Shake It Up was a weird show...

Publicado em 4 Nov 2020
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Work It is pretty dumb...
Sam and Cat was a weird show...
the Jonas Brothers tv show was hilariously dumb
Zoey 101 was such a weird show...
The Kissing Booth 2 is hilariously dumb

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  • 0:04 lol.same.

  • pls it’s zenDAYA

  • he said “zen-dya” 🤣🤣🤣


  • The one Disney Channel show that holds up the best in my opinion as an adult is That's So Raven.

  • What are the names of Cece and Rocky's male friends?

  • It's Zen-day-a

  • ZEN- DA-YA not zen-die- ys

  • What the hell is up why white people (americans especially) can't be bothered to pronounce Zendaya's name correctly!? The first people to "correct" grammar, though!

  • 2:44 FINALLY, SOMEONE ELSE NOTICED IT. Humans are smart creatures, but we're also some mega dipthongs

  • Why- just why- maybe it’s ur opinion but why I grew up on dis show

  • Noooooo way

  • Do a Cory in the White House was ... (If he already made it please give a the link

  • It's literally not hard to say Zendaya right i mean, her name has the word "DAY" in it idk why u keep saying ZenDIEa like as if there's an I in her name or sum ugh get it right plz

  • If you put Stuck in the Middle, I'll subscribe.

  • 2020 really had some celebrities starting up OnlyFans. 💀

  • I never liked shake it up ....

  • 6:15 - 6:21 Mood.

  • Umm what

  • Wild that sexual assault happened behind the scenes of this show

  • Do bunkd

  • There Russian exchange students

  • Was anyone else who's never seen Shake It Up surprised when Alex pointed out that Bella Thorne was in it? Last I heard, she scammed people on OF

    • @Baby Wolf42 I think she made her account really expensive to pay for and then didn't have any NSFW pictures or something

    • How did she scam people on Only Fans?

  • When he voiced the new exchange students he sounded like Gru from Despicable Me!

  • Can you watch the Gilmore girls? That is my favorite show everrr

  • Why can u never give a ginger person actual red or orange hair?? U always give them that shit diarrhea blonde colour just use the eyedropper its really not hard

  • Plot twist This show was made for kids

  • overrated ass show tbh.

  • Did he just pronounce Zendaya's name as zen-die-yuh-

  • um kinda out of topic but can you like stop using those pictures of justin, he was really sick back then and u using that picture here like legit makes no sense

    • @dennis wright would you get over it if it was you instead of him? no right? exactly

    • nahh stfu. Get over it

  • "not having a selphone" That one got me XD

  • oh my god bella thornes acting... its so bad

  • im always like i love this show until alex shows me the wierd stuff

  • I grew up watching this show...Remember when it first aired. I loved it as a kid.

  • Pls pls do pokemon

  • I loved dis show back in the day but watching it now, done if d joked r kinda🤪

  • Bro zen days is so famous she is Mj in Spider-Man so don’t diss her

  • Do you liv and Maddie

  • Shake it up was MY SHOW when I was 5, I even had Shake It Up sneakers... *jesus Christ I was cringey kid*

  • Bella Thorne: “that is the most embarrassing thing in my life!” Lol...wait and see

  • 7:30 "So now they can finally buy cell phones and the show goes on for three seasons"

  • Can you do Good Luck Charlie?

  • If she saw this she would roast ur ass first off ur being rude to a girl who just grown up and ur really making a blame about how she did in her career are u here to be annoying or here to keep on blaming

  • you should review 'the secret society of second born royals' on disney+. it's very....interesting.

  • I remember the traumatizing episode where one of them got glass caught in their foot Thats the first thing I think of when I remember this show

  • There German because there saying the Ws as vs

  • 3:20 Just keep looking at Zendaya's face

  • Shake It Up was a masterpiece and I will not bet told otherwise. One of the last good Disney Channel shows

  • But Zendaya is in it so I’m not complaining

  • Alex: Zen-die-uh Me: oh no he’s one of those people :|

  • Plz do lab rats

  • This is the show that started zendaya career right?

  • Am I the only one who really didn't like this show

  • 🎵Self-esteem I don’t know what that means🎵 The amount I relate to this small section of this video is way too much 😂

  • Alex u should Do Et and Annie please pretty please with sugar on top

  • least the theme song was good

  • Does anybody know where he watches all these shows? Like he has made videos on Icarly, Victorious, Drake and Josh etc, so where does he watch the episodes?

  • Oh btw there was a episode where there was this guy who was..... let's say different and they teached us ✨ judge people on how they look✨

  • Can we please talk about the fact that Flynn drank Rocky’s backwashed milk and said “mmm minty”?

  • Didn’t Bella made a only fans account?

  • let’s do some thporth

  • i use to love this show man so many memories

  • Zendia

  • Weren’t they like 13 tho? So not in high school?

  • This channel is great

  • As a kid I could never watch the show because the acting was SO BAD. And as a kid you don't have high standards

  • Why do the two blonde kids remind me of Sharpey and Ryan from hsm

  • Duce was definitely a drug dealer. He sold everything so you can’t convince me otherwise.

  • dear person reading this, ur so loved and worthy 🦋

  • The Disney Channel, Destroying the lives of impressionable young women since the 1990’s .

  • "The show helped launch the careers of Bella Thorn and Zendaya for better or worse" Summary: Zendaya - Better Bella Thorn - Worse

  • Did anyone else cringe when he said Zendaya?

  • This was such a bad show

  • Will you do Wendy Wu, please? I think it'll be a really funny video. PS I love your videos and I think you're so funny! 🥰🥰🥰

  • Indian shake it up had two boys expect of girls in it😁, I was just telling😐,

  • Do any farm

  • Duce from this and dice from Sam and cat feel like the same person

  • Not the way he pronounced zendaya lol

  • I used to watch this when I was 4 lol

  • Can you do shameless pls

  • Fun fact Caroline Sunshine (Tinka) is now one of Donald Trumps staff so there’s that

  • Alex: “but before that really quick” Me: *violently spams right arrow”

  • I really loved this show so I’m holding back just because Alex is funny

  • ...I would have ADORED this show if I ever saw it!

  • Back in the day i had a Crush on Bella Thorne because of this Show. JESUS THAT WAS 10 YEARS AGO...

  • seeing this after watching uh..interesting (also ohmygod Zendaya is so smol and young and holy shit has her acting improved drastically, thank god)

  • *How to pronounce Zendaya correctly* ZEN - DAY - AH

  • can we talk about how he said Zendaya wrong

  • Hell no

  • I know Bella's had some controversy, but did Zendaya ever have any? The way Alex mentioned sounded like they both had issues after Disney. So unless I've been living under a rock, I don't remember hearing anything bad about Zendaya.

    • The only controversial thing she’s done so far is do a bunch of fake drugs in euphoria while acting as a drug addict. So no, no controversy’s 🙂

  • Him: even though we know everyone tweaks and photoshops their photos Me: hold it, what if we don’t use photoshop?

    • *Most people* do, not entirely everyone but a vast majority. I’d say a good chunk of “influencers” use it to look as close to their kind of perfect as possible.

  • Wow Alex meyer was a weird channel

  • Yeah Bella thorne was a terrible dancer in this

  • Hey, can you do a video on Amazon's The Wilds! It would be great!

  • This show was my childhood, tbjh any show with Zendaya was my childhood😂 I just now realise how dumb these things were. Oh but i loved it!

  • use the like button as a i was poor and grew up on pbs kids and stuff like that button

  • You know, I get some people like to make fun of their low self esteem and how ugly they are, but by always doing that you only bring other's lower even more. No one wins here

  • You're supposed to tell us what "AUDIBLE" stands for.

  • do jessie

  • do jessie