Teen Wolf was kinda dumb...

Publicado em 29 Set 2020
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    • Sorry for posting a pe pe😳

  • ayy the script is the same lol

  • I thought that this was the movie teen wolf from like to 90s

  • The one from 1985 is great tho

  • im in japan i saw it.

  • you are funny, do you have an animated channel for your amazing and funny character

  • ok so Ive heard of lacrosse ive never seen it I don't know the rules I mean is it a myth at this point

  • Jackson: "Where r u getting ur juice?" Scott: ~*terrified*~ "My mom buys all the groceries"

  • Teen wolf is amazing

  • One of my favorite shows.

  • I'm sorry to say this but my childhood was based off this show and still is, it slaps

  • Y'all keep joking about lacrosse but I applaud it for being one of the only indigenous/ Native American sports to make it into the main stream.

  • That hot Topic gift card thing felt targeted

  • I feel sad for Jackson 🥺😂

  • still my favorite show

  • I’m in the US and I was able to watch it.

  • Hey! It’s Roy Harper! 2:38

  • Ayo teen wolf is the bomb

  • Thanks for making me re-interested in this show ! Teen Wolf was my shizznet in 8th grade

  • Dylan o Brian deserves a marvel hero casting

  • You just offended by entire childhood

  • You ran over a dog u should freak out!!!!!!! What’s wrong with you?!!!

  • stiles is stiles, ok we get it but Peter Hale is a masterpiece imo

  • Ah, yes, lacrosse. The sport sent from hell. We play it at school and, like, half the school likes it. We also seem to be like one of ten schools to play it in GB

  • Oh wow I just read most of the comments and people actually watched this show 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • Sucking on capri sun like a weird butterfly having a stroke, hahahahaha

  • Excuse me!! Teen wolf is one of the best show ever created. My personal opinion by the way.

  • Bro you're the best , I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂

  • It's okay Alex you can say "very dumb"

  • :v

  • Stiles : The Moon will not only cause you to physically change but its also your bloodlust will be at its peek Scott : Bloodlust. Stiles : yeah your urge to kill Scott : Im already starting to feel an urge to kill Stiles. Alex : * pops in out of nowhere * HEHE FUNNY 7:59

  • I finished watching the last episode of teen wolf today. I'm pretty sad now. 😔😭 Edit: Scott and Stiles friendship were the heart of the show❤

  • -me reading the title- Bish I’m the biggest fan of Teen Wolf!Even tho ur mah favourite BRdownr!!!!!>:(

  • :me sees season 2 :me gone and gets haunted by the lizard

  • I watched the whole show I totally disagree with you every criticism you said about this show is weak I think this show was amazing especially season 3 one of the most special season in history well they disappointed me in season 6 but still this was one of the most entertaining shows back then in 2011 I watched on Netflix and I fell in love with it I even imagined my self as an we’re wolf fuck you with your criticism on this sexy hunky bar of a show

  • I’ve grown out of this show I think but I can definitely say *Season III is one of my most favorite seasons of tv!*

  • _tHe TiTlE oFfEndEd Me Af_

  • coach and stiles were my favorite characters from this entire series

  • Reasons I kept watching. Styles and Coach.

  • Is this your whole channel hating on everything?

  • 5:33 who says something like that

  • who else love that police dance

  • Hey Alex do you do reviews on horror movies?

  • Ah yes, the classic archetype, local tough guy with phallic issues. *wheezes*

  • Okay, but you literally stole the juice joke directly from the Scott/Jackson interaction instead of just letting the scene play for five more seconds. It feels like you're trying too hard to be funny/over the top and it's honestly exhausting lmao

  • Superman

  • Is anyone gonna talk about Alex’s voice is oddly soothing

  • The last thing I remember about this show is how his ex broke up with him because he was a werewolf, only to end up dating another guy that she knows is a werewolf, and then she died. I laughed about that for a good month 😂.

  • Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • I watched it bcz of stiles and three times bcz of him

  • Ur kinda dum

  • Teen wolf is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  • PEPPER SPRAY Yes! I love this channel

  • Ahh yes the ✨pepper spray✨

  • Teen Wolf doesn't even start till season 3. And that was so worth getting through the first two seasons..

  • Alex, I love your videos and please make a lot more you’re like the best

  • I really liked teen wolf

  • The fact that you left out the part where he gets bitten

  • Teen wolf is really good in my opinion

  • Man ion care, coach and stiles r my faves!!

  • I used to watch this as a 5 year old I was so mad they never had full transformation and then would watch underworld

  • funny i like teen wolf

  • On the episode where the bugs come if i were them i would get bug spray (Me)im inpenitrible!!

  • Bruhhh almost died choking when you said “hihi funny”

  • 0:10 I can understand why because teen wolf did not want to be objective negative. So I like to move it was a good show. And now you’re going to redo the video OK not a problem.

  • I’ve never been able to make myself watch this show because of toxic humans. But now that I watch this video, I still can’t make myself watch it. I want to watch it even less now. (No offense to people who like this sure, i understand that this is probably way better than the stuff I watch)

  • I’m scrolling through the comments and crying cause literally no one commented about Derek 😭

    • Hey, but you did! I really appreciated how his character developed throughout the show. I hope he got the calm, quiet life he deserved!

  • Hahahahaha “pepper spray.!” Hahaha I’m dying

  • fist tv show i’ve ever watched in Netflix man 😫 i used to LOVE IT

  • This is one of the best shows I have ever watched

  • i clicked on this video so fast cause ik this man ain’t about to roast my favorite show of all time 😤✋

  • Well when you put it like that i guess it makes no sense

  • Can you do a video on the next episode

  • 3:45 that actually happens in season 2 lmao

  • I'm convinced when he sees a great show that is doing or did well he just says it's dumb/bad just for clickbait. And when a show did bad or is bad he says it's good for the same reason

  • Wait I thought this was going to be the 1985 Teen Wolf. I was born in 2007 but man now I feel old.

  • Season 3 was the best you can't say otherwise.

  • I just now, JUST NOW noticed the BannanaPhone in the surfshark ad. boop boo de do be boop

  • stiles and coach carried the show and no one can change my mind✋

  • i frigging love teen wolf i hate you

  • Brrruuuhhhh, thats my entire reaction to this show. It's not awful, a solid 6/10 "turn your brain off" show. But man I want a good werewolf show. You now, where they're actually cursed and scary. Honesty, vampire diaries almost got it right surprisingly imo.

  • ok but watch season 3b and then we'll talk

  • Me seeing title: WHAT'D YOU SAY!?! WHAT'D YOU SAY!?!

  • The coach was better than every character

  • The actor who plays Stiles looks really familiar. Also, I hate to say it, but I actually might go back and try to watch this.

  • "Your mom's a monster." 😆

  • Teen Wolf was kinda sexist against men.

  • This channel is kinda dumb.....


  • This guy makes me choke on my lungs...🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣

  • Scott is white.

  • Do vampire diaries

  • Teen wolf is kinda dumb: Bruh you just upset a whole Fandom

  • i know you didn’t just talk trash about teen wolf.

  • Allison'a lafa eden... Anlayana

  • Allison: I freaked out like a girly girl and I’m not a girly girl Me: hmm do I smell *I’m not like other girls*

  • teen wolf was pretty good, i didnt see the last season but it didnt get any worse like most of these teen seires

  • Why was it blocked? I'm really curious

  • him sitting watching the clips with us, eating popcorn is literally iconic lol

  • I've been waiting so long to watch this video lol!! Teen wolf is one of my favorite shows.