1 million subscribers

Publicado em 26 Mar 2019
Just a stream of consciousness video about how I got to 1 million subscribers and how I feel about it.
Of course I'm happy and excited, but at the same time, it isn't quite what I thought it would be.
Check out these people who helped me out when I only had like 500 subs
GameOver Jesse
CommonWealth Realm
Timmy Joe

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  • With him always complain adt how ugly he is I thought like he is like super ugly but like thick black hair green eyes and pretty fit he looks pretty good so it must just de self esteem

  • You look like jack septiceye

  • I imagined an ugly dude But like Look at him

  • Your EYES! WOW

  • Jeez how did you animate this?

  • Ohh cool I've crush on him 😂

  • Ohh cool I've crush on him 😂

  • Your voice is so different XD

    • maybe because he edits his voice and maybe because you were expecting him to look alot younger

  • I appreciate how down to earth you are and how you articulate your feelings, even about positive things, which normally don't get shared: after you've been alive long enough, most people can relate to how much fear you can have when good things happen because now you have more to lose/f*ck up. Not that that will happen, but we've seen too much in our own and other ppl's lives and the anxiety is real.

  • Came across the channel recently ( 2 days before) and went crazy watching videos after videos. Finally this video. Yeah! I see you and tat you are unattractive and your eyes.. I feel for you.

  • My dude your not ugly. Hope you know that.

  • Woah..

  • The comment section: I think I have a new crush You seeing all the comments dumping over you: 👁👄👁

  • Finally got how u look like😍😂😂those eyes like dayummmmm....

  • Aaaaand I'm gay now.

  • It's weird to see him as a person

  • Your eyes are the prettiest blue I’ve ever seen, they do not look real. You make yourself sound ugly when you’re out here looking like discount Flynn Rider (in a good way)

  • I’m so confused in most of the videos you say “No girls like me” or “No girls will date me” LIKE BOI have you seen yourself 👉👈

  • Im late but Look at Mickey blue eyes over here.. Never know what these animators will look like huh. Really Funny😂content this guy. 👍

  • i thought u were a teenage boy this whole time

  • Man, he is beautiful, like, what..?!

  • So you not a cartoon

  • And then he says he’s ugly

  • He reminds me a lot of prince eric from the little mermaid woooow , his eyes are magical

  • 1 year and nearly 2 months later, you now have 2.1 million subs! Hopefully, you become big enough to go to VidCon!

  • DAM! he got blue eyes!

  • he really made us think that he looked like some kind of rat? top 10 anime betrayals


  • I’m not ready

  • Oh, handsome guy.

  • OMG those eyes

  • the dude has 2 million now

  • Wait fuck this is not what i expected you to look like. Not to be rude. Just thought you'd be a red head for some reason. Everything else makes sense but I thought you'd be a red head.

  • Alex: I am so ugly guys Also Alex: *b e a u t i f u l*

  • Ahh, just what I expected you to look like. An absolute idiot.

  • Dude what the heck?? Alex is gorgeous

  • Am I the only one who thinks he looks like the actor who plays fp in riverdale?

  • What type of movies do you even watch you litteraly don't like amything

  • What do you like you hater ? Who doesnt deserve this popularity

  • How blue can your eyes seriously get?

  • You're always saying that you were unpopular or something but I saw you and it was like "Damm I was born in the wrong country" ahhahaah enjoy your videos man 🇨🇴

  • wow you’re handsome

  • Guys chill....he has a girlfriend😁

  • When i open my eyes, i dont recognize the voice. When i close my eyes, ITS ALEX!!

  • I saw your face after years. I love you ❤❤❤❤

  • Your videos are amazing and I honestly don’t know why you hate on yourself you look incredible xx

  • BROOOO....his eyes are damn *GORGEOUS* 😮😮😮

  • Wow you got another 1 mil in one year

  • You are the best

  • this is sooo fkn weird

  • wow i love your blue eyes

  • Holy crap your eyes are really pretty!

  • His eyes though

  • He actually looks good wow

  • It so weird that he’s actually super near and good looking if you think about his personality and style in his videos

  • I'm gonna leave a comment on all your videos where you show your face "recently" because I am so pleasantly surprised by your beautiful face 🥺😍 I'm sure you just say things about your looks for comedy purposes, but you are so beautiful and funny and awesome... thank you 👏👏

  • Your shirt really compliments your eyes😱

  • Your face 0:

  • why did i actually think u were baLD WTF

  • Video: *Scary af ad* Me: *skips the ad at the end* Video: A S M R 3:17

  • Its so cool how you are the same person as the animation and ur voice sound the same!

  • O.o


  • Does the marshmallow faced dude voice this dude ?

  • Damon salvatore vibes-

  • you look like the human version of a husky

  • Demz the bluest eyez ize ever seeeen whaaaaaaat

  • First time seeing your face I didn't expect you to look like that!!


  • Your eyes are really cool, I love the color. I bet you've got compliments before on them. XD

  • 😻😻😻

  • So shiny...aww

  • I honestly love your videos because I don’t have a lot of time while in nursing school, but I LOVE movies and TV. I never get to watch everything I want to see, so having you recap stuff in a way that’s funny and also lets me know what happened is the best. Thanks so much for just doing what you do!

  • He has two of the bluest eyes ive ever seen

  • Huh...almost 2 mil subs and I just found this video.....hes not what I expected him to look like.....i expected brown hair, brown eyes no idea why just...felt right.

  • this isn’t alex... alex is a white marshmallow

  • What the fuck?

  • Omg you’re hella handsome

  • You re handsome i just started following you and listening to your voice i thought you had a big tummy and a round face with chips and food all over you 🤣🤣

  • I didn't know he was attractive


  • Wait....you're not an animation????!!! No, seriously my mind is like replaying your mascot while your talking lol Shocks in a exagerrated tone

  • Wait....you're not an animation????!!! No, seriously my mind is like replaying your mascot while your talking lol Shocks in a exagerrated tone

  • you sound a bit like adam sandler

  • SO I dont usually like asmr videos but that clip you did....DAMN that was good. I think I get why other people like asmr so much lol

  • Omg your eyes

  • Why...are...you...so...handsome... ????

  • i like your eyes very blue

  • When he says 2000 subs is pretty much nothing, Im sitting here with like 24 😂. I mean i haven't posted In a year, but still 😂😂

  • Okay so. Either you were lying about your entire life or you glo’d up because man 🤭 you are quite the human being

  • *YOUR EYES!*

  • Keep it the same until u notice that ur audience wants a change. Read the comments. We’ll let u know 😉

  • Your eyes are so pretty in this video

  • I love you and you riverdale ones there to funny

  • First time seeing your face. Surpassed my expectations. *applause*

  • Ye sone es waquie oka xibe ( :

  • Hearing his voice without the animation makes me feel like he's not even talking and just lip syncing. It's a weird feeling

  • Hey Grandpa how ya feel u see that dang she helps wipes me if I take a dump 😂😂😂😂 😂

  • Hi John Crist

  • Wow Thats not what i had imagened you’re look like haha😂 Idkw but i had thought your hair would be Brown instead of Black and a totally different hairstyle... Not that its a bad thing, but i didnt know what to expect from a guy that you usually see as an animated figure😅 Totally love your videos tho😉❤️ It really makes me happy and laugh, thank you😊❤️