My Babysitter's a Vampire doesn't make any sense...

Publicado em 8 Out 2019
My Babysitter's a Vampire Animated
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  • In my school no-one says Dork they would just call you a dumb ass


  • My childhood just keeps slapping me in the face

  • Early 2000's were a really weird time. I was young back then as well, so everything just feels like some hazy dream when I look back at it.

  • My whole life is a lie


  • I love ur vids keep it up!

  • The bitch Sarah got yeeted

  • series

  • i love that movie and the serirs

  • Wait a second. Vampires can’t be seen on a camera sooooo...

  • Is just me or anyone else remember that scene when they fight vampires with lightsabes


  • Bruhhhhh i luv this show and movie like when i was ten i watched it i luv it

  • I loved the series this series build my childhood .

  • It's not Canadian it's shit

  • Don’t you dare come after my favorite show

  • Me when you said a Christmas story cuz it’s my moms brother favorite Christmas movie:oh my freaking god 0_0

  • That the only vampire movie I have seen in my life :V

  • the thing is the movie kinda sucked. BUT, they had more time to develope the characters with the tv series.

  • Dude when Sarah gets flung up its so dumb

  • Honestly, I’m glad I’m not getting invited to party’s.

  • 6:45 how do you not mention the "I

  • This was my favorite childhood movie/show it really doesn’t make sense 🤣

  • geaaaaah some ex boyfriends bite... I think? maybe, whatever.

  • I think it would be cool it you did a video on stranger things.

  • This movie used to terrify me as a little kid. I loved the TV show tho. Still kinda pissed it didn't get the ending it deserved.

  • "Halifamort" _Alex Myers 2019

  • Kpop...Dolan Twins..I died😂

  • 1:28 Why she look like Angela from the Office right here

  • If you have watch the society review then go to 4:47 and tell me you don’t think of mystery dimensions

  • Best channel ever

  • Where is the kid

  • I'm sad thats my favorite show ever 😢

  • there was also a series

  • Did you see the bite mark on Erica. When they left the room.

  • why is he wearing the goggles from Jurassic park

  • I love this show as a kid, Erica was my fav

  • (main vampire dude turns into dust) Me a Undertale fan: Welp, lvl 1 to lvl 2, Level of Violence (love) right there, free lvl anyone, no takers come on

  • You make me laugh s ok hard 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣

  • What Are They Up To? Me: Hey Honey, Close My Door Please! ???: Ok Milo! Me: *Goes Insane* Also Me: *Can't Control My Body And Says "WASSS UPPPP?!"* ???: MILO. WE NEED A GHOSTBUSTER.

  • when erica has her first bite it's like a heart attack it is very very very funny.

  • Neighbourhood bully got killed by a "Vampire I guess?" POG

  • I saw this on TV in Italy as a kid and thought it would be great. I couldn't tell though, because I didn't and still don't know enough to understand it

  • Alex Meyers could you please stop doing werid faces on your videos

  • The fact that i watched more that half of these shows and I’m now realized there mostly DUMB

  • Outro song please?

  • Fun fact: *This* *Movie* *was* *MY* *Childhood* Edit: im not hating on alex bt

  • 5:44 why are they running kinda slow if it were me I would have been at the house already

  • "And then the spooky thing happens" ad plays

  • 2:33 is it just me or does Nathan look like Matt Patt from film theory in that shot?

  • I used to have a crush on the blonde girl when I was 8 and when I didn’t see her in the show I cried and wouldn’t eat

  • I loved this show alot lol

  • Ya XD

  • My babysitter is a vampire is not a movie its a netflix series

  • I think the tv show and movie is great I don’t agree with him

  • This movie isn’t that weird tbh

  • I do not understand this

  • I loved this when I was 7 guess I was weird😂

  • stop insulting my most fav movies if ur just goona say how bad they are

  • you should totally watch 100 things to Do before highschool

  • lol the way they run

  • OH MY GOD YOU USED UNDERTALE BACKGROUND MUSIC, IM SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS. For real though, undertale background music is best background music.

  • Bbrruuhh

  • Does anyone just love that eve has been in (almost) every video since descendants?

  • 6 33 to 6 37 that’s my cousin that’s just like him

  • can you pls shere your fas

  • Ur fucking old and ur roasting movies that’s for 15 or under years old do this to fucking old movie not no kids movie idiot

    • @corner chris gay

    • Well fuck you frosty bc this is a good BRdownr and these reviews are great soo fuck you

  • you should watch the Christmas project

  • 3:32 my man got I 3 pointer swish

  • When he says something speaky happens own ad for a spooky movie comes on like is this an ad or what because I was growing on Twitter while watching this like O it's a dumb add because I didn't see the out of avatar having the little listening to it and I like up what A cool wind sits lol also subscribe to me I make videos


  • You forgot to mension lightsabers are not only a thing, but are things they used. Like what the fuck did teh director run out of ideas or something

  • Can't believe I liked this AND the series as a kid

  • At an angle Ethan kinda looks like MatPat

  • Pause the video and go to 2:48 The kid looks like a young MatPat

  • I watched my babysitter is a vampire like 6 years ago and now I watch Riverdale and I never had a clue that Vanessa Morgan was in this until I watched this video

  • Disney has to have a restraining order on him

  • Who the hell says dork

  • More my babysitter is a vampire

  • Do you like my babysitter is a vampire

  • I would’ve just said, GUYS GO GET THE FUCKING DOOR

  • at 9:15 what you said is absolutely true and i feel it everytime i think of something like that . you r a true OG

  • Go to bed then!!!!,

  • This Guy Is Hilarous

  • I know you do a lot of nickelodeon shows on this channel, so could you do one on my favorite show that was originally from nickelodeon, Avatar The Last Airbender? I would really appreciate that!

  • how would you like it if you made a movie and someone calls it dumbb

  • “Well why don’t you just make like an egg and beat it “ 3rd grader: SO YOU HAVE CHOSEN DEATH

  • Who else thinks he should girl vs monster? ⬇️

  • The TV show was fun to watch

  • *My entire childhood was this and the series* When I thought this was good quality lmao, not a bad show though I still love watching it for the memories.

  • “2018 was like a week ago!” Me watching in 2021: 👁👁

  • MOTHER OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🎫🎫🎫🎫🎫🎆🎆🎆🎆❗️❗️❗️❗️❕❕❕❕❕‼️‼️‼️‼️📢📢

  • Just gonna say this now I just found this channel from a different video and I’m already in LOVE with these videos thx for being a creator Alex!

  • I loved this show as a little kid like when I was like 6-7 but me and my cousin loved this show it was like our favorite show but yeah

  • That movie and the show gave me fear of dark when I watched that with my 7 years xddd and fear of my parents bathroom..... don't ask me '-'


  • Do you have a girlfriend Alex? Because like who are you drawing yourself with

  • The babysitter pleaseeeee

  • Alex: and then something spooky happens. Comercial: yOu'Ll bE NiNjAsOmE wItH nInJaS NiGhTtiMe uNdErWeAr