why does everyone like On My Block so much?

Publicado em 18 Jun 2019
On My Block Netflix Animated
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Descendants doesn't make any sense...
The Last Summer is hilariously dumb...
The Society doesn't make any sense...
The Perfect Date is kinda dumb...
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  • am the only one who REALLY doesnt like monse

  • Is it just me, or is nobody taking about how olivia died, even tho she was a great character, i mean, i do think her death helped the plot, but its still sad

  • 5:08 I'm dead

  • 5:38 😂😂😂😂

  • React to the UK Inbetweeners

  • I respect the outro man

  • My new friend: so whats your favorite thing to watch on youtube? Me: watch a grown man critize kids movies My new friend: oh..........

  • I watched the first season and like half of the second season and I didn't know what was going on for most of it. The show is just gross, awkward,weird, and it makes me uncomfortable. Its like a wannabe show.

  • people like on my block because some people could relate🤚🏽

  • Netflix and underage drinking, shreks, gangs, violence, and fbi

  • I don’t like Cesar Monse and Jazmin at all, their decisions made me so mad

  • 5:41 me when my dad buys me McDonald's

  • what is this

  • ok

  • mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • And they really think that to wear a burqa means being oppressed 🙄

  • Not me yelling “WILLOW IS THAT YOU!!” When I saw jasmine I- I totally didn’t do that

  • Can u do a review of SnowFall ?

  • Okay okay I love this show but- *Yeah you've got a point-*

  • What the Frick what is that God why is one of the lyric your guy with your the guys have other people have these bees got a few things and those are my nightmares Garfield my nightmare

  • the mozzerella sticks line got me and I died of laughter

  • I feel like this show is overrated lol

  • no hate but On My Block is really not bad i dont know why your like doing that but meh it really happens irl gang are real people die so :/

  • pls do babbysitters club BUT YOU SAY ONE THING BAD I WILL- #netflixbabysittersclub

  • 6:12 "uhhhhh is that a threat" im wheezing!

  • Also, I'm sorry, a positive video? S H O C K E D

  • *DeViLs TaNgO* 😳

  • This is kinda weird but now I wanna watch this...

  • i swear the twerking point had me dying'

  • One word JAMAL

  • Couch and play super smash brothers on my Nintendo switch yup definitely 😭🤚

  • I never watched this show lmao. IDK I guess I will watch it later.


  • At this point why do you even watch movies

  • Drama much

  • Man you should make custom stickers with your animated characters

  • fuck Cesar tho

  • You should review school of rock

  • Alex: ”i can see why everybody likes this show so much” Also Alex: ”Why does everybody like on my block so much”

  • Shout out to Iowa, I was wondering why I clicked with your style and mode of humor, In out 30’s and grew up in Iowa. What part you grow up in?

  • They call me lil spooky

  • i love on my block

  • Monse’s actress sucks so bad she ruined the whole show for me lol cesars actor sucks too. Monse has the ugliest crying face I swear 😂 I skip their parts most the time. Jamal and Jasmine saved the show

  • I appreciate you even considering and being cautious of stereotypes and racism towards Black people relation to how your art may be perceived. I would like to tell you that as a Black woman I thoroughly enjoy your videos and whilst watching this video not once did I assume anything negative about from what you said or how you drew your characters.

  • 5:38 oh wow just something random :)

  • 2:06 oop

  • 0:18 lol

  • not me being the only one who hasn't watched this yet :/

  • okay so I know my comment is about a year late but you are nowhere near qualified to speak on what the hood might actually feel like in a show.

  • On my block is one of Netflix best show

  • You should do daybreak on netflix

  • #fuckmypussy

  • I cried almost every episode in season 2 watching Ruby go through his PTSD, it hurt so much. Ruby is one of my favorite characters and the pain he went through was so awful and so painful for me. I don't know how many people actually agree with this, but for me it was heartbreaking, I am so invested in this show, it has been such a great series so far.

  • I don’t care what anyone says on my block is one of Netflix’s best tv shows but there are some confusing things like hooking up at 14 and Jasmine delivering a baby at 15 in season 2...

  • Because it's amazing?????

  • you should do frozen 1 & 2

  • Super crazy because my name is jamal and my dad played football in high school he said i could try it. WHAT A FUCKIIG COINCIDENCE edit: i like video games not football

  • Been watching your videos a lot and i like that you have this debriefing after each upload. It's very different compared to other review channels I've watched.

  • omg the tina skit lololol

  • could you do one of never have i ever

  • For me I feel like high school only seemed SOOO important because of all these fuckin movies and TV shows that made it seem that important. Also, I think I'm missing something. Because I don't understand why random gang member getting out of prison and taking an interest in this girl means that the friend has to "claim her". Was random convict in some way entitled to getting into her pants just because he felt like it and that was the only way to stop him? Because somehow I feel like she could have just said no to sleeping with that guy. Also, I don't want to sound like an sjw, but how sexist it is talking about her like property kind of bothers me.

  • Watch one of the Barbie movies they suck I wanna see ur reaction

  • Will anybody talk about how GOOD his animations are!!!

  • yesss please so agents of shield

  • I don’t like it

  • This show sucks

  • 5:38 ...excuse me. wat?

  • You should do Marvel Runaway its pretty good

  • Let’s all agree on the fact this animation is sick-

  • Alex plss do the harry potter movies and stranger things

  • I never watched On My Block but the scenes showed in this video seems that the latinos are very steriotyped in this show.

  • “On my couch and play super smash bros on my nintendo switch” sent me 💀✋

  • Jasmine❤️❤️

  • My grandma lives in a heavily gang area, and I can confirm that the guys literally just hang out on the street and laugh. Which of course is more or less what most friends hang out so you could pretty much live a gang life without putting your well being/life in danger

  • being someone from where that show was filmed, it is a very good representation of what it’s like

  • I like that the High school kids actually look like High school kids

  • I gotta say i don't like the show but my siblings do for some reason and i watched like an episode or 2 and it was the part were they had that marked money and the two gangs were at war with each and literally told my siblings "why don't they just give the marked money to the rival gang so they can get arrested and so they could be safe" i didn't know how they would do it. And they looked at me suprised because they had already knew what was gonna happen and they were rewatching it and then i realised that i predicted the show a bit and yep a few episodes later it happened and thats why i dont watch those kinds of shows and just watch anime because its way less predictable. And dont get me started on riverdale because my sister watches that show and i watch a few episodes here and there and predicted a few thing but a mid show.

  • So your telling me his brother would of raped a 14 year old girl to get back at him. The second girls at my school started talking about this show I knew I WOULD RATHER DIE THAN WATCH IT.

  • Wtf did Ceaser say when he bleeped it out

  • Has no one else noticed the Super Mario World music in the background of these videos?

  • when me and my class take a walk if we see another class approaching us me and my friends will say "yo get off our block G" its not related just thought i should share that with you

  • This show is trash

  • hit the like if ur a santo

  • People love Jamall

  • This series was BORING!

  • he made it sound way too cringy

  • Do upside down magic

  • ceaser looks like a mexican matpat

  • You should do Riverdale

  • Do lab rats

  • The Bob's Burger reference and dance IM DED X'D X'D X'D

  • Still don’t understand the plotline of the show

  • have u done riverdale

  • Do Henry Danger

  • don´t diss my show

  • Who else is sad about Olivia dying

  • Feel like the reason why people liked this so much is that a lot of people can relate to being in a poor/bad neighborhood or raise a ghetto neighborhood

  • Is no one going to talk about how funny it is that he's trying to keep this family friendly 😂😂😂 5:07 6:47

  • U just don’t like nothing 😑

  • the part about not having friends and never getting invited!!! totally relate🤩