Fifty Shades Freed is the worst movie I've ever seen

Publicado em 16 Set 2020
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  • It's not a bad movie, just a boring one with no reasoning or point.

  • HOW ARE YOU SO HILARIOUS!! hahaha thank you for your videos!!

  • are the straights ok : the movie

  • Where do I put my Yu-Gi-Oh cards?!!

  • Me a girl who doesn’t want kids ever doesn’t really wanna get married doesn’t like s€x or anything to do with it and I also have more ambition than f ing Thanos for Christ’s sake and wanna be an actor/singer in New York going to Juilliard then become rich and famous with a huge penthouse :D Am I to ambitious? I don’t think so but oh well

    • Wtf this was supposed to relate to fifty shades of freed- but it didn’t I- *sigh*


  • The punching animation made me LOL 😂

  • How tf did these actors agree to be in this film?

  • Her: stop talking to my husband like I’m not here WAM sales lady: Ana- Her: you can call me mrs. grey. WHAM her: so keep your hands to yourself KO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Her body guard is Nolan from Pretty Little Liars?! So that’s where’s he’s been?!

  • "The truest of true loves" -Alex Meyers -Should of have been Snow white or some sh!t 😂😂😂❤

  • Billionaire things= buying a random mansion, buying cars, buying a goshdarn company to fire one dude, being ok with a helicopter crashing, ect

  • i thought i clicked on a game grumps video wth

  • Hearing the word birth control freaks me out... I have to get my implanon out in 5 months. And I'm sort of freaking out here, it lasts 3 years, I don't want to get another one put in cause I've heard if you use one right after the other it could mess up your cycles and make you never have a period again, and high blood pressure runs in my family and I have elevated blood pressure so I can't take the pills. So the only thing me and my boyfriend of (two years) can really do is rely on condoms. I have been really emotional about it lately, I also think he's gonna purpose to me soon freaking out about that a little too, just don't think I'm ready yet. I'm only 20 years old, not ready to have kids or move out or anything like that. My boyfriend has never told me he was ready to move out or anything this is the first time in 2 years that he's even mentioned the wanting to move out. I'm glad he feels he is ready to take that next step but I think I'm just not ready to be on my own yet or to make any life changing decisions yet. It's hard to believe all these girls I went to school with are getting pregnant and getting married and living on their own. Me I'm just still hiding under my parents rock, I have a full time job just not ready to move yet or make any grown up decisions.. can anyone give me some advice... My mom says the only way to get out there and get used to being on your own is to just do it and then you will catch on to what's going on. My boyfriend pays bills and stuff so he knows how to do all that, I'm sure he can help me, just not sure how to take the next step. If someone has any advice that would be wonderful thank you. ☺️❤️

  • To be fair, I think being angry at her for forgetting her birth control is pretty reasonable. Especially given how much they... passionately hug, and that whole big “not thrilled to have kids” talk that they had, for some reason, AFTER they got married. 🤷🏻‍♀️ She didn’t forget to get his mom a birthday present, ok? She forgot to take the thing that keeps them from having a very expensive, very time consuming, MINIMUM 18 year commitment. The whole ex- girlfriend thing is obviously a different story.

  • 5:16🤣

  • could this be any more dramatic?

  • 6:47 My female BFF confessedme that she took pictures of me (movie night)and her boyfriend sleeping So yeah, not only guys do that lol

  • god this entire movie is a red flag and why does she only talk in whispers?

  • 4:22 😂😂

  • This is a thousand times better than watching the actual movie and I’m here for it

  • The “big ol’ red flag” band kills me every time😂

  • Christian bought the company when he heard she got a job there tho lol

  • PLEASE make a red flag compilation that shiz SENDS ME

  • the most unrealistic thing in this entire movie is literally this movie exists

  • When your job is basically watching tv...

  • Alex wondering how does Fifty shades of grey,darker,and freed became box office and earned billions of money. My answer: well, because of their "Devil's tango" that every horny loves

  • I haven’t even watched the movies but this acting his horrible. It’s very much giving me lifetime movie

  • God i tought i was the only one ...

  • Wait there’s a third one?

  • I agree this movie is so stupid! I saw it and I was like.. This is so stupid and it makes no scenes to me..

  • *4:42**-**4:45* Alex X Anastatia The remix 😄😆

  • Holy shit Jack's voice gives me goosebumps...

  • 4:24 lmao Christian's face just made my whole year

  • the architect lady looks shockingly like ivanka trump

  • I love how Jamie Dornan (Christian) just gave up trying to do an American accent.

  • Jesus is our lord and savior

  • It. Is. Partly. Your. Fault. She. Is. Preggo. If. You. Don’t. Want. A. Kid. Use. Ducking. Protection!

  • 500 years ago

  • Christan and Anna: has sex multiple of times Anna: gets pregnant Christan: gets mad and spends the night with the woman who took advantage of him when he was a minor Logic right here boys

  • By the way im not all caught up lol ! Still love ur vids Alex ! 👏

  • OMG I GOT IT Anastasia is _color blind_ THAT'S why she can't see all the red flags

  • Omg I died laughing at the Walmart veil!!!


  • Mr. Grey *Meyers* your videos make me laugh every 20 seconds and I don’t have a weak sense of humor. Job well done 🤪🤪

  • 7:16 her bodyguard is way hotter than her husband hehehee.

  • That vacation spot looked a bit like Cinque-Terre

  • *Best movie summary you've ever done!* 👏👏👏


  • Alex: Why am I watching 50 Shades Freed??! Me: For my entertainment. So I can laugh at the movie without having to watch it myself😏😂

  • Was this shit made on lifetime?

  • You notice she never said for richer or poorer in her wedding valses

  • There's less then 7 hours of movies!!! WHY would you have 80 hours of video to edit?! I like your videos. SOME things can be funny. But the bitching, moaning, cry me a fucking river , send me a WAAAAHmbulance at the end of EVERYone. Turns me right off. "Oh its too much." "Oh I animated too much this time" Christ. SKIP!

  • Who doesn't have the kids talk until after they're married? Lololololol.

  • killing stalking 2: rising from the ashes.

  • Beginner: Regular: Noice: Some ad from your country Kinder: An ad with you in it

  • Anytime I notice any real red flag in anyone I meet....The alex Mayer's red flag band charges in my head.

  • You know what a good way to mess up your entire body is? Get pregnant.

  • So this whole franchise boils down to ; Weird flirting> creepy ass situation> Anna not seeing giant red flags> kinky scene> chessy dialogue > sad montage> romantic montage Repeat

  • How is no one accusing the writer of those books of promoting misogyny is beyond me...

  • Christian is no one when SWAYER (Ana's bodyguard) is there 😍

  • But they casted the person with the right voice for the ex-boss. xD

  • 69k likes- n i c e

  • I have watched both this video and the movie before and I'm here again and I don't recall anything that goes on in both.

  • This man could summarise 2020

  • 2:22 the shopping bag got me. Love the content bro

    • “Which one of us gets the second player mad cats controller” I’m dying

  • Im just waiting for fifty shades of child, and its about their kid growing up to be a traumatized child with anger problems or something because of his parents and idk but hey, maybe one day it’ll happen :)

  • Alex's whole thing on the pregnancy part is amazinggg. If my husband reacted like that we would be taking a hugeeee break, who the hell reacts like that???!!

  • I commend you for watching all of them I didn't make it but your video series enlighten me lol

  • Why are they always watching the girl sleep? Why don't they ever sit there looking out at the killer views those windows offer? Definitely need to sort out their priorites

  • How many times he said NoThInG ? O.o

  • Why am i watching this instead of online school?

  • Where did you watch it

  • and to think, I really thought romance novels like these were gold...🤣

  • Is horrible how movies show toxic remationships as desirable. Great video!


  • The ‘I’m in my 30’s and this is my life now’ moment wow yeah

  • The movie can't decide what genre it wants to be

  • I just watched all three movies in a row with my husband and I swear it was like we were watching comedy movies 😂 we couldn’t stop laughing lol

  • Could someone please tell me what people enjoy about these "Fifty Shades" movies? Christian and Ana have one of the most unhealthy "supposedly romantic movie relationships" I've ever seen put to screen.

  • I absolutely adore your vids Alex! Lol! U never ever disappoint in the making me laugh department of my brain. Thank u for making these vids😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 You're awesome!

  • so they can see what the yuck is going

  • If they are both under the impression that she's on birth control and she stops without telling him (IDK how you forget something that important, she's getting a shot every couple of months, it's not the daily pill, which I could understand) then at least some annoyance is to be RIGHTFULLY, expected from him. She had 1 job, make a doctor's appointment to re-up. But yeah, discuss this shit before getting married, shit, before moving in together lol

  • Idk why but this strange movie is like really shades of grey cuzzz this movie is like sad and R rates crap so these movies are like cringie

  • “Big o’l red flag” is my new motto

  • Oh God why are these actors sooooooooooooo bad? I`ts like watching a highschool theatre club.

  • How could she tell it was Jack from a grainy camera of a poorly lit hallway while he’s under a hat, casting shade on his face?? Can we talk about Anna’s zoom and enhance super powers?

  • I just watched 5 mins of the movie for Arielle Kebbel

  • "you forgot your shot?" well you forgot to wrap it up How dare you blame her like you have no control over it whatsoever

  • Holy shit, only watching these clips makes me uncomfortable from the inside. Can't imagine how sitting through the whole movie feels like.

  • Fifty shades of wut

  • I really don’t want a child growing up with Christian as their dad

  • Why would you write a stalker/crime plotline in a 50 shades book?

  • Any TVD fans watch this movie just for Lexi or is it just me??? 😀

  • They both need help


  • This stupid movies and books are going to age with the years soooooo bad that the actual author will come out to say it was the fault of her publishers and the public for liking that crap she wrote. Just wait a few years 😂

  • You think Fifty shades series is dumb, go watch 365 days, but don’t do that actually, for your own sanity, Don’t watch it, not even the trailer or the clips, it is basically 50 shades but worse

  • The movie is cringy as heeeeeelllllllllll

  • 50 shades literally makes me want to puke....