iCarly was a weird show...

Publicado em 14 Abr 2020
iCarly Nickelodeon Animated Reaction
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ZOMBIES is hilariously dumb...
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  • I carly was so good they even had one direction on it, let's not forget that;)

  • Dude I swear on shows when people get a punishment that is so easy while some of us get things more homework over break or really embrassing things can't mention UwU

  • 4:35 I thought this show was meant for kids but ok..

  • Being in 2021 and having a Reboot of the show in the works😳

  • Freddie got friend zoned🤣🤣🤣

  • icarly crew: OMG 37k now days: omg 37m

  • ahhh yes i love ur comments

  • *stereotypical sam*

  • I actually had anime and the hollow, i'm just a normal 10 yr old, back off 🌚💅

  • Someone tell this guy to do 'Bizzardvark' it's the first youtube show and it's so good wait I just told you to. Hey Alex get on it NOWWW!!!!

  • Growing up with the wii and icarly. the best

  • i am offended... jk love your videos!

  • have i just now realized that icatly isn't for kid's

  • DaNg YoUr BeTtEr ThAn PuKe AlEx

  • iCarly isn't weird okay? It's my opinion and you can't change that since like who wouldn't laugh at iCarly?

  • that happy joke is only good because, well, it sets it up better than the show

  • I’ve just binge watched 20+ of your videos in the last two days. Love you man keep it up♥️

  • julie and the panthoms are not dumb

  • harry potter

  • 😳 a

  • do you have a dog?

  • Do Henry Danger! please

  • this used to be my favourite show :D

  • fun fact! mrs. briggs actually voices lin beifong in legend of korra. :)

  • yeah... the videos he makes can be kinda controversial so there is definitely going to be some hate for him in the comments. But seriously, hunting him down because he made fun of your favorite show? Whoever says that has issues

  • Freddie is an a grade simp at the beginning

  • Oh come on, this is the internet, those comments were way too clean to be legitimate

  • I grew up with this era of Nickelodeon I don’t think I have ever seen the pilot of this show or ever seen them airing it while I was a kid does any body remember them playing it more than because I remember that they played this show all the time but not the pilot

  • Spencer was the main reason I watched this show. He was my role model. So much so that things burst into flame when I show them something I’m excited about

  • Lol the line “well i dunno spencer”

  • 2:36

  • Wow man

  • Alex you are the BEST 😂👍

  • As a kid I had no idea why anybody found this show funny.

  • I remember that one day, me and my sister got a icarly season 1 dvd from outta no where, put it in our box tv dvd player cause our parents couldnt afford more tv's, and watched it, Wow

    • I am 11 but its probably one of the oldest shows i remember, the time has flown too

  • I did not grow up with iCarly or Jonas Brothers I grew up with Netflix

  • Yeah coop and cami tried to do this thing and sucked so bad it actually hurts

  • do bizardvark

  • I literally watched an episode and they pretty much predicted everything on tic tock

  • That little guy is the definition of a simp


  • I remember watching this as a kid and it was hilarious 😂

  • No it wasn't cuz I am a iCarly fan Me in my thoughts - I t was it really was

    • They’re making a new I Carly

  • people have different opinions

  • hi

  • its not only all movie is bad youre a bitch im not scared cause thats long time ago nickolodion and of course its a tv show and tv show is funny and doesant make sense and you you also doesont make sense

  • iCarly is also being revived.

  • I remember one of my classmates met Miranda Cosgrove in an airport. It was back in 2009, and it was so cool.

  • Wow. They actually cast them age appropriate. She was fourteen when the show started and many 8th graders are fourteen. Though she doesn’t look fourteen. Lol.

  • Is that the Principal Skidmore from A.N.T. Farm?! 0:35

  • SIMPPPP 2:30

  • Spongebob is also a really famous nickelodeon show

  • I was 8 days old when iCarly came out..lol

  • I’m a girl and I don’t write Harry styles name 24 hours I don’t listen to him

  • he ruins my fav shows but i start to like laugh very hard bc he is so funny

  • 1:22 betcha therre were some very long nosed directors in the production of this series

  • To say the least I think the reason it was so funny was because it was so weird! That’s nearest bakery sitcom or just so ridiculous that you couldn’t help but laugh.

  • Does anybody know where he watches all these shows? Like he has made videos on Icarly, Victorious, Drake and Josh etc, so where does he watch the episodes?

  • Can you do Henry danger

  • Carly is in school of rock

  • U coming for all 4 of my siblings childhood like that

  • Freddie: I li’e you, but you just wanna be friends Alex: #relatable 🥲

  • Freddie walked so that the simp army could run

  • She has that big appartment cause her dad pays it

  • What a great show. Btw, Spencer is the brother we all wish to have.

  • I like his voice and I like his animations and content. Idk who said that but they were wrong

  • Yeah cause all girls try to write Harry Styles name as much as possible within 24 hours. 😅

  • Principle Tuvok???

  • A dog asks why did you wait so long to bring her in? So i say I LIKE DA EGGZ Idk why but that is so funny

  • You think every show is bad

  • This is nick, and they’re talking about... things. Amazing nick just amazing.

  • You should do green house academy pls 🤩🤩

  • i have no ideea why people think his voice is annoying

  • I find it funny that people think when things blow up is when it was created. BRdown came out in 2005 and was bought in 2006 by Google.

  • 2:44 "Why this show gotta be so real" part 🤣🤣🤣

  • bro Alex please stop watching those type of shows they are going to ruin a funny guy full of manhood and turn you into a two horn rainbow farting pony made of jelly flavour bubble gum. stop...if it's not too late

  • freddy is so a simp

  • Umm hello? Zoey 101 should be among them. Iconic!!!

  • Just saying about Spencer and Carly being really rich, their parents are millionaires...

  • 3:24 saiki k.'s school

  • Dan "She's a fighter" Schneider productions

  • I like this show. Only because i came in with it

  • Carly's brother stole the Dead Kennedys' shirt and tie dollar sign thing.

  • Do andi mack

  • Icarly is coming back next year 🥰🥰🥰😁😁😁😊😊😊so excited 🥰😆

  • Carly: *blinks* Laughtrack: BÆHÁ Æ Æ Æ

  • I saw some ICarly back in the day, and I kinda wanna watch it now, it looks pretty solid

  • I Carly was decent but Yeaa weird ..considering a 15 year old actress kissing a 20-30 something year old actor (With mom omg set)

  • iCarly is probably one of my favorite nickelodeon shows

  • 6:30 HA! My PARENTS DON'T EVEN LET ME SHOW MY FACE IN MY VIDEOS! How am I supposed to be famous like you????

  • Okay I read the title and I'm offended

  • OMG I love icarly its my faivourite show from nickelodeon even though carlys brother spencer is kinda weird lol

  • Yeah

  • You forgot about Zoey 101

  • This BRdown channel is a rip off of the odd one out

  • as weird as the show might be, it's got nothing on this video or its creator

  • Rated MA for simps.

  • Hmm... Blonde troublemaker girl and brunette good girl who are best friends. I've heard this somewhere before. Girl Meets World!!??

  • Jack Black and Spencer were fighting in cosplay, while Carly and Sam and Freddie were at their panel trying to convince their fans that none of them are/were dating.

  • At 5:41 is Freddie wearing pyjamas