Batwoman is a weird show...

Publicado em 13 Nov 2019
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iZombie was a weird show...
why did everyone like Veronica Mars so much
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a weird show...
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    • Constantine is weird show?


    • Have you checked out Titans yet??

    • @Fan Dike BRdown is drunk again🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Anyone else get a batwoman ad on this video

  • 5:43, ah yes, the bat crossbow. Everyone’s favorite non lethal crime fighting weapon.

  • TECH! I found Alice!

  • do a meme

  • Alice!!!??? Like Alice in Wonderland!!! Are these universes crossed now???

  • you should do the moive girl flu it is good but has some plot holes

  • I saw doug in the beginning of the video in the book. anyone else recognized the show or am I just really old?

  • Super dumb show.. woman is a batwoman... really?!! Why?! Batman is like one of the best movies and they just ruined it with their stupid feminism, or whatever =( And I am a female!

  • Also... What's going on with her voice ? I feel like she's trying purposely to make her voice sounds deep. I can't take her seriously🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭

  • I love the Batwoman comics and her as a character, but this show sucks.

  • Damn women have it bad. These movies suck

  • :)

  • You don't want to see what happened to the girl who read animal farm. So.. me....... I mean I'm weird but I don't think I'm that bad....

  • Idk man that was kinda sexist when she said the suit will be perfection once it fits a woman so what the original Batman suit was not perfection?

  • Kate: "I thought he abandoned Gotham... because he didn't care." Me, a comic time-line nerd: (Knowing full well that Bats is, most likely, being hypnotized or currently MAKING Damian) SHUT UP KATE KANE! That is your Cousin and he is BUSY! x-D

  • I just love sometimes being the comic book fan that I am then I see these shows and everything is so obvious to me and then a non-comic fan sees it and is just so amazed at the twists and turns... and I'm just like "Um yeah. Alice is right out of the comics and this is a spot on portrayal of her." I mean, Alice being Beth I knew the second I saw previews that Alice was going to be the archvillain of the show. Batman has The Joker, and Batwoman has Alice.

    • Yeah, isn't it funny how obvious things are when you literally know what's going to happen and aren't having to figure it out as you go?

  • Kim Possible was a good show.

  • Lol while watching this I was playing Batman arkem night

  • Can you PLEASE make a video about Batman & Robin?

  • Hell comes to Gotham city

  • Yea this show sucks

  • I'm tired of the whole every boy superhero has to have a girl version... i never see a boy version of a girl character. I'm not saying it's bad I'm just kind of tired of it.

  • Worst TV show ever jeez, it's a joke

  • review black lightning

  • okay but how is no one talking about the face thing? they cut off peoples faces in the show!! This really needs a part two where someone looks into that - THEY FRICKING CUT OFF PEOPLES FACES AND TRY TO STICK IT ON A GUY!

  • If you want to promote a strong female character, best not to make her an asshole that puts men down while she hasn't achieved anything yet. Rather allow the character to grow, overcome challenges and earn the respect and admiration of the audience. A sexist character is ugly whichever way you fling it.

  • i feel like a big problem with a lot of these girl power shows/movies is that they focus way too much on women as a whole, and less on _their_ woman. it's just blatant pandering. like if you want to tackle issues that all or a large portion of women face, i'm all for that--but stories are best told when you focus on one person's experience, and have the audience connect with one person (or a handful of people). it's much more effective, and you can actually outline and depict comprehensibly what the issue is you want to discuss. like the line "it will be. when it fits a woman" makes no sense. it's not a problem women face or a solution to a problem women face, it's not raising awareness, it's not a line to invoke thought or discussion, and though i know that's a lot to put on one line of dialogue, it's just empty and meaningless shit thrown at us that pretends like it's really doing something. there's also the issue of them just saying dumb stuff that's vaguely about sexism but is much too broad to get a point across and doesn't even have any traction or makes sense in the scenario. (side note: show, don't tell. if you want to talk about sexism, show us why it's a bad thing and how it's present in lives, and show us why feminism is necessary and what we can do about it. it's just weird, like what are they trying to accomplish?)

  • Love how she doesn't even introduce him as her husband. He has to say it himself.

  • 👨🏾‍💻DC fucks up everything when they try to make it a show

  • Was that twilight clips in the movie thing lol

  • Batwoman makes me a little mad because they act like "this is a strong character and look she's a woman, LOOK SHE'S A WOMAN!!" Like there are strong female characters that are written greatly because they don't do, well, that. They are more nonchalant about them being a woman and they make them a well written character. For example: Abby and Cynthia from great pretender.

  • I think she looks pretty 🤷‍♀️ at first I wanted to say, hey that's not nice to hate on her looks like that but then I remember that she's not a real person and the writers made her that way to portrait a special type.

  • Modern shows try way too hard to make women powerful. Just makes the show cringey.


  • I always feel attacked when he mentions brooding to simple plan x'D

  • It sucked Glad they cancelled it

  • Wasnt one of the superheroes lessons was you cant save everyone, so shouldn't batman just kept going? I dont know this bothers me so

  • This is why a college degree in writing is overrated. 🤨

  • You should do daybreak on netflix

  • The show is 🗑

  • Hold up they have a show for batwoman put they don't have a batman show 😑

  • "Cousin" 🤨 Oh yeah, because Batgirl was never Barbara Gordon, the one that got shot and paralyzed by the joker, forcing her to quit being Batgirl and become the Oracle, the hacking genius. what do we ask for? consistency and character development?.

    • Batgirl and batwoman are 2 completely different characters in the comics

  • 5:54 I think my soul died.

  • Batwoman had a much better backstory in Batman: Bad Blood. She, her sister, and her mother were kidnapped by terrorists and held for ransom. Her father managed to save her but her sister and her mother were killed in the progress. This stayed with Kate and caused her to want to never be made a victim to the animals out there, but it wasn’t until Batman saved her from an assault that caused her to become Batwoman. He pissed her off, but she wouldn’t be who she is without him.

  • Kate's dad's actor looks to be the only thing in this show that doesn't suck.

  • Season 2 trailer is erm lol

  • I mean, batwoman isn't really that good of a character in the comics to begin with. Like, her entire personality is "I'm a lesbian and a feminist, I fight crime and mock all the men" kind of thing, and I've never really seen anything actually GOOD about her character, personality or anything. All she has going for her is being related to Batman. I'm not really surprised that this show failed, because it's such a perfect adaptation of her character

  • Shouldnt it say, batwoman is a bad show

  • 6:38 animal farm

  • i kind of wanna live in gotham 😅😅

  • Wow this just felt like an attack i personally like batwoman and yall just hating now i dont mind the video i mind the comments yall just basically attack everyone that likes the show

  • Why does batwoman have the haircut of every middle school football kid ever

  • WHO.WROTE.THIS. $&@!

  • The acting in this show is horrible

  • 6:40 .....Animal Farm is my favorite book

  • Which batwoman version was this one again? It's not that one mute, Cassandra. Right?

  • Did she say, "Why is a raven like a writing desk?" Also, Oh my God that costume looked terrible. lmao

  • That’s an interesting way for the show to portray the old Native American guy in the beginning. One may call it racist

  • Batwoman looks like a Karen

  • I think the biggest issue with the CW's more inclusive shows is that their message is just so blatant and they don't shut up about it. Like everyone was on board with a batwoman but when you make being a woman her main thing it gets old. For people who enjoy it, that's great, but not for me. Also the blatant sexism against men is a big turn-off. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  • Let me just say if you had a child that kid would be the most hilarious person ever hahaha

  • Strong female character = a character who looks and acts like a typical dude but has a vag. Got it 👌🏽

  • "This suit is literal perfection" was an actual line in a show!? 5:51

    • still a better line, than the one that followed immediately after, but yes it's a real line

  • "Everyone loves batwoman" From what I've heard everyone hates this show but ok

  • Love it! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeese do Harry Potter!?! :)

  • It will be, when it fits a woman” Never sounded right. I watched the entire season and all I know about the main character and what she’s like is that she’s a lesbian woman who lost her mom and sister and is still kinda hung up over her ex. She might as well have been a robot cuz she’s so bland and boring. Like it came to a point where whenever she would do anything human that showed a slight bit of character, I’d immediately notice it . And also an obvious and much noticed issue with this show is that they’re forcing the whole feminism thing. Being a strong female isn’t a personality trait and they force it so much it gets annoying. Instead of constantly going on and on about how strong she is and trying to shove that down our throats, they could’ve just shown us that she’s strong and that faith that the people watching had enough brain cells to get that. No one in real life who is a strong woman acts like this so it’s just confusing how they think that this would come off as normal. This show is dumb and all I got from it is that Alice tries too hard,Mary is smart but also dumber than a child at times, Kate should really get over Sophie and use her common sense a little bit and not be impulsive and stupid and Luke felt like a wannabe Curtis Holt (from arrow) and I prefer Curtis.

  • BRdown is down 😭😭😭😭 I was almost done watching the video😩😩

  • "The suit is perfect." "It will be, once it fits me." Would have made it remarkably better and less pandering at the least.

  • Do marvel shows Daredevil and all..

  • If you want good female characters that aren't shallow or perfect you should watch Motherland Fort Salem

  • My god Batwoman is the most boring superhero on Arrow! Like she talked like she just wants to curl up in a ball and die!

  • If it's a women O_o

  • "How much everyone loves Batwoman." Uh. Like fucking WHO? This show was so garbage, even the lead quit.

  • If you're like me...that's rough. Lol I say something like that when people talk about look a likes, especially if she looks like me, that poor woman. Lol

  • wow dude, please learn to talk properly. your endcards are always so LIKKE LIKE LIKE LIKE infested. 10:42 "this like really like fit like almost like kinda like really ....." REALLY?

  • PREDICTION: Alice is Kate’s mother Batman never left and that’s about it. I think Batman is under cover or he is captured ( or maybe he is on the moon like Umbrella academy I seriously doubt that though).

  • Wait wasn't Batwoman called Barbara Gorden in Batman: the animated series?

    • That's batgirl, completely different character

  • Lol who’s watching this video when she quit the show

  • You know dc is not bad imo Just when it comes to shows/movies it’s kinda flip sided

  • If I were to make a female hero I would convey her struggles of becoming a hero instead of making her an ultimate OP

  • the movies like batwoman basically take a popular characters and make it a woman and the liens are stuff like a woman would be for this and stuff like that

  • How abt we stop trying to make all superhero movies female friendly why cant they make a superhero thats unique and isnt from a man ..I mean superman superwoman batman batwoman pliz😣😣

    • I'd be all for it... if written properly. Nowadays, people just lack the drive or talent to make a solid character who just so happen to be female, instead, they want to just make a female character and wants to say they they're strong and interesting without actually showing it

  • I thought the original batwoman was the Commissioners daughter why would they change that?? It was a nice plot

  • I feel like mistakes or somewhat unbelievable moments become a lot more noticable if the writing and characters are bad. If you are already pulled out of the experience, the bad stuff just kinda adds up.

  • hold up isn't the cave supposed to be under Wayne manor not Wayne enterprises 💀

  • "I mean it's Chi- Gotham!... I meant Gotham... Anyways, it's Gotham, why would anyone live here?" ... Lol

  • This show is such a dumpster fire

  • You have no idea how much worse It gets...

  • I watched this show through EFAP. Gods, I'm gonna miss Ruby Rose.

  • This is the woman from The Umbrella Academy in her youth

  • Lol

  • the only character i could tolerate was Alice, she was entirely cringe, but i could tolerate her

  • Bruce didn't become batman so he can play by his own rules He did it so he can protect the people from the same thing that happened to him as child

  • This about a strong indpendent woman who don't need any man but she need a man property, Equipment his suit and his trch guy

  • Batman itself is weird. The only good thing about this show was the faceless voiceovers by Rachel Maddow. And the show has nothing to do with the comics except for Kate Kane being the main character. It was dead before the first episode aired. The BTS drama was just icing on the cake. The second season should not have been considered.

  • Please do a video on trolhunters

  • alsofitz

  • BRUH main actress' acting is awful

  • Kinda miss when it was just Batman n Joker fighting 24/7 n Batman being that cool narcissistic hero everyone loved. "He just didn't care-" like y they gotta grill him like that how long is my mans even gonna protect yall like he aint immortal. Move outta that currsed city n go to like whatever Superman protects or smth. Wait, did Superman die?