The Society doesn't make any sense...

Publicado em 28 Mai 2019
The Society Netflix Animation
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The Last Summer is hilariously dumb...
The Perfect Date is kinda dumb...
Camp Rock 2 doesn't make any sense...
Camp Rock doesn't make any sense...
Kim Possible is kinda dumb...
Umbrella Academy is kinda weird...

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  • There is always that unnecessary gay scene in Netflix shows smh

  • my problem is that they spend so much time on these boring ass couples but the must unproblematic couple Grizz and Sam gets like 10mins of screen time 🤬👊

  • Isn't acting just LARPing though?

  • hey can you do lord of the flies

  • You should do divergent that movie was terrible

  • I fast forwarded all the teen angst and season 2 ain’t ever coming

  • But what about the bus driver?

  • In my high school there really was not clicks and many relationships were fake ("unearned"). Even the Drama kids, the closest we had to a click, none drama kids hung out with all the time.

  • Campbell had the most characters development

  • So who killed the sister?

  • society

  • This is like a gritty remake of a show called the sparticle mystery. It was a british kids show with a similar premise

  • If the roads are blocked off with forest why don't they just walk through the forest🤯

  • 8:54 i think its that people were told that this teenagers all dyed in an accident or some shit

  • And they canceled season 2, and I'm really pissed

  • You know, there's a loosely similar book series called Gone by Micheal Grant where a small town gets surrounded by a mysteries dome and all the citizens over the age of 16 blink out of town. The teens left in town develope powers, and they eventually uncover the literal monster creating the dome. It gets very dark at some points and you tend to like the characters. I don't know. Might be worth the read.

  • I'm sorta surprised that he didn't mention that campbell FUCKING ABUSED ELLE??? He was literally....doing stuff to her and then tried to drown her and called it a kink. WHAT?!

  • Lost is scary 😖

  • What happened to the bus drivers??

  • You see the railroad tracks, follow them! It will get you out!

  • You need to do a review on The Wilds!

  • Reminds me of Wayward Pines.

  • I was gonna watch this because I loved the Gone Series, (basically the same premise but stretched out over 6 great books) but after the first episode I was out

  • The only good thing about this show is that it introduced me to "Natasha Liu Bordizzo".... I am in love.

  • 8:44 is the best part of the whole video


  • 5:50 ... Just saying that all of that applies to my school 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  • You forgot the bus driver somewhat arc


  • Second season was canceled

    • @Aries Guwop yeah I'm sad about it, I really liked this show😯

    • @Veera Maria ikr I was pissed Nd it wasn’t even a good reason of why they cancel it

    • nooooo :(

  • If you haven't done a vid on the unlisted please do that show

  • I mean if u think about it really outside the box it makes sense some what its like mind span maybe or am I like the only person that understood the entire show

  • i agree with everything you said in this video. i gave up on this show after like the 4th episode

  • “I’m definitely gonna watch season 2” RIP

    • @Ann W but didn´t they cancel it?

    • but season two will happen

  • grizz cute tho-

  • You should do daybreak on netflix

  • Yeah but asking for a character arc in season 1 is kinda uncalled for. Naturally, first seasons are supposed to be about establishing everything in the universe thus making the show feel so draggy. Just saying.

  • I have a question. Where is the bus drivers nd buses gone? Nobody literally no body notice.

  • The smart wall multivariately kneel because vulture bailly spell excluding a lucky copy. pink, striped dish

  • the tittle is ironic 😀🤣🙂

  • I swear if they spent the first episode establishing things, then PLEASE it wouldn've worked

  • Shut up

  • and but toby is hot? Is that not enough these days for teen dramas >.>

  • I didn’t think about the actual teenage shit that would happen if they actually had unique personalities. As a teenager, wouldn’t they all have been super happy for like- a week, and then realized that they all missed their parents. Wouldn’t they prefer to do their hobbies like paint or something, or use the abandoned cafe to learn latte art? Drink their parents fancy wine and bake while watching downloaded netfix shows? Use their nonexistent neighbors pool? Just an idea 🙄

  • Proonhuub 😂😂

  • The show would be amazing if there was season 2 explaining things

  • I liked the show…

  • I am so mad that this show got cancelled. What is wrong with Netflix???

  • While everyone in the comment section is complaining about season 2 being cancelled and how the bus just magically disappeared I WANT TO KNOW WHO THE BIOLOGY FATHER IS FOR BECCAS'S CHILD!

    • @dead moon89 you can't know that for sure

    • It’s Campbell :)

  • This sounds a lot like the setup to Under the Dome lol

  • Wait didn't they cancel season 2?

    • yea they did

  • Is in the whole show never mentioned the bus drivers. the only adults in the whole area?

  • Campbell is lowkey one of the most terrefying characters I can think of

  • You should watch daybreak. Its soo much better.

  • And now its cancelled 😭😭😭

  • Dear Alex: You are my fave youtuber and make me laugh and I love How your vids are kid friendley cause i am 9 years old. 😃😃😃😃

  • Nobody ever mentioned where the buses went after dropping them off! 🙄

  • Everyone else in the town is GONE Me: oh no And the internet doesn’t work Me:GASSSP NO THATS TERRIBLE HOW DO THEY SURVIVE THAT GASP

  • Best theory I’ve heard was that it’s based off of the story of the Pied piper. Let me explain: The story of the pied piper basically goes like this. This village has crazy rats and they pay this guy (the pied piper) to come and get rid of the rats. When it’s time for the village to pay- the village doesn’t pay up. So the Pied piper takes the children :) In the show they have this gross smell, that they mayor pays for a guy to get rid of. They mayor refuses to pay, so that same guy (the one seen on the bus) drives the kids away. To where? Idfk

  • This idea is very similar to the book series ‘gone’ by Michael grant which I would very much recommend.

  • GORDIE IS THE BEST CHARACTER, OMG WHY U GUYS SIMP GRIZZ AND SAM SO MUCH, GORDIE IS PURE TOO.... 1. Gordie control his own greed and decide to be at the good side 2. control his hatred, revenge and mad when his love died, sacrifice his time figuring Cassandra murder 3. literally spend 6 month figuring what the f happen why they here and things like that 4. hard to manipulate 5. seriously Gordie is the Father of the group (look like lazy but actually the hardworker & smartest)

  • sorry but fuck you 1. the reason why 2-10 episode is like nothing about going home or how we get here is because there are already shit going on Cassandra death, Electricity Capacity, Food & Drink supplies, Human Greed like Dewey who killed Cassandra just because he doesnt like being command. 2. the reason why everyone think Campbell will be good is because he is quiet like 6 months since Dewey Execution, but after Elle runaway and hide in Allie house, Campbell decide to take action by manipulating the Guard (Clarke, Jason, Luke) and Harry 3. I 100% AGREE ABOUT FLASHBACK, it will make us love the character even more

  • too bad there isn’t gonna be a season 2 :( i’m actually genuinely upset about it like what the heck netflix and they canceled it like 2 weeks before it was gonna come out uhhh doesn’t that mean it was filmed and edited already?? JUST RELEASE IT. but i could be wrong tho.....

    • The writers finished writing season 2 and they were about to start filming but they canceled it 2 week before they even started :(

  • THEY CAN CANCEL THIS SHOW AND I WOULD NOT CARE LESS - RENEW EVERTHING SUCKS - better to just leave there actually netflix is the worst at making more than 1 series💀

  • THIS SHOW LITERALLY COPIED THE BOOK 'GONE' BY MICHAEL WHATEVER THAT HAS BEEN OUT FOR AGES it's been in my since i can remember i'm confused how they can do this. anyway the book was about this town where one day anyone 15 or older vanishes and this boy has to figure it out before he turns fifteen but there's also a mystery and powers and it's quite as well - so if you like the society or like the plot but don't like how Netflix executed it you should consider this book because it's really good (sorry for caps i realised they were on just after but i cba to write that bit again sooo).

  • Are you fucking dumb? Kelly had the biggest character arc of the entire show. She went from timid and just someone's girlfriend to a leader and medical helper. And in case it wasn't clear, Campbell is a PSYCHOPATH ofc he's not going to have a character arc, they don't feel any guilt or empathy so they don't just magically decide to become a better person.

  • Any one remember about Pied Piper of Hamelin story. I feel some resemblance in it. The mayor did not pay the one who get rid of the smell breaking the deal. The kids separate from their parents.

  • does no one LOVE how this gives you nowhere boys vibes?..oh,only me..well that’s awkward

  • i just had to say what everyone was thinking:your a hater.also i hate when netflix does all those back flashes i don’t want to know that if it is not absolutely relevant..i just want to watch the show and the characters and writing was great the alternate dimension thing totally corresponded with nowhere boys which i LOVED

  • I love how the title makes perfect sense Our society makes no sense

  • thank God second season is cancelled. this show sucks

  • i watched the movie because people said it was nice. not gonna lie the series was boring. i had to skip alot. there were no answers at all. it just felt like they were stretching the storyline. sorry i never felt so disappointed watching a series in my life. this was the worst. jjkooo

  • Alone With your highschool mates? ... Yeah no thanks I will rather shoot myself

  • No but what is up with people who like Campbell?!? I could literally not hate someone more

  • So this show is basically a copy of gone by Michael grant yeah? Mmm ok then

  • The show is not finished...

  • Lmao I laughed so hard when the girl Kissed will and he kissed her back then cry’s and said u can’t just do that 🤣🤣

  • I was dying to see season 2 and now they canceled it wtf are you kidding me I wanna see the explanation for all this like now we never will be

  • I've never watched it but what happened to the drivers?

  • Why Campbell kinda cut tho

  • I thought this was going to be a TV series remake of Society (1989), which is a rather disturbing movie, I'm disappointed...

  • Only problem is I think they cancelled the next season bc of covid but they are doing other shows. They didn't realize the bus driver was in the photo and also the one they yelled at the beginning. When the red headed girl died, which I was upset bc she was my favorite, they all literally was like allie you need to be the leader then they got pissed later on. Legit i thought the boys liked being the bodyguards and shit then all of a sudden they didnt wanna be anymore. It was cute how they all protected and shit. Also it makes me think the parents had something to do with it. The ending was fuckin crazy. I hate lexie tho. But yeah they made allie become the leader then is like who made u leader. Sorry if I made some mistakes it's been awhile since I watched it but reading some comments made me think of this.

  • Everyone knows Campbell is a psychopath Everyone doesn’t tell Elle Everyone omG is He HUrting yOu?

  • Correction: all of the STRAIGHT guys in the show are awful

  • There was a similar British show that was better where technology that adults were working on and it went wrong splitting realities where adults are and where kids are. They are separated. Everyone under 18 is transported to opposite dimension and the two dimensions can't communicate. The kids have to manage power plants, take care of sick kids in hospitals, prevent power from going out, run away from gangs that are like Lord of the flies. It was weird but pretty good. I don't remember the name because I watched it like 10 years ago.

  • *** is offline* i'm dead XD

  • 1) are helena and luke getting married or nah...? 2) the dog?!!?! 3) they literally dismissed the whole thing w the bus driver like it wasn’t a big deal?? 4) WHO WAS EDENS REAL DAD 5) why didn’t they tell elle that campbell was a psychopath..? 6) who killed dewey? 7) why did the guard do allie like that like geez

  • Alex: I’m definitely gonna watch season 2 when it comes out Me: your not

  • I’m just confused why no one warned Elle about campbell

  • Campbell to me felt like he belonged in a scream movie or show 😂😂💀

  • I cracked by 'Harry, the entitled douchebag whose entire motivation is, "I don't want to share my toys."' Hahaha xD

  • 9:04 yeah...... about that.

  • The real problem is: Why they didn't try to find out who their bus driver in the beginning? Why they had no chaperons? And no one bothering to tell Ellie Campbell was a psychopath had me worried the whole season. But we got to see a few friend groups.

  • Isn't this just younger "LOST"

  • I really do think Sam was faking his emotions. He never spoke about this in front of Campbell. Plus Sam gets sympathy because he is death mute and gay or whatever. So his words is intentionally taken over Campbell. It’s easy for him to fit in and is always observant


  • Ehhh the show is society, not different universe riddle quest

  • Not gonna lie im dissapointed

  • The actual problem is: we won’t get a 2nd season!!!

  • I've never seen this show but: Does anyone ever just... walk through the trees? If a forest blocks your way just go through it?

    • You should definitely watch it! But yes they do send out a search party because winter in approaching and they are running out of food in groceries etc so they would need to find land to plant their own food eventually