Sam and Cat was a weird show...

Publicado em 25 Ago 2020
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Zoey 101 was such a weird show...
Drake and Josh was the weirdest show...
iCarly was a weird show...
Victorious was kinda dumb...
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  • The part when Sam said nice sack and then Alex laughed

  • What’s on second?

  • victories is a really good ...ya

  • What a stupid show????

  • I wish this show continued

  • Bro it was a great show me and my mom loved it

  • Salmon cat

  • But it was litterally my childhood

  • I’m so mad they made Ariana dyed her hair red once I month I think and then they made it damaged witch made it go damaged-

  • :( I love Sam and Cat

  • Sam and me are two different people if my friend fell in to a trash can into a garbage truck I would laugh for 10 minutes straight then help her but I would finish my burrito first😅😂😜

  • Make sure you skip the add and the add ends at 1:24

  • Dude I love this show I have watched it ever since it came out

  • Check out game shakers

  • Sam and cat is my favorite show and you change my view of... YOU!!! this is good show and a lot of people love it i was subscribed then I unsubscribe because a just you made this VIDEO!!! I hate you now

  • Let's just say, I really appreciate that this video was made 16 days after my 10th birthday-

  • Anyone realize that one of the kids who lost their cat was miles from the haunted hathaways?

  • I dont agree


  • No not again first this weird other youtuber named drew(Fun Fact: All the comment in his vid were hate comments because he hating on the show) was hating on We Can Be Heros NOW YOUR HATING ON SAM AND CAT AND I CARLY( Another fun fact is that ariana grande plays cat on sam and cat so i hope she comes see this vid and beats you up)

  • All im saying is i think you ment it but dont wanna get raided by Ariana stans

  • Every time my sister decides to watch sam and cat, I GET A HECKING MIGRAINE FROM CAT I DONT KNOW WHY, BUT IT'S ANNOYING AS HECK

  • So huh, however that works, pampers! Adds: ;-;

  • I can't believe I used to watch this show.

  • Why do you guys keep saying it's weird? It was a great show and I still rewatch it, again it's my opinion

  • Do a video about iCarly it's when Sam was a teenager :3

  • Do kickin it. It was 1 of my favorite show

  • I just finished watching Sam and cat on Netflix and honestly it was just so-so. Most episodes were bad or awful. But I really liked the chemistry between Ariana and Jeanette. I hated the finale though. But I would’ve wanted to see a second season tho

  • I want him to SOMEHOW find a way to roast Julie and the Phantoms. SOMEHOW

  • OMG now your going to far sam and kat is the best show so much better than your attitude

  • Do the sweet life of Zack and Cody And Sweet Life on Deck lol

  • Sam and Cat makes my ears bleed

  • dice be like... poggers

  • LA was fun in the 90's for a while

  • do legend of korra and avatar the last air bender

  • 6:45

  • This guy keep making fun of my childhood

  • Don’t you even I love Sam cat you are the worst I hate you Sam in cat is the best

  • Since when were apartments the size of a mansion?

  • Red clean up the imposter and the other one is that one over there

  • This is a good show much better then a lot of shows

  • Sam and cat is a much older show then you did this they ain't have tik tok

  • You are a critic

  • I disagree

  • I love Sam and cat

  • idk if u have or haven't done this show yet, but maybe you could do lab rats.

  • I- I loved this show... TvT

  • I love watching this stuff because it’s so funny that ur making fun of movies!! 😂😂😂

  • you should do jessie

  • C A T C A T C A T C A T

  • How many times do you think he said cat? | | V

  • I would have liked andre and freddie or something, maybe gibby and robbie

  • Shows from that era ended so quickly no matter how popular they were

  • One of my favorite shows, posted on my b-day...

  • do henry danger

  • The line “your cool” Sam:”Yh” Lol

  • Pls pls do pokemon

  • You should cover Henry Danger next

  • Sam and cat was great but it was kinda weirdly funny

  • 3:58 Am I the only one who thought that was Marijuana for a quick sec.

  • @Alex Meyers Plz review Naruto manga, plz

  • You should do henry danger

  • You should watch "every witch way" thats a weird show

    • Oh I completely forgot that was a thing. I only watched 2 episodes and thought what on earth is that the whole time and forgot about it afterwards. It really was weird

  • The jokes and some stuff still get me even tho ive seen it 100 times and ik its dumb-

  • Sam: nice sack Me: well that was a VERY hard left turn

  • They should have just made a Jade & Cat spin-off not Sam & Cat

  • I used to watch that I felt better back then

  • Talk to the hand

  • Find my cat? Cat: I AM A CAT me: which cat

  • Yes lol

  • Do you even like anything?!?


  • Okay,I usually disagree with him when it comes to shows from our childhood, but this is agreeable

  • I actually really like victorious and Sam and cat

  • Add a public comment...

  • Ham burger made me want a hamburger

  • This is my favorite show

  • Me and my sister watched this show and victorious when we where younger, I hated victorious

  • i love that shsow still waiting for ssn 2....

  • When I was 7 I watched this like everyday

  • The episode i remember most is where they sold the discontinued blue soda in their basement or something like that

  • HEY DONT TALK SHIT ABOUT MY CHILDHOOD ok icarly and Victorious and sam and cat where my entire childhood haha

  • 5 Points for the who's on first reference

  • 1:23 free skip

  • "private and organic web browser" Dead

  • When Ariana was on the show she was like Thank you next

  • Alex myers you've done this for waaaayyy too long it's time to die for ur crimes


  • 69k likes, nice


  • Am I the only one who hated cat more than hitler hated Jews her voice is so freakin annoying she’s just incredibly annoying and punchable

  • you're wrong and take that back!!!!

  • Best description of these series ever!!

  • Imagine a 20 year old dude talking about a kids show for KIDS to watch and to have fun imagine

  • Does anybody know where he watches all these shows? Like he has made videos on Icarly, Victorious, Drake and Josh etc, so where does he watch the episodes?

  • Only the people who understood this reference that Alex made @ 2:38 can like this

  • Boo Sam and cat is the show you Looser

  • Go Ariana girl (Kat)

  • Sam is always fun

  • Are we all just ganna forget the cat has been in a garbage truck,handcuffed to a dwarf,and she got hit in the eye with a damn chicken puck?