Riverdale has completely lost its mind...

Publicado em 11 Fev 2020
Riverdale Season 4 Animated Reaction
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how is Riverdale still on tv...
Riverdale: The Musical
how is Riverdale a real show
Riverdale Season 4 is a mess...

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  • I can not stand Cheryl

  • Monroe Moore?

  • I skipped literally everything with frank cause he seems like an idiot.

  • I feel like Riverdale at this point is trying to smash every plot line ever made, every character stereotype every made in one.....

  • It's fun to watch the preppies get murdered by a band that got resurrected from hell in Sabrina though.... Just sayin

  • Yeah there are to many trucks and they do a stagerd release at the worst time but for some reason there aee fewer people smoking in the bathrooms

  • *3:00**-**3:03* So... 👈😑 thanks *RIVERDALE* 😁👍

  • 2:57 just... The saiki k background makes me want to watch riverdale... Even though it’s not in riverdale

  • I legit almost spewed water everywhere when he talked about what cheryl was up to

  • Yoy shut up .. it's the best show on Netflix!!

  • I love the show but i need to admit I also love your videos

  • wait hold up... is archie’s mom molly ringwald? and she plays the mom in the kissing booth? i really thought she was gonna not do this


  • You say every movie is kinda dumb but we think that you're kinda big dumb

  • I feel like river dale reason 4 might actually be going somewhere but who’s to say at this point.

  • 2:00

  • Is that person Aria?

  • It’s actually worse than Sword Art Online. And I didn’t think that was possible

  • Now it seems you're just making things up, I swear

  • Every time I watch this it ruins Riverdale for me bc I watched, most parts confused but it was still good to me 😭

  • You all are crazy because Riverdale is the third best show in the WORLD!! First being Criminal Minds and second being The Umbrella Academy.

  • 0:00 Riverdale (goose honk)

  • imagine if aliens invaded the earth and this was the only proof of humans ever existing- they'd probably leave in 5 seconds flat

  • how did u watch it from stremio?

  • Okay but when he explains river dale it doesn’t sound that bad.

  • Money tastes like a thousand people's fingers Bruh 😂😂😂

  • Stonewall was the name of the high school Harry Potter was supposed to go to LMAO

  • Veronica's dad is probably not her dad

  • That "cheerleading" routine with Cheryl was super cringy and awkward 😬

  • Time jump

  • Cease and DESSISSIST???!?!?! 😹😹😹😹😹😹

  • The most unrealistic part about this show is that Brett would’ve absolutely called Jughead “Foreskin” not Forsythe

  • *Veronica and her father have fought for so long I literally forgot what they were fighting for.*

  • Remember when Archie actually had a point in this show?? Me neither.

  • I really want to know wtf happened to riverdale. Like everything was fine in season one. And season two was bad but not that bad. But then seasons 3 and 4 went 📉📉📉📉

  • 1:59

  • :)

  • 6:40

  • I agree with most of your stuff, but I LOVE AND WORSHIP Riverdale.

  • guys, i don’t think he likes riverdale

  • Watch riverdale at 6am it’s interesting to say the least

  • I've watched Riverdale and I haven't seen these parts

  • Maybe Season 5 might include a time jump???

  • Why is Katy Keene so nice I mean wasn't Veronica supposed to be like a mean girl or something.

  • 1:38 Ain't that the dude who assaulted Theo in CAOS?

  • “girls some steal from claire’s” boy...the memories that came through my mind

  • Sebastian Smythe was my favorite character on Glee. He was awful. He actually reminds me a lot of Brett and yet I freaking hated Brett but I am still in love with Sebastian Smythe so there's a couple things I really don't understand.

  • Someone is trying to make piss into gold?! *messed up*

  • Did you guys ever play that game where you sit in a circle with your friends and you say a bunch of random words to make a story? I feel like the writers played while they were high

  • I’m a huge fan of sam witwer as maul in clone wars and am actually physically ashamed that he was on riverdale.

  • I in season five Archie’s mom is gonna die and then they’re going to bring back his uncle because Archie’s about to go to an orphanage or something

  • It feels like Riverdale writers literally write the story and script a night before they shoot the episodes and that too by 10 year old..come on seriously who even watches this show...... . I do 😅 because I am NOT A QUITTER 😕😂

  • 6:39 Hello Daddy, Hello Mom!

  • The whole show could be over if all they just I dunno MOVED AWAY

  • Gosh I've never watched Riverdale but I've watched plenty of these Riverdale is a mess videos and I can already tell it's such a garbage TV Show poor Alex who has to waste his time watching these garbage TV shows.

  • Wow! That t-shirt company is impressive af!

  • :)

  • I stopped watching Riverdale halfway through season 2 so.............. I don’t know what’s happening

  • I wish i could checkmate my way out of life like jughead did with that game of chess

  • Remember when riverdale was actually nice , yeah

  • I seriously need this video so much! Like I feel crazy when I watch this show. The tickling thing? What the actual fuck! You're reactions are so necessary

  • How dare Cheryl ruin the best song ever, Cherry Bomb

  • This is the only episode I've ever seen and hopefully it will stay that way

  • According to Madelaine Pestch (Cheryl), season 5 will be 5 years into the future.

  • 6:37 when I saw that started laughing. Like wtf? No one does that at a school dance or cheerleading at a game 😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ And what the hell is up with that tickling stuff, it was so weird What kind of 17 year old runs a rum business is that even legal? And what kind of father-daughter relationship is that? They are fighting each other about business and through the law

  • Hiram: *Is there* Veronica: 6:39

  • Veronica has a crush on her dad

  • jughead looks so cute in the thumbnail

  • everytime he has a chance he talks about the two moms fighting with tmnt weapons

  • 6:55 I’m crying. Actually crying. WHO WROTE THIS OMFG

  • According to the Riverdale wiki, Bret's full name is Bret Weston Wallis. No, really.

  • So fun fact: this isn’t my first time watching

  • Please do a video on the movie scales mermaid's are real

  • Could you please mention the episodes you talk about in the descriptions of the videos? I like to watch these as I watch them. You're the reason I still watch Riverdale. I watch it when it comes out on Netflix so I get the whole season at once.

    • @Izi Ayee! :D

    • Literally same here!

  • RIP Darth maul aka Galen mavrick

  • Katy Keene is amazing

  • 1:30 yoo he’s from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

  • So we aren't discussing that Nancy Drew's name has been used since season 1 but all of a sudden its Tracy True?

  • 2:13 " ne'er-do-well " just in case you where wondering

  • Every time he says Devils Tango I just die, idk why.

  • Whenever you bring up Mr. Chipping we need to see him jumping out the window at least once lol

  • I stoped watching the show and started to watch your videos

  • This was 3 days after my birth day Rip me

  • Cheryl: hEllO dadDy Jughead, Archie, Betty, Veronica and whoever else cares: I mean, if you like it

  • I really refuse to watch Riverdale 😂 i have standards

  • It was great in season 1 and 2 but 3 and 4 went downhill for me 😬😬


  • I have only watched this...I gave up on Riverdale on season 2 .... Now I just watch Alex meyers videos and I get even more confused

  • I stopped watching after the red hood arc cause it started it get bad like it sucked

  • 1:30 this whole scene had a big Mean Girls vibe to it. I don’t know how to explain it. It just does😂

  • did anyone else a sabrina cast member was in here, no just me okay

  • You should do a video on Outer Banks

  • Plz react to Beastars!!!!!!!! I know u don’t normally do anime’s but there is a first time for everything right??? Plz do Beastars!!!!! It’s like Zootopia on steroids!!!!

  • why are there so many hidden gangs and cults and why hasn't this whole town been arrested yet

  • I started wheezing when he checked in on Cheryl

  • I love how the actors hate it too at this point (and I am not surprised). I saw an interview where the cast, especially Lili and Cole, were nonchalantly roasting the show

  • How do i find / get to see the season of Riverdale after season 3? Theres only 3 seasons on netflix and I would like to know where i can watch the rest of the season.

  • Lul i stopped watching after the first season

  • I literally only still watch it because the plot is funny at this point and I’m bored

  • Honestly Riverdale is the most stupid and cringe he show there is but it makes me laugh and distract me from the bad things happening in life so I just watch it anyways LMAO