tv shows and movies I will NEVER make videos about

Publicado em 25 Mar 2020
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Riverdale has completely lost its mind...
To All The Boys 2 is kinda dumb...
ZOMBIES 2 doesn't make any sense...
ZOMBIES is hilariously dumb...
Home Alone 2 literally makes no sense...
Victorious was kinda dumb...
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  • You're drawing is ugly, and you annoying

  • Do do I don't kere

  • Criminal minds?

  • i do hope you find a way to make video for kdramas. i would love to see you make fun of the cliche tropes and scenes

  • could you do good luck charlie from disney channel? would be great

  • Not 12 your 35 on my list (joke)

  • Can you do 10 things I hate about you

  • could you please do alex strangelove? it's so perfectly bad

  • I never knew that PA had a reputation for being haunted.Hershey’s here though!

  • I’m not doing tv show 3 weeks later Umbrella academy

  • Hey, Alex, I was wondering if You could do a video on Richie Rich (the movie) thank you!

  • Buuutttt. Could you do a reaction to the Show 'Hannibal'? It has three seasons and to my knowledge must be on Netflix in the USA. Pretty please? I actually think, yiu would like it. It is something completely different. 🙈

  • Sad that miraculous isint getting a review from him

  • I think this makes really good sense as to why you avoid certain videos... And now I want to see you review the first episode of Power Rangers: Time Force

  • Dude your my 1st favorite youtuber

  • i love how he says hes not making vids on them yet their in a vid😂

  • What did he do to make all those furries upset?

  • One show I would like you to review is Locke and key ye......

  • a well thought out and explained argument for not putting shows on his channel and I kinda see his point. What I am curious of is though is that is Alex Meyers brave enough to do a review video of Alex Myers I know Honest trailers did an Honest trailer for Honest Trailers and it was a very entertaining video and one of there best. So Alex are you up for doing a review/parody of yourself?

  • This video weirdly doesn't answer why he wouldn't do I am not okay with this '_'

  • big bang theory

  • Good luck Charlie

  • Brooklyn 99 is to good to have a video on

  • Friends.

  • But a ladybug video wouldn’t be so bad


  • I think you should do stranger things

  • You should do stranger things

  • Do stranger things Do stranger things Do stranger things Do stranger things Do stranger things Do stranger things Do stranger things Do stranger things Do stranger things Do stranger things Do stranger things Do stranger things Do stranger things Do stranger things Do stranger things Do stranger things Do stranger things Do stranger things Do stranger things Do stranger things Do stranger things Do stranger things Do stranger things Do stranger things Do stranger things Do stranger things Do stranger things Do stranger things

  • 3:52 yeah alot of Twitter stans would probably cancel you for it

  • Me: sees Brooklyn 99 in the thumbnail Also me: TeLL mE wHyYyY


  • well i mean bollywood movies suck anyways

  • if u want to react to indian movies being an Indian and a noob animator u shld react to= aiyaari bhavesh joshi kabir singh drive class of 83 and ton more i can tell u more but i think this would be enough

  • when he says ugly rantsona he sounds like pj from a goofy movie

  • Just wondering has he done Insatiable?

  • The true reason is that Brooklyn 99 is perfect and he just can't comment on them

  • Bruh u thaught english dub actors are bad huh... see something in my languige its not even acting

  • Alex Meyers: Shows and movies I will never make videos about. Me: You just did.

  • I love Alex his stuff is awesome

  • A series of unfortunate events pleaaaaassseeeeeee

  • I feel it also kinda goes against a theme. After all most of the movies and shows he talks about are teen dramas and the ilk. I find some of the humor is it's a thirty something grown man making fun of entertainment made for tweens.

  • okay but i REALLY wanna see that miraculous video- the show is also in 3D so 'poorly' drawn 2D animations would totally work :>

  • Comment on these foreign shitholes, America is better than all of them.

  • ____ ___ .-~. /_"-._ `-._~-. / /_ "~o\ :Y \ \ / : \~x. ` ') ] Y / | Y / ! _.--~T : l l / / ____.--~ . ` l /~\ \ l . _.^ ___ _>-y~ \ \ . .-~ .-~ ~>--" / \ ~---" / ./ _.-' "-.,_____.,_ _.--~\ _.-~ ~~ ( _} -Row `. ~( ) \ /,`--'~\--'~\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ->T-Rex

  • 0:37 "that ladybug thing whatever that is" don't mind us mlb fans wheeping😂😂

  • Not sure if you already have done it - but Avatar: Last Airbender live action film - the most horrible peice of media ever - would love for you to do a video on it. Atleast something good can come out of that film - making fun of it.

  • Nothing about B99

  • Please do Grey's Anatomy

  • Oh yeah btw internet, series like bo jack horsemen and big mouth are adult series to "put it light" and youtube ain't liking that shit bb

  • Do never have I ever from Netflix

  • I hate to do this but .... Pwease make a video about Stranger things(◕ᴗ◕✿)(~‾▿‾)~


  • Maybe if you react to cartoon you could do reverse of your live action, where you play clip of cartoon then you switch to you talking and maybe you could do some skits. Probably will take too much work tho :/

  • you should just take a week (or longer) off is you're stressed. your mental health is more important than 2 million subscribers

  • So uh cool cool cool cool but umm... When ya gunna do dat weird lady bug lady

  • I get excited everytime the breath of fire fishing theme comes on

  • I know this isn’t what you usually do, and it totally makes sense if you don’t, but i would love it if you talk about Heathers. The original movie or the musical (both are great). Roasting the Riverdale Heathers or the new reboot’s so much frikin fun. The reboot is even worse when you know the original plot

  • Oh you did not disrespect mlb

  • Do A Series of Unfortunate Events

  • Until now...

  • Ok but can you make a video about stranger things? 🥺 It's mostly a serious show which fits your video theme!

  • On that map he called North Carolina cheap and I couldn’t agree more Edit: I am from North Carolina

  • every witch way

  • could you react to the 100?

  • I don't what you make videos one... but Kabhi Khushi kKabhi Gam is too far on the dark side, man

  • Spot on! That’s why riff on Starship Troopers, sharknado, etc. doesn’t make sense, since these movies weren’t made to be taken seriously.

  • Bro how do u pump out videos (especially animation vids) so fast!? It takes theodd1sout very long to do one video.

  • Funny how you said you're not gonna make videos about them, in a video you made about them. The irony, lmao

  • This dude is really smart and sensitive to culture which is great 😌 I love the respect

  • God I love these videos

  • love that you make these videos explaining shit to your subscribers and I think you did a fantastic job. If my opinion matters. Also though, why are the furries mad?

  • Fuck you I love Micheal Schur’s Work so Fuck off :(

  • Ok but please tell me you like Brooklyn nine-nine?

  • You are making videos about the movies you'll never do a video about 👀

  • "12th favourite youtuber" spot on 😂😅

  • Alex can you do BBC The Next Step Wolf blood

  • Plz plz plz do stranger things, I really want to see you react to it

  • Can u please react to all of the Jurassic park movies please

  • You should do a Spy Kids series. 1-4

  • Alex: That Ladybug thing. Whatever, I don't know Me: ... You cut me deep Alex

  • You literally just made a video for all of them

  • Definitely not Brooklyn 9-nine its so good

  • Do money heist on Netflix Netflix

  • Most of the comments I've seen are about "The Ladybug Thing" 😂 Also you should do the Nickelodeon show Find Me in Paris!

  • Im amazed that he did this in a non offensive, honest and transparent way. It’s so rare for you tubers

    • No, no it's not rare at all. Any youtuber who gives two shits about his career would be respectful toward his viewers.

  • now I wish you knew hindi😕

  • I love Brooklyn nine nine Like if you too

  • So basically,this guy does not make videos on perfect series......

  • Do When Calls The Heart

  • Omg why did get excited when he mentioned miraculous ladybug


  • You have some fair points but I will say that the elite dub is very well done on Netflix so you can theoretically work with it but it is true that it's so different on Spanish so people can clap back with that. Also pretty cool behind the curtain video ngl

  • Wait wait WAIT WAIT wait WAIT wait WAIT wait WAIT is elite a reboot of boys over flowers Eta: turns out elite is about murder so no but tbh bof should have dealt with more murder considering domyoujis....domyoujiness

  • Ur the best dude...

  • I’d like to get to know who’s behind the voice.

  • Lol you just made a video about Them😂😂

  • No one: Alex: mentions kdramas Me: do boys- Whiteboard: appears Me: BOYS OVER FLOWERS

  • Alex-" I've always hated wireless airbuds, I walk like 3 inches, and it just goes, "BOOP"!

  • Whats with sharknado, that could be funny