Drake and Josh was the weirdest show...

Publicado em 8 Jun 2020
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  • remember kids: it's all in good fun. everybody chill

    • Lol I'm knew to the channel so I didn't know good content though

    • 3:43

    • How DARE you

    • you tried so hard to make sense out of a classic KIDS show and then now you're like 'it's all in good fun'? clearly you were being dead serious the whole time while nitpicking the show

    • lol

  • I don't remember the pilot all that much. I watch this show with my niece on Hulu and the pilot isn't on there.

  • can you do knight squad in nickelodeon?

  • Life with Derek, anyone?

  • 2:27 nah broooo nahhhhhh I'm so dead bruh omfg funniest shi ever!!!!!!

  • But, compared to the Nickelodeon of nowadays, this is gold.

  • Acabo de descubrir tu canal... y me encanta Tienes nueva suscriptor

  • The dinner scene would you rather show on Disney they stole it from Nickelodeon cause that’s how they think kids are liking

  • What are you doing step-bro

  • Let us be honest here. we all came here because we saw the "*video games*" meme.

  • I appsolutely positively yous to love to death this show when I was a little kid I watched it all the time

  • God drake was such a langer

  • You Uploaded this on my birthday!!! 😁😁😁😁

  • Bruh I'm younger than you and I've watched it

  • what hapen to zoey 101

  • Watched the series..., I've liked many episodes ...., You should've seen too..,

  • Today's kids watching this video, this is what we call quality tv

  • Oh you know just a *BAM drops tsar bomba on locker * poem

  • omg the cringe

  • 2:19 theirs squidward

  • Some random dude: So, whats your slogan? Nickelodeon: oh, just do whatever we want in our shows even if it makes zero sense because we’re Nickelodeon and we do whatever we want.

  • You should do Henry Danger or danger force

  • Good because If somebody ever did this to actually make fun of them they I need the app

  • Homie said the word “like” at the end AT LEAST 3000000 times

  • Can do you How To Rock?

  • This show is a classic for me

  • Drake and Josh got nothing on Kenan and Kel tbh

  • SHUT UP........ sorry I just grew up on that but hey

  • It's amazing how f**king strong Josh got later on

  • Do you not get that Tiffany is an attention seeker and only wants her bf to show some emotions, in this case jealousy and anger?

  • this is the best thing i've ever seen

  • Man the delivery of these lines are incredible.

  • ...did you just use shining force OST on the intro? Didnt think too many people played that game lmao

  • Is Tiffany played by Julie Gonzalo?! Wow. She’s in Supergirl now as a CEO.

  • Make the movie sleepover

  • pro tip, never pause when little alex is moving


  • I watched all these shows and im not an adult

  • Both Drake and Josh/ I Carly was the real shit when comes to teen sitcoms of my childhood

  • It’s not that important but it’s kinda bugging me that it’s all mirrored

  • Keenan and kel

  • React to the fresh prince of bel air

  • Sorry, but Nick's golden era was the 90s. I mean, yeah, you have the Schneiderverse in the 2000s, but the 90s had The Adventures of Pete and Pete, The Secret World of Alex Mack, all the classic Nicktoons except for Avatar and Invader Zim, All That, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Clarissa Explains It All, etc.

  • 3:43

  • Do jessie

  • you cannot NOT love josh

  • I've never seen that episode

  • -_- videogames

  • “Well let me tell ya if sad and lonely is your type we could have had something back in the day.” THAT HAD ME WHEEZING 🤣🤣

  • 3 o'clock huh? So, we aren't going, right? We're telling parents and teachers because you can't win that fight, right? Oh, you lost and got a wound, who could have seen that coming

  • I wouldn’t say it’s fair to say the whole show doesn’t make any sense because of some misconnections in the first episode.

  • Drake Bell was bankrupt and is currently having an identity crises. I can’t take him seriously, ever since he started being a bitter king that he is. 🤣

  • Hey maybe you can do a video about Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.

  • *David dobrik has entered the chat*

  • i think shes into goth and edgy

  • I guess the funny thing about this show is how Josh turned hot and Drake became Mexican! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • In Mexico DRAKE & JOSH is on nick@nite

  • Someone jumps on my bed no matter who it is....yo, there's going to be a fight

  • Is it Drake or Drake.

  • Dudeeeee! You're famous! Good for you!

  • 5:25 is it actually? I've never been to ACTUAL high school despite being 17...

  • Can you do avatar the last air bender

  • What about the thundermans?

  • The pilot could never air today especially because Josh dressed like a girl . That definitely couldn’t fly today .

  • Can you do clueless please

  • i get you can’t watch a whole show but it’s pretty hard to judge shows j based off their pilot. like how many shows actually had a pilot as good as the rest of the series??? exactly. maybe breaking bad and that’s like it.

  • I did see Nickelodeon when Drake and Josh was airing.

  • That Amanda bines in the Amanda show was good...sort of but what was the name of the show and it was a skit kind of show too and can't remember it, it was when Amanda was so little and adorable, wish I could remember that show. when a kid on one of those shows grow up a bit then that kid gets its on show until the grow up, then whatever was the most popular kid from that show and they are little and cute gets their own show, rinse and repeat. Drake and Josh was on the Amanda show she grows up then they get a show they grow up then Miranda gets her own show then that Sam girl. Did Disney do that shit, sorry I was a nick kid not a Disney kid infact I can't stand Disney shows. And my daughter was one too and grew up watching these shows she loved them. Tried to get her into Disney, she hated it too and I didn't tell her I hated it. Her fav was Drake and Josh!

  • OMG THIS IS AMAZING 🤣🤣😭 Have ever seen thundermans??? Favorite nick show!

  • You should watch "dear dumb diary"

  • I love how every kid on Nickelodeon and Disney channel has a giant luxurious bedroom. You know it’s ridiculously fake, but you can’t help but feel a little jealous. 😂

  • Did anyone else get a Sprite cranberry commercial in the middle of the video

  • I loved the part at timestamp 5:24

  • One horrible episode doesn’t do justice for a show with funny side characters like the Geeks, Boss, Crazy Steve and Megan.

  • Johnny Tsunami should be next pleasee

  • 1) Its theme song was also heard in the end credits of the 2002 Scooby-Doo film, along with the accompanying soundtrack. 2) The series was originally set to premiere in September 2003, but due to Walter's original actor being arrested and charged with drunk driving, it was postponed to January 2004. 3) The character of Drake Parker crossed over into an episode of Zoey 101, with his performance there then being shown in the subsequent TV movie "Drake & Josh Go Hollywood".

  • Skip.too 1:31

  • Drake and Josh still holds up in 2020 then look at Sam and cat which felt like eat thing cringe

  • All that

  • Drake just wanted us to know that he's straight

  • I love your videos and I think you are cool

  • Hi

  • remember kids: it's all in good fun. everybody chill

  • Tbh the only thing I disliked about drake and josh was how they always screwed Josh over like yeah it was funny at first but after a bit it just got sad

  • Anyone else laughed at 0:42 when they saw the banana- No? Just me? Ok :(

  • Drake and Josh was a absolute I C O N

  • Drake and josh is the best live action kids show ever

  • HOW YOU DARE TO MAKE FUN ABOUT MY FAVORITE TV SHOW?!! I'LL FIND YOU AND YOUR AWFULL DRAWS ASUJDIAAFNJ, nahh just kidding it's funny to remmember the old good ones

  • Jesus loves you

  • But I mean it's kinda sad of how Nick had changed since Sam and Cat

  • 2:17 is the squidward painting from spongebob

  • No one: 3 minute ad starts playing and I can’t find the remote *goat screaming intensifies*

  • you should make a video about the series kenan and kel

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  • 8:57 I would replace Sam & Cat with Zoey 101...

  • You have to do Dance Academy!

  • weird yet one of the best shows to ever exist onyl complain is how much they focus on brake being "cool"

  • Honestly nothing in the Schneiderverse makes any sense at all so you kinda just have to take it all with the biggest grain of salt possible or just not care, cause they are really freakin weird!

  • Fucking loved drake and josh, it was my childhood lol

  • Me name Meghan :o