True Blood was kinda dumb...

Publicado em 18 Set 2019
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AFTER is the dumbest movie I have ever seen...
iZombie was a weird show...
why did everyone like Charmed so much
Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 literally makes no sense
Twilight Breaking Dawn doesn't make any sense...
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    • If they make an adventure game or an rpg, MMO or otherwise, sandbox or open world type. They make something more like that with the same characters then I'll be all over it. Because the characters look cool. I'm just not about turn-based combat outside of Pokemon.

    • Hey I’m late by a year

    • @real_hasy hmmm, never heard of it.🤔

    • @Dragon Slayer the meme

    • @real_hasy why is that?

  • Who else thought the girl in the thumb nail in was betty

  • I forgot how much I liked this show

  • Honestly, I used to like the idea of magical mind reading powers, but after I read the wings of fire series, that just kinda Died

  • True blood was lit. Don't diss it.

  • Dang I want to watch this now but it's not on Netflix

  • i mean at least she isn't attracted to a 380 year old anime demon prince who is a psychopath. Thats me i am attracted to a 380 year old anime demon prince who is a psychopath

  • 7+7 = 12

  • 6:39 when he said "what are you" i immidietly though of idiot sandwich

  • People like this show??

  • Still better than twilight

  • I'm on season 2 of this show so far and it seems like every time you see sookie with bill they are doing the hanky panky

  • Ya know, if there's anything to appreciate as positive in True Blood, is how and why Sookie gets interested in Bill at the start of the show. It's not because he is a vampire per se, it's because she cant hear his thoughts, so she has the space to be herself with him without getting overwhelmed with what he is thinking. Sure, later on the show, hearing his mind would prove to be something she should want, but in the context of her falling in love, it's kind of nice. Not like that bullshit of "aww he is so sexy and mysterious...." and it's just that for the most part.

  • Bill looks like he's recovering from a crack addiction

  • When you realize that Sookie has the exact same power as Edward..... in the twilght books Edward explain how his power works he says that it sound like a hall full og ppl talking....

  • After Twilight I was done with vampires on TV. Done. Totally done. My mom was like "Hey there's this new vampire show coming on HBO, it looks interesting. It's called True Blood" and I was like NOPE. I am done with vampires. Done. Mom: "Oh, well it looked different. This girl can hear people's thoughts and... " Me: Wait, Sookie Stackhouse?? *runs up to her computer to Google the trailer, watches it* Okay, yes! I've read the books, I love them! So, I watched the first 3 seasons with my mom (she passed away near the end of season 3.) Yeah, awkward AF a show to watch with your mom. LOL Funniest thing is, most of the sex wasn't in the books, as it was a first person style of writing, by Sookie herself. So she made it clear her brother had pretty much slept with every woman in town, but she didn't know or want to know the details. So seeing the show was a definite O_O to me. Also, Lafayette died in the first book, but the show kept him around and the writer of the books loved how they re-imagined a character she's just thrown away.

  • 7:53 ...

  • Anyone else think that this is basically buffy the vampire slayer but worse?

  • 7:40 what the hell is in its mouth? is he... mining the teeth? love the uvula expression and the shades of red, great touches

  • Noooooo not my show lolol

  • In Russian sookie means a bitch lol

  • Says sooki. Atla fans:yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • One thing to note though (although it essentially ignores the books), Sookie was actually a nickname although they didn't make it that in the show and made it her real name - Her actual name is Susannah

  • The effort you go to with the animations, i watched the sponsorship bit to be sure you get your moneys. Your approach also made the ad painless.

  • True blood is awesome

  • First 4 season where good then all down hill from there.

  • I actually do wish I could read minds, can you imagine knowing what people truly think about you? I could know my fake friends before I ever even say "hi" to them. Know who's friends only to use me for money I don't have, sex they wish they could get, my husband, because they have no one better to hangout with, etc...

  • the funniest thing is they actually fell in love and married during this show

  • your full of shit! Fucking idiots these days. cant even like old shows for what they are.

  • Thinking about binging it.... Haven't seen this video.. And here we go...

  • I only watch true blood cause of the accenst. Sourhern accent is 😥👌

  • anybody gonna mention that the vampire dudes eyebrows are very much not the same colour as his hair

  • It just ur opinion😉

  • Don't listen to Alex, those hole in the wall diners usually have the best food, "Support your local small businesses" and ask if there's a local dish not on the menu when you go.

  • While all the vampire movies are going on harry potter was just just existing with a snake man

  • Vampires never owned slaves? Really? There wasn't one blood-suckin plantation owner in the South? I find that very hard to believe.

  • To whoever didn't watch it yet spoiler fr ya:she ends up with her boss Sam

  • Ofcource the series is dumb but the novel is some dope shit

  • Give it a chance bro. It’s a good series in the long haul. Prob one of my favorites currently

  • OK so bill Compton is played by the same guy that plays the dad on the gifted WHY THE FAK IS THIS MAN ALWAYS IN TRASHY FANTASY TV SHOWS AND MOVIES. Like yeah he has been In good stuff like the gifted but like why

  • Promotion ends at 1:45

  • 9:34 Supernatural am I right

  • You didn’t even mention all the gore, nudity and sexual side to the show, which IMO it’s the biggest differential to other vampire shows/movies

  • mimimi so you are "sad" because vampires became trendy after your high school years. boo-fucking-hoo. this is not funny. not even sad funny. up your game, I know you can!

  • Please do Dance Academy

  • Okay... Edward I get...but Bill...Bill looks like someone's dad on anti-depressants... periodt

  • When he called her Sookie I heard shoot me

  • I watched this video and got into the show. I finished it last night and I have to say I really enjoyed it. I went in thinking it might be dumb but I'd urge you to try and watch it for yourself. I enjoyed it and if say this videos got some right but it's worth it to give it a try.

  • Bill needs to know that people in the south usally own guns

  • Yeah, I binge watched about four seasons before I realized just how truly bad/ disturbing this show is. I did skip to the end to find out just what Sookie really was but after that I just couldn't watch anymore. It was just wrong on so many levels. Waaaayyyyy too much sex and bloodshed for my taste and for a while there I even thought about becoming a vegetarian it was so bad. I got over it but still it was bad.

  • This is literally twilight but the human is the one who reads minds lol

  • 8:40 YO WTF 😂 I nearly choked on my bloody milkshake oml

  • Lol loved this video, could you plz do a part 2?

  • Maan, I'd never seen this show because the porno thing, but now w this video I'm very interested because: WHY THE HELL THE GIRL DID THAT, WHAAT. So I'm curious, I'll watch it now, thaanks haha

  • lol i was laughing in the whole time i was warchhing vid

  • I like true blood and the kissing booth and many more of these movies that you so find stupid if i know something is that you have a horrible taste in movies and also these people actually put work in these movies and thousands of dollars and of course random stuff is going to happen like stuff that do not happen in real life but thats why these movies are nothing but movies so if you dont like these movies and think that their dumb then dont watch them and stop making videos about them

  • I wish he went more in depth with Eric because that man was a blessing in the show 🤤

  • vampires... have blood?

  • Noooo I love this series why why lol

  • That was hilarious! He should do Andi Mack next. (Please?)

  • My aunts dog is named Sookie

  • I only started watching it bc i was promised dogs, and BOY did they deliver

  • You could have just titled the video "I only watched the first episode"

  • True Blood as the books of true blood came way earlier than twilight... Like 4 years or so.

  • 3:24 He looks like a serial killer....Was that really our standards in 2008?

  • Sookie😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • At 7:40 why did a little dark humaniod thing appear in your mouth?

  • True blood was literally a vampire porn light hearted...i was surprised at myself at the multitude of times i was actually laughing out loud ...

  • Okay I’m ready rip my favorite show apart I’m ready 🤦🏻‍♀️😂✨👌🏻

  • ahahahahahaha

  • 🤣😂😂🤣😂

  • "Your hands are cold" "Sookie" Me:snorts Alex:continues to laugh Me:😂😂🤣🤣😵

  • 1:45 for those of you who don’t want to watch the sponsor.

  • Why does this sound like vampire diaries set in Alabama-

  • Lets play a game.... Kill : Bill w/ Anna NOT Uma ( she did the right thing) F*CK: Eric ( VIKING enough said) Marry: Alcide ( daytime bae, nighttime bae, procreate, Procreate, PROCREATE!!!!) Yeah, this show really irked my soul but, some sexy specimens throughout the show. So, its a one time win.

  • Ya know I don't think I could date a centaur. I mean what does a good horse butt even look like?

  • The books are great, and there was some kerfuffle over whether or not Stephanie Meyer infringed on copyright of the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Love Eric. ♥️ Book Eric is much better, too.

  • Just started the video, so I'm giving yall the benefit of the doubt, but I'm very much hoping that it's taken into consideration that a large portion of the show and its themes and tone were played up heavily for comedic Camp value.

  • Well... its really about coming out story. Its ok to be freaky and different

  • The theme song SLAPPED too

  • 4:14 “Widdershins” ily Alex

  • Never seen true blood

  • Alex never fails to disappoint. Im dying 😂

  • Bro, you roast your sponsors too 😂

  • Every time my aunt comes they watch it there like it’s fine no killing and I scream because what do u know murder that’s why I was so mad about this video.

  • Still thinks is fabulous how the actors who play Sookie and Bill are married in real life

  • 'Twilight sorta started this girl falls in love with a vampire' Dracula: Am I a joke to you? Anne Rice: Really? BTVS: Ahem

  • This is hilarious

  • You know, the worst part about this show is that, about a year after I first watched it, I moved to Louisiana, nearby one of the cities that's featured in the show a lot. Never thought I'd be offended on the behalf of the people of Louisiana, but wow does this show paint a bad picture. XD

  • And then she kills him

  • The first 3 seasons are really good and seasons 4 and 5 are decent, but it falls downhill after that 🥱

  • *Gasp* not my True blood

  • How do I block a channel from being recommended a second time? Because.. hate to break it to yas... this guy doesn't get it lol.

  • True Blood was written over a decade before Twilight. If anything is derivative its definitely Twilight lol

  • 8:41 oml lol

  • Idk True Blood is still one of my favorite shows. Lafayette is the best part of the show.

  • I know true blood has a trashy quality to it, but I find it pretty entertaining for that reason. they didn't take themselves seriously

  • Sookie...Suki...ATLA? OwO

  • 3:10 Gta V loading screen music.

  • I never knew much about the show, always assumed it was just another dumb vampire drama, which to be fair, it is, but the concept of vampires being in the open and trying to integrate, is actually really unique and intriguing, I don’t think anyone’s done anything like that since to my knowledge