movies and tv shows I CAN'T talk about...

Publicado em 2 Jul 2019
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Twilight Breaking Dawn doesn't make any sense...
Descendants doesn't make any sense...
The Perfect Date is kinda dumb...
Camp Rock doesn't make any sense...
Kim Possible is kinda dumb...
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  • thats why i like anime but not some of the comunity what 35 year old man child or child threatens someones life because they sead something mild about not likeing newer anime

  • How about nbc as bad as cbs?

  • Alex: you can't watch this in the US Me: *laughs for no literal reason*

  • Don’t do MHA aka BNHA bc trust me the fandom will send so many death threats. Like they send some for the creator to make their ship cannon. Like they are a whole different breed

  • There are INFINITE yt vids and channel, How do CBS watch all this and find it? And also, Why, like really its not really bad in using family-friendly pictures, PICTURES! Why CBS?

  • So Alex is afraid of anime kids?

  • Do liv and Maddie plz

  • Pls do agents of shield

  • 🙏

  • Alex:you cant watch this in the us me who can:what

  • Anime kids arent all bad!!...I wouldnt be hurt if you dised mha or fairy tail...nor would i send death threaths..thats just insane

  • Hi Alex do a reaction to Sister Sister

  • I love your videos and it always makes me happy in this very dark time

  • Can you do titanic?

  • I don’t get why people can’t post scenes. We know it’s [inset company’s name] and nobody is saying it’s not. So we should I just be able to use it.

  • Stan retaliations? What’s that?

  • You should review Song of the Sea, I loved that movie as a kid, and i still love it, but don't like destroy it, bc then I will be sad

  • Does this mean you can't do a video about 7th heaven?? Because that show is almost as cringe as Secret Life of American Teenager which was created by the same Brenda Hampton.

  • Alex:You can’t watch this is In the US Me:Laughs in Canadian

  • The best movie/show reactor

  • You probably won’t see this, but there is a BRdownr called dead meat who makes a notation at the beginning of the video. Maybe you could do that

  • Can you do kc undercover pls and I love your channel it makes laugh

  • alex: *makes a rude comment bout himself* audenice: wut? Me: leme teach u bout a consept called lamp shading!

  • “You can’t watch it in the US” Me: *grabs some tea and laughs in british*

  • 6:45 red flag 7:19 guy guy 9:37 idiot

  • Holy shit. Why do all of the crazy kids have to ruin it for reasonable people that like anime. Learn to take a fucking joke. I was originally going to say that I get what you're saying about how it wouldn't work quite as well as the live action shows, but I'd still watch it. I don't want to even suggest you take on the stress of dealing with a mass increase in psychos who can't take a joke though. Also, I'd say you have every right to complain and I appreciate this vid.

    • Yep, even some of the live action shows he does, sometimes it's just a fandom you were better off not touching. Some people just can't get past their obsession and just go nuts when you so much as suggest that X show is not the greatest thing on earth. They even send death threats because you dared to have a different opinion or pointed out that Y situation was kind of silly. Id rather he didnt do anime and cartoons though personally. He's not wrong about the cartoon thing. He did Gen:Lock at one point on a sponsored video and it's animated but not that cartoony, it still just didn't have the same visual distinction. While it was by no means difficult to differentiate, I can see how it would start to be more muddled if he did something 2D. (Gen:Lock is 3D animation doing a 2D style)

  • Gosh, anime copyright claims and companies are the WORST. At least with live shows it can be a simple claim. But Toho and friends are like BLOCK!!! The fan thing surprises me, though.


  • is there anyway you can do greys anatomy? it’s super long so idk if u wanna watch 16+ seasons but pls

  • I love the comparison between death threats and no death threats

  • Anime kids get so mad for no reason and it has not changed over time

  • You know i thought these were shows to bad to "review"

  • I would be fine with demon slayer review I would actually really like that also you can just draw a silly version of there head when you are talking about them

  • I dont have the time to scroll through 4k comments, but Im sure at least a thousand of the comments are weebs screaming over the way you drew Izuku Midoriya (ok, Im a weeb too and a huge mha fan myself, but Im not gonna go insane if somebody’s trying to make people laugh lol)

  • Alex: you can't watch it in USA Me: laughs in Pakistani while eating Briyani

  • Do Good Luck Charlie!! Pls

  • Alex : *sigh* avatar last air bender movie *sigh* Me : grabs popcorn

  • You can’t watch this in the US Me laughs in danish: HØJØHAHÆÆÆHÆHÅHÅHÅHØHØHHÆHÆ

  • how many times has he mentioned riverdale?

  • But like the last air bender live action plzplzplzplzplz we all accept that it’s horrible I’m desperate for yr jokes

  • I guess no avatar :(

  • Alex: They banned the video in US and all US related territories Americans: haha nordVPN go brrrrrrrrrrr

  • Me: Oh this is great. Also me: Kinda angry cause I like these shows but still understanding it’s just for fun. Still also me: I CAnT StAy MaD AT thIS GUy

  • I don't think u should make a video about anime, cause most of them are good only... Btw i really like ur channel and i really wish you make a video for Euphoria💕!

  • I'm Canadian, eh?

  • I really want you to watch this Disney Channel Show! It’s called “Best Friends Whenever” It’s about two time traveling best friends! I really want to see your reaction

  • you made me find TUA aka my favorite show ever

  • Question why haven't u done Harry Potter yet. Even if some of them are good.

  • Alex: Anime fans are nuts!!! Me after just watching an episode of anime: wow he just explained my life story in 4 words

  • Is it possible for you to do "Doctor Who" the new who? On Series 1 Episode 1 "Rose"? Or since it's a British show not let you? Can you please consider it, but if you can't I understand. Thank you.

  • Big time rush ?

  • pls talk about mean girls!!!

  • Do stranger things all the seasons

  • Alex can you do the teen beach 2 or another Disney movie

  • I lowkey want him to react to cruel intentions

  • Alex: "You can't watch this in the US" Me: *laughs in Uruguayan*

    • fat bitch i live really close to vienna i live in hollabrunn i know its a really crazy name😂 but vienna is really beautiful

    • @Hanjisbisexualbitch you're welcome! Are you from Vienna? Just curiosity kxmd I've seen pictures and it's beautiful

    • @fat bitch aww thanks

    • @Hanjisbisexualbitch That's very cool 😍

    • Me: laughs in Austria

  • Us webs need to rise up

  • The fuck I never thought anime lovers were that bad But I am not

  • Do a series of unfortunate events

  • Stop saying Alex-you can't watch this is America Me-laughs in so n, so Pls stop

  • If your outside of the US you can still watch it My German ass: my time to shine bish

  • "get a few laughs and go along" Me: watches alex meyers for hours at a time for weeks at a time.

  • Can you talk about Motherland: Fort Salem? It's a really good show. It's not on Netflix, but you can watch it free on


  • i love the way he cares about his channel unlike other youtubers nowadays

  • lol how chill are Netflix with their copy right policies since you almost make videos on all of their shows 😂😂 No doubt their content is pretty much borderline terrible 😂

  • I remember charmed me and my mom watched the remake and its afwul all the girls sleep with the first person they see

  • If he’ll had Netflix you think they’ll have Lucifer

  • I have a terrible suspicion that even if you used zero footage from the show, they would still copyright strike you.

  • I get the whole, "be passionate about what you care about" but sending death threats for people saying something negative about your passion? jeez take it down a notch. Like if someone says "Agents of Shield is total crap," sure I'd be upset, but I wouldn't go all "I'LL KILL YOU" at them...

    • You don't need other people's opinions to validate yours. If someone thinks something I like is garbage, I just shrug.

  • Viacom and CBS merged recently as ViacomCBS. So goodbye to making videos on Star Trek, Twin Peaks and the Sonic movie.

  • 3:07 well, it was adressed to alex myers, you're Alex *meyers* so technicially you could still have the video up

  • pls do avatar the last air bender it’s nickelodeon

  • il find where you live and i promise you il pay

  • wait what about girl meets world?

  • Good thing I’m Australian, and I don’t live in America where I can’t see some of your vids. 😋

  • When you say starting over at 150 thousand subs, while I'm over here trying to get to at least 50 subscribers 🤷🏾🙆🏾‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Do clueless

  • then do kdrama

  • Can you PLEASE do Anne with an E!!!

  • I hate how toxic the anime community has become😢

  • Him: you can’t watch it in the USA. Me: *laughs in Middle Eastern*

  • i'm glad that in india there are no bans like this

  • Alex: You can't watch this in the US Me: LAUGHS IN EUROPEAN!

  • I have just made a BRdown channel you first vid is on my channel plz just touch the profile pic btw I would hate copyright claims

  • Yeah, that's why I sometimes think "anime is so popular, maybe I'd like it too" or "kpop is on top now, maybe I should give it a chance" and then I think of how toxic those fandoms and armies or whatever are and I sure as hell don't want to become one of them

    • I literally saw them saying things so mean about not only the person who disagreed but about their family, I was in shock. I don't think it's healthy

  • You can't watch this in the US Me: laughs in Indian

  • "You can' watch this in the U.S." *laughs in lesbian*

  • .....there are a lot of anime I've action remakes that a lot of people hate.....especially die hard fans of the original......just saying

  • Can you plz do one of greys anatomy!

  • Please do greys anatomy if u can that would be AWESOME IF U CAN

  • Alex: you cant watch it in the US *me laughs in dutch*

  • Alex : You can't watch it in the USA Everyone:me laughing at ________ Me : (Still not in USA) cool,whatever

  • Alex: you cannot watch this in the us Me:laughs in Egyptian

  • Do the parent trap 1998

  • U should do Malibu rescue it's so stupid

  • Alex: You can't watch this in the US Me: laughs in german

  • He’s wondering if I’m having a few laughs... bruh I’m sittin here laughing with tears in my eyes with the jokes he pulls

  • i didnt know you hated every new anime

  • What about hocus locus?