Cobra Kai is pretty great

Publicado em 22 Set 2020
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  • Finally you made it!

  • Who’s here after watching cobra Kia season 3

  • daniel: johnny you kicked a bunch of teenagers bro johnny: but i wanted to make them squeek daniel understanable

  • When you added the squeaky toy effect for when he hit people my dog got excited lmfao. She’s upset there is no squeaky toy.

  • *Sees the title says 'pretty great' and not some insult ... *Sees 'includes paid promotion' OHHHH HE'S BEING PAID TO NOT SAY ITS BAD *Talks about Audible Huh

  • Alex! You are SOOOOOOOOOOO funny. I can't 😂😂😂

  • This video is sponsored by Audi- (skips 2 min ahead)

  • Hi my COBRAS

  • "You're gonna be my karate teacher?" "No, I'm gonna be how you called teacher in Japanese."

  • Me and my dad watched this show together and it was EPIC

  • i love cobra kia

  • johnny was the villan in the origional movie not daniel

  • Alex: DaNiel waS ThE mAiN vilLiaN in kARatE kiD me: Have u watched the original


  • Makes videos where he pretends to be casper. Laughs cause someone says sensei.

  • Who else is waiting for Cobra Kai part 2?

  • Holy shit Alex Meyers talks about a series positively! I think I should watch it too since the 84 karate kid is one of my fav movies...didnt know that cobra kai is linked with 84 karate kid

  • Fun fact: Ralph Macchio who plays Daniel LaRusso will be 60 years old this year

    • The fact that he will be 70 by the end of this decade....chile

  • Usually the little drawings Alex does of the characters are funny and a bit inaccurate to make fun of the show... IS IT BAD THAT THOSE ARE TOO ACCURATE THO-

  • I just Love THE animation for THE Cops



  • Sensei I have COVID..... Johnny:throws mask* not anymore!


  • alex laughing PLS 😭😭✋🏾that was rlly me at that moment

  • like its like like you know like and like like way in its like own thing its like feels like ...cant stop hearing that @.@

  • Yo this show pretty good I already one the last ep

  • Idk why, but something about Johnny is...fine. I think it’s the facial hair. Make it stop💀

  • The show itself is pretty good but a few minor issues I have with it is I wished it gave more time to see how the dojo changed them instead of doing a 0 to an 100 and some of the misunderstandings could of easily been solved with more proper Communication but overall its pretty good

    • it's probably a solid 8/10 maybe if it continues it will get better but who knows

  • Can't believe everyone surprised that alex likes a show when it's not even the first time, he's said positive things about "Anne with an E"

  • It's karate kid omg

  • No one talking about the squeaking every time someone is hurt?

  • cobra kai is so good because it makes you question who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy

  • Main character/ main villain? I thought nevermimd

  • The first season of Cobra Kai was good, but then it all went downhill.. I felt like the writing was kinda lazy and everything became so predictable. Enjoyable characters became annoying and predictable, the complicated and unnecessary love triangles ensued and overall I lost interest in the show...

    • @Bad Juju I think I'm in episode 9 of season 3 rn, everything is still predictable. Who knows, maybe I'll like it after I watch all of it..

    • I kind of agree. Became a bit more drama-like with the love interests and stuff. But I think season 3 picked it up a little bit,

  • Yess this show is SOO good

  • I agree

  • alex kim possible is kinda dumb me lets see his rating on cobra kai is pretty great

  • 7:45 🤣

  • the last two seasons were shit. they were a fucking high school romance tv show

  • Its a great sequel

  • hi

  • It’s AMAZING that’s why cobra Kai is my profile pic also four rules of karate is STRIKE FIRST STRIKE HARD NO MERCY AND DONT BE A PUSSY

  • is he fighting that bad santa kid all grown up? haha

  • Just realised. That motto is the same as from the kid who moved to japan’s teacher’s enemy. Wow the plot thickens

  • My name is Kai to

  • 8:04 you can hear tape being placed over his mouth for laughing to much which means 𝘏𝘦 𝐢𝐬 𝘣𝘦𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘩𝘦𝘭𝘥 𝘩𝘰𝘴𝘵𝘢𝘨𝘦

  • Basically the entire karate kid and cobra kai series in a nutshell : girl gets involved : MORTAL KOMBAT !!!!!!

  • Cuando los sonidos de juguete de perro empezaron a sonar mi perra se volvió loca JAJABANAB

  • So Barney Stinson was right? Ralph Machio is the villain and Billy Zabka is the hero.

  • Just finished the show and I love it

  • youre right

  • First Time I saw a title in his videos with the word "good". :O

  • Ok to admit it this show was dope

  • In Karate Kid Daniel moves from New Jersey to Recita not la

  • 🪐

  • I really like this show

  • The squeaking sound during the fight kills me. 🤣

  • Whoever agrees we need a part 2 like this comment

  • bro why did you cut out parts to make johnny look bad.

    • and u did it like more than once

  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I love cobra Kai and when I saw that one of the funniest BRdownrs reacted to it I flipped ahhhhh

  • justin he blinked at 3:22 he's being held hostage go save him

  • Why the fuck you are laughing when he said siense.

  • Daniel being a villain is a bit too far. Even if im a johnny fan. Everyone has his own style. The real villain is kreese( went to the dark side and never comes back)

  • Nah bro this is trash

  • Hue else already finished seosen 3

  • Hey Alex can you review Agents of Shield?

  • He said something good what

  • Me: *Uses my moms credit card to buy vbucks so I can buy the battle pass* Also me: My face at 7:55

  • don't do all parent stuff please!!!

  • do marvel o and by the way I'm going around and telling you to watch marvel its in disney


  • I can’t breathe.. Hahaha

  • I love Cobra Kai the new episodes are great and the old ones

  • "Reeks havoc for awhile by stealing this guys girlfriend and kicking him in the face. Anyway!" Pretty much sums it up. :\

  • I watch Cobra Kai

  • Has no one else noticed how he made a video basically saying the series was bad, but now people really like it he reuploaded the video with a positive title

  • Cobra Kai is probably my favourite series and The Karate kid sequel of film is my favourite sequel so Karate kid, Karate kid 2 and karate kid 3. I know there are more but I don’t personally like them.

  • Hated on my shows I hate you shows

  • 2:32 wtw

  • 2:31 bum

  • I go to school with miguels sister

  • When he adds the squeaky sound effect during fights, it's amazing.

  • i very happy w the title of this video

  • Such a good show. Daniel had a hard time in the Karate Kid movies. So I'm glad that this show was made.

  • The way this is top on my recommendation and I just finished season 2 6 minutes ago

  • I cannot watch the fight scenes Normally anymore with squeaky noises 😂😂

  • 1:59 ad ends here

  • Do django unchanged please 🙏 😢 🙂 😭 😔 ☺

  • wHerEs mY hUg

  • NO MERCY!!!

  • I read the title and was like YOU ARE POGGERS COOL

  • i find comfort in knowing that somebody else also cringes regularly and stuff they did in middle school

  • Fun fact: my best friends uncles the og karate kid

  • My Dad loves this movie love as well 7/10 movie but, really dude your going to say this great but say Anime has lost its way REALLY BRUH. Okay I'm done being toxic and complaining great video

  • Yay he says something is good

  • That show is way to loud

  • You should make a part 2

  • This show mediocre at best, idk how you guys get past that fight choreography it’s absolute cringe

  • back in the 80s it was 60s nostalgia. In the 90's it was 70's nostalgia. I think it's whoever is in charge with tv and movies brings back these shows from when they grew up. That and "Hollywood" seems fresh out of ideas so is recycling everything.