365 Days is the worst movie I have ever seen...

Publicado em 23 Jun 2020
365 Days Netflix Movie Animated Reaction
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  • rip this is one of my favourite movies

  • Cool Runnings reference!

  • when you are polish and realise that polish lines are translated to something completely different ...also I sincerely apologise for this "movie"

  • I'M IN LOVE!!!😍😍😍not for Massimo, but for this Channel!I almost pee myself Today🤣🤣🤣🤣 I know about the wrong things and bad acting and ALL,but I wacthed for "the Fun" of It,ugotme😏 Sooooo I CAN'T fault this movie 100% because of the great sex scenes,my Man..oh,and the hot as hell actor,shit!!

  • Sex scenes were kinda hot in this movie.

  • "people will watch anything " Yeah absolutely,, they'll watch anything, Thats the real punch line...

  • Lmao this too good 😂😂

  • i don't really like the movie as well, but can the owner of this account not hate on a movie at least once, literally every video is like that…

  • Anyone comparing this to Beauty and the Beast CLEARLY didn’t watch that movie, or really just doesn’t understand what Stockholm Syndrome is

  • Oh good i stumbled upon this video helped a lot not to waste 2 hours of my life, sorry Laura.. xD

  • Exactly 💩💩

  • Women love these movies and blame men for harassment. Wowwww!!!

  • This movie right is LITERALLY EVENY mafia wappad story ever🤣🤣 and i can't stop laughing

  • I wanna watch a movie with u guy

  • Never watched the movie or Fifty shades of Grey cause they just glamourize abusing women for your pleasure and not caring for their feelings or their needs or their CONSENT! And people just watch this and are like "kidnapping a woman because you are in love with her?? - totally okay" but "meeting a seeing a woman at a coffee shop and telling her you think shes pretty?? - noooo stop objectifying wome etc"! Honestly this society is phuced up!!

  • Sorry my friend Karen was having a Nintendo switch party on her roof xD

  • this is like a teen movie with a dash of stupidity

  • -I'm giving you one chance to fall in looove with me alex in the corner: *laughter intensifies*

  • "Are you lost babygirl?" Laughed everytime.

  • Are you lost- Did you think I was gonna say it? Because I've got something for ya Are you lost baby gorl?

  • Creepy ~

  • When "HE" does it it's romance but when "I" do it it's ILLEGAL and I go to JAIL

  • Talk about After

  • This is really just "I fell in love with my kidnapper"

  • It was the best comedy I have ever seen! xDD

  • I am 100% sure who ever made this movie stole the idea from any Mafia wattpad story written by a 12 year old. Actually, the 12 year olds might be better than this movie...

  • "I dont care who or what you are your parents will absulutely walk in during the boat scene" Bruce wayne:???

  • Comments: *talking about "Are you lost, babygirl?"* Me: *hears it in King Julian's voice*

  • this is so utterly reminiscent of those creepy ass wattpad alternative universe fanfics where a boyband member kidnaps the main character for no reason and exercises a terrifying amount of possession over her until suddenly they’re in “love” and the rest of the book is just sex scenes and jealously drama

  • I don't want to be called babygurl...

  • I watched this movie twice and the both times my mom walked in my room like ;-;

  • The Live action disney remake of Beauty and the Beast looking worse than I remember

  • are u lost babygorl

  • This is basically what happens when a guy learns how to pick up girls from teen romances

  • what does the red flag say ? sorry the second word is not clear

  • HAHA! Fall in love with YOU? Not a chance. How can I fall in love with you after you kidnapped me, called me *baby gorl* and CALLED ME DISOBEDIENT WHEN I NEARLY DIED

  • Amen! 🙌🏼

  • Goil

  • "do that every girl does yknow, and just play along and hope not to die" oh how true this is

  • She just seems like one of the girls that Dio captured to suck the blood out of (he even has a castle, bruh)

  • Laura is not pretty just average, that makes this movie more boring than it is

  • #1 Worst movie in history, and why does Laura look like that woman from Bird box? I have a lot of questions on this...

  • This is one of those guilty pleasure films for girls. In Public: "This is terrible and gross and is wrong and Stockholm syndrome and etc." Privately: *Using a wand or bad dragon while watching*

  • i had to watch the ending a few times before i understood what it meant :1

  • Laura -" so what do you egg Charlie do?".. he3..

  • 365 days is like the wanna be lite version of 50Shades of Grey🤷‍♀️

  • Bruh

  • stories like this make me sick tbh.. like everything wrong can be covered and ignored by having hot people do it. and what's worst is seeing these girls eventually falling in love either way. like come on?!

  • In Poland we’ve been laughing at the book for years and since the movie came out I’m not cringed anymore I’m just ashamed that the world can see it Also the author of the book is one of those people I just cannot stand so much Also dialogue in Polish is so weird... I didn’t understand this first thing at first even though I’m Polish, born and raised, and the rest just sounds unrealistic

    • @Hehe Noelo Rzeczywiście bardzo rosyjsko jak na polski film. W ogóle też masz wrażenie, że te polskie dialogi są jakoś dziwnie skonstruowane?

    • "Z twoim serduszkiem lepiej, żebyś się nie forsowała", mówił jakby z rosyjskim akcentem(?).

  • I think half the movie is filled with DEVIL’S TANGO 😈

  • Everytime i see this movie mentioned somewhere i have a fucking mentall breakdown. Our national treasure, the sexual awaking for Polish women, bla bla bla.... My fucking God, i feel like i should apologize to anyone that has ever seen the movie or readed the book 😔

  • Wow...this sucks

  • I swear my gf's coworker recommended this movie as a good watch... I was so confused after watching this garbage. Didn't know if she was serious or trolling me.

  • I saw the movie twenty times and I still thought the subtitles were real😂😂 I was like Ohh, maybe it’s part of the polish version.

  • I'm polish and the subtitles were goddamn incorrect as hell!

  • Please do I Believe In Unicorns

  • So when is Netflix gonna pull off the soft, not abusive, not a sad guy that basically stalks the fem lead?

  • This had potential as a horror movie

  • I would like a movie like this where the guy looks like a casual 30 year old, living in a regular appartement, having a normal job. But no, then the guy is a creeper and it's suddenly a horror movie 😂


  • I think when a girl needs to be strong and be a boss at work, she would want a dominant man in her personal life, so she could feel like a girl again and be treated nicely.

  • This guy's mind: Aw man I wanna ask out my crush but I know she won't say yes so I'll just stalk her. Wait she has Stockholme Syndrome! Guess I'll kidnap her and we'll fall in love.

  • aRe yOu lOsT bAbY gOrL?

  • Let's admit one thing tho , this movie have an amazing soundtrack

  • 9:50 - 9:55 The fake subtitles have me dead😂 "So would you please stop standing on my foot, so I can go fart"

  • I fell asleep 3 times lol

  • For how long we have to put up with these kind of no plot story line. Damsel in distress i.e., she falls in water Knight in shining armour Massimo rescues her and that's good enough reason to fall in love?? They don't even have a heart to heart talk where she tries to reason with him. She is not bothered that he would do the same thing after their marriage?? That's me ranting on this absurd movie and part of 1.3bn who watched it till the end and hearing that there is a sequel to it 🥺


  • Netflix : What would happened if we mixed beauty and the beast and 50 shades of grey? 3 months later : 365 days

  • This movie is basically After and 50 shades. A weird, sexy, fanfiction.

  • Bruh I love how sarcastic Alex is 🤣🤣🤣

  • how can people love this movie?!

  • Alex Meyers you never disappoint! Hilarious as always!! 😂😂

  • 3:22 Are u lost vinegar?

  • What it is with these movies ... Polish girl has a russian accent and Italian boy has a zero accent? Wut?!?

  • I know everyone’s personally going "if he weren't handsome this would be a horror movie." And I agree, but does anybody else agree with me that I don’t think this guy is [at] all that handsome? Both inside and out!

    • You know what would've been the best? If Laura turned out to be lesbian. :)

  • So... Did Laura just die? That's it?

  • Do stranger things plz

  • ca we all just agree that movie is only good coz the passionate and hard core shagging

  • This movie was literally inspired by a Wattpad book so there's not much to expect, anyway. (Not saying all the books on there are trash but if you're a wattpad reader, you know what I mean)

  • Who thinks that this movie looks Mafia in Manhatan of episode

  • This movie made me cringe so much I'm gonna cry now

  • 365 days is adapted from wattpad. Wattpad did this years ago.

  • All of ur videos and judgement of movies series etc. I can only AGREE on this one-

  • This movie is bad I couldn't even finish the video.

  • Every yandere fic ever!

  • A fire Hydrin blew up on my street during the boat scene

  • he could've talked to her 5 years ago like a normal person....idiotic

  • Ok but try watching 100 things to do before high school

  • It’s softcore porn masquerading as a movie.

  • Isn't it insulting for women that such brain dead toxic movies are considered"women genre"? But then again, it's the women who actually watch these and give them the money to continue making them. Like that kissing booth and fifty shades of grey romanticising dominant men that plays around with women like a toy. Where is the feminist outrage for these?!?! It's basically insulting and degrading for a women to be treated like that by men. But hey, turns out women are the ones who wrote those stories and women are the ones who are buying and paying for those stories. So maybe, deep inside, women's fantasy is a man ordering her around like some sexual possession where on the outside they were this facade of being strong and independent.

    • Ummmm...I'm pretty sure it's only teenage Girls or old virgin women

  • Sex sex and a whole lot of more sex

  • Looking at her first boyfriend, I am not surprised by Laura falling in love with Massimo

  • He should do euphoria

  • shorturl.ca/quickdate4hardcoresex I LOVE YOU..! Из-за отсутствия лучшего слова, захватывает дух. Наборы яркие. Их богатый цвет и подвижный статус притягивают наблюдателя к действию. Костюмы являются декоративными, красивыми и работоспособными одновременно. Макияж выделяет костюмы, и никто никогда не замечает тот факт, что это люди, разыгрывающие части животных. Вы настолько увлечены образами всего этогоbwjn,.

  • Yea turns out Laura didn’t die she just lost phone signal

  • Also, why is half this movie in polish and half in english? 😂

  • i’m cringing i cannot believe i used to think he was hot i’m going to vomit what was i thinking 8 months ago

  • Nodoby talking about that this film romanticize Mafia? Like...what? They don't even know what is living with fear, people die due to this. Porca madonna

  • One thing I find annoying is that why is the love interest always someone of the opposite gender? Why cant we have a movie where the love interests are a girl and a girl or a boy with a boy?

    • Because "straight" couples are 97% over relationships in the developed world.

    • Maybe cuz they straight

    • There are some of them, but obviously the woman-man couples are more common