Are You Afraid of the Dark was the weirdest kids show...

Publicado em 16 Out 2019
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  • 😈😩😩😈😧😧😧😧😧😂😋😋🙂😁😂😇🤗😎😃😃😍😍😃😄😘😘🤔😗😆😐😐😆 😑😚😶😶😄🙂🙂🤔😁😄😘😋😶😃😧😚😍😈😑😎😩😆🤗😫😐😇😱😗😂😅

  • 3:24 me, a Brazilian: oh...

  • You strangely remind me of the gaijin goomba, i can’t tell you why because it isn’t really one thing.

  • Thay made a remake of the show

  • This and goosebumps are pure gold

  • Are you afraid of the dark was the greatest show ever! 😁

  • reasons why boys suck, you really don't have anything better to do than wait around a cemetery to scare people :l

  • I watched it in 2019 THE NEW REBOOT WTH IT WAS G A R B I G E

  • well, MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!! What IS the weirdest kids show??!!!

  • It’s the best thing ever

  • How do people dislike this

  • I just found you and I love you already!

  • best channel ever 100%

  • Dude girlfriend make subscriber cuz I like your videos so much I almost Spooky spooky scary night

  • there actually remaking AYAotD in 2021!

  • Why does the goof guy look like Anakin Skywalker

  • So essentially it's like The Ghost Next Door from Goosebumps Main character, the girl, is the ghost and not who the audience thought it was

  • you should do spongebob

  • Okay now do ✨So Weird✨

  • Nobody: Skillshare, Raid: Shadow Legends, NordVPN, and Honey: *Allow us to introduce ourselves*

  • The intro seemed so terrifying ngl

  • Plot twist: Every movie Alex watches he dislikes

  • Try watching Creeped Out I think is quite similar to this.

  • “Dress rental” - HAH!

  • and convinaly that nik made it

  • they made a movie about this

  • i called that plot twist

  • Is anyone gonna question why the dude with the narley hair looks like anakin skywalker in star wars episode 3?

  • Likewise, I loved the show as a kid. Looking back on it... Yeah. I have a hard time enjoying anything on TV nowadays. Probably why I spend so much time on BRdown. It's a little sad that one of my favorite episodic series is a bunch of dudes playing ARK.

  • Aw I like your voice tho

  • prom queen lol

  • that guy kinda looks like anakin

  • 5:35 A N A K I N

  • Alex: When I was a kid Nickelodeon was like THE channel to watch Also Alex: *takes a look at today* wait it still is the channel to watch *gun loads* always been that way

  • that was actually a pretty cool plot twist

  • Ok Im a classic car guy and i love that old car, its a 55 chevy bel air convertible

  • wait...isn't the creepy murderous prom girls name Carrietta White??

  • 4:42 The queen is legit creepy

  • I remember I literally couldn’t stop watching this show, I was addicted

  • dang he gets sponsers every video

  • oh no, WHATEVER shall we do?

  • Do a review on The Haunting Hour!

  • Why did I know Didi was the ghost right away??

  • They made a move of Are you afraid of the dark in 2019 and they are makeing a sequal soon

  • I loved the 'come to brazil" guys, because i'm the one girl always asking Alex to come to Brazil lol

  • After watching a lot of Alex back to back, I found myself waiting, nay, ANTICIPATING the "BWAAAA" face at the big plot twist reveal lol (I've seen this episode of are you afraid of the dark)

  • Alex Meyers actually makes dumb shows funny

  • They were Canadian? I had no idea! "Trick me once, trick me twice, a little water, pay the price..." or something like that.

  • We couldn't use the phone and the internet at the same time standards were low

  • I forgot about that Capri Sun commercial. That needs to be brought back, but I agree about Are you afraid of the dark?.

  • OMG me n my brother used to love watching Are You Afraid of The Dark

  • Woah, I heard you like stories. So I put a story in the story.

  • Wow

  • the new one is even weirder

  • Once that show was on TV on the nick chanel.... It got canceld after the first emiting

  • They basically took the ressurection mary ghost story here.

  • 4:35 the librarian:😃 The kids:😟 Me:🤣🤣🤣😃🤣🤣🤣💀

  • Prom queen = lady in white story

  • Brought or took?

  • They brought this back in 2019 as a two part movie

  • Hey you need to criticize the fact that the boys should I suspect of Billy being British but not The one Scottish guy

  • i thought goosebumbs was the weirdest kid show

  • "The tale of that one time grandma had too many special gummybears and watched infomercials for like 36 hours straight" 🤣 🤣 🤣

  • umm, you said that goosebumps was the weirdest kids show

  • Are You Affraid Of The Dark wasn’t even that scary . I guess that’s because it’s a kids show

  • Would you like some tea :everone: ........................................ :o

  • Bububbu hahaha lalala I am a teen Bobo dada

  • I just remember the kid in the forest and he's all like "I'm Cold" and then the little girl gives him a sweater. And he's like 😇 thanks. Now I shall ascend to the heavens.

  • what is's not even a thing here :D

  • Hi!

  • How do you make a chenel

  • I loved that show Hey Dude on Nickelodeon! It was my favorite, but when I watched it here recently I also had low standards, what was I thinking?

  • The guy that scared the girl sounds like a meth head.

  • I just want to give Alex a big hug every time he makes fun of himself.

  • I used to watch this show and I remember this episode. It got me into writing ghost 👻 stories.😊💀🎃

  • 5:50 - 58 “Ackding”

  • SiT dOwN yOu GeEk I’m DoInG tHiS fOr AfFeCt

  • Did y’all know that this was rebooted?🤯 Spoiler alert, IT SUCKS

  • Just here having a goof don't mind me

  • I absolutely loved this and then when they started showing it through Netflix with all the seasons and episodes I loved it even more cause then my mum can’t switch it over to a different show saying that it’ll give you nightmares I kept replying with the words “that’s the whole point duh~” the amount of times I got a twack just from saying that is a lot but it was worth it. I tried getting my nieces and nephews to watch once but that didn’t go as planned ONE of them cried a whole week TWO of them kept staying up saying they got nightmares and the rest of them had a love-hate relationship with it but you know it’s awesome 😎🥰😂😅

  • Jeez I forgot about this show.

  • There's actually a Goosebumps book not that different from this episode.

    • Which goosebumps book?

  • The most random things you say make me burst out laughing! XD

  • 1:54 skillshare skip

  • My dad bought the series of are you afraid of the dark and I love it and he take of the prom queen is my favorite

  • That girl Greg thinks is cute looks like my teacher


  • 4:36 that is the face of "crap, it's to awkward to leave or say anything else so I'm just going to stand here and contemplate my life choices" and "god help me"

  • Jam looks like heath ledger


  • I have to watch these in class

  • I used to watch this show when I was in class 3 or 4😍🔥❤️❤️

  • Listen if u can like this and goosebumps then what's wrong in likening riverdale. Huh!

  • I frickin miss these days sooooo much! I used to watch all of those you mentioned. EVERYTHING was fun. I LOVE IT!

  • "would you children like some tea?" proceeds to zoom into creepy old lady's smile

  • I used to watched and loved "Are You Afraid of The Dark?".... and i'm not ashamed.

  • Ohh this show.... I remember watching one about some garden gnomes that came alive in the dark and you know killed people. I, to this day, am terrified of those things

  • Scary made up stories

  • That’s so Raven???

  • The footage of this episode made me unimaginably uncomfortable 😳