That's So Raven was the weirdest show...

Publicado em 30 Nov 2020
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  • My favorite character is Victor Baxter. (Raven's dad) Who's yours?

  • Your ipion

  • Hey alex let me break up the good news riverdale s5 is starts streaming today Get ready for more abs

  • This show never made since the seeing future part she said all that stuff in class cus she saw what happened in he future but if she had never saw that then she would have never even had that vision! So she wouldn’t actually bring the future and if u think about really hard it makes no since at all and some things that I can’t even explain in words

  • Let's be honest, she didn't do anything wrong, that teacher was behaving the way she said he was. Plus, the show embraced this crazier side with nice relationships between the characters, so it's fun and also has heart.

  • When I knew Ravens home before u know that’s so Raven


  • May I point this out............... The first captial of the United States was New York...... Then Pennsilvania, last but not least came Wasington D.C.. Could you react to Hamilton....

  • Wow I thought the sponsor was raid.

  • 2:49 Is the teacher a Terminator? What's with the scanner thing?

  • I was always kinda confused on what grade they were in cause they literally look like full grown adults or seniors but they’re supposed to be in 8th grade!! Like when I was in 8th grade I was mistaken for a second grader by another second grader like I’m literally not kidding

  • They made a show called ravens home to

  • 6:38

  • Has the Crater know about zombies Addison’s monotone mystery them song more than a mystery

  • Cory in the house next

  • She has powers and doesn't use them yes

  • So cringe

  • It's all weird ok it's Disney

  • Can u also react to ravens home

  • You should do ravens home it's like a sequel series for that's so raven

  • The rich kid parents at teacher conference: why are you failing my son you dumb teacher😠😠 rich me and my friends parents:😠 just wait till we get home lil boy😠😡😠😠😠🔥

  • You should do Stuck in the Middle next!

  • You shuld review the seaquell where Raven is a mother and has twins and her son has the visions too

  • “Thats so raven is the weirdest show...” Me: *exactly*

  • thats so raven is the best show

  • Replace "weirdest" with "best" and we're good!

  • You have to check out Every Witch Way

  • Do django unchanged please 🙏 😢 🙂 😭 😔☺ 😔 🙏 😢 🙂 😭 😔☺ 😔 🙏 😢

  • Just seeing the voodoo doll in the backround

  • Am I noticing a pattern in this channel

  • thats so raven is the best show ever

  • Raven got her power from her grandma. Genetics

  • They made a sequel of this when she’s older she has kids now and she is a mom if you hated this watch that edit: oh shi you already knew this I should watch the full video but anyhoo I just wanted to let you know

  • Pleeeeaaaasssseeee dooooooooooo 'Raven's Home'

  • technically it is explained in the show its cause one side of the family is full of psychics i think her mothers side i dont remember but why her mothers side is full of psychics isnt explained

  • 3:14 I believe it was explained she got from her grandma from her mother side

  • Bruh NFL u kinda complain to much sometimes ppl dont ask for your opinion

  • the sad thing? the spinoff (Raven's Home) is the only live-action show saving Disney.

  • Im waiting for Alex to to Ravens Home

  • You know there is an indian version of the show called palaak pe jhalak but it only has twelve episodes.

  • In my settingings i put it to 2x mode and now im always wagching you rrealy fast

  • I spent my childhood with Disney and Raven 💗

  • Alex do a video on ravens home

  • Why do you hate every show

  • Me about to watch this: I swear id this dude sh!t talks "That's So Raven-"

  • Who hasent seen that’s so raven but has seen ravens home 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I miss the early 2000s that was the best for me

  • Ok this guy needs to stop, that’s so raven was the first black person to be on Disney channel and it’s a awesome show.

  • Corey in the house is my favorite anime

  • I hate raven

  • Me you looking at the title: heck no you lost your mind

  • He knows we need rick & marty vid lol

  • I’m just glad this gave me Cory in the House😤😤 underrated

  • A few years later that show git upgraded and turn into RAVENS HOME😌😌

    • I think😅 cz its its really similar and it's almost the same story

  • I really appreciate Alex's thoughts on public school teachers



  • OGs remember that’s so raven New kid know Ravens home

  • Title: thats so raven was the weirdest show.. Ravens Home: Sorry, that was the wrong show.

  • The new one is ravens home

  • Watch the remake

  • Can you make a video on Good Luck Charlie?

  • The only thing that make me sick is this person

  • I like how his whole job is just watch movies and show and then anime and talk about it

  • I love revels home and I never watched that’s so raven because it ended when I was born

  • Me who was born 2007: Idk any of the shows ur listing.

  • as a that so raven fan i am insulted AGAIN

  • Watch smart guy

  • if you say one word of ravens home not thats so raven ravens home ima idk yet but ima do something

  • You should totally watch Ravens home, it holds up

  • Do ravens home next

  • I got to level 204 on ur game.

  • this is my favorite show

  • F

  • You should do like cartoon Disney cartoon movies!

  • React to the princess protection program

  • 3 words: Black girl magic

  • Why was Even Steven amazing but Raven was weird? Okay bro. You must've had a crush on Wren. Figures

  • I love that’s so Raven so sorry

  • Do it on ravens home

  • You should do ravin home

  • Does anybody know where he watches all these shows? Like he has made videos on Icarly, Victorious, Drake and Josh etc, so where does he watch the episodes?

    • @VinceSM also the ones from Nickelodeon?

    • All the Disney shows are on Disney+.

  • do you know movie called ravens home it’s on Disney to you know

  • Can you do one for the animaniacs reboot??

  • Can you just please make a video about We Can Be Hroes

  • 2021!!!

  • 2021

  • E.

  • Ravens home is kinda like this

  • 4:40 that’s probably cause they were the kids that were told to respect teachers no matter what and now they are over correcting.

  • My Aunt Just Fanited And My Mom Is Worried :{

  • I just remember being in that one class (cuz in my school those who can’t speak the native language are all in a class together) that was well known for housing the “bad” kids, this was enforced by my classmates being able to reliably make substitute teachers cry

  • This show is kinda unusual

  • The number 1 thing i cant stand on the show is that annoying kid stanley. He really bothers me because hes obnoxious annoying entitled and doesnt really know peoples boundaries and never takes no for an answer

  • You have to do all the boys I’ve loved before

  • the add ends at 1:35

  • I still listen to the theme song TO THIS DAY🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • this is just ravens home

  • That’s so Raven and It’s Raven’s Home was my childhood.

  • Ravens home its bassicly that's so raven 2