AFTER is the dumbest movie I've ever seen...

Publicado em 27 Ago 2019
After 2019 movie animation
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Descendants 3 doesn't make any sense...
H2O Just Add Water was the weirdest show...
Twilight Breaking Dawn doesn't make any sense...
Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 literally makes no sense
The Perfect Date is kinda dumb...
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  • Me after every word you say: ~goes to hospital~ Mum: lets see why your here LAUGHING TO DEATH!? Me: 👍🏻 yep Mum: your gonna stop Me: okie ~continues to watch~ Mum: I told you to stop! Me: you said stop watching not listening Mum: 😟I literally okie I give up Me: mum its good! Listen! Mum: ~listens~ ~goes to hospital~ And it keeps looping guess what the hole world is in the hospital Thats an example of how funny you are

  • Hey loves! If anyone out there needs to hear it right now I just want to let you know that *Jesus is loving* He died out of love and He can still forgive you, so even if you've run from Him, go back and allow Him to accept you with open arms because He created you and He's coming back soon and I dont want it to be too late. Love y'all have a wonderful day ❤❤

  • So what happen to her old boyfriend back home?


  • This movie woulda been over when he refused to leave to let me get dressed cause he wouldn’t even be able to see me after I maced the hell out of him also I’m sorry I don’t dislike British accents but his specifically makes me cringe

  • His british souds so fake lol.

  • Harden used harden

  • Harden seems like the type of guy to idolize Rick Sanchez

  • I was so angry after end of this movie. Like my bestie wanted to see it so I went to cinema with her. In the end of she was crying and I was like. HUH? So mad. I totally agree it's dumbest film.

  • Ah yes, the four horsemen of classic movies to go down in history, Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, and Wattpad.

  • geez why does every teenager in movie have to make some dumb speech about them trying to be perfect all her life for her parents when she's gonna let some boy control her

  • Dont forget the part where it is actually the most liked story on Wattpad TuT why is life like this

  • Imagine if harden just go’s freaking skinny dipin

  • 2 days bruh, Yeah I met you and went to your house. Guys love in first sight yo can be dangerous Tessa EVEN THOUGH YOUR A FRICKIN COLLEGE GIRL

  • Am I the only one that likes the movie? It’s not real. I cried to it


  • i tortured myself by watching the whole thing bc i found it. it took me like 6 hours bc i kept pausing and almost throwing up. wish i just watched this review first instead.

  • 11:28 "I don't want to talk about it" You can tell that the mom knows EXACTLY what happened.

  • Do uh... Do people really act like this? I'm a homeschooler, so I associate with a whole bunch of conservative virgins who only plan to date to marry, which means they don't date at that age.

  • 3:27. RUN!!!! RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!

  • Harry styles watching this: they made. Fanfic about me. Movie well then....

  • That kids walking in the background is my favourite character.

  • British bed dwellers 😏

  • She's Katherine Langford's sister 🤯


  • Can you do Wendy? It’s the new Peter Pan reboot

  • I’m just realizing how dumb this movie was. 🙏

  • I really don't think I need to read the books to like the movies, just because the movie is shit doesn't mean the books are also directly terrible

  • Still can't believe that they made this into a movie. Imean. It was a fan fiction. Of Harry Styles.

  • These Wattpad people write the same misogynistic and sexist but “attractive” white dude that is named Noah, Brad, or Liam in everyone of their “stories”.


  • Lol this movie was horrible.

  • Many teen girls are obsessed with these books, it is really disturbing! The relationship with the characters is so unhealthy, I'm worried about kids reading it!

  • He invites Tessa into the forest Me: Oh no it’s Twilight all over again

  • Wow...this is bad

  • If this film/fanfic was real life, it would be traumatising. It would be better to make it a horror film

  • I cant with the harry styles voice my god hahahaha

  • Has anyone notict that this 4:31 diner is the same diner from riverdale

  • Literally so many innocent or teenage girls are brainwashed like this and engage in stuff which later on causes depression and other mental health issues.

  • Imagine if British boys were like this irl 😭😭😭

  • bruh how many times are you gonna say dumb, stupid , weird and all that. Also stop reusing animation for your thumbnails all over again that's makes you look lazy

  • Thats because a romantic move is a creepy move by someone you know.😉

  • Two shitty people falling in love, how sweet, now we just gotta make sure they don't reproduce

  • This is twilight with a filter Edit: Twilight is a better love story than this

  • And people actually watch and like these? How?!

  • Tbh Tessa and Spencer had way more chemistry than her and Hardin

  • She goes into a forest with a strange creepy guy whom she (for whatever reason) really likes? ...sounds like Twilight to me.

  • wonder if Hardens middle name is String Shot

  • what a coincidence that "after" also is german for anus

  • Josephine’s voice is so similar to her sister’s.

  • 05:40 actualy 4 weeks that sais in the book

  • The book os better

  • can we talk about how THIS MAN IS SO CREEPY

  • When Harding says: "Heathcliffe is more like me than I am". I was like, do you condone killing dogs and rape one's wife?! Ladies, this is a huge red flag.

  • I LOVE UR sense of humor

  • Dude Harden is just grrr. Y

  • I’m sorry, but Tessa is no Elizabeth Bennet. Keep dreaming, tho.

  • 9:54 .....what kind of dumbass leaves his phone unlocked?

  • 0:22xx

  • “This is where I keep all the bodies” killed me 😂

  • Tessa's mom looks like Tessa's older sister lol

  • 5:26 lmfao🤣🤣🤣

  • As an actual adult, these comments gotta be made by kids "Noooo! Nothing wrong with their relationship". K, just don't act confused about dem ships ya get stuck in. 🤨

  • alex makes this movie seem so much more appropriate than it actually is LMFAO HAH

  • Why all the people from movies like this, always speak like they've just had a lobotomy?

  • Casting Hannah Baker's IRL sister really gave this movie a different tone for me. I kept waiting for her to trash 2001: A Space Oddysey and there'd be a reveal that her dad is Shrek on Broadway.

  • This guy played a child version of Voldemort. I can't help but think this character would be what the teen version of Tom Riddle would be like. Manipulative, dangerous, charming, someone who is constantly sending out red flags that everyone ignores.

  • I love it in Alex's videos when he mentions you know wat he says DEVILS TANGO

  • I can't even watch this summary / review. The clips of the film are too cringe.

  • The amount of red flags in this movie is hilarious 🤣

  • i heard the "leave so i can change" "dont flatter yourself im not looking" thing and went "oh this is from tiktok... wait. nooo, the tiktok this is from this 😲" cause i forgot tiktok sounds werent made on tiktok

  • You are a good cartoonist 😆

  • As a teacher I will tell you this, the "protagonist" is every single freshman EVER.

  • I really really hate this movie. Red flags everywhere and I was disgusted by Tessa cheating on her boyfriend the ENTIRE 👏 MOVIE 👏

  • Wattpad have a studio now?!


  • Harden: **in Pokemon**: harden!!!

  • He defo isn’t a real Brit, he didn’t call everything to do with love gay

  • Movie is trash

  • Yes I have snuck up on multiple random girls

  • OKAY SO THIS MOVIE SUCKS, but THE SEQUEL IS 10 TIMES BETTER and they are making a 3rd and 4th movie because the book series has two more books in it. And idk if they are good but the second movie >>>> first movie

  • If you want a more accurate representation of most british boys just watch the uk inbetweeners ~sincerely, a brit

  • I’m so happy I found your channel. Can’t stop watching. You’re the best

  • Three words: Netflix is confusleding.

  • Wish a British guy would show up in my room. No homo, just need a friend. :(

  • I feel like the British guy is gonna bite her and she’s gonna become a vampire

  • Dude said “don’t flatter yourself.” Like bitch I still don’t want to change in front of a dude! I can’t even tell what the fuck he’s saying because of all the mumbling! Anyway I’m 29 so I’m probably too old for this movie. Dude is such a pseudo intellectual.

  • It's funny how the target audience is women, and even the women in this comment section absolutely hate it lmao

  • I remember seeing this movie at the the cinema and everyone at the end were been like bruh BRUH. I hate this movie pff

  • Dude, please, for me, you gotta do Three Pigs and a Baby

  • This film is so bad that Hardin makes me hate British people and im british

  • Came here tryna watch a movie now I just wanna watch more of these videos 🤣🤣

  • “Minding my own business”

  • I mean someone who talks like the Doctor - hoW cAn YoU sAY nO To tHiS?! Would like the red flag-thing as a gif thank you

  • It is basically a copy of a k-drama called 'Tempted'.

  • Noah may forgive you tessa but I HAVEN'T!

  • He seems like a vampire

  • 8:19

  • 1:55 *its not the only one*

  • thanks to your channel whenever i notice red flags i'm going to hear the big ol red flag song