Lucifer is such a weird show...

Publicado em 9 Abr 2019
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Umbrella Academy is kinda weird...
YOU is the creepiest show I've ever seen...
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a weird show...
Insatiable really is the dumbest show...
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  • This guys voice is annoying

  • 1:20 7th of Never through to the 15th of ain’t gonna happen XD

  • i mean... as a fan of Sandman and Lucifer comics, i really hated the show at first... but if you think as something that has nothing to do with the comic is a great show

  • @Leena Raphael No one: Still no one: Lucifer to Chloe's daughter : OfFSPrInG

  • Susan heffley

  • Lucifer is a amazing show.

  • How can satan solve crimes when he creates or controls all evil? This show is basically saying the devil is "GoOd"

  • I Can sense this show is bad

  • i think this is one of the most positive videos hes made ya he made fun of the show but no real big criticism and he said he could see what was good

  • Watch it god damn it watch more than one damn episode you will love it

  • Wtf do you mean do you want me to hunt your dreams muahaha

  • Idk man the first episode was awesome it got me hooked, can't wait till season 5 part 2. Lol I jus realized the title of the vid "Lucifer is a weird show" hmmmmm....YEA U THINK?

  • Is there any show he actually really likes? 😅

    • Fr I actually liked this show

  • I know doing long term series past the first episode isn't the style of this series, but I gotta say, Lucifer truly is more deep than people on the outside give it credit for. Honestly, the first season gets the basics, but it doesn't really pick up until Season 2, which I think is the best season. Sure, he's the devil. But in this version of what that means and the mythology behind religion and that, it's a lot deeper than, "I make people sin, hehe". I'll tell you, some of the acting and overall performances in the show can legitimently leave people in tears. Mum's goodbye is definently one of them, and if you told someone watching season one that they may actually feel a gut punch in this show, they'd never believe you. But it truly does get so much better. It's kind of weird to love a show about 'the devil' so much, and it's awkward when my family asks me what I'm watching (partially because of some of the more, ahem, gratuitous scenes throughout the show. But there are certain moments that are just so good that most people who give the show a chance will never see or feel the impact of because they'll just lose interest an episode or two in. And it's a shame. I just hope that irl Alex gave the show a real shot and looked past the base premise because it is one of those shows I had no idea existed until a few months ago when I gave it a shot, and I'm glad I have a habit of just binging a few episodes at a time at night, because otherwise I may not have ever seen those emotional payoffs. Season 3 still urks me though. Not gonna lie.


    • ...I mean it kinda depends on ur age, it has a lot of pretty explicit scenes

  • I love all the extra comedy we get! 😂

  • I'm sorry I have to correct you there. Lucifer's "superpower" isn't to make people do whatever he wants them to do. That's why he gets so pissed off at the phrase, "The Devil made me do it." His "superpower" is to draw out people's desires. Edit: Looking at the other comments I realised that I'm not the only one who has mentioned this.

  • Alex meyers sounds like 20 year man

  • Lucifer:I'm the devil. Dan:You're just joking Ellie:Your a method actor or something? Lucifer: *reveals his true form* Them: SuPrIsEd PiKaChU fAcE

    • Lucifer: *shows chloe proof like disappearing in front of her eyes* Chloe: °•° Lucifer: *shows his devil face* Chloe: °○°

  • I'm gonna have to disagree on you with that one lucifer is one of the best netflix shows to binge watch

  • Dude's run out of ideas it's clear

  • Lucifer is one of my favorite shows

  • this is a show i like DONT RUIN IT FOR ME you little dog ******

    • For real does alex actually even like any shows?😂

  • This is a high IQ show. I'm so sorry about that.

  • Well fuck you too good sir

  • Bruh stop roasting the show😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬

  • Alex: lucifer is a weird show Me: OH NO YOU DIDNT?!

  • The show requires more iq than you have That s why u don t understand anything from the show And u re also not funny Your jokes are bad

    • @andrei tiberiu I mean he only watched 1 episode and that’s what he does

    • Yea he just roasts every show. I actually like this show tbh

    • @Miggle321 yes Because I hate when he says things that are wrong That also have explanations And because it s a good show

    • You mad?

  • This, peaky blinders, and the adventures of puss in boots are the best shows ever

  • overated

  • this show makes no sense

  • "This time it's not even a joke" 😁😁😁

  • Lucifer: Daaaaaddddddddddd!!!!!!!

  • its based on a comic book?? omg where can I read it jhkahskajlka

  • Lucifer is one of the best shows. I’m pissed that they won’t get to 100 episodes. He’ll get to 86 episodes.


  • I like this show but I just realized how sensitive my friends are like wow like that meme oh wow

  • This video should be called "Lucifer episode 1 recap".

  • you know i actually ment lucifer because i am a witch and he is actually pretty funny and nice

  • 3:13 it gives me the Twilight vibes. am i the only one?

  • lucifer is such a good show

  • Luci fans like here

  • Lucifer in Comics : *Overpowered Angel* Lucifer on Netflix : Hello Detective!

  • You will never take me alive Spider-Man 😂

  • Who can't wait for part two of season 5

  • Lier u suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • How dare you

  • I love how adorable and childish he can when he’ll do something like copy how Dan looks and calls himself Dan 2.0 🤩

  • Despite the weirdness of this show I love it non the less.

  • The Big Banh Theory is hilarious I just want to point that out

  • At least it isn’t kinda dumb :)!

  • "Hey, man, I just kicked her in the no no touch touch square."

  • The show is actually really good

  • The only complaint I have with this show is that Lucifer should have been given more powers. I mean dude's the freaking devil, the ruler of hell, sending chills throughout the world.

  • That is hands down one of the worst, most cliché tv show I've ever seen. It is so quintessentially cringeworthy. Lol at all the snowflakes who can't accept they like to watch a shitty show.

  • I think this guys whole account is about pointing out bad things about show

  • Clearly this dude didn’t pay attention or even watch the show. He watched the show with the intention to judge it

  • Lierrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Yo Alex I will have to disagree It’s actually a good show

  • It gets better

  • The whole premise of the show is inaccurate to begin with. Lucifer isn’t in hell and never was. He doesn’t rule there. The Bible clearly states that he roams the Earth and will be imprisoned in hell later.

  • I’ve been watching this show, it’s actually pretty great, just got to the first episode of season 2, been binging this all day, the plot is starting to bore me though, maybe I’ve just been watching it for too long🤷‍♂️

  • the kids show was better than the actual show

  • I've never watched the show, but I'm thinking about it is it good?

  • "No no don't touch me there this is my 'no no touch touch' square".

  • My parents love this show, so I’d love to see you’re take on it!

  • Lucifer is best series And Fuck you 😀😀

  • Have we truly reached a point where the people doing commentary on things don't actually have to have seen, read or heard whatever they are commentating on? Like, maybe if you were upfront about something like that by naming your video "The Lucifer pilot episode is such a weird one", and making it very clear that that is the ONLY episode you are commentating on, it wouldn't seem so jarring when you realize that that is actually the only episode the commentator has even seen, but yeah... definitely seems dishonest and deliberately misleading to make it about the entire show when you have watched barely any of it.

  • I love how the show isn't enough just for chicks but also not enough just for guys.

  • somebody at school told me the devil was GODs son and I was like where did you here that? She said it had to be true because it was from this show. The she said, and im not kdding," He wants to go to California to be a detective?" WHo writes this shit, like thats the dumbest thing Ive ever heard

  • I added it to my watch list on netflix after seeing "Lucifer" get out of a steamy bath naked on the home page.😘

  • Its official this dude is into some cringe teens romance shit lmao

  • Lucifer gets so much better after the second season

  • Lucifer is just a supernatural Wattpad drama.

  • Watch the show it is amazing

  • Hah seriously stfu

  • I'm into so many shows now. And I gotta say this is the most addictive by far I keep rewatching it, reading fanfiction, watching trailers, and BRdown videos on it

  • This is one of my favorite shows

  • The fact that the entertainment industry is manipulating people that the devil is good makes me worried.

    • it ain't that deep fam. chill.

  • I love how us Lucifer stans come to the comments to defend Lucifer 😂

    • Seriously the show is really weird and Chloe is blind but it is good

  • People don't really understand how the devil works I guess

  • Not gonna lie, this video is _totally_ what made me finally watch Lucifer. It's great.

  • Aye bro chilllll on Lucifer

  • hooOOttTT yyYYOOggAAA

  • Ok but this show really brought the phrase "sympathy for the devil" to life. Love this show, Tom Ellis is amazing. So funny too

  • Why do you hate Lucifer like the show is good

  • Tbbt😂🤣. Similar- Try webtoon...devil number 4.

  • Okay, I think its def unfair to judge shows by their *pilot*. I admit that lucifers first episode is really overly cheesy and takes itself too seriously, but the rest of the season fixes these issues.

  • I think u wrong 😒a little bit he is not a weird show he is the best 😈

  • Got a bit too real 6:00 . Hittin real close to home. 😅

  • U literarily say this to every show

  • This video is ragebait

  • Lucifer is my favourite show

  • Lucifer is the funniest show out there

  • If it is weird you don’t see

  • lucifer is pretty good i love this

  • Honestly a really good show, once you get past the odd moment where you remember it's a drama you're like damn this is a good show then you look up BRdown videos on it and spoil major events for yourself

  • When Alex says weird, it means Good.

  • Truly and honestly if someone kept telling me they were the devil, I’d probably quit my job and skip town lmfao. Creepy as hell. Idc how hot you are

  • Who the fuck are you to judge the show you didn't event watch the second episode