Tall Girl is kinda dumb...

Publicado em 24 Set 2019
Tall Girl Netflix Reaction Animation
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The Perfect Date is kinda dumb...
The Princess Switch is the dumbest christmas movie...
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a weird show...
Sierra Burgess is a Loser is a pretty dumb movie...
Insatiable really is the dumbest show...
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  • hey everyone thanks for watching. don't forget to subscribe, click the bell, and follow me on twitter twitter.com/JudgeOfTheKings and if you're a fan of Guys and Dolls, that's fine. but like why

  • .

  • This is the horrible truth of what happens when a 6'1 Highschool girl has to choose between a volleyball scholarship or being a Victoria's Secret Model.

  • Personally this movie is the dumbest movie ever. First off I was in 7th grade when this came out and I was the same height as the main character. I even had bigger feet. Second it is dumb and has a bad story line. Cool video by the way!


  • when he put the vacuum my mom started vacuuming like tf-

  • Hahahaaaaaa I like guys and dolls 🥲

  • Lol they act like she’s 7 feet

  • She kept bring up how tall she is like she did in dance moms.

  • My friend Addelina is like super tall for her age and nobody makes fun of her. Everybody just makes fun of the people who are short like me lol.

  • Wow the thinks people do

  • The fact he never Said anything Bout her only friend?!

  • Ava was actually bullied a lot as a kid for being really slim and tall she was kicked of a dance team because of her height and body. :(

  • "my life is hard" white blond girl, rich, loving parents and straight... but she is tall. no, no she's got a point

  • Pls do avatar

  • ok there are at least 3 different GIRLS in my school who are taller than 6 feet. I'm in middle school

  • "Ya know its just like *pfffft* why" "BiG dEliciOus chicKen oNly aT zAxbyS"

  • Okay but my biggest problem is she lives in New Orleans and there are like 2 black kids at her frickin school have you been to New Orleans?!?!?!

  • I tell ya, the sequels gonna be called something like.. oh i don’t know “SHORT BOY?!”

  • Atleast tall people can reach the bottom of a washing machine, and are able to take Christmas lights down off of a 6-8 foot tall tree. When your only 5"1 it's struggle lol. My boyfriend has to help me with getting clothes out of the bottom of a washing machine and taking lights off the Christmas tree lol I'm to short to do it myself 🤣. Short girl struggles. My boyfriend is 6'2 so he litterally has to crouch down to kiss me.

  • Im taller than all my classmates meaning i actaully have to look down to look at them and thats in kindergarten. And I'm about as tall as my teacher

  • As a swede I’m offended by this movie. First of all, who name their kid Stig? Only old people have the name Stig so that wasn’t very realistic. And who the heck speaks swedish like that!? At first I didn’t even realize they were speaking swedish! And I’m a swede! I also don’t think we have that accent when we speak english. Yes, of course we might have some accent but not like that. Smh

  • when the bully was "talor swift, more like taller swift ." i really dont think its that hard to be like " You're so funny pigtails." so i think that instead of the bully " bullying " tall girl i think its more like tall girl letting bully walk all over her. also did no teachers see that? where im from you'll get in trouble for disrupting class

  • SWEDE?

  • A kid from my skool is in that movie shes in the picture where they are showing how tall shes been in those grades

  • They might do the DEVILS TANGO

  • Can you please do Hamilton!!!! I would love if you did

  • My mom loves the movie After. XD I totally agree

  • Why do you hate Guys and Dolls so much? I love that musical!

  • i knew the main character cast was ava michelle from dancemoms

  • Jack: "When you and I are gonna make magic together" Alex: *Cut the cameras-*

  • I know you don’t watch movies much but you should watch karate kid

  • She's 6ft tall? When I saw the movie I thought she was 7 ft tall cuz of how short everyone else was around her but it turns out everyone in the cast was under 5 ft 8 inches.

  • Personally I love tall girl

  • U hate on literally almost every movie. Its not made for you, so what? Literally S T O P.

  • IDK why she's making a big deal with her height. There was a girl in grew up with and she was that tall. She was popular and everything plus every guy wanted her

  • Ngl Alex Meyers character on the thumbnail looks like Casper

  • 08:50 "Stig" (the actor) was born in Wisconsin, USA.

  • My niece is taller than that. But to be fair, I think she was only six feet when she was sixteen. So... who cares. Height only matters to irrelevant people and super short people. Which is kind of a synonymous, I know.

  • They could be twins That was I first thought when I saw stig

  • It’s probably is the WORST movie I’ve ever seen

  • umm why didn't they make fun of stig if he was tall??

  • 2:32 in a nutshell #HEFRICKINGCALLEDIT

  • I am three years younger than her, but still taller. Wow she is a giant! Can't believe they make people that big.

  • I saw half of this but this explains the movie better

  • As for beauty pageant s being targeted at pre teens and teens may be because it's dying out as a thing young ladies want to do ,where will they get their next miss Ohio , or miss universe !

  • I know it seems terrible for someone to complain about being 'tall' with actual tragedies happening Daily ...but if we take a broad look at it as a metaphor we All have insecurities in some form or another that may seem trivial to others . Be kind other people are fighting battles you know nothing about.

  • Looks like Sansa stark all dressed up at the end there .

  • "Oh. He HaD tHe MiLk-CrAtE, fOr LiKe, TeN yEaRs -- JuSt In CaSe ThEy EvEr -- *(Very detailed/accurate face)* HuUhHhHhHhHhH?????" Such an underrated line, and art work


  • Why are you critizing every movie I've ever watched in my whole entire life

  • My whole problem with this movie is everyone acting like 6'1 is 7'5

  • 2:41 I'm sorry, but that guy looks like the combination of Lord Farquadd and Kurt Cobain.

  • Jack: You think the perfect guy is just gonna walk through those doors? *Prefect guy walks through the doors* Me: Ohh so this is one of those movies where the girls get embarrassed and do dumb things for a guy😗😲

  • *6’1* that immediately reminded me of tsukishima 😂

  • U literally rant about every movie 🙄 #Alexmeyersmakesnosense

  • Jack was so w e i r d though-

  • Jodie at the dance looks like Ellen the boomer

  • 8:52 " to be honest, I really like making these videos but they take so long that I really get believed."

  • My name irl is Harper

  • Maybe if she didn’t dress like a janitor, she would be ok

  • She must have been that kid who wasn’t excited when their feet were able to touch the end of the bed :~|

  • YOU ThInk YOuR lIfE IS HARd... TrY BeInG 5,3 :D To think I’m the smallest person in high school... :| (deh talllllle)

  • Do the croods 2 please 😢

  • Me being 168cm in Indonesia and actually love being the tallest girl in class..... (junior high) : Huh huh I actually really" enjoy it.... 😂

  • When he said Hamilton, let me tell you: I SCREAMED

  • As someone who grew up between Finland and Sweden, I have NEVER met someone who sounds like that.

    • IKR!! When I first watched it I was like wait was that swedish?! And we do NOT have that accent, atleast not most of us. Sure we have some kind of accent when we speak english but not like that!

  • Anyone else think Jack looks a little bit like a mini Elon Musk?

  • Best part of the movie was when jack asked what his mum was doing with the “jumbo swede” and that wasn’t even very funny

  • okay i can not be the only one who has not seen a library that has books sorted by colour ( like one in the start of this movie ) . wtf . haha

  • If she’s 6 foot 1 and thought to be a giant what is Shaq?

  • The kid who plays Jack is an awesome actor he’s awesome in Locke and Key

  • I'm a high-school junior wearing size 13 Nike. Men's size 13 Nike Beat that Me: HMMMMMMMMMMM I have anxiety and my brother and best friends tried to kill themselves

  • They should have made this girl at least like 6’8” or something. What HS doesn’t have people over 6’1”?

  • How dare tall girl use the Great Fairy Fountain remix song 9:29

  • I know what he means by the Alex meyers of the movie is it bad that I almost thought this was Alex meyers video but nah its ok

  • Wwooooohhhhh

  • What kind of backwards logic is this movie only short ppl get bulliedd🤣

  • Oh Wow now he has another figure sitting beside him !


  • I will

  • GuYs AnD dOlLs!?!?! Is that even a musical play or whatever it was

  • ,, You think you have a hard life? " Well I don't wanna complain but dealing with a sexual trauma, depression and all this stuff kinda makes life hard, yes. 🙃

  • ``Because turns out the guy she was really looking for was right there in front of her the whole time`` She probably looked over him

  • Pup acadume

  • Jack is an OP Simp

  • The movie: Stig BRdown captions: Stink

  • Movie creators: Okay, so we want a musical to represent. Movie creators: Well we’ve got Wicked, Hairspray, Meangirls, School Of Rock, Little Shop Of Horrors, and even Oklahoma... Movie creators: GUYS AND DOLLS! Movie creators: O-okay

  • wait a min........... the girl jodie and stig were wearing the same white sweater!!

  • 8:52 the translation of that swedish msg is ”To be honest, I really like making these videos but they take so long time that i get so tired”

  • "She doesn't know how to talk to boys she likes, becuz she's the main character of a teen romcom" I'M DEAD 😂

  • I just wanna know what was going on in Netflix’s mind when they funded this.

  • Let me just say that I’m 15 and 4’9 and I pass by people everyday who are over 6’1 and let me just say that when we pass by each other, WE DONT CARE ABOUT OUT HIGHT WE DONT EVEN REMEMBER EACH-OTHERS FACES AFYER LIKE 2 MINUTES

  • Everyone: watching the video Me: Staring at Alex's hands the whole time cuz there to damn tiny-

  • You are a simp

  • Your amazing 😂🤣I love how funny your animation is🤣

  • I mean she kinda is I-

  • Shocking shocking. The cute perfect guy is really a jerk and the little best friend "nice guy" is who she should really end up with.

  • Iowa is asome best state

  • “Tall” girl moves to netherlands and is Made fun of for being short