain the plot of Cats" I. AM. DYING.

  • This series is actually pretty funny and meta at times, and the acting can be pretty tight. Don't think the first episode paints the best picture of it, but for anyone in the 17-21 age group who's grown up with the movies, I'd recommend it.

  • 5:14 is that how a drama teacher and director seriously casts this kids?! A vibe?! No audition?! Just based on a vibe?!

  • 0:47 here is a lesson that somehow Disney didn't learn yet: just because your show/movie has songs in it doesn't mean you need a happy cheery obnoxious musical score in the background of every second! Every time i watch a Disney channel musical there is an obnoxious musical score in the background that is not needed at all in the scene! It's just annoying!

  • I'm really sick of flamboyant theater boy trope, it's just not how theatre kids or gay people act (I'm assuming that because the stereotype is that gay people are in theatre and are super flamboyant then this guy is supposed to be gay) i am a straight theatre kid and i can tell you it's not that flamboyant, just write them like people. And i don't know any gay people but i think it's safe to say they don't act like that

  • I'm 14 and i can tell you kids don't talk like that, they talk like people

  • The name 'Nini' just sounds weird. I watched 'Overfl**' last night and in that ni-ni was used for something else 😳

  • Every good movie is dumb to you

  • also, you NEVER wear a costume to an audition

  • fun fact: kate reinders (miss jenn) was in the original cast of something rotten on broadway :)

  • Im done with disney movies. 😡

  • um well drivers license hapenned

  • hoi olivia rodrigo

  • Ok you my get mad but this is my favorite show EVER

  • Is "driving licence" from nene to that guy,but in real life?


  • L

  • literally i thought this show was gonna be stupid but i was obsessed and watched it all in 2 days and me and my mom rewatched it in one day

  • At least she has an amazing song now

  • the show is not bad at all idc idc

  • Alex I am ANije Jones

  • I feel like the series is okay, but not rewatchable. It has potential.

  • 7:19 I'm dying I'm deceased 💀💀💀

  • I went into expecting to dislike it, but it pulled a fast one on me. Why is it actually amazing 🧍🏽

  • Who's here after driver's license?

  • *Grrrrr.......*

  • teens don't say v hudge

  • 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

    • 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

    • 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

    • 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • so like........who's here after drivers licence? lol

  • this is lowkey the dollar store version of HSM

  • the desc: help me get to 2mil subs! also him: now has 2m subs

  • Started this as a joke, but ended up loving it ahahaha

  • “And the first 15 minutes of the 2 sequels” wu. . . You say your a FAN?

  • even alex is tired of the sassy black friend sterotype

  • He should do season summaries of the shows he reviews.

  • I'm watching this and rewatching hsmtmts after drivers license.....

  • 4:22 no one: literally no one: Alex breaking the sound barrier: STOP

  • I'm here after the last episode of season one and LET ME TELL YOU IT SO GOOD😃👍

  • Im sorry Im still laughing about STOP

  • I met them in real life and they are jerks

  • God damn, is that camera bothering the shit out of anybody else? I know thats suppose to be a documentary esc style, but it's suppose to look like someone is holding a camera and atleast trying to keep it stable, not deliberately shake it around, there were scenes were it was literally shaking back and fourth

  • All I know from this movie is that Joshua "broke" up with Olivia (idk if they did correct me if im wrong) and Olivia made a song ab it called Drivers License.

    • @ZO DIAC no i think they broke up and thats why olivia wrote drivers lisence

    • They were together???

  • Tbh , great show but I don't like how it's a "documentary" it's kinda hard to cope

  • You ever had energy at 8:30?

  • I hate musicals

  • okok, no judgement but i watched it and i like it. ;-;

  • So do you hate everything??

  • 5:22 no one... talks like... that 7:26 gummy

  • Who forgot that Joshua Basset was in stuck in the middle and then was shocked when you rewatched stuck in the middle bc you thought he was a different person?

  • Stop hating on kid shows and movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I watched one episode and it was ewww

  • “High school musical the musical the series the ride the video game the gummy vitamin” you know it’s coming!

  • I actually think Alex is the funniest guy on this app

  • I'm just curious here... Who's loving this and also a millennial? I haven't watched this yet tho

  • Wow, 1:15 in and I already feel attacked

  • I honestly came to this video thinking the title was like some satire, but ehm... nope

  • The voiceless sturgeon surely disagree because committee preauricularly untidy given a melodic cemetery. ratty, wooden gender

  • Finally someone with good taste who actually knows what good entertainment is

  • I died at the gummy vitamin🤣

  • I sadly liked this series

  • I love this guy

  • No I like the idea that they did. You know if they came back in the actual high school music world after 13 years without the original cast, it would've been butchered and everyone would hate it. Doing it this way lowers people's expectations

  • It's actually a pretty good show

  • You should do daybreak on netflix

  • Please react to AUSTIN & ALLY

  • "The Mandalorian is a surprisingly great show"

  • Can y'all at least watch my edit on Nini and Ricky?

  • I mean the actors from the original movie are pretty supportive so Idk why yall mad. and plus the show is really good so what yall hating on

  • 4:14 STOP! 7:25 the gummy vitamin

  • The first 15 minutes of both sequels... well now I feel awkward for knowing all the words to all the songs from the second movie.

  • I like the HSMTMTS show....

  • 3:38 didn't you know that there was HSM2 ans HSM3?

  • you’re telling me ricky and his ginger friend aren’t the kind of guys that enjoy musicals???? okay. i know the theater types in hs and these guys are it

  • the last episode is kind of cringe but it’s SO DAMN CUTE 🥰

  • 7:28 I mean, when is this product coming out?

  • high school musical the musical the series the videogame the ride the gummy vitamin when i tell you i spit out my coffee

  • The show’s actually really good. I genuinely enjoyed it.

  • Bro I was dying the whole timmmeeeee, I literally stopped breathing (I'm fine now lol it's 11:45 pm so what did I expect)

  • Here’s the thing 😂😂😂

  • Lmao 😂😂

  • I agree

  • "a guy who looks like he only comes to life when Andy leaves the room" LMAO

  • Ok HOLD UP! So I read the cast list at 7:32 and... how the HYUK is EJ gonna play both Chad AND Troy’s understudy?! What happens if Ricky can’t play Troy, hmm?!

  • we do not talk like this. No one has ever talked like this.

  • Ok but who cant wait season 2 tho.

  • I'm the one who's "deceased" after that joke about Cats. 🤣

  • The Drama teacher sees one black kid and tells him he's Chad without really thinking about it. Why can't he be Troy? or maybe what I should be saying is: Why are the skinny lightskinned kids the stars? It could've been a really neat take if the main character got Sharpay and was really upset because she wanted to be Gabriella. Maybe her friend is Gabriella instead and she has to grow up and have fun playing Sharpay instead. There would be natural drama because now the ex-boyfriend's plans are all messed up and he's trying to get the mc back while playing across from the friend as Gabriella. I think that would be super cool for them to do a story like that because then we'd have to see the mc embrace a role she didn't want. Instead, it just seems unrealistic. As a theatre kid, I know that when you audition, you think you're gonna get the role you want and you're often let down. I never got the roles I auditioned for in high school and I had fun anyways. Also, my roles were often really cool because I was allowed to play my characters as Non-binary, like myself. It shouldn't be an exact match to the original, they should have the students bring their own love and acting to the roles. They could've used the natural drama there and sent a positive message like... High School Musical doesn't exist without Sharpay, every role is only as good as the actor makes it.

    • I mean mrs. Jen has her in orthodox ways. Like Ricky is way to opposite of sharpay to play sharpay

  • Everything was worth for Big Red end scene

  • Wow. Casting people that look like teens. That’s a change from HSM

  • WTF Is VHudge

  • Please do the office

  • "V Hudge" I don't think I have heard anyone call Vanessa Hudgens: V Hudge

  • gotta give this show props for age appropriate casting. all those kids look like actual puberty stricken high schoolers lol

  • “Quick explain the plot of cats: trick question nobody can:” I’m dying

  • The new session is came up can you do that session please

  • I am in LOVE with HSMTMTS ❤💜🙈

  • Just the title of the series makes me confused

  • "Explain the plot of Cats." "Uhhhh" "HA! Trick question! Nobody can!" I'm dead.

  • Me when the kids in front of me on the school bus listening to there dumb TikTok : 4:21

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