Teen Beach Movie is kinda dumb...

Publicado em 21 Abr 2020
Teen Beach Movie Animated Reaction
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  • י׳מדו׳ידחו׳צדצ׳וצדו׳צד[

  • I just realized Mac is played by the same actress who played that Australian actress who was friends with Jessie

  • Why so calling movis dump? STOP IT

  • 8:49 💀💀💀

  • At 8:10 I did this weird laugh where my voice changes to a high pitches train whistle

  • Sometimes it hurts to remember that literal adults write and produce these movies

  • Very dumb movie

  • Bertram!

  • I would be talking about just Kpop idols (even girls)

  • 5:40 Is that background from parasyte??

  • Wait is he judging a movie in a movie

  • Me when he says "hey wanna go to prom!?": 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Funniest part: either 3:09-3:13 or 3:41-3:56

  • Now i wait for a teen beach movie 2 reaction video.

  • So in other words this is a Disney Grease.

  • Have you done Teen Beach 2?

  • Sjsj

  • Brady: What's up dog John Ambrose kid: you calling us animals John Ambrose kid a minute later: so where you cats from. Me: you call people cats but you have a problem with being called dog?

  • Brady: Whatup dog? That guy who's name I can't remember: He think we're animals That same guy 10 seconds later: Where you cats from?

  • I just now relised the guy who played the scientist guy is bertrum from Jessie.

  • Do Teen beach 2

  • the evil doctor is from sonic

  • the movie in teen beach is better then teen beach

  • :P

  • Wow she has the same name as me except I’m a boy

  • 6:39 You telling me that Disney coppied Back to The Future?


  • This movie literally invented shifting


  • 0:33x.

  • It’s gonna be awhile until I swim again...

  • I died at this part. 9:18

  • I actually think Mia Mitchell knows how to surf. So that could have been her surfing and not her stunt double.

  • People gotta crack up his job

  • He said at 9:51 A huge badunkadunk and huga bazingas

  • Could you react to the half of it It’s on Netflix

  • Can you do cloud 9 pls

  • Do teen beach movie 2 please

  • 9:13 that should've been in the funny moments >D

  • Teen Beach 2

  • Teen Beach 2

  • *When you realise the actor of Tanner plays pennywise in the IT musical:* 👀

  • Do teen beach movie 2

  • Like that's the only movie I watch it's kind of great I love the songs

  • 8:49 Me: lol this is so funny, they're fighting over.....OMG JUNGKOOK THEY SAID JUNGKOOK AHHHH😲😲😲😲😲

  • Why the classic

  • Teen beach movie has so many questions for me

  • Teen Beach isnt kinda dumb it is COMPLETELY DUMB

  • I swear every movie has that one “I’m not like other girls” in it

  • West side story is a real movie

  • disney character: they sing for no reason disney: we sing for no reason


  • HEY HEY HEY stop trashing on good movies

  • Wry

  • This sounds like a rip-off plot of Back to the Future.

  • I wanna be a demon

  • I Anna be a demon

  • I feel offended and I haven’t watched the video yet I love this movie to death

  • how do they have the same grandpa? this has been on my mind since I was like 8

  • 9:50

  • Anyone else notice after The Chad dude calls Brady out for calling them dog he calls them cats?

  • Disney’s isekai

  • Can’t believe they made a real life isekai movie


  • Alex is slowly but surely suffering from watching all these horrible movies

  • Alex: * doesn't mention I Can't Stop Singing * Me: *What's going on? This can't be happening!*

  • We need Beverly Hills Chihuahua

  • Can you do part 2 :3

  • My life is kinda dumb

  • you know the evil villain plot kinda angers me now. throw that off. the movie would've done way better as a antagonist-less movie (ignoring the aunt, but she's irrelevant), parodying cliches.

  • Every movie is dumb to you!

  • This movie was so hyped up all my siblings gathered in the living room and we watched it together on Premier night good times when I was 5 lol

  • *Far out he thinks were animals*

  • Alex all the time: 0_0

  • R

  • umm so this is kinda like grease with a twist

  • this is the best!!!!!

  • best moments of Alex Meyers #1 They Guys BEEEENNNNRRRRRRR

  • omg it crazy Tanner is gay now..

  • Fun fact tanner the actor he’s gay and when he was making the musical it was quite awkward some times

  • 11:37 What the heck is Bertram doing there?

  • cringeeeeeeeee

  • I call Mac Macbook

  • the guy didn’t understand the expression what up dog and then right after called them cats?! HAHAHAHAH

  • Funny how one of the characters has my name yet its pronounced different lmao

  • don't mind me, just a really excited kpop fan who got excited when I saw Jungkook's name yep, nun to see here folks

  • he had me at Jungkook no. . . just me . . . . ok

  • 1:30 cinema sins change my mind

  • 8:48 i cant be the only one who wheezed. "harry styles!" "jungkook!" im dead-

  • CODE RED CODE RED broke me

  • i actually kinda like this movie lmao. like it’s really dumb but like... also self aware? like there’s a part when the villains (arguably the dumbest part of the movie) are introduced, mack goes, “and this thing never won an oscar?” like it’s a little bit funny in some places

  • Girl I don’t know the name of:are you serious?!?! Tanner:No I’m TaNnEr

  • Can you do series of unfortunate events

  • why is ABSOLUTELY NO ONE talking about the fact that theyre COUSINS???? AND THEYRE DATING-

  • Watched this with my cousins and sister the night it came out and had an amazing time. Therefore i refuse to ever again watch it and ruin those memories

  • Make a video on teen beach movie two plz

  • Alex there’s a 2.....

  • i hate this channel...he literally hates EVERYTHING!!!

  • No that is shakespear If music be the fruit of love, play on! duke orsino at the beginning of 12th night

  • Do teen beach 2