Descendants doesn't make any sense...

Publicado em 11 Jun 2019
Descendants doesn't make any sense animation
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  • Me :watching utube with my sis (who loves descendants) BRdown: here’s this guy roasting descendants

  • i agree that Mal or Maleficent sleeping spell or whatever can only be broken by some true loves kiss but the alarm woke the guy up like wuttttt


  • I swear this movie goes to movie to a trash love story

  • Alex m: :D dis makes no sense Me: ... B O I

  • tis guy is really in my nevse now his a pis off shit

  • its call story so many no makes sense

  • Me

  • Imagine being the son of The woman with 101 Dalmatian and still being afraid of a dog

  • this movie made SO MUCH sense to me UNTIL i watched this video-

  • Descendants worst show ever

  • does you even like any movie?

  • Then there like 17 and Ben and Mal get married 😀✋

  • Your funny but I like the movie

  • I hate you I’m a hater

  • Haha

  • You’re dumb and you’re mean to descendants

  • I’m not a fan of you

  • Stop hating bro to to hell you Stu pic count

  • How u drew the fairy god mother I just laughed way to hard

  • And fariy godmother looks like 40 years younger

  • The : "years and years and years and....... Years of being evil" part was so cute tho!

  • "Love is not weak" Cora Mills is triggered

  • One thing I wonder about is what happens to the good guys who are kids of the villains.

    • Isn't that what the whole movie is about lol

  • Why is noone talking about how Carlos just stole the lunch lady or somethings dog like what the heck

  • D. Carve out its heart Regina Mills is all I can say

  • Why is Kristin chenoweth supposed to be the "scariest villain" or something like come on its glinda-

  • What's with them trying to make StoryBrookes "modern" like you open a book and there's a tablet with fake pages I-

  • my dad grinds his own coffee.................oof

  • Do django unchanged please 🙏 😢 🙂 😭 😔☺ 😔 🙏 😢 🙂 😭

  • ITS THE ISLE NOT ISLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • r/youngpeopleyoutube


  • Let's talk about why yu dont make any sense

  • disney: always listen to your heart! me: mkay. [listens to my heart] my heart: bABY BABY BABY BABY BABY BABY YEAHHHHHH

  • make one on mean girls two- pls

  • I watched all 3 it’s weird

  • Ah good old U.S of A up in here

  • The most popular video in this channel

  • stupidest and most annoying thing i have ever watched!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wasn’t Audrey technically always a princess?

  • did I see 'Kiby Pictures with human Face'???

  • So the movie does make sense

  • And while the wand was shooting spells one ray went out of the window and hit the barrier

  • Hi he started having feelings for mal the first time he saw her

  • Hi he was dating Audrey before so he does know what a first date is

  • 3:31 carols shitty chocolate face tho lol

  • It’s funny how he was searching up Kirby with human feet

  • This movie is the worst movie I’ve seen

  • Did anyone else notice that the Fairy's wand looks a lot like the Elders Wand from Harry Potter

  • I think they go to sleep after pricking their finger cause of blood loss

  • Who just found this channel thought this was theodd1sout

  • My friend: your outfit is missing something Me: ripping my clothes I’m cool now

  • the fact that cameron was the only actual 16 year old in this movie tells a lot ab him ❤️

  • Mal literally invented "i'M nOt LiKe oTHeR gIrLs"

  • how did fairy good mother go from fat and gray to thaaat

  • wait how was jane born if fairy god-mother is a f.. who.. how.. i have so many questions for disney

  • Dude you are just hate it stop doing this btw a person died in desndents you know so stop this!

  • *Alex rips pants right after recording*

  • why is everyone only finding about alex's channel now... i've been subscribed for like a year and am on a rewatch binge and everyone here is from three months ago...

    • because they're only finding out about alex's channel now. lol

  • So wiered

  • 13:07 Freakin A man you turned maleficent into the power rangers villain; which I’m PRETTY sure was meant to be a parody character

  • 8:20 J jr is violating the code man

  • How are the villains in the future?????

  • this is so true

  • I'm sorry but...What the heck happened to maleficent's voice? she sounds like she is on helium.

  • Apparently if you wanna be cool, you just need to wear a skirt and *RIPP IT*


  • I remember watching the live movie and staying up till 8 because that was soooo late and watched the whole movie and one I saw Mal my mind went to Liv and Maddie.When I watched the second one and I was a little bit sad that it wasn’t as good.And then I watched the third one and I was so sad the first one was the best the second one was ok and the third one was bad.The music and songs were great but the plot in the third one was just bad. Ps here’s some things I found out Mal=February Jay=November Carlos=January Eevee=May Ben=July Bell=June Beast=September I hope this makes you happy :)

  • okay okay now all jokes aside, Descendants 1 and 2 are super fun to watch, and they aren't unbearably cheesy, we also need to keep in mind that they are targeted at a younger audience and it's a Disney movie, but I am 16 and I still LOVE these movies, sooo ya, anyways, the last one isn't as good as the first 2 in my opinion, just like about any 3rd movie of anything lol

  • uhhhhhh

  • The first one wasn’t bad but then they ruined it with others.

  • The whole concept of this movie honestly was stolen from Mattel’s Ever After High series, and of course Disney got the most attention cuz its Disney 🤦‍♀️

  • And I never really was interested in this movie

  • Bruh this is my child hood

  • He makes really good points

  • Wasn't expecting an office reference at 0:56

  • God this movie is cringing me more than shark boy lava girl

  • What is going on with jay 🤣🤣🤣

  • hey man

  • Still hate your channel

    • had to comment it twice, yup that makes no sense.

  • You should make a video about wolf walkers

  • I hate your channel

  • J how we feeling bro me this is weird

  • Bruh why are you so negative!! These are good movies!! 🙄🙄

    • @Ticci Toby just because dumb things happened in the movie doesn't mean he's hating on them, it's a review, you act like movies can't have flaws lol. and he's clearly making jokes out of it.

    • He just always saying that this movie is so dumb and Birmingham and yada yada. 🙄

    • he's not negative if you bothered to understand the video. what's really negative that he says?

  • Y’a know when your watching Netflix or Disney+, and you think of something funny to say while watching it. Then you realise that your not watching BRdown and you can’t comment- Edit: No, just me?

  • Yall remember that crap scene where they did a zoom call with their parents.

  • i like when alex gets pop corn xd

  • The fact that the search bar said pictures of kirby with human feet

  • Honestly I feel like this dude is trying to hate On these movies but it’s sad because the creators spent so much time and effort and money into these movies- no offense tho this is only my opinion so don’t hate on me 🙄

  • if Walt Disney was still alive i will tell him to delete all of the disney movies except 20s-80s disney movies

  • iM DeD YeAEa

  • It's so annoying - like these people are literally supposed to be 15 years old in this movie!!! 15?! YET!!!! the actors are crappingg 25 and what not and more - they act like bratty stupid 10 or 12 year olds. I guess it's just the super old actors trying to channel their "inner child" or what they remember ppl being like when they were 15. but these movies make no sense. and whas the deal with love fixing everything and all these ppl being "inherintly good"?! That rly don't just happen over night ppl.

  • I love how the fairy godmother calls her OWN CHILD CHILD

  • Plz dant question magic

  • I like descendants

  • Guys i would fail fairy god mothers villain to good person class, I would always choose to carve out the crying babies heart

  • WUT DA FRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DISNEY IS DISNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  • Your soooooooo funny hahah🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • i love descendants

  • Bruh disney is sooo cheesy