Julie And The Phantoms is pretty dumb

Publicado em 17 Nov 2020
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THIS is the most horrifying kid's show ever made
After 2 is hilariously dumb
Shake It Up was a weird show
Emily In Paris is pretty dumb
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    • Julie and the Phantoms are the best show they have music and a mean girl to smack all the time on ur phone or iPad

    • I

    • H

    • 2:57

    • No

  • "ya'konw, this whole show really just kinda feel like a Disney Channel original movie that got streached waaay out into a nine-episode-series" me, a brazilian: no sir, it is a BRAZILIAN MASTERPIECE that got adapted to 10yo Americans. if you wanna know, it used to be a soap opera, called JULIE E OS FANTASMAS, the exact same plot (teen girl, loved music cuz her mom, can't play anymore, gets to meet these ghosts of a band that died 25 years ago, they form a new band so the ghosts can continue existing and Julie can find her way into music again, blah blah blah) you can check the first episode here: brdown.net/top/iHnEgMqWd3yfoKg/video

  • 5:35 honestly same lmao

  • I’m so confused because I love the channel so I want to like the video but I love the show too so I want to dislike the video Ultimately I liked it tho so

  • You should definitely review the Newsies Musical (not the movie) it’s on Disney+ and it’s really good

  • i think Julie and the phantoms is the best show in the World

  • We need a Alex Meyers face reveal!!!

  • How dare you, lol

  • The original show is brazilian! Netflix Bought it from us :) The Brazilian show is amazing! In my opinion it is better than this. It has less money on it, but the characters are more interesting. SO GOOD to know that our brazilian is worldwide! Jus search for "julie e os fantasmas".

  • FACTS: JATP IS THE BEST SHOW I HAVE EVER WATCHED!!!! ( but that's my saying other people don't like it so I cant make em)

  • Is it just me, or does the whole "talented because mom, mom died, stops being talented until a twist of fate" seems a lot like Kousei Arima from Your Lie in April?

  • I hated the first episode cause the dialogue is so cringey without commiting to the cringe. but then it gets so much better and actually enjoyed the rest

  • Me: watchs vid during class My weird teacher: NeVeR gOnNa GiVe YoU uP help me lol =.=

  • I wish we knew more about the mom. So far the kids are latinx and so is the dad. If the mom is too that's pretty cool.

  • Main Charectar: plays piano Me: G I O R N A S T H E M E

  • Alex: Now were sponsered by Raid Shadow Legends Me: where is the skip ad button?

  • Ok sorry but this time he is wrong

  • just to clear things out, this version of the show is a remake of the Brazilian version "Julie e os fantasmas"

  • the songs on that show were amazing come on

  • I literally love this show and as I clicked on this video to hate but it is too funny But this show is actually good must watch

  • Was that Jeremy Shada in the beginning?

  • Where there masks, schools not closed? This movie is so not accurate.

  • Apparently Luke becomes Julie's boyfriend even though not only is he a ghost but she's a high schooler and if he was alive he'd be a 42 year old man.

    • nahhh their not dating in the series

  • Wait, what happened to the 4th member?

  • yep..........

  • i perfer kenny omega.

  • I miss the original brazilian version of Julie and the Phantoms, it was soooooo good, i was 12 wanting to be Julie 🥺

  • It seems like a Disney channel original movie because it basically is since Kenny Ortega made it

  • 3:02 Alex meyers having a constipation

  • Moral of the story… Don’t street hotdogs from a stranger in 1995 or else you will die and still look young in... 2020 and meet this girl named Julie.

  • So no one's gonna talk about ow that creepy Caleb guy literally took control of that guy's body in the last episode =n=

  • doesn't the starting plot sound a bit like your lie in April


  • yup n then julie meets blonde haired girl that plays the violin 😁

  • I just noticed that Alex promotes raid like Jimmy/MrBeast promotes honey.

  • I stopped watching this cuz it brings up death a lot and it brings memories. That why I don’t like

  • This channel is pretty dumb .

  • „the leader of the band whose name I forgot“ don‘t do my boy like that🥲

  • “Sees title” “shakes” “breaths loudly” “Laughs really weirdly” “eyes go crazy” What did he say about Julie and The Phantoms

  • Ok sir. First of all you actually need to watch more thank the first episode and a half to understand. Half of what you were saying was stupid, actually gets explained throughout the season. And by the way Madison Reyes (who plays Julie) this was literally the first thing that she ever got to act in. So if you are talking about her acting in the FIRST episode you can shut your damn mouth because you can’t be the best actor in the history of cinema overnight. Thank you very much.

  • This video actually made me watch the show and I have since rewatched it 5 times

  • Alex:"shares his opinion about the movie,hilariously" Me: "laughs for ten minutes straight"


  • Kenny doesn’t come to disappoint

  • I really liked the show ._.

  • Fun fact: *One of my teacher like this show*

  • Hey I actually like this show

  • Isn’t Julie’s mom, Rosa that the boys met in 1995?

  • Is that kid wearing an Apple Watch?? 8:01

  • I go full gamer rage when i hera the songs out of this show

  • Wait, I thought there were four boys??

    • @Munro McLaren He sees them for the 1st time on the last episode of season 1 and gets very taken aback; so if the show gets renewed for a 2nd season his relationship with the ghosts and what happened in 1995 would be a midly important plot point to unravel

    • @STAN DREAMCATCHER So does he ever meet up with his old bandmates?

    • One of them didn't die

  • I kinda want to see him do Lost in Space on Netflix. It’s no teen rom com but I think it might be fun to watch 🤔

  • OK JATP is not dumb it is amazing!!!

  • i did not expect to fall in love with the cast

  • It's not that long, I want to see more of it

  • I know this is your opinion but im still kinda offended u call my favorite show dumb😕

  • I love this show it has really good songs

  • No dude

  • hehe

  • Like this show is not dumb the only thing that’s dumb is this vid

  • No no no some of your vids are true but Julie and the phantoms is the best like dude season 2 is almost here so just stop

  • Did you watch the rest of the series? Cus episode 8 killed me.

  • If I watched this when i was 10 i would've loved it. It's still pretty enjoyable

  • Man... just gotta realize... *you get in trouble for the dumbest shit in school*

  • i binge-watched this.. what, who didn't? anyways next season is supposed to be fire!111!!!!!1111

  • I never watch stuff like this...but...I might watch one just because of this

  • I watched the whole show expecting it to be horrible like every other show these days turns out It was horrible like every other show these days

  • It is pretty dumb but it’s also amazing at the same time

  • It is my favorite show it is so not dumb you have your opinion I have mine

  • This is my fav show lololol


  • To Who ever is reading this And if your still reading this your a legend 🤩🥳

  • when you critizize a 5 star show:

  • OK, I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL, BUT YOU HAVE GONE TOO FAR! Yes I know this channel is just for fun but Julie and the phantoms is my favorite show ever

  • 3:17 charlie gillespie, owen joyner, ans jermey shada are gonna be either laughing thier buts off or MAD!

  • Julie looks different when you introduced her

  • Julie and the Phantoms or Gem and the Holograms

  • 1:28 ...

  • you should do code lyoko or wolfblood

  • Alex and Willie are cute at least

  • the show is based on a Brazilian show, with the same name. The original one its from like 2010 i guess and its so much better, like there´s a more adult vibe, and still be a kids show, its was darker and more realistic (of course, not so muhc 'cause u know GHOSTS)

  • They copy Your lie in April 😂

  • i love this show so you can back off #julieandthephantoms

  • Anyone else ONLY here bc they’re ABSOLUTELY obsessed with this show me wanna see what he could say is POSSIBLY wrong abt this show!?!? Just me? Okay.

  • Hey Alex! Ummm it’s kinda rude when you say movies / tv shows are “Kinda Dumb” just saying some of these things are good but when you make fun of these great shows it’s kinda rude

  • noooo its really not

  • Alex Meyers: *Makes rant about JAPT* Us fantoms: *How dare you do that*

  • i do not like julie ew

  • Does that one dude have an apple watch in 8:01?

  • I'm grounded for one month and I come back to see my favorite show get rated im scared


  • You realize it just airs in 2020. It was filmed in 2019.

  • I love Julie and the Phantoms! I thought musicals were dumb but this show makes musicals better!

  • NO julie and the phantoms slander I will poison u with a hotdog 🧍🏽‍♀️

  • Any latino thought of a totally different and better show?

  • Alex: You can play on any device! Like pc and mobile! Me who is watching on my Samsung galaxy fridge: I can’t play raid shadow lengends 😭😭

  • All you do is hate on cool stuff! Wtf is wrong with you?!

  • Why is this dumb I love it

  • its too hyped and there are better shows on netflix ^^

  • pardon me, what? :) . edit: nvm he said it was alright...i was finna say 😀