Lemonade Mouth is kinda dumb...

Publicado em 5 Nov 2019
Lemonade Mouth Disney Channel Movie Reaction
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  • Me: imagine getting payed for watching tv shows and films Alex meyers:

  • 💙💙💙💙💙

  • The principal eats pieces of shit for breakfast

  • 7:24 When the girl on the crush on says your a friend

  • He better not roast any other teen movie again

  • I remember this movie 😔😔😔

  • can you do code lyoko or wolfblood


  • Why does Mo look like a demilio

  • Lemonade mouth is absolutely in my top 3 movies

  • i think stella's conflict wasn't well explained in the movie. In the book, she's being constantly compared to her family (as everyone is very smart) and she has no self esteem and confidence because of a iq test she took (her iq was 82, if i'm not mistaken). at the end of the book, she gets diagnosed with a learning disability and things make more sense. i wish they would've kept this. also, charlie's brother is dead in the book. he keeps having these conversations in his head with his dead brother. it's really weird lol

  • I love your BRdown channel

  • I find it...strange that I, a 34-year-old who hates anything relating to children, am getting bombarded by ads for "fAshiOn dOllS" and Frozen II diapers.

  • 6:47 prob my favorite scene

  • 13:02 you dont even know

  • principle in this school vs the "We can be heroes " president huh the same

  • moe is in power rangers 2017

  • can you do a face reavel

    • @WilliamNator ohh isee now

    • Check his first few videos

  • 6:45 is truly a cinematic masterpiece A virtual triumph of the human spirit, if you will

  • Stella was the pink Power Ranger actor in 2006.

  • My friends in Roblox usually call me Mel for short And that says ”MEL’S” HOLY MOTHER OF GOD I AM THE CHOSEN ONE

  • Stella: "Don't let your school choose what you wear"( or something like that) Bassically everyone who went to school in Europe and some countries outside o: "First time?"

  • Bro when you're in the principle office and need to pee so you raise you hands and then they say no and get mad at you for peeing your pants

  • Okay, so, you missed the point of Olivia getting in trouble but the real reason she got in trouble is even dumber than "she was reading a book." Because she had /skipped class/ to /read a book in the janitors closet/

  • Stella was the type of girl the annoyed me to death in highschool

  • Mo's boyfriend has a nice jackson dinky

  • You say hey I say halo

  • Olivia gets detention just bc she red a book wowwwwwwww!

  • Olivia gets

  • In a parallel universe .... Charlie : i like you Mo Mo : ATCHA!! *sneeze* Charlie : huh ...

  • I wasn’t expecting him to pull a “Morris L Tibbs”😂😂😂Only real ones know....I watched all 3 seasons on Disney+😶😶😶

  • Your videos are the best I'm watching all the old ones I've missed

  • Did nobody notice how weird the hairstyles are? Like I mean, I know they are trying but still, they should at least try.

  • The fact it's a decade old is weird to me

  • its kinda like the breakfast club except they're not in detention the whole time and its a crappy musical

  • The teacher: 'we're gonna make a music room' me if I was in this movies detention: 'wheres the no button'

  • Ok what why bruh 🤔

  • 2:18 Tag yourself, I'm the guy screaming "Aww, just sit down!" angrily

  • fun fact if you haven’t seen the movie: the same girl who stars in good luck charlie is in this, and the girl in aladdian

  • React to Greys Anatomy!!!

  • fuck man Alex is funny

  • Charlie was actually 13 filming this

  • Do freaky friday please

  • im glad i have never seen this movie

  • “You have any idea how many times I look at my yearbook? Never!” -Me, literally using my yearbook with my mousepad for my laptop but never opens it.

  • Do nightmare before christman

  • Can you do stranger things please?

  • Does anyone think its ironic that most Disney channel movies deal with themes of standing up to authority for what you believe in, yet the company fires anyone who doesn't abide by the public standard of prefect 12 year old at 17

  • u should do radio rebal

  • WhErE tHe StArS aLiGn chill it’s lemonade

  • 2:30 if someone was like this at my old school everyone would just be "STFU, none of us want to be here, just sit the f down so we can get this over with"

  • This is by far my favorite review you’ve done

  • Anyone notice the zombies floor

  • 😂🤣😂🤣🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪👍👍👍👍👍

  • Remember when Disney had good shows

  • Stella looks like gloom change my mind

  • Alex: im so exited for 2020 me: ok 8 more days to 2021 THIS WAS THE WORST YEAR EVER !

  • You should do daybreak on netflix

  • Alex, i really like your content but bro, you gotta stop animating the characters as if they were dumb and not really looking into it. Then you clickbait everyone even though the movie is okay, I am saying cuz u are just narrating the thing. This just ruins it man. I used to like ur content but now I don't feel so after seeing your entire series on these Disney movies. I mean some are actually dumb like camp rock, because there is an actually problem in there, but here u are just labelling it to bebad for the sake of ur views. IDK, either u clear things up or stop. Like if u also think so, dislike if u dont.

    • Shut up idiot its his channel his opinion HIS ANIMATION you would not know how hard animation is if you dont like it DONT WATCH IT

  • Didn't know lemonade mouth was a thing or existed lol

  • Hello future me.

  • this is like breakfast club but Disney musical style

  • He was talking about Disney and I got a Disney plus ad I-

  • Please react to AUSTIN & ALLY

  • That dude named Charlie (lol) is the rumoured long last 3rd DeMelio.

  • omg Klaus is so good watch it

  • have you heard of the BRdownr sketch? ALEX SOUNDS LIKE SKETCH!

  • Can you react to the princess switch on Netflix

  • whats funny is that the princaple was right the whole time

  • holy shit they added sniper's piss into a movie holy fuck

  • pls do tangled the series on disney plus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • u should do tangled the series on disney plus!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Do a video of SpongeBob please.

  • Totally random but one time I got in a fight with a kid and we didn't even get detention so like how did Olivia get detention for reading a book?!? The teacher even knew about the fight she only said "HeY MaYbE YoU ShOuLd StOp"

  • "i feel like this year was like 10 years long, but also like 10 minutes" Oh past alex.... you have no idea.....

  • Do how to build a better boy

  • Ray: ( hates the band) Also Ray: helps them with a band name

  • seriously here shirt is question authority although now that i think about that people do that to trump or biden

  • Can you make a video about Jessie the Disney channel show or any other Disney Channel show AND DON’T SAY ANYTHING BAD ABOUT THEM!!!!!!😀😀thank you

  • can we discuss how that movie in one of the few golden disney type and how their soundtrack was a banger?

  • As someone not from the US wtf is the deal with detention I mean honestly do parents just leave their kids at school on a Saturday or 3 hours after school is finished or whatever tf they actually do or is it just movie shit

  • its almost 2020 my gosh RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN ALEX

  • I recognize a lot of these actors. They're babies here though. 😂 Actually does look like a halfway decent movie though. Another great video Alex.

  • “it’s almost 2020” but he never knew how bad this year would be

  • Alex: Disney Channel can make some pretty alright stuff now. *ad plays* Disney plus ad: ThUPa PowWAA. Come BE THUPER!!!

  • Is no one gonna talk about how thats THE hayley kiyoko??

  • You should do "Claus" Just and idea

  • watching this in Dec 2020 and I feel like 2019 was 20 years ago

  • 12:57 you're watching this now in December 2020 wondering how the hell it's almost 2021

  • Mo, darling, this guy is like a living red flag

  • This is my child hood movie

  • Wait a minute you're telling me mo got back with the cheating boyfriend and rejected that Chad from dog with a blog

  • 2:18 anyone hear that guy that said aww sit down I don't remember that when I watched the movie when it aired and why are they clapping for Stella I mean they didn't know she got in trouble that morning so why are they clapping and I love how that guy that sit down was like that shirt is ugly fuck your shirt it's ugly shade red

  • wait, did anybody realize that Mo is Jasmine in the new Aladdin movie?

  • ''He cant tell you what to wear!'' ummm, its called a dress code, honey

  • When I was in high school and I got detention, I thought this is how I’d start a band Well I was wrong

  • Watch one of the Barbie movies they suck I wanna see ur reaction

  • Ooooohhhhhh Alex should do RAGS or Let it Shine🤔

  • Know that I realize it you only talk about what the story is about not why its actually dumb or that they all pressed the same button when getting lemonaid ~(t^t)~

  • Do the movie clous