H2O Just Add Water was the weirdest show...

Publicado em 20 Ago 2019
H2O Just Add Water Animation
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does anyone remember Even Stevens?
Descendants 3 doesn't make any sense...
does anyone remember Lizzie McGuire?
Descendants doesn't make any sense...
Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 literally makes no sense
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  • Mako mermaids is literally an animated remake of this.

  • Lewis is a simp lol

  • Bruh I'm a boy and I watched it when I was 10

  • Can we agree that mako mermaids is at least A LITTLE better than H20


  • Not to be rude,and I also dislike H2O But like- Is your channel just full of hating on shows?

  • Wasn't that girl on the show called the secret circle

  • "Sooo cool" lmao everytime

  • Let's count how many times he played Cleo saying "So cool!"

  • Is it bad that ima kid and I’m watching this? Plz respond

  • you take that back right now

  • My sister was watching this, and I swear I’ve watched every episode.

  • There is a youtuber in my country, she was a translator at disney, Andra Gogan, she made a show or some fuck that is very cringe and its just H2O

  • Lewis is one of the main reason I watch this show💯💯💪🏿

  • I know I'm late but "so cool"

  • Anyone else to the point where they think Cleo is always overacting about everything like they all fall down that slide thingy and their all okay so there was no point in yelling they could have just stopped the ride shows and movies now-a-day make no sense sometimes

  • Why do i feel like sam was based off riki a little

  • I love that show

  • when i was little, we went to a diffrent country, (Netherlands if im not wrong) and i used to watch this in our hotel bc it was the only english thing on TV lol-

  • Dude once I saw when the show started and I just found out that I’m one year older then the show actually started 😂

  • H2O, MakoMermaids and H2O: Mermaid Adventures were lit in my childhood growing up ;p

  • CLEO

  • Kono Dio da!

  • Wow

  • So how do they bath and wash their hands or if some stranger spill water on them when they are no where close to water or a towel

  • Please do how to train your dragon or maybe even the lego ninjago movie

  • In the start is looks normal

  • As a kid I barley watched this cuz I always thought it was dumb 😂😂 & for some reason I don’t remember them having accents

  • Yes, I was 5 when this show came out. Yes, Im 20 now and Im still gonna be watching, singing that epic intro song and swimming like a mermaid from time to time 😍 No, I don't regret anything

  • my father doesnt appretiate the water police knocking at his door. so......he's draco malfoy

  • Why is the first comment 2 months after the vid came out 😂💀

  • Her saying cool every five seconds is the American equivalent of what teenage girls saying the word "like" every five seconds. Who is responsible for butchering conversations with that word? Who was the first person who started doing that and making it so popular? Also the word "literally" and "OMG". These 3 have been ran into the ground so deep it's probably just beneath a thin layer of top soil in China! 😑

  • When they fell in the cave it was afternoon. When they arrived at the pool Cleo didnt want to and when they all finally went in it was midnight. Cleo took a long time to decide.

  • Every time you used that “sOoO coOL” sound bite I busted out laughing

  • Stop dissing my show😠😠😠😡

  • Thanks to this show I started watching how to transform into a mermaid, rubbing toothpaste and salty water onto my legs and looked into the full moon

  • It had most realistic mermaid tales I have ever seen on a show other then mako mermaids which is made in the same universe

  • dam this show is as old as me

  • nobody: not a single soul: this movie: water... just add water! They could have at least made it h2 just add o or leg to fin? I dunno.

  • Every clip of Cleo saying "sO cOoL" 0:50 3:03 5:12 7:05

  • I hated this show some much I almost Bron the TV because my cousin always watched

  • Ok but really...HOW COOL WOULD A TV SHOW ABOUT A LONER GIRL FALLING IN LOVE WITH A MERMAID BE (you know lgbt+ representation)


  • You know I'm so mad at Teen Nick that they still want at least run reruns of this show I mean I think a lot of us teens need to have the show still air even if it's not new episodes

  • So if they kiss they basically turn into mermaids? 😂😂😂

  • So cooool


  • This- this was my child hood

  • So I know half this stuff

  • My ooollllddddd friend watched this

  • The animations in this video is hilarious 😂

  • My younger sister loved this show. When she was 6

  • this show was my childhood!

  • Him mentioning its almost 2020 me hugghghgh

  • 5:55 I am dead i laughed so hard🤣🤣🤣🤣💀☠️💀☠️

  • the further you get into the series the worse the editing and the camara man is its hilarious

  • This show was my childhood. Like I swear I believed I was every single character in that show, and watched it for YEARS lmao

  • Breh why did i have the phatest crush on ricky tho 🙃

  • Do you really have a crown pack that’s more than two numbers like 24 I have 150 crayons dude

  • i remember watching this show as a kid and i didn't realize how weird it was lool

  • Me: *one of the eight-pack losers*

  • *2010 was almost 10 years ago* me in 2021: You mean 11 years ago

  • These girls are idiots. I mean ThEY DIDN'T TELL ANYONE THE WERE Mermaids! Don't you think it would've been A LOT easier if they had told there mom, or dad. In one of the episodes its raining outside so they can't go to school. If there moms knew then easy peesy lemon queasy! Problem solved. Oh and they also have powers sooooooo..... idiots. They are just idiots.

  • Doesn't Zane remind you of someone. I mean I don't know who but.... I'll give you a hint. "MY FATHER WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS!" quoted by... Draco Draco Malfoy.

  • O loved this show but not as much as memory mermaids

  • Having watched The Originals, it's weird to hear the two actresses' original accents. Sounds so strange.

  • Dose any one else immediately think about the originals

  • My favorite show

  • H20????? H2o????????h20??????? Oh you meant delirious OK wait H2O just water ?????

  • I was born in 2010

  • What was that terrible mermaid movie where in the end the girl straight up murdered the only black man in the movie?

  • "So you're telling me that these girls are walking around with poopy hands". Lol

  • You should review the abomination of a "movie" that is The Three Tails. It's like H2O but on acid and with a Space Whale Aesop shoehorned at the end.

  • 0:49 so cool

  • This show was my JAM and the best thing is that Phoebe Tonkin and Claire Holt are in The Originals together

  • After watching this show every time I watched something different I always got nervous when they touch water

  • Alex Meyers but that is offensive to me

  • Soo cool

  • ✨sharks✨

  • When I saw this show I cringed

  • My sisters favorite show...ok I watched it too

  • i really thought the "just add water" part of the title was alexs doing lmaoo

  • Oh nononono 😂😂😂 uv got it all wronge well at least for me in twilight my fantasy was/ would be to be a vampire and in H2O my fantasy is to be a mermaid I'd rather be a mermaid than a vampire coz u don't know how much I love water/ swimming if I could I'd love in the sea idc about wrinkles I'd just love to the power to make water do what I want or swim or to make it so I swim really fast and deep driving I'd just llllloooovvvvveeeeee that sssssssoooooo mmmmuuuucccchhhhh

  • As an Australian this was my childhood

  • The moment cleo falls in the hole a guide dog ad comes up

  • "BUT GUESS WHO SHOWS UP---" *wonder woman ads starts playing* 😂😂😂 That was some timing.

  • Fishhead, reverse mermaid

  • Love this show

  • I always wondered how human people got in and out of the cave easily, like I know the entrance but like... ???

  • H20! My enemy my sisters kept telling me to watch it with THEM!!!!

  • Wait what

  • Nobody: Cleo: sO cOoL

  • i love h2o first big aussie tv show plus it was relatable especially me who lived in gold coast

  • My sister loved this show

  • People have to agree season 2 was *WilD*

  • I live in australia and everything you said about it is 100% incorrect (where i live anywhere, in the country) and still find it really funny Thank you for amazing content

  • Wait you say they live in Australia? I thought it was somewhere in Amerika like every other teenager show

  • Alex check out neighbours I hate our Aussie dramas

  • BeCaUsE yOu'Re HeRe ClEo

  • It my fav and i still re-watch lol 😆