Crazy Ex Girlfriend is a weird show...

Publicado em 4 Fev 2020
Crazy Ex Girlfriend Animation Reaction
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iZombie was a weird show...
Jane the Virgin is pretty great...
Insatiable is the weirdest show I've ever seen...
Twilight doesn't make any sense...
YOU is a weird show...
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    • Just ordered my first t-shirt!!! I LOVE your show! Keep up the good work!

    • @Your fellow Ravenclaw thats nice

    • The show is adding a dark undertone of " you should really be concerned about a person who acts this way" if you pay attention! Please watch the 2nd episode, at least!

    • HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • Actually what kept the show on air despite the bad ratings was good critiques, Rachel said it on her Golden Globe speech. Maybe the reason you found it difficult to write jokes on the episode is that it's actually well written. Such a great, great show, I'm sure people kept asking you to watch it no to make fun of it but to enjoy it :)

  • Yikes, you picked the worst series to only watch one episode and judge. I won't repeat the same comment as others but your "jokes" were so painful to hear when one actually watched more than one episode and understood the themes. Congratulations, you played yourself.

    • I watched some more episodes and it still sucks ass maybe instead of typing a paragraph on how Alex hurt your feelings think about the vomit your commenting before actually commenting Also “congratulations you played yourself” Really 😒

  • when your here in 2021 and hear Alex say ¨Ẅell because its a new year"you immediately jump

  • He should react to pen15 that show is so cringy

  • Why can't I get a beautiful starter girl

  • My first thought watching this show was. Wow this show was a car crash. But I can tell its probably deeper than that. I'm only 2 episodes are in. I'll probably keep watching. Its also too much because little parts of it resonate with past me at times (not stalking of course lol)

  • The dude from Insatible

  • “Gettin’ bi”

  • Those friends who inform your stalker crazy ex-girlfriend of your exact whereabouts and schedules are the best

  • This show gave us the heavy boobs song

  • I want the “being creepy is totally okay” jingle to be my ringtone.

  • Like Guys, yes this show really grows and it is great but Alex’s job is not to really review shows, it’s to make an entertaining video, and yes he didn’t watch the entire show and he only judged it on it’s pilot episode but do you think he has time to watch the entirety of show for his videos? Stop acting like his job is to review things and just enjoy it for what the video is, entertaining.

  • Well it looks like a dude now.... bc I definitely don’t take yours to get ready ..... anyone else

  • This show is genius. lol

  • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I love the ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Please do Family Matters , full house , step by step and the TGIF experience.

  • This show gets better each season. Check it out. 👀

  • my main question during the whole movie: so she's a new york lawyer, did she also take the cali bar exam just to work in west covina?

  • Wait what? This is not a movie but a series? That plot suits a short film better. It should be utmost 15 min

  • You should do daybreak on netflix


  • Only started watching the show this month, and from episode one I can already tell when this show does the "creepy stalker behavior is romantic" trope, it's not seriously endorsing that idea, it's making fun of that trope. I went into this thinking it would be like "How I Met Your Mother" - mostly a standard rom-com with the occasional funny musical interlude. But it turned out to be so much better. I wasn't expecting so many songs, and I wasn't expecting the silliness to actually have a point.

  • SEXY GETTING READY SONG is my jam lol. You print it out and cut a hole in the mouth - oh God- to share spegettio's -o thank god-

  • One of my favorite shows. It's so, well, crazy 😆

  • What's the deal with the Super Mario background music? Is that royalty free or something? Or maybe Nintendo doesn't care?

  • Seems like you missed the entire point of the show. This is one of the most important and influential shows of our generation and I don’t like the way you talk about a lot of these issues.

    • I think maybe Alex got that this show is a satirical twist on standard romantic comedies, but it makes his video funnier for him to react to it as if he's taking it at face value. If someone watched this video to get a quick summary of what this show is, they're going to think it's just straight-up another dumb romantic comedy. But hey, I started watching the show anyway, even though I thought it was going to be just stupid fun, and was pleasantly surprised by how clever it is.

  • What a fantastic show with some great compelling insight into mental illness. Idk bro sounds like you only saw the first episode lmao.

  • I love this show so much, it my comfort watch, rewatch it all the time.

  • 5:17 post malone looking dudes

  • mmm well you're totally wrong and completely missed the point

  • This show is a piece of genius. You really have to watch it all. It's very clearly a satire of all of these tropes. Honestly, people.

  • Was disappointed with the totally superficial coverage of the show. It is so nuanced, deals with a variety of complex issues, and the very point is that the romance is literally the last thing this show is even about.

  • I know it's a great show but I just don't think it's my taste, personally.

  • Trolls movie 🎥

  • When I got a job in West Covina I sang this song the whole way there in the car lol

  • Alex, you should definitely watch the whole show. It covers mental illness in a way that other shows haven’t done so - some shows can be judged by just the first episode. This isn’t one of them. There’s a reason why it ran for four seasons - it was critically acclaimed for its take on multiple “indelicate” topics, such as alcoholism, BPD, stalking, sexuality and more. I think for the first time ever, I disagree with your assessment of a show. This was a brilliant one.

  • *Me a pagan witch watching this video like: 👁👄👁*

  • I love this show! But I get you have to hate it. I found it back when it first aired in 2015 and loved it till the end though I think the series finale was predictable and lame but you can't win them all. The one show I discovered because of your youtube channel was Insatiable and I watched both seasons and thought it was super weird and crazy (way crazier than Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) and loved that show too. Quit being hard on creative shows.

  • You should be More respectful i think

  • Rachel bloom is amazing and has created a phenomenal show. It took me some time to get into it because I was never into musicals but oh boy, now I hum it's songs all the time. The character development is very nuanced and believable, the side characters aren't just props. You need to give it some time.

  • Nah dude you didn't watch enough of the show. Also it won Emmies, that's why it kept going despite the low ratings

  • Omg you have Harry Potter in that list? :o

  • Alex I have to say josh, he plays the crazy cop in insatiable

  • Yeah but the theme song is stuck in my head at least 10 hours a day so it’s got that going for it

  • dammit you gotta give it another go alex you'll like it I swear!

    • ohhh okay I watched the outro, I think the fans of the show wanted to see you be like 'oh huh this show pleasantly surprised me' but you made the video the same to the style you usually make (which makes sense) and now people are like 'this isn't the reaction i wanted!!'

  • This show is actually ridiculously deep and so very beautiful, I highly HIGHLY recommend it. ALL of it. Also, the singing and dancing actually has a reason...Rebecca is a theatre nerd and imaging songs is how she copes with a multitude of situations. I personally couldn’t get through the first few episodes of Glee because I’m not usually into musicals, but the songs in Crazy Ex Girlfriend are amazing and I listen to them all the time.

  • 8:18 Me thinking about One Direction

  • Paula shouldn't have enabled her from the get go

  • If you finish this series, it outsells every other CW series I have ever seen! The music and writing are GENUIS and the acting is actually amazing

  • The 0.01 percent germs that soup doesnt kill😂😂😂😂😂alex teach me your ways

  • im sorry but you do like a 100 videos for Riverdale and only one video covering one episode of this show and completely missing the point of it?

  • Your video was funny and well-made. But it was hard to read all the text on the screen before your chibi dude started to fling around. I just finished the show yesterday and in my opinion it is one of the best show in the history of TV. It just does not have the mainstream apple

  • Hey Alex! Please do ”Looking for Alaska”!! Can't wait to see fav getting the title ”is pretty great or kinda good” 😫💖 I'm sure you won't call it trash 🥺💐

  • Maybe he should do my crazy Super ex girlfriend moive

  • i think you should do the hunger games if you havent yet

  • harry potter do it

  • Crazy ex girlfriend is actually so good. It literally tackles so many issues and does it accurately and it's still funny and the musical theater aspect is really cool

  • wow..the woman playing Paula has those crazy eyes. I hope she plays a villian in the future

  • Literally the whole point of crazy ex-girlfriend is that "being creppy isnt ok even tho you are the main character", the show is actually pretty good, give it a chance man

    • @Thatartguy pleeeeenty of commentary channels do take the time to watch an entire season, or even just half a season, and then release a commentary video on that. It wouldn’t actually require that much more animation because the video itself doesn’t necessarily have to be longer - it can be around 15 minutes, which is standard for Alex’s slightly longer videos. Pretty Much It’s commentary on the first season of 13 reasons why is only 10 minutes long, and it’s one of their best videos. And watching an entire season really doesn’t take that long - you can binge something in a few days. It really displays a poorer work ethic that Alex can only bring himself to comment on the first episode of a show. I understand that format as a reaction video here and there, but the scripted animation format lends itself to better, funnier analysis, and when that’s the majority of his channel it really appears like he’s just churning out videos that require the least amount of effort but still get good views. I see so many comments on lots of videos from fans of shows who get frustrated because he makes a snap judgment about the show just from the pilot, which often isn’t even a good representation of a show. It’s just kind of a disservice to the fans, the show, and the commentary genre itself, including all those channels who DO put the work in to get a fuller sense of a piece of work before making really funny commentary about it.

    • Maybe you’d like to try to watch every episode of a season and spend countless hours animating your review. Oldbergs right. If he likes the show, he would do more on it because he’s passionate about it. If he only does the first episode and makes fun of it, it’s probably because he got asked to do it by a lot of his fans. Not every movie or show review has to be an “insightful analysis.” Some people just make stuff for fun.

    • @OLDBERG SUCKS - and don't you think that style is kind of lazy and not conducive to insightful analysis??? it's definitely not true that he only continues watching if he likes it, he only does multiple episodes on shows like riverdale or vampire diaries because they're so cringey they're entertaining, and get millions of views. i used to watch alex a lot but i really don't enjoy his format of only watching the pilots of shows and making a snap judgment about them, because even the majority of the most acclaimed shows ever written are not well-captured by their pilots. it just seems lazy to me, and like he's clearly more interested in views than work ethic.

    • @OLDBERG SUCKS - Thats literally why i posted the comment, because if anyone who follows blindly his (literal unbased) review thinks the show is actually how its described here, it wont help people actually look this show

    • @OLDBERG SUCKS - Bruh yes i do understand it i've been seeing this channel for a long time, but my problem is that its literally spreading missinformation about a musical show that tries to normalize mental health problems

  • Crazy ex-girlfriend isn't a romcom first of all. The main premise is mental illness. It's not everybody's cup of tea. The writing is brilliant and some of the musical numbers are just amazing and a really funny show.

  • Do Young and Hungry


  • Ok, I LOVE this show. It's about dealing with health issues & all this stuff .. Srsly, this show is absolutely great & worth watching!

  • I love this show. Season 4 is fantastic. I love that at the end, she doesn't end up with any of the guys she dates in the show.

  • 6:16 Let's Generalize About Men

  • When you leave a hi status promotion leading to wealth and fame for a man who barley liked you to begin with:

  • When i saw that it was a musical i stopped watching

  • please do harry potter

  • Technically from myself ended up watching it because of the musical itself, what really annoys the most was the main character itself, Rebecca really annoys me the most af.. I really want to stop watching it because of that character. Apparently, some songs are enjoyable while rest of them.. are just something that I would’ve skip instead. Since the ranking of the show itself has been involve, I honestly have to go with unlikable critical rating cause it doesn’t age that well at all to me. Then again as well all know, musical shows aren’t made for everyone and that’s fine from that.

  • the whole show is educating people with borderline personality disorder. In the end of the show they digosed Rebecca with borderline personality disorder and if u go back to the show it's so obvious that she was sufffering with borderline personality disorder that caused the disorder from her daddy issues. mostly all of her "crazy" that's that she did was due to borderline personality disorder. which causes her to Sing musical stuff, to easily breakdown, has a dear to abbontment, and etc because others a lot others. I love your videos tho!!

  • Can you do miraculous some of the new seasons

  • I thought it was a stupid rom com at first, but then I kept watching it and it was totally worth it, I love it.I love all greg's songs ,"I go to de zoo" and "fit hot guys have problems too" lol

  • One of the best shows , actually very relatable for people with mental issues, specially bpd! Love it personally !

  • I'm confused.... You referenced stuff from the third and fourth season of the show but you talk like you watched 2 episodes, what

  • I love this show

  • By far and wide one of the smartest shows I have eve seen. The character arcs that they all go through is life as it's best. It's a very good show.

    • TimTime I can binge watch house of cards repeatedly.. except the last season. That was a disaster..

    • Got any shows to recommend that are smarter than cxg? ':D

  • I love this show so much it really surprised me how good it was❤️

  • Alex’s songs are just GOLD Like........ I need these

  • *me again thinking this was a movie not a show

  • Wait... Your list said Harry Potter...

  • I mean I don't want to be rude but how can you watch the show and not get what their intention is. It's build on the concept of deconstructing rom com tropes and sometimes it's even pretty on the nose

  • *did i see harry potter?!?* Edit: on the list i mean

  • I think that you should do the wrong Missy.

  • Do Chicago pd please please please

  • "Do I look that desperate....... Nevermind don't answer that" Me talking to my friends about my crush

  • Please please please do feel the beat.

  • If a dedicated fan base had power why is was there never a second season of freaks and geeks

  • Living in California it’s so weird watching people be excited about it... And also, who is named Beans?

    • @Chip Ferguson Oh?

    • @Stephanie Netherland I meant it as a rhetorical question.

    • Josh's (the love interest) Hispanic friend. He only appears in one episode although he is mentioned in a few of them

  • The show has a strong fan base because it’s one of the few shows that represents BPD in a accurate way. The show is emotional support for people with a BPD

  • 4:35 - 4:39 Best part of the review. And annoyingly fitting. Seriously Rom Coms, stop making it SO easy to put in the creepy music!

  • DO 16 WISHES!!!!!

  • realization hits that she's crazy "no no no dont talk about that about my new best friend!" me: HUH??????????? What the f*** just happened????? WHAT?

  • Do harry potter plss

  • You did like 3 videos on PLL but couldn’t watch past the pilot of the masterpiece that is Crazy Ex Girlfriend?! One of the best shows i have ever watched, from beginning to end! Every single season brings character development and growth to Rebecca and all of the characters, really... just brilliant! Also you’re insane if you don’t love the Sexy Getting Ready Song

  • 5:30 here’s your replay button, yw

  • ඒ වැටීමෙන් පසුව තවත් හවුල් වැටීම් දෙකක් සිදු වියඅප කඩා වැටී නිදා සිටියදී

  • I like the way he is genuinely hurt by who girls go after 😂😂

  • sorry but dont u dare lmao. crazy ex girlfriend is the best show EVER. PERIOD.

  • Where is HP aka Harry Potter and harrys love of blue shirts