Camp Rock 2 doesn't make any sense...

Publicado em 19 Mar 2019
Camp Rock Animation
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Camp Rock doesn't make any sense...
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High School Musical 2 doesn't make any sense...
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The Princess Switch is the dumbest christmas movie...
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  • boy meets world was better!!!!

  • Hi , I'm form year 57799 u will have 50 billion subscribers in 2030 have a nice day

  • When i first heard there was a rival camp I thought it was going to be like that barbie movie about popstars and princesses like two rival camps then they eventually the leaders become friends again

  • I always stay and listen to the cathartic chats! Keep it up

  • bruh the love advice tho

  • Poor Shane...he can’t do the D E V I L S T A N G O

  • Can you do Hamilton

  • Where's my Low-Esteem Gang?! 🙄✋


  • I am lazy so hopefully you can decode this Bonfire = AMBUSH me : start grigoio theme Help me

  • do austin and ally !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The most realistic part of this is when all the kids disrespect the counselor and just like straight up attack him

  • Thank you Alex for proposing the idea of the girl making the first move, bc now i have a boyfriend. Thanks for the advice dude.

  • You NEED to do let it shine, I actually enjoyed that movie and the songs were pretty good aswell! However, some of the parts in the movie are kinda questionable-

  • Is it me or does that one girl look like Jaden animations? Time stamp 7:53

  • no i dont lisen

  • Hey, Vermont is nice. I live there. 10:00

  • I’m just saying, camp cabins are not that nice.

  • Tess is so fake first she is mean to Michy or whatever then she is nice to Michy then she’s mean AGAIN and now SHES NICE LIKE COME ON

  • what do you think about that? dRuMs oH nOe sO bAd BoI

  • Bruh I swear his laugh is contagious 😂😂😂


  • Alex: "I guess i have some work to do" Me: and by work you mean getting to watch kid's movies and posting your reaction along with some cartoons on youtube?


  • Love that guitar riff when he says “Sean” *Insert Guitar Riff”

  • Sounded EXACTLY like Peter griffin at 8:37

  • I’m know you’re like that I’m not younger in that nance I am6

  • Nates crush looks like "Angelina Jolie" from " A Fish Tale" That movie her lips really make her look like her

  • 9:20 made me soooo idk

  • that dance they do when they go to camp star is just so cringe ;-;

  • you should do alexa and katie

  • the person with the boat he is that guy from jumanji and the Jonas brother

  • What's the actress of the camp star girl he is going for? 5:27 driving me crazy I can't remember

    • I think its Chloe bridges? And I'm remembering her from her time as Sydney on pretty little liars

  • I don’t think there was a point in either Camp Rock movie where we couldn’t see every one of Mitchie’s teeth

  • Don’t these kids have any real friends back home?

  • Barbie literally copied this movie lmao

  • Ok so I used to be major into Barbie movies and I don't know why but after watching both of your Camp Rock vids I get it now....Barbie Rock n' Royals (I forgot the name so I had to look it up) is literally a Barbie carbon copy of the Camp Rock franchise

  • camp star more like star for communisim

  • I love this after the show rants

  • He didn’t say “let’s take a walk”

  • i was watching this and my dad was like, "why are you laughing SO hard??" me: "im watching the funniest person (to me) in the world

  • i wonder how she got into drugs irl

  • Am I the only one who thinks this is similar to that barbie movie???

  • You've got *three whole hours* to look into the mirror and cry? What a man.

  • Hehehehe D R U M S 😂

  • Omg Allison Stoner!!!! ❤️ ♥️ 💜

  • I literally just found you 2 days ago and I've been on a binge! You are great dawg! Luckily I have plenty more to watch or fall asleep to! Thank you for all of your hours of hard work!

  • 4:55 When Disney realised Nick Jonas was actually the cute one and not Joe 🤣

  • Can you do a video on austin and ally

  • Mitchie does look older than in number one.

    • And some of the other characters in Camp Rock 2.

  • i just got into your stuff and i can say i always watch the very end of these

  • 5:20 8:00 alone time 9:38 hi dana

  • the thing that bugged me was how the heck did they lose? like they had a whole boy band on their side. their fans wouldve voted their hearts out. they should’ve won bruv

  • If I had to say something good, it was better than the original.

  • Those 929 people know nothing about humor! You have an amazing sense of humor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Watch one of the Barbie movies they suck I wanna see ur reaction

  • Your ending - the last bit was pretty captivating. It's interesting to hear you as an artist & creator opening up about the difficulties behind being constantly "ON" with your creativity, humor & consistency. Thanks for sharing that with us man. I appreciate your video essays; they're incredibly enjoyable & well thought out. Your talents really show through in your work. Glad to see you branching out with your Devil's Tango podcast as well. Keep exploring your talents man!

  • No way the first movie was way better!

  • But I lived in Vermont with cats-

  • Is that honey booboo? 4:43

  • This is like a knock off of that one barbie movie that came out like ages ago.

  • Nothing makes sense to you

  • Do a video on Jessie or good luck Charlie

  • the second hand embarrassment in that scene with the “cAmP rOCk!!”

  • Mitchie had a HUGE glow up

  • This is a Disney teen movie .it is supposed to be weird.

  • Heavyweights was the best camp movie ever!! Yes i was a fat kid.

  • thank you for making me laugh so hard when I really just need a pick me up. your the best keep doing what you doing you ROCK!! (I know it's corny.)

  • Alex, I would gladly have a whole discussion on your fav V A P O R W A V E songs. LMK

  • 10:09 is killing me of laughter

  • ... She's not that sporty, but also she is a dancer...? She knows dancing is a sport, right?

  • Dude this movie was like a waste of my morning but this video was amazing 😂

  • I mean it made sense why Shane and mitchie had hard times because they got together without knowing each other that well

  • My reaction to the “cAmp rOck” :✋🏾💀🏃‍♂️💨💨💨

  • why do movies like this make children litteraly look like demons

  • I listen to them

  • When ever I see Mitchie I think of who it really is Demi Lovato. Anyone see the resemblance?

  • Bro they most cringey thing is *"CaMp rOck"* and *"dRumS"*

  • 0:40 umm does anybody hear the same as i do?

  • where are the heroin jokes

  • barbie has a movie just like this

  • I think Alex shoud do Parent Trap.

  • 12:49

  • 6:57

  • 13:00 we do

  • I hated the it was so bad.😡

  • Ahhhhh, 2010. One of the greats. Brought us shows such as Adventure Time and Regular Show. And Disney was over here doing this.

  • Alex: Can you Imagine actually liking yourself Me: no

  • *But mom Shane has cool hair and all I wanna do is go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

  • '""""" DRUMS """""" !!!!

  • Do How to rock

  • F*ck you I HAVE THE JUNIOR NOVEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i care about the outros

  • I just realized all 4 Jonas brothers are in Camp Rock 2

  • At my school we watched a play on this movie

  • My q is who is the girl watching this thank you for your service

  • Do the good place!!!

  • I see you playing Football Head on that end screen

  • Tell me why the like 12 year old kids are all together in a cabin with no girl and boy separation

  • "Camp rock Vs Camp star! what do you think bout dat?" black guy: *D R U M S*

  • Me and my sister when we watched the movie called nick jones a stalker for watching her a cross the lake😁