Sharkboy and Lavagirl 2 is even dumber than the first one

Publicado em 6 Jan 2021
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Shake It Up was a weird show
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Julie And The Phantoms is the weirdest show...
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  • Me watching this: Now I am waiting for this to get copyrighted. Lol.

  • So I guess Max just forgot how to dream anything he wants? I guess he just wanted to settle as a superman ripoff

  • It’s we can be hero’s not shark boy and lava girl 2

  • But hes the mando from the mandoshndjddje thing on Disney plus

  • Yes I am using a banana to watch this

  • When I go to the rocky mountains for the 2nd time. Frozen 2

  • 💢💢💢💢😡😡😡😡👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😡😡😡😡💢💢💢🛢🌡

  • why, is pedro pascal in the best worst movie "series" produced? he has played much better roles than this trash

  • I feel like the original movie gets crapped on a lot, but I loved the message. It was about making your dreams a reality by working to make them real. We should all do that in our lives. This one was just tropey. It just talks about friendship and teamwork which has been done to death. Atleast the first one had a unique message that I rarely if ever seen done.

  • Ojo needs jesus

  • I loved the original, It was always so amazing to me, but I hated the second the ending is just... Bad, GARBAGE. "HaHa We WeRe TrAiNeRs!" Shut up these garbage movie creators you ruined it forever

  • Do “kickin it”

  • The second movie was really dumb cuz shark boy and lavagirl had a daughter,cuz like they can't be together cuz water and lava are not supposed to be together

  • And it's by the same people who made it sooo,....ya make sense

  • Sharkboy and lava girl made it to "we can be heros"

  • Can you review TITANS pls

  • I love this mans animated character *D E V I L S T A N G O*

  • Damn didn’t expect Alex Parrish

  • Plot twist: it wasn't actually a simulation and they covered it up great and the parents were hypnotized to not react

  • You should do free rein

  • Holy shit its a good thing I never seen these movies cuz they are cringe and full of shit.

  • Could you please do miraculous it’s on Netflix Alex!!!

  • Its not shark boy and lava 2 its called we can be hero's

  • You suck sharckdoy and lavagirl is a good movie

  • This is just teen Max's imaginative stories to his little sibling OR like hanging out with friends and their little sibling also join

  • so wait do you hate that show bc l love it inrtflix has no more show about it and l have look it up on youtube and so why do you hate it and also l not a hater l dont hate you but l just asking why so yeah have a good day sir/mama

  • First time whaching u and I now like u

  • why does this feel like the same plot as Sky High lol

  • Ahh yes the movie that prevents me from sleeping at night

  • Heroics is a dumber shield

  • me and my brother watch this 24 7 just for a laugh

  • Hold up one that the chick from Quantico.....boi did her carrer fall apart

  • so this is like My Hero Academia without a plot

  • Wow. This was pretty bad. Worse than Sharkboy and Lavagirl.

  • I put in Netflix and typed shark boy and spy kids is next to the movie and sequel

  • Him: “and adult are dumb” Me: “aren’t u a adult? Even thought u watch kid movies? I guess it’s true 😂”

  • Can you react to a wishbone episode? please

  • Tbh, for a kids film, its not THAT bad. (i really like the story line)

  • Omg it is mando

  • I like how you never once talked about the TRUE most powerful character. Wild card, the kid who litterally has every power ever haha. Like why? Who needs any of the others at that point? Broken af.

  • Do Locke and Key

  • hey you might like sabrina..its got like 5000000 episodes that are 5000000 hours long but its still good

  • Its not called sharkboy and lava girl 2 its called we can be heroes


  • please please pLeAsE do the sonic movie next PLEASE!!!

  • Bruh I love heros unite nd shark boy and lava girl HOW DARE YOU

  • The real plot twist The si8nging girl has Tic Tok

  • Its called heroics

  • This is no5 lavagirl and shark boy 2

  • She is the daughter of the of kid main charecter

  • Shush, Peasant.

  • This man is crazy bc they made the thing in 2010

  • The original Shark Boy and Lavagirl movie is actually awesome and I love it, at least it makes sense coming from the brain of an actual child (it was co written by the producer’s kid) but this movie? Damn it doesn’t even have a decent plot line lol.

  • All he does is make fun of great movies and shows

  • do teen titans go to the movies next

  • SUTUP it is a movie it is always bad

  • What is the motive name

  • "Now I lived in Japan for 12 years so I know where this is going." Me:. . . . . . . . . . . . PAUSE! whatdidhesayyyy? 😳

  • I didn’t even know they made a second one.

  • is everything dumb to you?

  • I hate you so STOP ON YOUTUB!

  • I hate so STOP ON YOUTUB!

  • :Plot twist:Blondee that was at beginning is max but he grew up and he toxic.

  • ngl but you sould review the first episode of bna or the whole series and like give your opinion

  • Your OC is the ugliest thing I've ever seen, please fix that

  • 😡😡😡😡😡 dont mess with Decendants Mal is the best

  • Is this whole channel just disliking the best movies ever?

  • Don’t mess with my Guppy and We Can Be Heroes

  • i thought sharkboy and lava girl were a dream

  • So it's like the last movie but on drugs

  • Wait, Sharkboy and Lavagirl are just dreams, how are they going to have children unless Max- Uh oh.

  • Please do Wandavision next!!!

  • That guy with the swords is the Mandalorian from Star Wars

  • Also, is no one going to mention the fact that they said that they were going to use Guppy's "shark strength" to open the door, but her powers only work when there's water, but when she fought off the guards she apparently didn't need water??? And on top of that, she didn't even USE her shark strength, she just waterbended a frickin key.

  • They removed Max and Linus cause they would have won instantly

  • Where is max in this movie? He was the main character in the last movie

  • #king of long intros

  • She’s got shark strength!!!!!😂😂

  • “sHe’S gOt ShArK sTrEnGtH!”

  • My family: This movie is okay...? When we watched the ending: This movies sucks.

  • Me: *sees thumbnail* Also me: *yea we get it. “wut...”*

  • “They were doing the DEVILS TANGO”

  • ojo means eye in spanish

  • Please do ”to all the boys now and forever” when it comes out (February 12)


  • Bruh it’s not even about sharkboy and lavagirl 2th why did you even have to share this

  • could you look at that 70s show next i love it!

  • I thought she had powers Disappointing

  • Drawing be looking like my sister drawing potato people

  • I don’t know why man but I just have to disagree with Idk why

  • Me sees his videos hmmm puts that animated Alex on a wheel and makes animation

  • Wait this is a thing ???

  • also watch free rein

  • It’s cause the actors are all grown up 😭

  • whos waiting For diamondbolt to review this? Like for no comment for yes

  • watch babbysitters gide to monster hunting

  • Hey uhm u should react to ever after high-

  • I did not now this

  • Wait so does missy have powers or is she j the one in the group that doesn’t do any work

  • It’s not a sequel it’s not even called Sharkboy and Lavagirl 2 it’s Called We can be heroes