iZombie was a weird show...

Publicado em 4 Set 2019
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H2O Just Add Water was the weirdest show...
AFTER is the dumbest movie I have ever seen...
Lucifer is a weird show...
Umbrella Academy is kinda weird...
YOU is the creepiest show I've ever seen...
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  • 1:17 no need to fear, joe chin is here! - Parappa the Rapper 1996

  • Speaking of psychic zombies, this video was sponsored by *talks about something completly not related to psychic zombies *

  • Was about to make an iCarly joke until he made one. BEAT ME TO IT

  • I feel like Alex hates every shows in the world. He criticize every person's interests.

  • It's actually liv(e) more

  • Do lost in spase

  • Liv is not alive her name should be not liv

    • @lion animation her name is ironic

    • @God Yes I do

    • do you know what irony is

  • A white woman named Tatiana!? WTF!

  • 8:18 - Did he just show his credit card?

  • 2:34

  • yo alex whos sitting next to ya......

  • Only reason I watched this is for Liv's Beauty

  • Perfect chin and jawline man😂😂😂😂 Died of laughing

  • the only thing i like about this show is solving crime. i hate most of the characters in the show especially Major.

  • Me whos never heard of this show: interesting...

  • I actually watched this and it's not bad

  • now that every Character looks like me, I've fallen in love with this channel.

  • i remember watching this video when alex released it a year ago and i recently decided to watch the show. i just finished it a couple days ago and holy shit it’s so amazing. (SPOILER WARNING) i didn’t know it was gonna be so good and every episode is just as good as the next, like omg the writers did such a good job. having a new murder every episode is such an interesting concept, but it does make me wonder why the hell is there so much crime in Seattle lol. ravi having his “monthlys” of turning into a zombie once a month is so funny and his whole arch of trying to create a cure is so entertaining. as well as the relationship problems liv/major and clive/dale go through. peyton’s somewhat death at the end almost made me cry like it’s not even funny i was so attached to the cast and i think it’s one of my favorite shows of all time. ok i’m done now!

  • dead liv looks like azzy

  • Yeah that’s what you said I don’t know how to say it’s like that you’re a little weird and I feel insulted you have to say something that you shouldn’t be like you do you know what you want to do is just because you don’t have to say something you mean to say something that you shouldn’t be mad you at me I mean yeah I don’t know how dare you do it you mean I

  • Ngl Liv looks like the legend in the awaken animation by league of legends

  • wait why you sitting to someone else on the movie looking thing

  • Omg izombieeeee!!!

  • N. I. G. Turd

  • 4:32

  • I highly recommend this show omg

  • I fucking love this show sm

  • Role play is when you say this *Watches Alex meyers*. Thats basically what role playing is.

  • 2:48 bro?

  • Liv... being a Zombie??? I'M LIVID!!!

  • I love this show

  • Is its just me or is this like tokyo ghoul

  • This was a show? I thought it was a movie.

  • The first 2 seasons were okay but when it went from picking up slight personality quirks to full on becoming a different person it got real dumb. Also the last seasons when the writers turned it into a whole thing about racism were bad. Lastly more of a personal gripe but Major is a stupid name.

  • the way you explain it is so funny

  • this is my favorite show

  • Ok

  • Call of dutys tranzit zombies be like... 6:12

  • iZombie is an excellent show. Zombies, hot girls. Everything is so bright and colorful. Things move along and every season pushes the status quo until it ultimately ended in season 5. How many shows can you say really had a satisfying ending and not meander for 3-5 seasons too long and get cancelled before any plot actually resolves? About zero?

  • It’s Tinker Bell from Once Upon a Time! Lol.

  • izombie was weird yes but really great

  • Am I the only one who looked at his hand in 1:14

  • My name is liv but I'm not alive🤣

  • Gura is looking for of those 150 copies!

  • So Basically this is prototype 2 in a nutshell

  • can u do Attaway general

  • Aw, you didn't mention that on her arrest in Canada the Jane Doe said her name was Stefani Germanotta. :P When I first watched the show that cracked me up so much, because unlike the characters, I knew that name already.

  • They need to bring season four and five out on DVD is pissing me off I can’t buy them

  • The switch from video to sponsor.... Just amazing and perfect

  • I'm still surprised he never mentioned that perfect jaw line man's name is......Major.

  • Liv is the girl from a christmas prince. There's 3 of them, all poorly written & acted. Perfect for you.

  • This show had so much potential.... had it been mostly episodic with very occasional serialized plot devices. The concept SCREAMS for "monster of the week" crime drama.

  • Oh you're so lucky that you canot watch czech tv series. There is some that have like 2000 episodes. No its not a typo. Actually 2000. Its crazy. And the tv series is still going!

  • You know what's cool. She's called Liv Moore get it? Also Izombie and Lucifer are both from Vertigo Comics

  • 0:41 lmfao!!! After she said "Tell Dr. Jeffrey we're good here", and it cut to a different scene, I thought the hospital got under attacked. The red stripes on the windows made me think it was blood xD I was like oh dang! But na lol

  • Half telletubby??... I- cant

  • @AlexMeyer I'm not complaining but why is your character stuffing popcorn in is cheeks and I mean really packing them in there while watching the shows with his girlfriend or sister or who ever

  • I was very disappointed in this show because there were no Zombie Apple workers anywhere.

  • To be honest when I finally figured out that her name was Liv I couldn't stop laughing I mean it's kind of stupid but it's funny

  • I only watched the series because Liv used to be a yellow Power Ranger

  • No cap second time watching

  • Is this safe to watch for someone who hasn’t finished the show? (Almost to the final season) Are there spoilers?

  • This show takes goes absolutely wild for the last 3 seasons

  • For me the biggest sell of the show is easy, Liv on sexy librarian brains, but the second is the phenomenal banter. The dialog is just lightning fast and razor sharp, an absolute joy to listen to, just behind stuff like Justified and Psyche.

  • Will now I know where half my brain went to. 😀😅😂🤣

  • Quite wise words at the end about seriousness 👌

  • 1:14 oh no that hand doesn’t look right-

  • I luck of the Irish you should review

  • My wife tried to make me watch this with her. I watched two episodes and I just couldn’t anymore.. I just- I just couldn’t take it..

    • Really? I liked it a lot

  • This show is my favorite. I rewatched the whole Thing when season 5 came out and I cried

  • i knew it reminded me of something, i didn't realize it was veronica mars

  • Tried to get into this tv show but I ended up finding it weird

    • Have you watched Orphan Black? You will get hooked on it from the first episode!!

  • This guy cracks me up ima sub

  • I love this show

  • can you do the movie strange magic its on disney+

  • Can we please talk about what a great actress Rose McIver is!? 😍

  • (Laughs) Her name is Liv and she’s a Zombie?! Well yeah her name was Olivia Moore aka Liv Moore. That’s actually the ironic thing about it

  • It’s actually kinda a good plot, it’s the delivery of the story where it goes south

  • Have you done Live and Maddie

  • When I was little I watched Liv and Maddie And the weather man in Liv and Maddie is also named Jonny

  • She looks more like Emily deschanel’s sister than Zooey

  • This show was stupid. Buy im sure people knew it was stupid

  • how could yall do black widow like that

  • Eating brains and having visions is dump

  • 2:34 Jenny Humphrey is that you?

  • And then perfect-chin-and-jawline-man becomes a drug addict zombie murderer for a while so that’s um, pretty fun I’d say.

  • Quick tip for dashlane: for every device make a new email adress.

  • This show was one of the coolest things ever! Love the theme song LOL

  • Izombie is the best thing ever

  • By the end of the show it just got boring because it took itself to seriously.

  • As curious as I am about this show and how much I actually like zombie movies, I really really can't bring myself to watch Izombie 🙈the parts where she be eating brains as if they were instant ramen totally gross me out and I like instant ramen so yeah I can not.

  • Yeah why the hot sause Is it a ZOMBIE thing

  • Everybody has a chin asshole maybe your the weird one here

  • your under arrest for leaving walmart jail

  • Hi

  • Sooooooooooooooo.... How did the Zombie outbreak start?

  • MY NAME IS OLIVIA!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?AND MY BROTHER WAS BORN IN 2008!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Alex: speaking of a cychic zombie, talks about nothing that relates to that. Me: yup, that’s him

  • Is it weird that im in love with izombie😂