why did everyone like Veronica Mars so much

Publicado em 27 Jul 2019
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does anyone remember Lizzie McGuire?
why did everyone like Gilmore Girls so much
Camp Rock doesn't make any sense...
Kim Possible is kinda dumb...
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  • Still don't know why ppl liked this

  • No, Duncan didn’t break up with Veronica because of his dad getting accused, actually, it’s stated later in the season that Duncan received word of Veronica’s mom and Duncan’s dad’s affair, and deduced that the two (Duncan and Veronica) are siblings. But, after Veronica’s dad proved that Veronica was his daughter, she and Duncan got back together.

  • Just binged the 4 seasons but didn't like the last season as it didn't have the charm of the previous 3. It also didn't answer the cliff hanger end of season 3 and then killed off Logan just when the couple finally got happy. Why not have them ride off into the sunset?

  • Show your real face

  • Because of Kristen bell, the goddess

  • Am I the only one who misses the "xoxo, Gossip Girl" in the end of the speaking in the beginning?

  • Only I liked Veronica and I was eating a Mars bar, So I asked a milkyway bar to be so tasty , and thats why....

  • How did u do this whole video without mentioning wallace??


  • its cool at least in India but not too smart or show you are too smart

  • How is it that the guy from.i zombie is everywhere and he too still looks.fucking young are they aliens?

  • I watched the 2007 season because it was filmed at San diego state while I was a student. I've watched a couple of the earlier episodes just to see other places in San Diego. It was the first time I noticed that they just walked around a courtyard while filming a scene.

  • Kristen Bell is just a goddess. No cap. I would simp.

  • I’m so used to seeing your thumbnails claiming every fucking show you watch is weird or bad so I figured you were going to trash this show ngl

  • this seems so cool

  • is it just me or are the background 2:19 in this looks so familiar is it from doraemon don't ask why a know that

  • Maybe Kristen takes adrenochrome ? It would explain her young face

  • Didnt like the 4th season. Felt like it was rushed, and I think they could of done a lot better. Wheres the back stories? Wheres peoples reactions. Didnt do justice.... Anyone agree?

  • Dunkin and Veronica broke up before Lilly died!!!

  • Because the alternatives were even worse...

  • Damn. She just made those fuckers look like fools.

  • My dad was the most popular kid in his high school days as well as a star basketball player. I was homeschooled.

  • The show was well written

  • I used to like Veronica Mars at the time but then that whole romance with Duncan and the bad boy turned kind of good, ruined it for me. I didn't like either one of them as a love interest so I stopped watching once she started to get interested in the second guy and he became more central. I wished they had stuck to her detective stories, finding out about her family and MAYBE try to go on dates with guys, which never worked out due to her night job. That would have had me sticking around until the end.

  • 5:43 he broke up with her, because his mom had told him that Veronica was his sister (which turned out to be not true)

  • I myself just finished watching season 4. Rankings 1. Season 3 2. Season 1 3. The movie 4. Season 2 5. Season 4 Nothing against seasons 2 and 4 i just got upset with how they ended

  • Also in 2004, I was born. :)

  • Veronica Mars has a special place in my heart. But as much as I found the plot twist of Cassidy being Veronica’s assailant at Shelly’s party to be surprising, the twist has a few issues that are difficult to hand wave. It doesn’t make sense for Veronica to just discover that she had chlamydia after contracting it from Cassidy more than two years ago at Shelly Pomroy’s party. While it is definitely true that some women may not notice any obvious symptoms of chlamydia within the first few weeks of contracting it, I’m fairly certain that most women will definitely notice something “not right down there” after several months of being untreated, let alone two whole years. Also, it’s not very believable that Veronica had the proper state of mind to report the crime to the sheriff’s department immediately after she discovered that she had assaulted, but didn’t have that same state of mind to go to a clinic at any point within the 2 years following the assault to get tested for any of the possible STIs she could have contacted from the assault. It’s distractingly apparent that the writers did not originally intend for Cassidy to be Veronica’s assailant when the Season 1 was first being conceptualized. It seems that the writers decided to retroactively alter the canon regarding the events of Shelly’s party to really cement Cassidy’s designated villain status for Season 2. I’m not saying this plot twist is “bad.” I just feel that it could have made more logical sense if this reveal had been planned early on when the writers were conceptualizing the Shelly Pomroy party story line. Especially the “A Trip to the Dentist” episode.

  • Who else had a MAJOR crush on Logan Echolls/Jason Dohring

  • Okay but why is noone talking about the fact that she pretends to work for police in Europe and asks to have the american plates ran for a hit and run in Europe?

    • I tired it and it worked in Europe

  • 4:22 I wouldn't be surprised if there is a show out there with this plot

  • Logan dying was the healthiest thing to ever happen to Veronica.

  • being smart is only cool in the classroom and you haven't been paying attention believe me, I was the history smart kid like long lost relatives who coincidentally want to reconnect when they have money problems

  • being smart is uncool. being smarter than the teacher is cool. pretty straightforward.

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  • fish

  • swear to god

  • Im watching it Forensic science

  • The first season is the good stuff. They had to find a new conflict for the next season and its classic teen drama pull random shit from our ass from then on.

  • I miss the days where I came home from school and watched Macguyver, then Veronica Mars before rounding up with One three hill... the good old days❤

  • 'le hotel de herpes LMAO

  • Didn't Duncan break up with her because he thought she was his half-sister?

  • Duncan stopped talking to her because he found out she might be his sister

  • Veronica Mars was kinda problematic.

  • I don't know- all I hear is Princess Anna from Frozen.

  • I'm just watching this and you have no idea what you are talking about. I think you are funny but you never know what you are talking about lol.

  • veronica mars is so friggin good omg

  • Nobody: Me immediately after seeing the thumbnail: Is... Is that... Kristen Bell??

  • Alex: "I didn't watch _Veronica Mars_ because it had a female protagonist." Also Alex: "But I _did_ watch _Sailor Moon_ despite it having only multiple female protagonists."

  • I really think i should work for BRdown BOT developers , suggesting me this video after 1 year of its release?....

  • I love Veronica Mars because 1) Kristen Bell 2) badass character 3) perfect mixture of crime, comedy, and drama

  • If everyone liked Veronica Mars it wouldn’t have gotten prematurely cancelled, right? I didn’t know anyone else who watched it when it was on TV 😕 and I watched it on one of the free channels, which decided not to air season three 😭

  • Alex: 2004 was a crazy time Me: Wait till a 2 year virus from 2020-2021 race wars etc.


  • veronica mars is my favorite show in the world i will never not like it

  • More than two minutes before the video started. Sorry, I quit. I understand sponshorships and all, but a little intro then two minutes of saying the same thing before I can even decide if the video is interesting.

  • Veronica and Logan look good

  • if you insult veronica mars i will grill your kidneys

  • Literally watched for Kristen Bell. 🥰

  • Being smart according to many, is ok for guys not great for girls. An old stereotype. It's not right, but there you go.

  • why did everyone like veronica mars so much? 2 words: kristen bell

  • Because of Logan!

  • we liked it cause we’re lesbians. that’s why

  • I'm not the only one who noticed! (Obviously) she doesn't age!

  • Yeah I'm watching this now and it's amazing.

  • She's just such a good, genuine person in the show and an awesome actress!

  • He's always sponsors by Audible 😳

  • brdown.net/top/c4q0aMXLq5SEm6w/video This vid is the cutest thing ever

  • How many times has he been sponsored by audible He is like mr beast with honey

  • To answer your question about K Bell not aging. She's herself said lots of expensive serums and creams, treatments and diet.

  • I disliked this because ...read more

  • I'm so glad you liked this show. It was so great for me growing up!

  • I freeking love Veronica mars

  • How dare you I love Veronica Mars

  • reminds me of riverdale

  • Isn't she the same actress who's in the good place?

  • being smart if you were a boy = cool if you were a girl = not cool

  • Why did everyone like Veronica Mars...Kristen Bell...duh

  • Veronica is like her before the good place

  • 4:51 that's the dumb girl from mean girls!

  • Devin Booker

  • In 2004 I was born

  • Expected witty commentary, got "funny" plot synopsis in a "funny" voice with "funny" animations. Sadface.

  • U should do a review on the horror movie Veronica

  • I used to watch this show lol but every time I hear her Voice now I think of gossip girl and Anna from frozen 😆

  • Dang you old Alex

  • Unpopular opinion: season 1 was the best freaking season.

  • i never had high hopes for highschool

  • What do you use the Yu-Gi-Oh school background

  • I think a better observation of the show would be to talk about the writing. The writing is amazing, you immediately feel immersed in neptune and you invest in the characters, specifically Veronica and her dad almost instantly after meeting them. Honestly there hasn't been a television show like this since, teen or otherwise.

  • Spoiler, but Duncan breaks up with V because he found out they might be related, luckily for them they weren’t, but there was a chance

  • No mention about Logan :(

  • I wanted Jake Kane to be Veronica’s dad tbh but I want Veronica and Duncan to date

  • Proving the teacher wrong is cool

  • Alex: But before we-- Me (skip, skip, skip...)

  • Its a cool show but they cancelled it. Shxt The vampire diaries s an old person haha maybe that's why he knows the years

  • I've just started watching it a few months ago and I love it so much! I'm glad I came back and watched this, because I get to appreciate it way more now

  • 3:32 for a bunch of smart-asses, you think they would have said that it never ended (1950-present).


  • He Copy and Pastes his Sponsorships right?