Riverdale season 4 was a mess... (season 4 finale)

Publicado em 12 Mai 2020
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Love Is Blind is the dumbest show I've ever seen...
Fifty Shades of Grey is hilariously dumb...
iCarly was a weird show...
Teen Beach Movie is kinda dumb
is Riverdale ever going to make sense?
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  • Where ARE his season 5 Riverdale videos???

  • Alex's song was amazing I'm dead😂😂😂

  • Very excited for riverdale season 5 is a mess

  • Yoo s5 is out

  • After I heard Alex’s song the song stuck in my head for daaaaaayyysss

  • I had to come back and watch this before season 5 starts

  • Alex’s laugh is priceless


  • Did I miss the part where jughead was fake murdered or are we just not gonna talk about that?

  • As someone who's never seen or watched anything to do with Riverdale up until these videos, I really feel the urge to hate-watch it now

  • Keep in mind there gonna be a season 7.

  • The song is actually good. Lol.

  • It hurt me so deeply when they barely included.... Archie's Abs

  • Archie is actually very shallow and just wants to get with any girl

  • The only good thing in Riverdale is Archi's abs Fight me

  • 9:38 the PHEOOO of the vacuum cleaner made me LAUGH SO HARD

  • Alex’s voice is actually really amazing

  • whos extied for season 5

  • Words cannot express how much this show annoys the hell out of me. I actually thought it was good show. I wasted too much time on it. Never doing the same mistake again.

  • This is a genuine question for people who aren't ace: Do you guys actually do the devil's tango as a coping strategy?

  • Alex season 5 comes out in 9 days 😳

  • I only watch Riverdale for Cheryl and Jughead

  • Jesus am 12 and now pls dont make me laught i like riverdale

  • Well it was pointless, stupid and way to dark after season 1 only !

  • Riverdale season 5 coming soon!!You ready to do another video Alex?

  • honestly Riverdale has gone so bad to the point where i prefer Twilight

  • 9:39 fastest grandma I've ever seen

  • 3:05 well lets hope thats true. Would be some very weird scenes otherwise😳


  • Damn this video is such high quality and its so cool how many different people helped in the making of the video. XD

  • Mr. Alex .. you seriously have a nice singing voice :o And I don't mean that as a joke!! The abs song was great!!

  • So Mr.Honey glued himself?

  • poor Cheryl they need some more scenes 😬😑😑

  • I can’t lie the part where everyone was saying what uni they were going to and reggie says riverdale community college is by far the best line in the season.

  • Okay but you're actually a really good singer?

  • O my god river dale is a brilliant show so shut up about river dale you have made so many videos about it it makes me sick so let this be the final one

  • I didnt watch a single episode of riverdale but every one of his vids!

  • i really love the animated granddma

  • I know it's never good to over think a TV show but Riverdale goes outside of all logic. There should be a disclaimer staying that Riverdale is in an alternate universe and follows it's own rules unlike ours. How does Betty go from being distraught that Archie does not love her back to seeing him get with veronica, who becomes her BFF, to immediately falling for Jughead. Feeling don't work like that. Why does Veronica dress like she is the president of a company everyday?. Rich kids wear jeans and gym shoes. Not to mention what minor runs a company and competes with their father? How does FP, a convicted felon and ex gang member become sheriff? Plus don't you need some kind of training in law enforcement? last 2 seasons were just bad. I only continued to watch because they kept flashing forward to Jughead dying which was all so stupid.

  • I feel like we're all missing the plot point of the big bad video guy sitting at home for days, learning how to design, model, and 3d-print homemade caricature masks of all of them. They had to hand-paint these! And they also had to find 6 co-conspirators.

  • That last tape nearly gave me a heart attack (Not literally but I’m going to have nightmares for weeks) I did not put a time stamp because it is too scary 😬

  • The anime character parts are the best

  • 3:59 to 5:45, best alex meyers moment ever

  • Ok didn’t finish it but this is it When a four year old name Bobby find riverdale Bobby-ohh a show about a riverdale Gets to a make out seen and mom walks in the room Mom-OMG BOBBY TURN THAT OFF Bobby-why what’s rong you and daddy do it

  • Dude when a four year old watches riverdale Bobby the four year old-ohh a show about a river

  • When i watch the show and here the first word in the musicals Me-nope I’m out

  • I am concerned about the fact that a school principle thinks that a parson in plural is persons

  • Do Money Heist. It’s a bank robbing show

  • 12:24 some spooky stuf happening so if u don’t lie, spooky this is not for u

  • *He decides to open his own tickle business* oh my god. This show is...I laughed for like 5 minutes. Who wakes up one day and says “I think I’ll open a tickle business”

  • I can't tell who got the better man. Betty got a Sprouse brother and Veronica got abs So like 50/50

  • Alex should write the musical numbers in Riverdale

  • cheryl: No I'm afraid I cancelled my subscription to truckers weekly *that- that means you've had one*

  • Idk if I watched this already but ima watch it anyway

  • Waiiit I didn’t find season 4 on Netflix, is only me ???

  • Bro my aunt walked in during the song and was so confused as to why abs were panning across my screen

  • For people who couldn’t catch on lemme tell you No one know because the writers made it so ridiculous that the plot is basically irrelevant and they’re doing whatever the hell they want

  • Wait til one of them makes a onlyfans

  • I feel like they’re gonna get bored and go down the sci-fi route 💀

  • You know your life is a mess when the Riverdale plot line makes more sense.

  • I've watched this video four times just for the abs song

  • 10 mins ago I watched the 5th season trailer and I literally solved everything-I think. If you dont want spoilers dont read the rest. So there is a person that films tapes that includes hours of peoples houses. I think that, that person is Charles cuz there is a tape of betty's house, but here is the twist, the scenes are in their house. So technically charles is the only person that can get in without breaking in. Maybe he is doing the work for Chic, who knows- as they say- this is Riverdale.

  • The screenwriters are a bunch of 7 year olds who happened to be in the screenwriting room

  • no joke I literaly could not stop laughing and i couldnt breathe at 6:11 and 6:53

  • So what I know about how they’re gonna do Season Five is that the first three episodes are gonna be the three remaining eps from Season Four and after that they will be doing a time jump to five years in the future .

  • Is the song on spotify?

  • it's better than Vampire etc or any other series that is kinda socially and cringy at least riverdale got gothic mysterious vibes

  • You probably miss being able to make fun of this show 😂

  • I am sure riverdale is going to make an episode Like: jug head rides a unicorn and has a fight with the grinch

  • I absolutely love watching this. I also am a fan of Riverdale. "see you nest October maybe" its officially December and all I can think about is how the next season starts in January.

  • I thought glee was the weirdest show that could be made... I did not know what I was in for

  • *_haaaaa tickling business_*

  • Could we talk about how FP, and Alice seem to be a thing..Whilst both of their kids are also doing "The Devils Tango"..

  • 私のポニーテールに代わって私はしますか?

  • 腹筋が出てくる

  • that song was WAY to long... egh

  • The whole bit about making the tickle videos reminds me of the bit on Better Call Saul where Saul concocts story about a client making squat cobbler videos where his client makes videos of himself sitting in pies and wiggling around in it. Of course the difference is, in BCS, it is a made up story that is acknowledged as completely ridiculous on the show, here it is passed off as normal for some reason

  • I wonder if the one of the writers just saw the 2016 documentary "Tickled" and decided to just put elements of it in the show in a completely tone-deaf way just like all of the show's other references and inspirations. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tickled

  • Spoilers below!!!! Do NOT tap the 'read more' if you have NOT scene the last ep of s4!!!! If I remember right.... At the end of the ep, the video store guy sets the room back up amd Mr. Honey is seen talking to him and going to the scarlet room. At first, the teacher lady explains that he was *good* the entire time.... But then ends with a 'yeah, they were RIGHT about him' in the end twist.

  • It's funny, everytime I hear the name "Jughead" I think of Timothy Olyphant saying "name's not jughead" in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

  • Hey Alex I have an advise from the bottom of my heart, you need to relax and not watch many cheesy stuff at the moment to save some energy It is starting again in a month and a half ! 😂😭 And we definitely want you to review it 💪🏼😂

  • he could easily be a musician and a singer

  • It's very clear how much work was put into this video and I want to say thank you to you and your collaborators. I think you guys did a great job. I loved it. lol Also though, sometimes I feel like I should ask you if you need a hug 😅 Also also, Riverdale: home of the tickle mafia, some silly gangs, secret siblings, occasional serial killers, and various freaky cults. 🤣🤣🤣

  • oh my gawd your editting fuck i cant lmfaoo love the abs editting HAHAHA

  • The tickle arc,,, what the heck?? lmao this is so dumb. i love it

  • 2:11 he looks like he has make up on

  • This show could be great if everything wasn’t so random

  • “You’ll never tickle anyone ever again” lol 😂

  • I just learned there are actual writers behind riverdale🤣🤣🤣

  • Hi I might know a show you can do maybe Stranger things it is like riverdale but different in a way

  • You literally missed out the most interesting thing in the season, Jugheads attempted murder and the Stonwall 5 💀🤚

  • Season 1:Cheryl your a baddie Season 2 :Cherly your a bad ahhhh Season 3: Cheryl your acting a little weird Season 4:Cheryl your a sycopath😕

  • won’t lie, I actually like the show (but also I’m fourteen that’s probably why) but how are Betty and jughead so comfortable with the fact their parents are shacking it together and that they share a biological brother? Istg everyone in this town is related to each other

  • “Ethel is into like real freaky stuff” Hehe she ain’t the only one.

  • The abs song is basically how Mettaton thinks about himself/ his legs in Undertale.

  • If Alex does another season of Riverdale and writes more songs he could make a full Abs the musical and it would be viewed by millions Gonna have to wait until January 2021 for him to make a new Riverdale is a mess vid. Seriously quarantine??

  • The song during the Archie abs showcase sounds a lot like “impossible year” by panic at the disco

  • season 4 is worst thing i have ever seen i can't understand a single thing it is totally pointless

  • Am I the only one who thought Alex was 22 No just me ok......

  • The abs are better at singing than the whole river dale cast