why did everyone like One Tree Hill so much

Publicado em 30 Abr 2019
People have been asking me to take a look at One Tree Hill, and since Chad Michael Murray is in Riverdale now, I figured it would be a good time to finally give it a try ;)
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the new Pretty Little Liars is hilariously dumb...
The Perfect Date is kinda dumb...
why did everyone like Gilmore Girls so much
Camp Rock doesn't make any sense...
Kim Possible is kinda dumb...
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  • Because they had BROOKE DAVIS

  • 0:20 this image didn’t age well

  • "do you wanna be a bagle?" Well yeah I kinda do

  • No you didnt! 😳😖 OTH was good!

  • I was born in 2006 lol

  • I swear the title said "why did everyone act like On Tree Hill was good so much"

  • Do Black Lightning

  • Do Jessie!

  • The fact that he was treating his girlfriend as a prize to win is not only weird but disgusting a misogynistic. Women aren't objects you can just trade off like that and the fact that they completely normalized that only a few years ago is horrifying.

  • And now so many good shows are being cancelled.

  • 7:50 I’d honestly watch that

  • because it's the greatest teen drama of all time also... it's pretty obvious Alex Meyers hasn't seen the show after the pilot. One Tree Hill has an amazing storyline with an exception of the last two seasons. It's amazing and I can't stand listening to this blasphemy

  • It makes me feel like a baby I was born when he graduated 2006

  • Has no one noticed that's super mario world in the background of your commentary? 😜

  • "Leave your hometown ASAP" Best advice ever.

  • The best shows were the ones in which nothing happened. I mean, life happened and that was it. There was no need for any mystery or creepy things for the show to be a hit. Those shows were just great.

  • I’m currently watching this right now again. One Tree Hill got me crying for half of the time. It also teaches you a lesson believe it or not. I wanted to be Brooke Davis because She’s a strong independent person and she doesn’t need anybody to tell her what to feel. She take charge of her life. And also it cannot be illegal to leave your kid at home.

  • WTF is One Tree Hill?

  • Damn I forgot Nathan could walk early in this show lol

  • I'll answer your question: I don't wanna be anything other than what I've been tryna lately

  • it is the greatest show everrrr. like everrrr. I've learned so much from it , I found myself from the show only and its not a show its an emotion ( okay you will say dramatic nd stuff but really it is ) . And all the songs featured in the show are just so good and relatable and i just love everything and just everything about it

  • « And then we have lucas who would one day start his own cult.. but that’s a different conversation » i couldn’t stop laughing 😂😂😂

  • I wonder how many views the Vampire Tellutbue (spelled that wrong) show would get

  • Didn't they show get strangely religious really quickly? Just a thought. And why is basketball so important to the "dad". And why did my ex-girlfriend want me to watch this show.

  • like I'm a fan of the show and it helped me through a really hard time. However this really made me laugh, thanks 😂

  • You kinda sound like you have no idea what you’re on about .. 🙄 maybe you should actually watch it?

  • that suspension animation reminded me of avengers infinity war

  • Alex:Here we are in 2019¨World is on fire in the backround Me:Ha!It is gonna get so much worse!

  • I started watching the show bc of alex 😂

  • You had to have a big forehead to land a starring role in these shows

  • The teletubies - vampires story had me dead 😂

  • I really liked one tree hill. It was a fun show.

  • GARGOYLES REMAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That Lola Bunny tho.

  • How did 2 brunettes give birth to to a blonde blue eyed boy?

  • I've been watching your vids for a couple months now and I had no idea that you did one of my favorite shows!!!

  • I loved One Tree Hill because is was about life. Sure there was murder, stalkers, dead uncles coming back to help you out of a coma, psychotic nannies, and abductions (SOOOOO many abductions) but the bread and butter of the show was just people who were trying live their lives the best they knew how, and we got to watch all those lives unfold all those people develop. It was just reality... and that was really cool to me.

  • I don't remember much from the show, only that Chad Michael Murray was in it xD Funny thing is that in my language, the literal translation to the show was "The lonely tree on the hill" xD

  • Peyton-Serena Lucas-Nate Brooke-Blair Nathan-Chuck Haley-...

  • This was my teenage year TV show... I graduated 2008 so yes it was the show that I grew up with . ❤️❤️❤️ No regrets

  • Thank God Dean and Sam weren't teenagers in Supernatural

  • 0:20 They thought they had it bad in 2019 just wait until they see how bad 2020 is

  • i absolutely loved this show and i'm just a 12 year old who watches this show until i play roblox

  • Literally the best show, best soundtrack, great actors and great characters, good script, and they really do be playing with our emotions

  • 7:50 I died 💀

  • I watched it only because it had best looking men I've ever seen. When I was a teen.

  • I just got here and I'm already like: DON'T YOU DARE SAY BAD THINGS ABOUT ONE TREE HILL LOL

  • Tbh I love shows like one tree hill. It’s very similar to melrose place, 90210, 90210 the new version, Dawson’s creek. It has a warm real life feel to it. It deals with subjects most ppl deal with in everyday life. It’s so relatable and I find myself watching these shows all over again.

  • The same reason ppl loved melrose place and shows like 90210. Because its drama centered. It includes subjects such as relationships, sex, cheating, and believeble real life storylines that ppl relate to! Jackass Dan killed his brother. Lucas cheat with Peyton. Nathan had gambling issues. Add Rick Fox. Fighting brothers, girls fighting over boys And ppl love basketball. It was relatable

  • Anyone else wants to watch the TV show about Teletubbies vs vampires? Because I would totally watch it.

  • i was laughing in the last 3 minutes


  • One Tree Hill is WAY OF LIFE. It has love, friendship, family, music, books, quotes. What else can you expect from a show?

  • can we start a petition to make the remake

  • Oth is the best show ever created.

  • I adored this show. Still do.

  • The first season really appealed to me. I liked the basketball, sibling rivalry, and class struggle/underdog story. It was a great mix of sports drama/society piece. But soon basketball became less and less of a focus with romantic drama/love triangles taking over. LOL

  • now to do Dawson's Creek next :)

  • "There's no real story", "it's just characters going through life", "nothing really happens"? Nahh I disagree. If you want lots of shit to go down in under 2 hours, watch a movie. I think most shows are about ' the characters going through life", just the setting changes. To me that's the whole appeal of a show.

  • I still like it. Watch it all the time

  • Who even gives the time of day to trash talk OTH. It was one of the best shows where all characters actually had character development all throughout the series. It was relatable too on many levels, obviously it's not perfect but it's a good show. The soundtracks were amazing too.

  • nah this aint it, i am legally blind to any criticism on one tree hill

  • This show went from teenage drama to true crime XD. Like the last two seasons and such. There were a lot of murders and a few kidnappings XDD. AND A CRAZY NANNY!

  • Is OTH worth binge watching now in lockdown??? Even though it's a really old one I don't mind actually...

    • @Chinmayee Kudalkar Sounds good!

    • It definitely is !! Like you get extremely attached to the characters and it is a roller coaster of emotions. I binged watched it this lockdown and I don’t regret watching it .You can watch it on prime video I guess

  • This dude sucks, knows nothing about tv shows, dont ever diss one tree hill like this ever again

  • i literally just realized that chad michael murray played edgar evernever in riverdale...

  • "One day 5000 years ago, the telly tubbies took a vampire baby and threw it to the friggin sun" deadddd 😂😂😂😂

  • Omg, yes gargoyles!!! ❤❤❤

  • 2020?

  • It was the intro song by Gavin DeGraw "I don't wanna be" that was the draw.😋

  • This show was so corny. I tried watching it, but after season 2 I couldn’t take it any more.

  • *me watching the end card* aha, If you think TEEN romance has evolved a lot with having to have these kinds of stories, you should watch some animated kids shows!

  • This is the most ignorant fucking video I have seen in ages. There’s actually so much more to it than you covered it made it 9 years because it’s absolute gold. It covers a lot of issues like racism, homophobia, self development, school shootings, depression, resilience and fortitude. It jumps ahead 4 years after high school where it’s then the adult years where you see much more again. Nathan actually becomes an amazing husband, father and brother. You see some of the best character development I’ve ever seen. But you would get that if you reviewed the show in its entirety instead of one fucking episode. Honestly this video is complete bull shit.

  • you a fuccin foo Alex! haaaaa! lmao you right tho. you know your shit

  • But what about the tree on the hill??

  • Turns around and gives the weirdest answer * goldfish ad beings to play “Prepare to be amazed”

  • "early 2000s were a heck of a time." How would you know? You were inside watching Space Jam...

  • “And then threw it into the frickin SUN!” Had me dying 😂

  • To say that "nothing ever happened" in older shows is a bit disingenuous. There were storylines about (stalking, murder, kane/able, sexual assault, school shootings, drunk driving....)

  • Lola Bunny. 🐇🐰 Wait....what???

  • This show is absolutely amazing. I hope it becomes popular again, I reccomend it to everyone who is young

  • It's one of my favorite series 💕

  • Oth plot was the best and realistic I ever saw ❤️

  • Alex should win an Oscar: 'Oh good heavens! Can you believe they put this on television?!' Mhhh, that posh voice, the clothing, THE FAN. Geez, true art, and talent. KUDOS

  • Your idiot yo don’t love anything

  • Literally watched the entire thing last year, loved it

  • The later seasons tho 🤢

  • my friend stole a school bus, except he got arrested

  • I got all the love in the world for you Alex Meyers, I watch all of your videos and value your opinion on shows when I'm thinking of watching one you've reviewed. That said, I'm a lil perturbed by your love of female animal characters, Lola Bunny, Roxanne from Goofy Movie, tell me your thoughts on Zootopia

  • the coach looks like king pin

  • I was and still is addicted to One Tree Hill. It is a good teenage drama. You can't judge a series by the plot episode. You need to watch at least till the tenth episode. It is really good. My sisters and I have a lot of inside jokes and laught till we had tears watching the series.

  • can we all get into an agreement that Peyton is the worst main character??? besides Dan of course

    • yes...and it sucks bc we have the same name😂

  • 6:01 The real question is where does she sleep? I mean she can go walk out of her castle and piss into the snow or off the cliff...but sleep? Idk how comfortable a ice bed is and there really isn’t any village nearby to buy blankets (maybe she doesn’t need this bc she’s an ice queen so does she even get cold? prob not), a pillow, a mattress, and a bed frame. There are trees around but what materials will she use to keep it all together and does she even have any wood working skills. Don’t even start on food....

  • The girls from this show really found themselves some Winchesters... How does one Rachel? Actually no, how does one DANNEEL

  • 1:52! when i tell you i choked on my food and spat out my drink! I was not expecting that but i LOVE IT!

  • He should do the Percy Jackson movies

  • I’m on season 2 and I hate Hayley

  • I fuckin loved this show 😂😭 up until i watched so much i was like fuxk ot n started skippin hella episodes 😂😂😂

  • Because the show was really good back then 👍👍👌

  • Every show I've watched from the late 90s early 2000s have a club where they have singers guest star. I miss that.