Twilight Breaking Dawn doesn't make any sense...

Publicado em 25 Jun 2019
Twilight Breaking Dawn reaction animated
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Twilight doesn't make any sense...
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does anyone remember Lizzie McGuire?
Descendants doesn't make any sense...
The Perfect Date is kinda dumb...
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Kim Possible is kinda dumb...
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  • 😂😂😂😂 the noise that alex makes when the baby catapults out of cartoon bellas legs! 😂😂😂 I had the same reaction that alex had in 50 shades of grey when christian says "i would like to bite that lip" to ana, in other words it was over for me 😂😂

  • Sooo it's about a girl who can't decide between necrophilia or beastlyality....and a werewolf boy who can't take rejection well so decides that if he can't get the girl he's gonna imprint on her daughter ... Let's add pedophilia to this shit.

  • 11:31 ShAriNgaN

  • 9:27 🤣


  • "Edward can't control himself during the ol' devil's tango, and leave Bella looking like this- *McDonald's add* May or may not have cracked a smile

  • The funny thing is i skipped this movie

  • How can Bella even do the devils tango with Edward Reasons how this would not work 1. The guys 100+ years old and she’s 19 2. The guys been dead for a long time So in the second movie they have a kid but how Edwards dead so does that me he still produces sperm.

  • I didn't know, didn't read or anything and now I'm kinda like: THE WOLF FALLS IN LOVE WITH A BABY.🤔 DID ANYBODY SAY SHIT ABOUT 50 SHADES?! HUH?the teens came out of this pedofilic shit and evolved to 50 It ALL makes Sense.

    • 50 SHADES it's shit btw,but not for teens, ugotme?!

  • I've never been interested in the Twilight series but I've decided to tell my kids that it is the absolute best when I'm older

  • You can tell shit about all Twilight movies bc it is true but damn... I really love its soundtrack. There are a lot of songs that I have on my spotify playlist thanks to Twilight.

  • And regrets eating those taco bellA tacos last night

  • You should do the series divergent its like twilight and hunger games

  • Did Edward know she was going to wake up in 3 days as a vampire? Because for all his talk of not being able to live without her, he sure seemed to look fine living without her after she "died"

  • It literally said: "Get ready for it everybody cuz' -I'M A BIG KID NOW" It cut to an ad and it was so funny ;D

  • Ok but she should have some gnarly stretch marks since she went from not pregnant to 9 months pregnant within a few weeks lol

  • "The baby likes you're voice". What voice?!?! I can barely hear them talk!

  • Why do vampire teen rom com’s give u the worst acting ever like just cause ur a celeb doesn’t mean u act like “normal people” because we don’t act like that

  • 10:47

  • Chris Hansen: Have a seat.

  • Stop I luv twilight

  • Wry

  • 9:27 is better than all the movies combined!

  • this is the dumbest shit EVER

  • Jacob is looking so handsome shoot bella must be having some regrets

  • plz no it's not that love 😭

  • I love how this was first when I search Cedric diggory 💀

  • Jacob: imma kill that Bebe Also Jacob: CRAP ITS TO CUTE

  • Every girl: I’m special I’m not like OTHER girls Bella: Well... actually... I really am different I’m not like other girls

  • 9:27 i died laughing way too hard......

  • its the baby pooping out of her for me

  • can you do we can be hero please

  • Rn,I'm lmao.....I love your channel

  • Meyers > Meyer as writers. Stephenie's grasp of vampire lore was bad from the get-go, but her understanding of biology is just as bad. SO many wrong/impossible things go down in these last 2 movies. Thanks, Alex!

  • This entire film franchise is just a fanfiction about the first one

  • is no one gonna make the point that jacob is "in love" with bella, but yet doesn't imprint on her...therefore, they wouldn't have worked out because he never imprints on her and jacob was in love with a not-yet-existing baby so he never would've truly been in love with bella...i'm just sayin

  • in this movie, Edward is guilty of: stalking, being difficult, bedroom aggression, mixed signals, and the other typical Edward stuff that makes you think "You know what? I prefer the hunky werewolf," but then said werewolf falls in love your newborn child. Gross. Neither of them are worth it.

  • Who else got triggered when he said foots @ 2:04

  • U do realize that that ‘overly dramatic monologue’ is just a quote from a poem?

  • I had a laughing fit over the "bruiting boyfriend" montage

  • You didn't go back, that's good, stay away from the light twilight. What is up with these weird poems or whatever she says in the beginning that Bella does, I feel like that the guy on Billy Madison, ''WHAT SHE JUST SAID IS THE MOST IDIOTIC THING I EVER HEARD, EVERYONE IN THIS ROOM IS NOW DUMBER HAVING TO HEAR THAT, I AWARD YOU NO POINTS AND MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL. She should've hooked up with Jacob, he was talking to her about imprinting and gravity lifting up something. They probably went to the drive-thru and said I would like one large drink of blood, (The cashier) okay that'll be $5.99 at the first window. They take the drink back and Bella drinks the blood, but she drinks the blood as though she has done this for years. Wait, wait, Jacob imprinted on the baby before the baby was born? Okay, okay, correct me if I'm wrong but last time I checked dogs, Jacob being a wolf imprint their mark by pissing on things, so somehow Jacob shrunk himself went into Bella's womb, and pissed on the baby, imprinting his mark, right? WHAAAAAT!?

  • Edward sounds like an old man or it's just me?

  • 9:38 wait....Xenoblade 2? You sir are a man of highest culture you just won me over

  • 7:51 they could have just used the drip.......?

  • Where’s Chris Hansen when you need him😂

  • 4:37 is me when I’m done using the bathroom.

  • y r u so funny!

  • Bella: I’m fine, really.... I’m fine Me: mHHhMmmMMmmmmm sUrE YOu aRE 😑😑😑

  • 3:48 and that's when the burger commercial appeared.

  • Why does Bella look so old when she was pregnant?!

    • @potter.edits. In a sense...yes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • @Ches Beta I say Rensesmee is a demon child

    • The baby's sucking her blood, instead of nutrients. :V

  • Read the book imprinting doesn't mean falling in love

  • it’s so fun I just can’t😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • This story was written by a Mormon and Mormons are connected to the LDS which we all know that a leader of them has sex with underage girls I mean very young girls. His name is Warren Jeffs so I guess the woman who wrote this story wanted to put some Mormon LDS Warren Jeffs sick in this story. Which is very bizarre and induces the cringe reflex of wanting to go vomit and kill yourself! Can't believe the writer would write this shit. Might as well put OJ Simpson, Bill Cosby, and Suge knight in the mix for extra creep points on questionable and sick behavior! 🤢🤮

  • The 993 dislikes are the voltury

  • This is for me 4:36

  • twilight movie writer: ok so here is the idea for the 1st twilight movie so what do u think? producer: ok But in the sequals WhAT iF We MaDe It WoRsE!


  • Bella Marie Swan? More like, Bore Ragnarok.

  • Everyone has to agree that wolf scene is terrible

  • Alex: Bella's like: DURH! And Edward's like: DURH! And then Jacob's like: Hurmph Hurmph LMAO!

  • Cedric died and ended up turning into a vampire. Changed his name and moved cities, so we wouldn't know who he is and stuff. Just a foolish theory that isn't a theory.

  • I know bella is dying, but she do be looking like someone ran over her and they tried to put her back together but it didn't work :/ then she was also sleep deprived

  • 5:34 he scooped that phone up real quick 6:21 hmm 8:10 sluuuurrp 9:30 breh 10:15 the wheeze 10:44 summary of movie

  • 9:28 was so hilarious🤣🤣🤣

  • Bella literally looks like Michael Jackson in this movie.

  • I haven't watched twilight franchise, so I am watching your videos to watch the cringy twilight franchise. Instead of watching the whole boring and cringy franchise, I'm watching your fun videos about twilight franchise

  • PREG... WHAT?

  • I hate that everyone hate's so much on the "Jacob and Renesmee" situation. I mean, it's not what everyone thinks. Imprinting on someone does mean that they have found their soulmate. however, It also means that they can be anything for that person. they become whatever that person needs or wants them to be. STAGES OF IMPRINTING: Stage 1: If the Imprintee is YOUNG, the Imprinter will act as an OLDER SIBLING Stage 2: As the Imprintee GROWS OLDER, the shape shifter will also come to be their BEST FRIEND Stage 3: they become intimate friends meaning, their feelings for each other are changing into romantic feelings Stage 4: when the Imprintee is OLD ENOUGH, their feelings grow into romantic love

  • i mean i know i am rlly late on this but... What is the acting in this tho! The book is... ok..? Thiss however.. sucks.

  • this is so weird i had to watch it over again

  • Why is no one talking about the fact that when Bella wakes up, she looks like she just used like 2 hours putting on makeup?!

    • @Mazvita Selemani oh ok it's been along time since I watched the movie😂

    • Cause they dressed her up. If you recall in the film they wash her body and prepare her to wake up

  • I vividly remember being forced to watch this in a movie theater as a young kid and crying the entire time. *It was that bad*

  • Couldn’t they just perform a c-section and get the baby out of there without the pain and everything could have been solved

    • @Mazvita Selemani yeah, yeah, i know it's supposed to be like this because it makes it more exciting. I'm just saying that the baby was ready to be born a while before it was.

    • You do understand this is a movie about vampires.

  • Can u do reign?

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 hilarious

  • You ruined the whole fucking romance 😂😂

  • I didn't know that becoming a vampire means that magical make up will appear on your face, that's so cool :) Please note the sarcasm :)

  • my fav part was when bella turende in a vam

  • If you haven’t seen the movie the child birth part is so,gross

    • You're the only person I've ever seen calling it gross.

  • " the devil's tango" I'm dead🤣

  • You should watch Dominic Noble's video about Edward's #VenomPenis, Alex. It answers your question about how it's even possible

  • jacob went tony lopez mode once he saw the baby

  • She’s kinda sorta maybe a little bit dead

  • I love that they just assumed that the baby was a he, and even after Edward could hear the baby’s thoughts they somehow didn’t know it was a she. Than once it’s born absolutely no one other than Bella freaks out over the fact that Jacob fell in love with a baby!

    • Editswith Holz IKR, What’s up with that a maybe twenty year old dude just imprinted on a baby which based on the way he described it to Bella means that eventually he’ll want to have sex with her and nobody sees that as problematic? WTF!

    • Edward does too in a deleted scene they just cut it :/ also in the books he seems bothered too so it’s not just Bella but it’s so annoying the way they make everyone look happy with it

  • 9:38 Bella be like **Michael Jackson intensifies**

  • 8:53 oh my god that was me at 14 I feel personally attacked

  • Your funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅

  • At least human kids have the decency to get out of the mother before they start sucking the life out of their parents

  • Jacob gets a gold star for figuring out how babies are made 🤣🤣🤣

  • 8:33 robert everyone likes the sound of you voice lol

  • ThE dEvIl's TaNgO heheheeheheehheheheheh

  • If I didn't say it before, I'm saying it now. I love this channel

  • I feel like Jacob liking Renesmee isn't that weird considering that Bella is 17 and Edward is 100 and smth

  • To this day, I'm still disturbed about Jacob falling for a baby. Excuse my language, but, WHAT THE FUCK. 👁👄👁

  • Wait, you're NOT supposed to be like that 3:50 after sex? Huh okay

  • The fact that I chocked on my water when he was picturing his future with her child

  • I was like Edward in the thumbnail when I watched the movie

  • Me watching bella make the most dumbest decisions someone could ever possibly make : 3:19

  • He's got a thing for foots. 🦶🏼👣

  • Why am I absent that she turned into a vimpare