Harry Potter literally makes no sense...

Publicado em 15 Dez 2020
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Sharkboy and Lavagirl literally makes no sense
The Kissing Booth 2 is hilariously dumb
Fifty Shades of Grey is hilariously dumb...
ZOMBIES is hilariously dumb...
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  • The white cartoon you use seems like- if voldemort had a baby. The nose tho.

  • 4:00 - 😂 6:55 - so true😂 12:54 - 🤣🤣

  • Hi Alex, I love the show disenchantment in Netflix I whould really like it if you whould cover that

  • Hey what's your problem

  • u stupid... don't u understand anything.. like anything... simply crying and complaining good things

  • I've never really liked Harry Potter and it always sucked because its literally the only book anyone would talk about in primary and secondary. (also one time I told by best friend that I didn't like hp and she stopped talking to me and she now hates me??? Like?????)

  • Can you please the second Harry Potter movie

  • Where does he watch harry potter?

  • 3:35 is this attack on titan now??

  • When you love hermione and animal crossing and see cartoon hermione saying: you know animal crossing isn’t a REAL game

  • 18:25 "It's all for kids but the first book is definitely for kids" *Deathly Hallows would like to know your location*

  • I love that you put a hollow knight theme here 6:30

  • i didn't think anyone else called him dumb as a door

  • You used to be funny but you went too far

  • 2:10 I literally now just checked it, and as I know, he made his childhood dream come true, and started to travel city to city with his ice cream van. ISN'T THAT MATCHING AND SURPRISING FROM HIM?!?!?!

  • Fun fact: If you write “Fun fact:” at the start of a comment people will read to the end

  • you need to do the other movies

  • 12:27 rawr

  • Harry: that main character- Ron- the character always eating and hungry. Hermionie- The smart and obnoxious one


  • Bruuuuuh, after all these years, my heart still breaks when Snape asks Harry in his first potions class :-------(

  • it’s a fiction story, it’s supposed to make no sense...

  • Harry Potter is the best movie ever

  • We actually have houses in uk schools

  • I thought I was the only one who thought the whole series was overrated

  • Just a few corrections: 1-The trio not suspect Snape because he looks "bad", are several moments than he does something suspect like when he apparently was uses a spell in Harry broom 2-Also the stone couldn't be find by someone who had bad intentions the obstacle was for test Harry 3- the magic manifests itself in many ways before the wizard can control it so the glass disappeared when visiting the zoo

  • When is part 2 coming

  • We all know that every dislike come from potterhead. 😁

  • when he replaced the music when they were entering hogwarts because of copyright, it just felt so *w r o n g*

  • Don't you Dare...

  • Hi

  • 7:00 hahahahaha!!! I have a friend who's exactly like that!!!

  • I completed harry potter whole movies series 8 times Edit - still it's worth watching

  • What is that music at 6:42 anybody know?

  • Can you do more Harry Potter stuff plz

  • How does it not make sense?

  • this is SOMEONE who doesn't understand 'F I C T I O N'

  • Srsly tho Alex make another vid actually complimenting a show or a movie

  • your completely right. **continues to write shifting script**

  • :)

  • Wait, they make Lucky Charms with just marshmallows??

  • Harry did accidental magic which can happen when a kid is young.

  • Do the other Harry Potter films!

  • Slythrin for future politicians LMFAOOOOOOO

  • 2:32 actually in this specific scene, what Harry did did not require a wand as what he did was accidentall magic, it happens often to children who are yet to attend Hogwarts.

  • Read the books

  • children do accidently magic because they have to learn controll ... controlled wandles magic is super difficult ... 2:30

  • I hate that I might like this video. Can't watch it

  • Actually harey just showed a bit of magic . All future wizards do that

  • me: eats cookie also me: chokes on cookie after seeing alex scrolling through wattpad

  • 2001? Damn I feel old

  • I'm surprised you did not make a comment about the fact that they had a nice house, probably a nice neibourhood and they really move to this creepy, probably hausnted house in the middle of nowhere

  • Why do people always try to modernize Hogwarts in fanfics? Isn't the point of it is to be magical? It kind of ruins the point if you want to introduce technology.

    • @Xehanort10 Adding electronic devices into Hogwarts ruins the point of it. But adding modern things such as muggle studies, pens and pencils, and regular school uniforms is okay.

    • @Xehanort10 Yeah Hogwarts should include modern aspects like pens, literacy, and mathematics, and muggle studies. But adding electrical devices such smartphones, and electricity ruins point of the magic world. Like Who would need electronic devices when you have magic which can do better?

    • There are plenty of fantasy series where the worlds they're set in are magical and modern. The thing of kids wanting to leave the modern world to enter a magical society still stuck in the Middle Ages whee people still use quills and ink to write instead of pens and pencils, don't get taught literacy or maths, where everyone wears robes instead of proper clothes just to learn magic is one of the series's stupidest aspects.

  • Me: Yes! He did #1! Time to wait for the other 6!

  • Oo you're dead

  • Who else doesn't have enough money to buy the books and just watched the Harry Potter movies on myflixer and sites like that?

    • I read the first and second book and haven't buy it 'till now cause I don't have money. So I just watch the movies,

  • Funfact: Dumbledore means "Bumble Bee" in Old English. Rowling thinks about a man humming like a bee...

  • 2:30 it's just like that at first. They experience unexplainable things before they go to hogwarts then go to hogwarts to enhance their abilities

  • Alex Meyers: all movies dumb, dumber, dumbest Me: but actually the one who handles this channel is the dumbest of them all

  • God what the fuck

  • Avada Kedavra!

  • Whos waiting for the mean girls video

  • This is my option Harry Potter is the BEST movie series and your wrong Harry Potter makes perfect sense idiot.

    • Another "Harry Potter is the only film series I've ever watched in my life so it's the best one ever" type are you?

    • You're*

  • Do Harry Potter 2 pls

  • My friend thinks your ruining people’s childhood movies I agree lol

  • Alex: And Hufflepuff for kids who NEVER SHUT UP ABOUT BEING IN HUFFLEPUFF! Me: a Hufflepuff Literally so true.

  • A snach lmao


  • im a hufflepuff i did this just because

  • Do Marvel

  • He can make any movie seem crap, and I love it.

  • You know what I’ve realised from this video- if I never read the books, you would never have any context in the first movie or any of the movies actually Edit: well it looks like this was the conclusion. Oops.

  • Part 2

  • 6:48 me in 7th grade when a girl said literally anything to me HAH

  • I hate this guy

  • Alex gets so many sponsors...

  • I love Harry potter


  • 15:34 is it just me or does harry wink??

  • THANK GOD SOMEONE AGREES... just dont do one on lord of the rings

  • Every year I try to watch Harry Potter but I just fall asleep after 30 minutes

  • Harry Potter has an amazing story and nobody can change my mind in any way , shape or form. Hogwarts is our home

    • @Xehanort10 I do not. Hogwarts is your home is a movie reference, catch it.

    • @Chrisdaniel Cortez He or she apparently thinks Hogwarts is a real life school so probably.

    • @{Golden Trio} ??? Are you on drugs?

    • @Xehanort10 As if yall aint trying to get married to anime boys xxx

    • No. Hogwarts is a school in a fictional book and film series not real life people's home.

  • 9:27 that’s what she said 😏😏😏😏


  • Me:you disgrace Also me:whatches his other vids and subs

  • Unpopular opinion, Dumbledore is literally the worst

  • Okay I think people forget that you can love a movie and still laugh at some of it. I love this movie, but this is still one of my favourite Alex Myers videos

    • @Xehanort10 Ya it feels a bit much

    • @Aliyah Too bad half the people in the comments are acting like Alex murdered their families because he criticised the "great" Harry Potter.

    • @Xehanort10 Totally! Thats part of the fun

    • There's plenty of films I like but I've also laughed at and made fun of some parts.

  • 7:41 the sorting hat isn’t basing it off what u are now but the potential it sees for u and ur development in the future.... But I see what u getting at I mean like what if u had a total change of personality: *ravenclaw* : (study study study study) *random kid* : (is annoying and distracting) *ravenclaw* : “can you shut up, you uncultured swine, you’re in a library” *random kid* : (ignore and gets more annoying) *Ravenclaw* : “AVADA KEDAVRA, there we go, (:D), I think that’s enough studying I think I’m gonna go find some more annoying little sh**s”

  • 2:35 its because u never know if ur gonna be a wizard even if for generations ur family has, and if u are one u don’t control it at first because when u have these strong feelings or emotions it just 💥 happens. People in England find it easier to use a wand but in a magic school in India the students instead of using a wand can use their index fingers..... ..... also Harry does use his mind to do spells in the later books but not much

  • He does do telepathical magic....read d friggin book to understand it....

  • This sucks...u hv to read the book

  • i love your channel but tooooo much

  • "the perfect reason i got a vasectomy" (Because of Dudley) 😂😂😂😂😂 And i too really recommended Filmora for editing its sooooo good 👌

  • I find it interesting that he thinks this harry potter movie was missing stuff from the books, when it is by far the most true to the book of all of the harry potter movies.

  • i'm sorry but your descriptions of the houses are actually the best fucking version yet

  • 6:12 but, they are right. Men normally do not fit in a garbage can. It is simple logic.

  • I am a proud Emo Goth!!

  • “Slytherin for future politicians” couldn’t have said it better myself

  • I’m in Hufflepuff and I never shut up about being in Hufflepuff, since I’m a Hufflepuff who loves being in Hufflepuff and loves talking about being in Hufflepuff

  • When you get an ad for a sorting hat quiz while watching this