Katy Keene is a weird show... (new Riverdale spin-off)

Publicado em 3 Mar 2020
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Riverdale has completely lost its mind...
To All The Boys 2 is kinda dumb...
ZOMBIES 2 doesn't make any sense...
how is Riverdale still on tv...

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  • Objection: Andy Sachs from Devil Wears Prada was not trying to get into the fashion industry. She wanted it to be a stEppIng stOnE to a career in journalism.

  • I loved this show, I hate that it got canceled... :(

  • I love how random he is. Like “that’s neither here nor there” and like he just talks smack about himself but doesn’t make us feel bad for him

  • Wait BTS and Harry styles!!! Alex what are you up to?😏 6:10

  • I acc quite enjoyed the show it wasnt as bad as riverdale if u asked me. I didnt clock the time jump straight away but after realising it made sense. They tackled som gd issues of homphobic crime, being taken advantage by bosses and had a mystery at the back ground i was looking forwards to solving .At least the songs they sang were acc decent. Overall it had a nice theme of fun , magic of clothes n makeover can do vibe. it reminded me of confession of a shopaholic vibes. I was looking forward to 2nd season tbh

  • What the hyuck

  • Josie was upset since in Riverdale everything is given to her by her mom the mayor, so yeah Disney channel lied

  • Do I am Frankie from nickelodeon

  • EY, is that black girl from Life of the American Teenager.?

  • This gives me Emily in Paris vibes, and I don’t like it...

  • Can we just talk about how Cheryl and Katy literally talks the same?! Bruh!!! HAHAHA

  • Am I the only one who found the last Glee seasons kinda entertaining ? It was hella weird tho.

  • Man where's the follow up to this?

  • PRINCE.......YAY !!!

  • Was that Blair Waldorf

  • He should do Enola Holmes!

  • Yoooo.. That Walmart joke has me crying 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.. Classic

  • This dude maid my day

  • Glee seasons 4 and 5 were good.

  • She has one of the ugliest eyebrows i have ever seen

  • Bruh that is the exact same scene from the devil wears prada where miranda forgets that one hoe's name

  • Katy Keene got canceled

  • I actually like Nancy drew I didnt know it was a spin off

  • ATTENTION: NANCY DREW IS NOT A RIVERDALE SPINOFF. I REPEAT, IT IS NOT A RIVERDALE SPINOFF. They are both broadcast of the CW and that is the only thing in common.

  • "What the yeeeeep is going on" gets me every time 🤣

  • lmao glee is one of my favorite shows but your right about let’s have a kiki

  • Oh, Cabot, wasn't that the last name of Josie and the Pussycats manager and his sister

  • What the fuck Katy kenee have a show?!?! The world will end What will be next? "Kevin and the magic rainbow with a love triangle of fangs and moose "? A documentary on "how jingle jangle affects people's lives and their psychological effects" ? A Polly program on "how to overcome pregnancy since your boyfriend died and your mom sent you to a madhouse that gave you drugs"?! Daddy and mumsy issues The new coronavirus?! Me: because no season in a series shows the characters surviving at home a global pandemic?!?

  • I love riverdale so I was like "lemme watch katy keene" .............. I was so bored after the first 2 minutes that I left and gave it another chance

  • I work in window design for a department store and just "winging it" the night before with some rando is the most laughable thing I have ever heard. Especially in a department store that is all about luxury. Our designs are planned months in advance and signed off on by the CEO and setting the window up involves multiple people who have all been briefed at least a week before. (Really, this is about as realistic as meeting a big music producer the first week you are trying to be a singer.) Also, the window design is not very good.

  • 5:32 So- no one gonna mention that it sounds like the teme of a song "Mad at disney"

  • So they ripped off Mannequin?

  • Wanna know the kind of person I am versus my little sister? She LOVES Riverdale and the such. Around her age I, on the other hand, was watching the 1960?70s? whatever Archie and Josie and the Pussycats cartoons on like Boomerang or some similar channel. To this day I've never seen a full episode of Riverdale. Which brings me to the point of this. ALEX, DO THE OLD CARTOONS! I know it's not your normal thing, but you won't regret it.

  • Who else thought this show was a new batwoman Kate Kane

  • "From the creators of Riverdale" does not help

  • Is Lucy Hale going to play teens till she is 80 or what?. 😂😂 I feel for her

  • Lucy Hale is an amazing actress she could've done better

  • It's almost sound like a rip-off of Jane by Design but throw in the elegance and the looks of a hotel.

  • All I kept thinking when Katy gets roped into helping with the window display was how much I wanted to watch Mannequin..There's a chance I may be too old to be watching this show.

  • it's crazy how shay mitchell got into YOU, one the most sucessfull netflix serie, and lucy got a riverdale's spinoff. It's too bad she is such a great actress! Her job on pll was on point

  • god i hate when voice overs dont match up

  • Snd gossip girl i mean jenny humphry

  • “Dreams never come true disney chanell lied to me” LMFAO😂😂😂😂

  • "The white Pop Tate" I died- 💀

  • To be truthful season 4 of glee wasn't that bad

  • Can you react to the rest of pretty little liars plz oh and the order on Netflix

  • I really liked your podcast!!!

  • Working at Lacy’s seems kinda fun ngl


  • well idfc i just watched all the scenes with ko because UGH DAMN DADDY ZANE

  • I just love how Riverdale was filled with dark stuff and how someone ended up dieing or missing and the spin off reminds me of Sofia the princess.

  • That show is onestly really bad

  • Where's our Kevin Spinoff, CW?! I know you're listening to me!!!

  • Did this show get canceled?


  • my name is kaylee keen and it constantly gets compared to Katy Keene I'm so offended

  • "Katy is gonna try and be a fashion designer - one of the most notoriously toxic industries you could ever get into..." ;__: As a person with a fashion design degree, I FINALLY feel like someone understands me!! Thank you, Alex. People keep asking me why I never did with my degree and I tell them I found out that it's a shit industry during my education and I don't want to be any part of it.

  • A few months later and show is cancelled lol

  • this wasn’t true at all the show is so much better this guy is so critical and didn’t really watch it

  • For those who wanna watch it it's on BBC (UK network)

  • Why didn't they just make a Pussycats show?! They already had Josie, so just have the first 2 episodes be her meeting the other girls and convincing Alex to work with them.

  • They should make a Riverdale sequel set in the perspective of a cult

  • I heard they are canceling Katie Keane

  • "dREAms nEveR ComE tRUE DisNEY CHannEL LIED tO ME" 😂

  • Do Nancy drew

  • Well that's where Josie went. Wasn't in season 4 Wondering what happened

  • 1:41 Wo man not Pop. I love you Alex but you make fun of my man pop again and we gonna swing

  • I love this katy keene ....very very optimistic the story is...love to see more season....

  • I absolutely hate pepper and I don't even watch the show. Sue me.

  • The chick with the glasses has such an irritating voice/accent. Also,Josie is supposed to be a white readhead. Melody a white blonde woman. Valerie is black.

  • 0:29 LING LING 40 HOURS!

  • Where do u watch this show on? Like is it on Netflix?

  • Its funny after watching all your revies upto katy keene and then watching the review on katy keene my first emotion was smthings wrong the show and then u mentioned it was normal 😂😂

  • Who's here after the show got canceled.

  • 1:17 how in any way shape or form can a sewing machine last for 3 generations, my guy i bought one two months ago and it broke before i could use it

  • yo!! BTS Winsss.


  • Welp it got cancelled

  • So that’s why the That’s why thats canceled

  • Like Sabrina chilling on Netflix

  • Honestly i am obsessed with classy/cute/fashionable girls who have red hair or wear red clothes and have this AESTHETICS of katy keene and cheryl blossom ( that's why I watch those shows even so they are weird and cringy ) I am a huge fan of the color RED so you understand why I will be attracted to such characters. honestly I am like cheryl blossom when it comes to the color red and I am glad I found a character like her who share my aesthects.

  • I just heard the show was canceled.

  • Wow, this video has more views than the official trailer.

  • Uh- Blue Peter is a british kids TV show, it’s been around since the beginning of time. It airs in CBBC and you can get badges for taking part in challenges and sending in fan art. SO WHY WAS KRISTIN STEWART THERE?

  • 6:11 bts wins by a long shot...

  • Alex is the only BRdownr who’s videos are always sponsored by some random companies I don’t ever recognize

  • Every time you say "hyuk" I immediately can't pay attention for the next few minutes because I'm suddenly thinking of Jang Hyuk or Lee Joon Hyuk

  • Her name is lucy hale she is the one from pretty little liars

  • I honestly think that Alexander Cabot has the personality of a potato lol

  • “Josie? JOSEY MCCOY?!” Me: **Chokes on ice cream** W H A T

  • pls why is alexandra in charge of cabot industries when alexander is his actual son

  • anyone get confused when katy said the sewing machine was passed from her grandmother to her mother. and then we find out the sewing machine was a gift to her mum from lacy's son. so who has the sewing machine pls

  • Keep on watching the show it gets really good

  • Don't worry. I'm sure in a few episodes towards the end it will turn into an almost supernatural show like all the others.

  • Am I the only one who thinks they should legit come out with a South Side Serpents spin off

  • that whole thing is like Mannequin but without the magical egyptian princess portion of the story.

  • All right so I have to say I started watching this show and I had to stop I can handle a slumber party sing along but wow the random singing in every episodes got really annoying. Was it a musical.... I have no idea? No I'm not talking about Josie or Jorge I'm talking about when the other cast randomly sing and it's terrible totally ruined it for me. I had to stop watching it.

  • You have to do a glee series! It would be so good!!

  • Don’t care what y’all say, but this show is actually one of my favorites 😂 I hope the CW renews it for season 2. *Nevermind*

  • Stop!!! Why is he shitting on all these shows? Who the hell does he think he is!????