the Riverdale season 3 finale was a mess...

Publicado em 21 Mai 2019
riverdale season 3 finale animation
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The Last Summer is hilariously dumb...
The Perfect Date is kinda dumb...
Camp Rock 2 doesn't make any sense...
Camp Rock doesn't make any sense...
Kim Possible is kinda dumb...
Umbrella Academy is kinda weird...

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  • umm i never watched the show so in the wise intelligent words of us all WHAT THE YUHK IS GOING ON

  • Ok hear me out but what if Alice is the grown up Alice and wonderland

  • So is Charles dead or is it another chick

  • I stopped watching because I saw the Gargoyle king and was like nah... I'm not watching full episodes of this anymore.

  • Petition for Alex to release Archie’s Abs on Spotify, iTunes and SoundCloud

  • Idkw but there’s something about Polly I really do not like.

  • I feel like I have an emotional attachment to these characters, even though I don't even watch Riverdale

  • Season 1-I can easily understand Season 2-Easily continues Seasons 1 Season 3-Wizardly shit Season 4-Cut short bc of COVID 19

  • I lost it when Cheryl and her girlfriend had sex and then broke up immediately afterwards, or when the serpents killed a guy and jughead is like "LET ME THINK... LET'S THROW A PARTY" OR WHEN JOSIE AND ARCHIE PLAYED A SONG AND STARTED DATING IMMEDIATELY, Riverdale is like letting your sims game run wild for a month straight.

  • Ok so before the death run nanna rose tells cheryl and toni that Penalape has been planing this for months... why does she no warn them that her daughter is planing to kill a bunch of teenagers before it actually happens?

  • Me in my head: hmmm I wonder why he wears those glas Alex’s character:removes glasses for two seconds Me:OHHHHH GOLLY GEE WUT THE FIRETRUCK

  • It will never fail to amaze me that the guy who plays Betty's dad played the same dude in White Chicks that sniffed panties

  • New Netflix Original: Archie’s Abs

  • Jughead: its not Jason cuz he's dead Me: well I mean let's not jump to conclusions this is riverdale sooooo...

  • Ok riverdale season 10: jughead is actully cody Martin and zak comes back for him brings Maddie, london, and Mosby with him. Then codys mom comes in then fp and codys mom hook up cuz they actully are married and jugheads mom is really just an imposter I mean anything could happen sat this point

  • Because of what happened in season 2 with the fake FBI agent and Chic, I honestly thought everything that Charles said was a lie.... Just me or anyone else too?

  • Why is Alex’s singing better than Archie’s

  • 5:14 is what I, and possibly you, came for

  • Again with Alex making better musicals than Riverdale

  • 5:24 your welcome

  • Love the south parkesq song my boi brian

  • Betty is the best character

  • Season 3 is hands down the weirdest season and makes the LEAST sense. Especially the last episode. Like why I thought Charles and chic was dead. And why are we bringing back all the old characters. We need some new characters. Also Hiram and Veronica have no meaning of what they do. Literally nothing made sense in this season. And I still have lots of questions such as how the HECK did Archie survive that bear attack.

  • How did I know that the FBI guy was Betty's supposedly dead brother the moment he popped up on screen when I don't even watch this show?

  • *12:42**-**12:46* WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 🤯 And thats where the season ends 😐 Pffffhaha Classic as always 😃😆

  • Looking back, Cheryl and the Poisons killed a few kids and nothing happens. How are they not in jail?

  • Lol. And Riverdale is a show?

  • My brother told me to watch riverdale and so I watched your videos and I’m glad I didn’t waste my time and actually watch 4 seasons of this shit

  • ....that abs of archibald song in straight fire

  • So Archie's AB's song needs to be a music video

  • good video😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😊😂😂😂😂😊😊😊🤗

  • Okay so the four Gargoyle Kings that we know of are Tall Boy, Mr. Mason (aka Moose’s dad), and Chic. Tall Boy did it to sell drugs but my guess is that he also did it to mess with Jughead and FP. Mr. Mason did it to try to scare Moose straight,Chic who did it cause he’s psychotic or as he said “Who wouldn’t want to be king?, Who wouldn’t want blood sacrifices to be made in their name?” Which clearly shows how completely insane he is. Penelope Blossom was the real Gargoyle King since she was controlling everything from behind the scenes. Although I am still curious who the Gargoyle King was in the “Midnight Club” episode since we never actually got a definitive answer on that.

  • I would totally watch an anime of archie's abs fighting EVERYTHING and making Alex cry

  • Why was my dumb self shocked that it was chic

  • I wonder how much time and effort Alex put into writing that abs song

  • The song. hahahahahaha

  • So, the only normal thing is the farm? It makes sense now, it's called the Farm because they harvest organs, like a farm. You know, it's kind of like the promised Neverland, I never watch it but I hear some things about it, and it shows that if it was not in Riverdale, it would be at least ok. Instead of whatever was this... Also, it is really creepy and I feel that a horror movie already has a similar theme. note: the song was really funny XD

  • By the way Cole spouse wasn't in the final bonfire scene because he was too cold 😂😂 *very cole* ♥️


  • God I love your songs ❤️

  • I don t even know if death is real after this

  • WhAt tHe HeYucK iS GoiNg On

  • Riverdale season 3: So these kids have spears because a dude with a board game bunker died in a cult ritual for a supervillan who dresses like a tree. However, it's a minor plot, due to the fact that there's another cult that's harvesting kids organs which is run by this dude and his daughter/wife, hiding dead bodies, and doing a really weird ritual with these gay dudes. (Weird) Meanwhile, season 4 be like: SO THE CULT LEADER BUILT A ROCKET

  • riverdale which character are you quiz things are in my recomended ads

  • bet there’s gonna be some weird plot twist at the very conclusion of riverdale like “bUt aLL of tHaT wAs JuSt a DrEaM bEtTy hAd wHeN shE fELL oFF hER biKe aNd HaD a cOnCuSsiOn.”

  • that abs song is better than any river dale episode ever

  • Tbh i think the most sane person in Riverdale is probably Pop Tate like really, all he wants is to make people happy and serve them milkshakes

  • Let me get this... a little less confusing- Archie's abs is the only relevant character, Betty needs therapy, Veronica says daddy more than any of us breathe, Jughead is there, and Cheryl is the new Mockingjay. Is any of that right?

  • You sing awesome dude !!😂

  • Ethel: hes beautiful and have abs Jughead: BettY a DeAd TeeNagEr iS tHe KiLLer

  • This music sounds like the Yu you Hakusho opening

  • THE S O N G!!!!!!! I was laughinggggggggggg

  • Rip Jughead’s beanie tho

  • 5:49 This is my fav song from now on :) How can this song is even better than Riverdale ' s plot

  • so is ethal muggs like princes leia now


  • The last 😂😂😂

  • oh I agree.

  • Archie beat so many guys who were stronger than Hiram Lodge and just loses the fight against him...

  • *is it only me that actually likes the finale episode*

  • How many songs about archies abs has he written?

  • Betty: Do I know you? Guy: As a matter of fact, yes. BRdown: TIME FOR AN AD BREAK! Me: Are you freaking kidding?

  • Here's a time stamp of when the AMAZING Archie's abs song starts 5:23 your welcome 😉

  • Ok the cu-cu pants joke cracked me up

  • if Archie`s abs can save the world then where are they now

  • I'd be 1000x more invested in the show you described with the Archie's Abs song than in Riverdale itself.

  • I have never understood Riverdale 😄😂🤣🙄

  • Who else got a Netflix ad before watching this

  • Come on, did anyone really not see that Charles bombshell coming?

  • I was soo confused about Betty like she couldn't have escaped the nurses was still there and Betty was under medicine/asleep.oh and if betty's moms working with the FBI why isn't polly??? uh so confusing

  • I just how much I love this song.....

  • After all the random stuff that Riverdale’s made up, like fizzle rocks and jingle jangle, the absolute *last* thing I expected was for the “serial killer genes” to be a *real thing*

  • 5:24 Archie's abs song sounds familiar

  • Remember when Archie played the guitar? Yeah me neither...

  • Just listen to that archies abb’s song and you’ll get the whole recap

  • Riverdale can literally add ANYTHING to the story and nobody would think anything of it

  • I’m sorry but the relationship between Archie and Hiram disgusts me. Archie acts so weirdly towards literally his girlfriends dad. Ew

  • oh no riverdale has grown on you alex, you have been having musical numbers in your riverdale videos...

  • So was there a reason why Betty's mother couldn't have just told Betty she was working undercover? I mean, she would still have been in danger from the goblin king but at least she would have been spared months of worry for her mother's sanity, thinking her mother cared so little about her that she gave away her college funds and nearly getting her brain harvested. Honestly it felt like a lazy way out. Like the writers had ramped her mother's delusional attitude towards the farm up and up and up so much that there was literally no way to resolve it anymore except to backtrack completely.

  • Okay so Alice said that the baby aka Charles is from FP right?? So he is also Jughead's brother??? And.. and... and... his half-brother and half-sister are dating??? Okay this is some quality indian drama right here

  • literally Archie's abs can do anything

  • I didn't realize how weird this show is until I watched this video. when you watch the series it all seems normal.

  • I love the ab somgs

  • 5:29 anyone think of prozd No one? Oh well just me I guess

  • When a musical about abs is better than all your shows musical episodes combined

  • Main characters in riverdale basically the gang of kids archie archies abs veronica betty toni cheryl kevin and uhh what was that guy that has the car named bella i forgot his name just randomly and uhh bella the car

  • 1:29 I'm actually dying 😂

  • Did a child write this show?

  • 4:45 The grizzly bear was so cute!!!!

  • I didn't understand a thing

  • This show insults the greatest comic series of all time I grew up reading it

  • 11:55 “Be regular high school kids. Remember those days. Haha Neither do I.” Yup neither will I. Freshman year 2020✌️...😭🙃

  • “But for now let’s move on to Veronica and Archie.” Me: WHO FUCKING CARES??!

  • Ok but as a person who has watched this after watching season 4, the Jughead death plot line was just so disappointing. They could’ve been super creative with it, but it was just disappointing to watch.

  • Love that song about Archie's abs🤣


  • i only watch a bit with my mom, and we have an inside joke that goes, " i kinda obsorbed* it" as in, " I obsorbed my brother in the whoom." Lmao.

  • ArChIeS aBs Is A MaStErPeIcE!!!!

  • that lodge where penelope invited betty and her friends we're at season 1 when cheryl kissed archie, still I wondered why didn't they moved there instead when thornhill burned down since it's way bigger than thistlehouse :/

  • I liked Riverdale it’s was not my favorite series but it was okay

  • i had stopped watching after season 1 and am pretty sure binging your entire riverdale bashing playlist is more fun than actually watching this nonsensical waste of time 🙌🏻