why do we love bad movies?

Publicado em 11 Ago 2020
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Sharkboy and Lavagirl literally makes no sense
Hannah Montana was pretty dumb
does anybody remember Degrassi?
Zoey 101 was such a weird show...
The Kissing Booth 2 is hilariously dumb
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  • I love Marvel

  • Good movies Marvel comes up me: yesssss

  • At the Girl stuff=bad and Boy stuff=good. I believe that's Alex's way of saying that movies targeted at the female demographic(teen rom coms) are generally dumb and are cliché whilst the ones targeted to the male demographic are done better. Not to say that "boy movies" are all good. But those are just my thoughts typed down poorly

  • I love this video and channel! a very different perspective that doesn't just judge everything

  • Good movies are memorable and trascendental. Bad movies are just to entertain.

  • I don't see bad movies, I only see funny movies

  • This was posted on my birthday

  • We watch "bad" movies because we just want to be temporarily entertained. It's just pointless, we're watching it because its funny and something mindless we can do. While "good" movies tend to have more plot and better to watch if you want attachment to the characters or something like that, bad movies are just mindless entertainment. You don't get attached to anyone, so they're easy to let play while you only half pay attention. If you don't want to invest any real emotions into characters, you just watch a "bad" movie, because there's nothing to get attached to.

  • To me, (In my opinion!) Movies like Star Wars, Avengers, etc, aren't bad movies, those stories have been around for long time, but movies that have produced recently from Netflix just for the money is what makes a bad movies.

  • People love dumb movies because they don’t have to reflect on themselves or necessarily relate. They don’t have to think while watch but rather watch for entertainment.

  • This is why I watch anime

  • It makes our mind go numb. And we all need that one thing that makes us go numb.

  • I can watch my share of bad movies. Such as american ninja 1 & 2 and 🤦‍♂️ But I can also watch something like kill squad and find something good and bad in the same movie.

  • You can thank Mystery Science Theater 3000 for bad movie riffing

  • A bad and cliche comedy movie is way better and more watchable than a disappointing movie like BvS and Terminator Dark Fate. It’s like saying I’ll watch Sharkboy over and ovet again than waste my time with A wrinkle in time or Lion King

  • I think I just watched my favourite breakdown of this particular subject. Thank you!

  • I think this is a very interesting topic, but I don't really think that a movie like The Kissing Booth 2 compares with, say, The Avengers. The Kissing Booth 2 is a bad movie because it provides horrible romantic "advice" in the form of a somehow popular teen rom-com with an incoherent plot that seems like a slog to sit through. If you were to say that The Avengers is bad, I'd have to disagree with you, but I'm a comic book nerd so I'm naturally biased. That said, if the average, mostly unbiased person were trying to seriously argue that it's bad then I think the only sound argument would be about the absurdity of comic books and the various insane premises of their stories in general (though there are some moderately ridiculous points in the plot of that specific movie too). Which is why one of my roommates isn't a comic book fan. Even if you were to use what I consider to be the worst movie in the MCU, Civil War, despite having a similarly incoherent plot that does a pretty bad job of trying to impart any decent kind of message, I think it still does a better job of telling a halfway decent story than The Kissing Booth 2 does. Of course, someone who hates comic books might say the opposite based on their bias. Personally, I don't hate teen rom-com movies and I don't think they're all bad. I can't name any of the decent ones right now. Because, interestingly enough the garbage ones tend to stick in the brain with much more persistence. I do know there are good ones though. As far as, "Why do we love any of these movies that could objectively be considered some degree of bad for one reason or another?" goes, I think most of the time it's personal. At least in my experience, for pretty much every movie I love but know is objectively just an absolute mess, I have some sort of explanation for my personal reasons why I can't help but love it. So I don't think it's really that we love "bad" movies. I hate most movies that are objectively bad. Even when they're a part of one of my favorite series. More so, I think that we all have some movies we love despite their trashiness, because x, y, and z personal reasons. For instance, I know that the Live-action Transformers movies are truly terrible for the most part. Most being like 90%, with the first one probably being the only one that's remotely redeemable, and even it's pretty bad. Yet I still hold them dearly. Because I grew up on the Transformers. So when someone brought them closer to real life and I could see the characters that I was already emotionally attached to on the big screen doing what giant talking robots armed to the teeth do, it was amazing. Not because it was objectively good, but because it was an exhilarating experience for me personally because of my prior attachment to the source material. Of course, this is all just my personal experience. Obviously I can't speak for everyone who absolutely loves some "bad" movies. I think some of those people are just stupid though. Because, let's be honest, some people are just stupid. Again, interesting topic. I don't spend a lot of time thinking about this. I had this same argument with several of my roommates in college about good/bad music and the value of it. It got pretty heated. About the whole numbering system with reviews/ratings. I try to always look for some example of the actual content before making up my mind. Which is why I enjoy channels like yours and CinemaSins. You're not just sitting there telling us, "This movie is bad because reasons". You're also showing a bit of the movie with examples of the most notably interesting and/or stupid parts and most of the time primarily just poking fun at the parts that are kinda stupid. Even when you're analyzing why something is just genuinely bad, I personally think I've noticed a substantial effort to provide your perspective with real objectivity. Which is why, it might be a bit judgmental, but I think this person at 5:00 just sounds like someone who's not good at taking criticism when it comes to something they have a strong attachment to and is in fact taking what you do the wrong way. Which I believe happens far too often. Regardless of that, I must agree that there isn't necessarily anything wrong with enjoying a bad movie if that brings you joy. I do think it's important that you're capable of recognizing how objectively bad those games/movies truly are though. On the flip side, those people who only play/watch "the best of the best" very well could be pretty insufferable people, but if that's what makes them happy, is there really anything wrong with that either? Especially if they're not a total douche about it and do realize that numbers aren't anything despite the way they respond to reviews. Anyway. Nice vid. All that said, I think it is a wildly inaccurate statement to say that, "Everyone still loves Star Wars." Maybe the reception flipped over time, but when the most recent movie was released, I heard an overwhelming amount of terrible things about it. I never saw it myself, so I can't say for sure that everything I hear was true. However, the reason I never saw it is because of the nature of what I heard, which built a very convincing case for why I would hate it, and the sheer volume of terrible things I heard. Like 10% of the things I heard were good. Most of that coming from my family that saw it over Christmas and I do not trust their judgement. Oh. It's also probably worth noting that someone's ability to see things objectively and form a coherent opinion based on that is most definitely dependent on their age about 99% of the time. 10 years younger me, and I think most people below the age of let's say 20, would not have taken the time to sit down and try to think about this rationally and objectively.


  • I think we just need to understand that people like what they like. There have been some movies the got 8 or 9 star ratings from critics which I thought were a waste of my time, but some 4 or 5 star movies that I enjoyed. Movies are like any artform. Different people will interpret the same thing in different ways due to their own experiences and opinions. As much as Titanic could be a master peice to me, someone else could see it as just another movie.

  • You hit the nail on the head with the hedonism argument, I know you didn’t use the word “hedonism” but that’s really the reason we love bad movies (myself included.) I’d much rather watch The Room or a dumb slasher than most “art” movies, (especially the really angsty ones like Requiem for a Dream) because I’m a hedonist who wants to enjoy things, not be told some overly depressing story about “society” or drug addicts or whatever

  • You know it's kinda the opposite you like bad movies we like good movies

  • You are the only one I genuinely enjoy because you aren't just professing that you're right and smart and everyone is wrong and dumb. So many on youtube are insufrible and just bash films to feel fulfilled or whatever. When I see a video of a film or show I like that you have tackled I actually look forward to it because you're not gonna be a jerk about it and ultimately you get that they are for entertainment. I think you're doing great and I hope to enjoy your videos for many years more

  • Can you cover the Britney Spears film, "Crossroads" or "She's All That" or What a Girl Wants" or that other Amanda Bynes film - the soccer based one. She's the Man!

  • No one should be shamed for liking trashy movies! You like what you like 👍 I will say though the bars for quality set for plot consistency, storytelling, character development, pacing and cinematography exist for a reason, and making films is an art skill to be honed. This doesn't mean people should be shamed for their tastes, but I do think there are movies that is fair to be called good/bad based on how well they execute their story's theme/how well developed he characters are, etc. That being said, I think the reason why bad movies are fun is because we all do need some time to watch something that doesn't challenge us or bring us down for pure escapism, and that's very valid. Girlish trashy movies vs boyish trashy movies are *definitely* treated differently tho, that's a whole other conversation and I'm glad you added that split second comment there!

  • well this whole thing is pretty obvious that u don't really need to explain what you're trying to say in the videos but to those who think you are kind of attacking or whatever I can only say your videos truly help me find movies that are my own type n probably some misunderstood cause vids are from an adult's point of view sooooo teenager's disagreement is predictable.

  • this whole channel is about despising girls stuff from a straight guys's point of view, he doesn't even trying to dig deep into female emotions or anything. ughh men..

    • Disagree. He critiques movies and shows in a way that’s lighthearted and fair to the actors and crew. I don’t get a sense of misogyny that I get in many other movie review channels. Plus, a lot of romcoms just don’t have the production and care put into them that some blockbusters do.

  • The reason I love bad movies is because it's so fun to make fun of them!😂

  • "why do love bad movies?" me: becz they're so bad they're good

  • I think what you need to look at is the difference between a “bad” movie (such as plot holes, average acting, low budget cgi, etc.) and a good watch (which is a movie that entertains). While a movie can be “bad”, it may still be a good watch.

  • Please watch and review Geek Charming! It is the only Disney movie I would rewatch again and again even now, years later.


  • After looking your real face, its hard for me to imagine your voice with your face. I could not unsee the things ive seen xD

  • What I get is this: Humans are much more complicated and deep than they themselves believe; We, to various levels of collectivity, define our standards of artistic merit that would sate our spirits, yet those standards are always far behind, far reduced, dumbed-down, simplified, and inaccurate to the spirit itself, the magnitude of the error often analogous to the size of the arbiter collective in question; Which is why the more personal a commentary is, the more meaningful we might find it, however, as per the human condition, being unable to completely sympathise with anyone, there mathematically must be a point, depending on our knowledge of a person, and of a work of art (as if there is a clear distinction betwixt the two) where the intimate transitions to the morose and obnoxious. All we can ever both meaningfully and truthfully say about Art, or about People, is "I like this" or "I don't like this". That's of course, not very satisfying, we want to know _why_ , and we want to know that to ourselves and then to others with the faint hope of that so oft-talked about social connection half-mischievously, half-lamentingly smiling from beyond the sea horizon cast round our small lonely islands. Not going far enough into the why is an obvious lie, and as ugly as one; No-one likes a movie because an arbitrary percentile, or even because "the pacing is great"; It's a step into our truth, but a measly one at that. Why is the pacing great, then? See, the answer to that would be more satisfying; And so on and so forth, this be the window of golden opportunity. But you go too far, you end up like my doctor friend whose only answer would seem to be "because the associated hormones are firing"; And now it's become unsatisfying again. Humanity and thus Art also, resides in the beautiful murk in between the boringly predictable, and the boringly chaotic.

  • Because it makes us feel good that there are people more stupider than us

  • wow "there's nothing wrong with lieking bad movies" nice bro we really needed you to verify this, would have been so lost without brand new original perspective.

  • There are some movie that critics praise but they’re really overrated

  • Here's the thing, let's use two franchise that were main points in the video; Riverdale and the MCU. Both of these franchises originated from comic books and were made into live-action by a multi-million dollar company. The difference is, the people who make the MCU movies for the most part care about the comics. They want them to do well and craft interesting stories, the people in charge of Riverdale, just want to bank on nostalgia, which is odd because no teenager today knows about a comic franchise from the 60's. But back to the point, they just see the Archie Comics as a hat that they draw names out of to create characters with. The MCU is successful because of its respect to the fans, Riverdale is just a cooperate money cow.

  • If it don't make you think its trash

  • Every girl in existence likes kissing booth

  • It’s all bad yeah or maybe you don’t have any thing better to do than HATE

  • My favorite part of any of these videos is the Big Ol' Red Flag parts

  • Guess the whole "bad" movie thing comes from the whole concept of art being a craft, and how putting more details with meaning to the audience without being too obvious about it is viewed as "taking more effort and time". Futhermore, like for all industries, some people who are very passionate about the "highbrow" technical aspects of movie making and must feel ripped off seeing people with opposite values and execution making big bags and stealing their spot. Although personally I agree with the notion that entertainment is should be as thought provoking as it is entertainment, though it doesn't have to be in the same movie, but I hope that viewers take personal responsibility if they have a lot of free time, to use that time in a efficient, pdoductive, yet fun and rewarding way. Just mho though.

  • “bad” movies basically consists of things that aren’t impossible but dint typically halogen in real life, yet are people’s fantasies

  • So i shouldn’t dislike my sister saying she liked the avatar movie (the last air bender)

  • I hate how the Twilight movies are my guilty pleasure. I know theyre "bad" movies but for some reason I still enjoy to watch them. They're just entertaining to me.

  • Please do Harry Potter any of the movies (but please do either prisoner of Azkaban or goblet of fire)

  • the boys

  • The Problem with the kissing booth 2 is it makes no sense and has like nothing to it like the first movie it was interesting lots of stuff happening like the point of Noah and Elle dating and the rule they can’t date their besties relatives and there’s a lot of things happening but in the second it’s kinds boring and there’s no suspense to it so it makes it boring. That’s my problem with the kissing booth 2 that’s one reason why it’s such a terrible movie. The original kissing booth movie I feel like you can make it a series with 2 seasons episodes are 45 minutes each and it’s even more watchable just because of the plot and turns.

  • 5:42 you son of a Gun I cracked it by rewatching that segment again and again On 0.25x and pause Play serval time I cracked it 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 Boy Stuff = Good Girl Stuff = Bad

  • The editing in the video is outstanding, its so creative!😀

  • Because we don't expect good things and get used to that bad things. Especially when they are entertaining. As long as they are entertaining, we don't care that it is bad.

  • Is that a Hey Arnold instrumental in the background at the end of the video? Flamingosis remix?

  • Snakes on a plane is a good bad movie

  • Same reason we like to eat junk food. As long as you have a balanced diet, i.e. are enjoying crap as well as quality, then I think its fine. End of the day, people are allowed to enjoy what they want. If I want quality I'll watch Breaking Bad, if I just want a laugh and light entertainment I'll watch The Big Bang Theory or Spongebob.

  • My friend hates avatar the last airbender. I asked her why since she's never even watched it. She said it was because it was not a "Real Anime"

  • there are quite a few things in this video that could be talked more about but let's just say this, movies are generally made to fit someone, anyone's fantasy whether that be turning into a super hero, falling in love or whatever and not every movie will be catered to your liking actually a lot won't be which means it's not anyones place to decide what's good and what's bad because it might just not be for you, i mean we all seem to not like disney channel originals now that we are older but that's because those movies are low budgeted movies made for 10-13 year olds they're not for everyone unlike movies like marvel which can be for anyone who likes those kinds of movies. anyway that's all i doubt anyone will actually read this anyway lol ( too long)

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Can u please do Santa Claus 3!

  • Very tok video

  • I love these kinds of essay. Really opens my eye since i usually only watches movies that have high ratings. I should've watched anything, as long as it's entertaining.

  • You think the Twilight series are bad movies? You're waaaaaaaaaaaaay wrong mate.

  • It’s always the opposite when someone makes videos or movies or shows that are cool and entertaining people hate it like what is going on with this world then stupid weird dumb things people love it 🤦‍♂️

  • theyre aesthetically pleasing movies that i can only stand to watch once and then im done

  • society hates tween and teen girls, hence pop culture targeted at them is considered bad. also, mostly movies with young female main characters are considered bad.

  • it would be really cool if you reacted to “A Series of Unfortunate Events” on Netflix.

  • Im glad Alex made this video bc I'm bashed for loving Riverdale all the time

  • Alex: if you love riverdale Me: HAHa Me again: wait you weren’t kidding

  • We like bad movies cause I feel we don’t need to worry about being disappointed cause we already know it won’t be good... it’s just our way too pass time we just go with it... there is no pressure... for me my fav guilty pleasure movies is the TWILIGHT SAGA why I really don’t know and I don’t care... I know it’s not a good movies but hey I like it the vampires are crazy hot lol

  • I couldn’t agree more with everything you said!!

  • Review Andi Mack

  • I think what makes a movie truly bad (when it comes to like teen rom-coms) is a bad message. Like the Kissing Booth because Noah is so, well, abusive towards Elle but because he’s hot the viewer is supposed to accept his behavior. And in universe by not punishing him for his controlling actions it teachers young girls that we should accept when a man (or woman frankly) treats one poorly. Like the mother who tacitly teachers her daughter, affection is shown through violence when saying, “he pulled your hair because he likes you”

  • god please do more video essays, they're why i originally subbed years ago and im glad you're back to doing them

  • I feel like "good" movies are more like of a thinking game. You need to pay attention to trully understand the context in which everything is happening where as "bad" movies are more like a easy and chill thing you can laugh and cringe at. The real bad movies are the boring ones that don't capture your attention. At least thats how I feel about it...

  • One word: Mythology. A film that delivers something for future generations is "good". Something that doesn't is "bad"... This can pretty much be said about any form of art really: Movies, Music, Photography, Sculpture, etc... Sure, we all love to unwind and sometimes just turn our brains off and be entertained with some pointless movie, but we also LOVE to hate and rant about stuff. All winderful evenings with friends can be filled just with trash talking a movie or movies. lol

  • Do euphoria

  • Except there are low-stakes, fluffier movies that are very well done - and there are high-concept, high-stakes movies that are poorly made.

  • I thinks it's a it's so bad it's good kinda thing, like, I can't beleive someone made this, that makes those movies interesting

  • Am I the only one that actually likes these movies? Like I love the Kissing booth

  • brdown.net/top/pWG1g8iWlqiRfNY/video Funnily enough I did a similar thing in a video of mine. Where I talked about rating films

  • What makes a movie 'bad' or 'good' ? Sheer amount of inconsistency within its own universe a.k.a. established rules. And it doesn't matter if it's cheesy teen romcom or grand MCU. (Yes, I imply that cheesy teen romcoms do have world building rules) It all comes to down to viewer's understanding of said rules. And if movie is actually consistent within its own world. In this regards, MCU movies are not that good (it's OK at best). Aaand Netflix's teen romcoms are.. . well you've watched this channel

  • React to the new Mulan as a good movie best movie ever

  • I think one of the reasons we like bad moive is brcause they bad

  • i feel like a factor for what are bad movies are little misogynistic, when girls like rom-coms, it's cheesy and boring but when guys like action movies, stereoypically speaking it feeds into the role that girls are sensitive etc and boys are like brave and awesome yk? if it makes sense

  • dude, marvel movies are very bad movies.

  • Can you do lightning point please

  • I think it's about the cinematography and the character development. Some bad movies keep using the same plot over and over that the storyline becomes so cliche, or that the movie keeps introducing some scenes that have nothing to do with the whole plot.

  • Well I don't think that twilight is a bad movie, the books are better ofc, but the movie is nice and it makes people feel happy, at least it makes me feel happy, that you don't like it doesn't mean it's bad, everyone has their own opinions, twilight is not the best movie ever, ik, but I disagree, I don't think it's dumb or bad Ik this video is not only about twilight, but is the one I know best

  • My dad loves bad movies because his standards are all over the place. Example he actually liked the 2012 movie Battleship just because, meanwhile he actively avoids Will Ferral and Seth Rogan movies like the plague. Meanwhile I think Battleship was among the dumbest movies ever made in the history on anything yet enjoyed both anchorman movies and the movie this is the end.

  • We don't LOVE them , we LOVE to HATE them

  • When it comes to, "Bad," stories I believe that it's best to differentiate between two qualities: Narrative quality and Entertainment quality. Narrative quality being: Plot, character, setting, conflict. Entertainment quality being: Emotional connection, competitive enjoyment, quality dialogue, and curiosity. Narrative quality is like a ball: It can be full, round, refined, etc. You could have the best ball in existence, but it isn't going anywhere without some type of interference. Entertainment quality is the arrow that pushes the ball forward. If the arrow is strong enough, it could even push a slow, deflated ball.

  • 5:42

  • Personally I like Star Wars and avengers and yes they do get criticized but as a teen girl I don’t find the teen girl movies enjoyable to watch because there’re either not relatable or realistic. Teen girl movies are trying to portray a serious real life story but avengers and Star Wars make their unrealistic storyline serious making it more enjoyable to watch. With these teen girl movies I find them only funny and I don’t really get invested with the characters at all.

  • “Bad cheesy cringey movies” are easy to watch without paying too much attention and are strictly there to pass time and entertain without needing to construct too much. They’re also easier to review and more fun to review and make fun of.

  • #whatappdoyouuesss

  • Does anybody else ever notice these teen roncon romances are just like magna animes? Seriously it's like they always take the first guy that likes them no matter how bad they treat them and then the sweetest guy that's like the perfect match for them comes along ( and is everything they ever ever wanted in a man) and they get all romantic but they pick the first guy every time?! Wtf no matter what!!! They're going to make three kissing booth or she picks tall handsome blonde dude every time even though the other dude worked extra extra hard and really cared about her so what's the point of making the third one she's not going to leave what's his name. Secondly to all the boys I ever loved here we go again the popular hot guy that she really don't have nothing in common with and then Here Comes this second job he's just like her he cares about her he's everything that the other one isn't and they clicked so much better and got so much in common. What do you know she picked popular jerk off that she picked in the first movie if they make a third one which there's no point she's going to pick the popular jock this is just like anime romance exactly! and it's kind of stupid and it really is cuz they're teenagers are literally 16 17 18 year old teenagers and you don't stay most people do not stay with their high school sweetheart their whole off they go to college or they grow up and then get in the real world and they meet someone else, but in these movies this will never happen! It actually would make more sense if in The kissing booth if she did end up with the other guy because why didn't she tell anyone she got accepted into both college?? That she's taking time off!?! Like what are you doing girl.... she's exploring your options 😉. I hope she ends up with the other dude I truly do I think they had more going on for each other! but it's not like I'm into them or anythings... Cough walking away now lol

  • 'Text to speech program' oh gosh I lost it

  • i don’t know if it was the way he talked or the animation and music but this video was so aesthetically pleasing and felt nostalgic

  • do the babysitters club

  • cluless is good