YOU is a weird show...

Publicado em 8 Jan 2020
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YOU is the creepiest show I've ever seen...
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  • Actually I would have loved the ending if love turned out to be another psychopath who manipulated will the whole the time. I mean that would be a great endgame

  • *Will is single handedly the best character of the series! (the original Will)* *Easily him and Delilah!*

  • No one: Me: *looking for paco cuz he's so adorable*

  • ᴀᴛᴛᴇɴᴛɪᴏɴ!! ᴩʟᴇᴀꜱᴇ ʀᴇᴀᴅ.... ɪꜰ ᴜ ᴀʀᴇ ꜱᴛɪʟʟ ʀᴇᴀᴅɪɴɢ ɪ ᴀᴍ ᴀ 13 yᴇᴀʀ ᴏʟᴅ ᴡʜᴏ'ꜱ ᴛʀyɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ ɢʀᴏᴡ ᴏɴ yᴏᴜᴛᴜʙᴇ. ᴩʟꜱ ᴄʜᴇᴄᴋᴏᴜᴛ ᴍy ᴄʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ... ꜱᴜʙ ꜰᴏʀ ꜱᴜʙ?💞

  • I cannot believe that this dumb show didn't get a "You is a hilariously dumb show" episode. I hate you for making me watch this idiotic show, where plot armor is the only reason our awful protagonist isn't frying in hell. He constantly murders people known to be directly connected to him. He touches everything with his bare fingers, leaves tons of forensic evidence to put him on death row, but every private detective and law enforcement officer in this show suffers from "idiot disease". He stabs a guy in the middle of NYC in the chest in the evening in front of large buildings and nobody sees anything??? He leaves his DNA and fingerprints on his piss jar and nobody can connect him to that murder??? The poor Candace girl reports being kidnapped and an attempted murder and the cops tell her to gather evidence. The examples of character idiocy are endless. Common this qualifies for the hilariously dumb analysis. Do it, you owe me!

  • we have the same text ringtone so now i feel like a phsyco

  • Rude I am not a weird show.


  • Look closely and you'll see that its still a weird show because he put IS not WAS

  • Delilah the baddest chick in YOU. Hands down

  • "Well, its 2020, hope I can finally die this year" this quote didn't age well

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  • joe do be soundin like corpse tho-

  • For anyone who hasn’t seen the rest of the season yet here’s a tip don’t read the comments because of the spoilers. Your welcome

  • Yes,I am a weird show

  • So this show is Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl turning into even more of a pschycopath?

  • Hey this was posted on my birthday.

  • YOU are a weird show

  • ”Well it’s 2020, hope I can finally die this year” 😳😳😳 weeeeell...

  • How do people like Joe? Why do you want him to succeed in "whatever" he is doing? I genuinely can't understand. it made no sense. He is just a person who had a messed up childhood which is sad. BUT he also killed so many people.

  • Love is always weird in such a weird way and I never thought that she is as crazy as Joe. But, honestly I'm not surprised with what she did to Delilah (pretty obvious she did it) and Candace.

  • NOOOOO I really wanted to see a video of the final episode

  • 6:10 how ironic

  • joe is a yandere

  • It sucks that Delilah dies I hate love for doing that

  • murdered his last girlfriend butcha gotta understand it was all for her good okaay? lmfao

  • No you are a weird show

  • I grew to kinda of be okay with Joe until he decided that he was too good for Love. I mean, she's literally the female version of him but suddenly he was like "nah you not good enough for me" and tried to bail. Like what even? He's not one bit better than Love, and he certainly has no right to stomp his way into her life only to bail after discovering shit about her. Anyway he's a pathetic stalker lmao he had no clue what Love wad really like. He deserved that. But I wanted to strangle him when he was like "Hi, you" at ANOTHER woman at the end of S2. SMH.

  • I hated how pushy and manipulative Forty was. It really irked me so much when he actually DRUGGED AND KIDNAPPED Joe for a script writing session. Joe isn't exactly a saint and he does the same thing more or less, but Forty is so brash and open about it. Ugh.

  • "The Yandere Show" Season 2

  • How much more FLIP do you want from the show

  • The fact that Joe looks like Ted Bundy tell me that the creators are hinting at him being a psychopath

  • Yk this lowkey reminds me of DeathNote, where u sorta end up rooting for Light/Kira even though he's a psychopath and a serial killer. And he also believes what he's doing is fine and that he's the real innocent and godlike one who is basically representing Justice. Whoever doesn't know DeathNote i highly recommend it, it gives u that weird feeling of being torn and uncomfortable with ur own consciousness like alex was kinda talking about

  • the name Love in Greek is actually pretty common Agapi

  • 8:50 my name is yoshikage Kira...

  • love this show

  • Do a review of some old bad shows like Young Hercules, or Stargate SG1, or Babylon 5

    • Ryan Gosling starred in Young Hercules for 1 season.. but the show had over 50 episodes. 50

  • Your a weird show!

  • Reminds me of suspicious partner (kdrama)

  • First Netflix yandare show

  • I hope Ellie meets Paco in season 3

  • love comes out to murder delihlah

  • YOU is one of the trashiest shows on Netflix

  • Joe is a psychopath and he doesn't search for love that is the illusion created by the makers. He will go on hunting more like a serial killer . Let's just watched out till the show ends. He will never be satisfied by anyone , he loves the thrill of stalking .

  • One of these shows needs to hire you as a writer. Your ideas are always way better than what's happening in the show. Also, I think I just figured out why my relationship history is so messy. That butt peach line totally would have gotten me talking to Love. 😅

  • the REAL Will is the best character in the whole 2nd season imo

  • Pls dont hate me I missed guinevere beck🥺 I think love will kill new girl n then idk how but love’s mom gonna know that forty didn’t kill sofia n love killed... Then love’s mom gonna kill love lmao im not ok Btw ellie + peach’s detective + delilah’s bf gonna end joe.. I have a joe n beck edit on my chanel, i will so happy if u guys watch xx

  • 4:28 Bent neck lady....... Anyone?..... hill house?......

  • Idk man if a random reasonably attractive stranger woman asked me if peaches looked like butts I would probably end up marrying her. I mean I would take that as the cosmos saying "This is the closest to Love on a Silver Platter you are ever going to get you introverted troglodite drink the goddamn kool-aid and live a happy life."

  • The foodie adventure is my fav part of this show and I personally went to all those places after watching lol. EDIT: YOU ALL NEED DONUT MAN IN YOUR LIFE.

  • Bruh killed deiliah was worst then killing beck. Honestly she was the care taker of Ellie a 15 YEAR OLD GIRL. fucking horrible 🤦‍♂️

  • I thought twist like dellialah is the real YOU of joe

  • Do revolutionary road!

  • I’m starting to think that Joe is a yandere

  • Love made me fall in love with her

  • Am I the only one really disappointed by the finale ? The end of episode 9 and the whole last episode were so messy, everything happened so quickly, nothing made sense & they really ruined the season for me


  • YOU a simp

  • Ok so I know I'm late buuut, in the minute 2:23 in the upper right corner there's like a billboard advertisement of Shawn's third album. Just wanted to let you know

  • 4:29 when there's a really hard question in a class that nobody gets and you guess the right answer

  • It's not weird tho

  • Season 4: Joe gay

  • i miss season 2, it was great lmao

  • this show is so corny. i didn’t like what they did with candace at all. such wasted potential

  • I like your voice

  • Why was he judging love like sweety yall ar literally the same 😭😭

  • The real will,Delilah and ellie are the best characters 😭😭

  • I still miss Beck and mooneys :/

  • So, in 11 min video you include 1 min ad? Yeah, that's fine

  • 1:30 [*skip ad*]

  • Do Lucifer!

  • You should review "Detention of the Dead" starring Alexa Nikolas, it came out in 2012

  • I hate how y’all are justifying Candace’s death just because she cheated like come on she was BURIED alive! How traumatized would any of y’all be if you wake up buried in the woods at night? I doubt anyone would justify the abuse they went through by thinking “ meh I cheated so I deserve to be murdered so I’m just gonna live my life when I can save another girl he’s gonna kill” ( also the neighbor at the end HAS to be his mom)

  • Bro whatever, BUT im so GAY FOR VICTORIA THO

  • Gonna be honest, I never liked love or Delilah, they annoyed me so much. Like love’s lines were so cheesy at times like “I wolf you” and I hated her plot twist. She just gave me manic pixie girl vibes, then the plot twist sounded like a secret villain and their master plan. It just grossed me out to much. Love beck tho. Even tho everyone hates her.

    • Oh and I don’t think love had as much chemistry and screen time come pair to beck

  • So...this was like Dexter as a romantic-ish show...?

  • Oh no. No Alex, my sweet and lucky boy. By the time we're dating in our late 20s *EVERYONE* has metric tons of emotional baggage. Too much to even hide in closets.

  • 4:31 you know what fot this I will sub to you XD

  • OK not to be rude, but u tried making this review funny but it was plainly boring. Trying to explain epi1 in a hilarious way, which didn't work out well.

  • Honestly, I am here for Victoria "the haunting of bly manor" girl

  • *Why is your voice so funny*

  • Unpopular opinion: I’m probably the only one that loves Love 😂 Beck was mad fake

  • Joe: *killed only one person on this season* Love: aight, ain't enough murder in here

    • joe killed more than one tho didnt he? hendy and jasper still funny tho love rlly tried to beat his body count

  • My first time watching your videos. This is fucking brilliant.

  • Do Bly Manor and Hill House!!!!

  • Joe- will His gf- love The show's name- you WILL LOVES YOU ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED GUYS

  • i don't think you are getting it if Delilah is your favorite character of the entire season. Boy that needlessly sassy latina was annoying. Glad Love throated her. and her sister was almost as annoying as she is. Paco was a likable kid to be taken under his wings. the fact that Joe went out on a limp for this wacky wannabe girl shows how compulsively protective he is to protect every kid he sees his inner-child in. And Love is godsend for Joe, yet he can't love her the moment she accepted his dark secrets and showed him hers. Because anyone who accepts Joe Goldberg's darkside is viewed by his moral censor as morally corrupted and the kid in him wants someone pure. That's the endless cycle he traps himself in. Any other man would have been glad he found his own Bonnie, his own Malory or whatever who fight the rest of the world for him. Beck would have never been willing to make that kind of sacrifice because she is an ordinary bourgeois girl who will always choose her own social position over any personal bond.

  • i'm only here cause i liked the cartoons

  • Ah yes, *the big ol' red flag*

  • Bnkk

  • You know what, whether or not it's a hot take or a cold take, I don't see anybody else here saying it, *but Love is the best character.*

  • Pls use a fk spoiler alert.

  • You should watch Julie and the phantoms

  • For some reasons, your weird shows are my good shows.

  • Moooreeee

  • YOU is the alternate timeline version of Kira Yoshikage

  • God I hate joe/will , so much! Damn I wanted him to be caught so bad. I’m a stalking victim 😒 it’s so disturbing seeing this from the stalker POV

  • Hated the part that they killed Delilah. She was my favorite

  • Shit, I should have finished the book before I clicked on this. Big spoilers. Had to stop at 2:11 I'll come back later!

  • 08:22 Like an animal!