the new Pretty Little Liars is hilariously dumb...

Publicado em 16 Abr 2019
Pretty Little Liars The Perfectionists animation
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  • eating a toots pop to

  • When you said they have “A” special connection made me realize you either finished the original series or stuck around for a few more seasons

  • *7:55**-**8:08* SPENCERS HERO 🥺😭😂🤣

  • IK! the spinn off was the DUMBEST

  • Bro, this was filmed at the college by my house, sooo...........

  • I had never watched pretty little liars when i started watching this show, so i was literally hooked at every point lol. Everytime someone dead came back I'd be thrilled and amazed and always be at the edge of my seat during every second. I LOVED this series. Seeing so many ppl hate on it makes me so confused. I was so sad that it wasn't renewed for s2 😭😭

  • i refused to watch it because of the emison divorce


  • Is it just me or does that Allison girl look EXACTLY like Loren Gray? Just me ........ok

  • Quick question: did this show got cancelled?

  • Emison divorcing was so stupid. I wish we saw them get back together on screen and not just have Marlene say they get back together.

  • the way you literally don't like any show,so that's your problem and stop hatting on great shows

  • Is This on Netflix????????????!!!!!!!!!!

  • Never realized Sofia Carson was in this! :D

  • Pll X GG mash-up

  • this is EXACTLY like the show Get Even

  • 4:10 killed me 🤣🤣

  • This video is very entertaining! - A

  • where can i find this show


  • PlOt TwIsT... *Taylor is Betty and Jugheads child from an alternative reality*

  • It’s the fact that Alison is playing a college professor despite the fact that Ava (her student) is 3 years older then her irl and no one is talking about it 🙃 I know it happens often in these kinda shows but damn

  • there’s a pilot script online and i guess it’s the first attempt marlene did adapting the show. anyway, it’s amazingly better than this crap aired last year

  • hey Alex can you do Duck commander

  • 90210,Pretty Little Liars,Riverdale.Are all super confusing shows and they are awesome shows to watch but they are like all kinda the same.

  • Ava Jilali looks like Eve from Descendants

  • I kid you not, I didn't understand 95% of what you just said about the "plot"

  • Alex: Constantly talks about how unattractive he is Also Alex: *Insanely attractive*

  • wait... Nolan and Ava, Nolan and Caitlin, Caitlin and British Dude, and Nolan and Dylan? Is Nolan bi? Does he just like cheating on people? I'm confused.

  • I agree with you on Spencer where was she?!?! I just found you're Channel last night and Subscribe to you.

  • you made this series sound cool 😂😂😂 now I have to watch it

  • "A" special connection.....

  • Still salty the canned Ravenswood aka the superior spinoff

  • You literally said riverdale was better than pll RIVERDALE 😭😭

  • soo true

  • One of my friends Thinks how she is going to ruin my day

  • I have heard of Pretty Little Liars....not what I was expecting!

  • "Whhuuuuuttttt, you thought the character that was dead the whole time was actually aliveeee????" Allison : have you met me?

  • "To share A special connection?" Subtle.

  • It's like 13rw s3 but gossip girlish

  • Like dude i see like 100 different actors from different shows

  • Gotta love that kinda homophobic plot line only a few minutes into the video! Edit: my god, there's ANOTHER plot line utilizing homophobic stereotypes just a minute later! Wow! Fantastic!

  • Isn’t that the girl from the boys I loved before

  • react to the fosters please!!

  • I just came here because the ice princess from shark boy and lava girl was on the thumbnail I GOT ISSUES YEA B**** I HOT ISSUES

  • The show really is only about spencer no one else does matter

  • Just... Wft?

  • I see what he did there in the words of him :they happen to share A special CONNECTION...

  • I can’t believe they split Emily and Allison up and made Allison literally leave her children just for this joke of a spin-off.

  • Wait, didn’t Emily and Alison get married and have twins?

  • Tbf everything after season 2 of the original show is pretty dumb too 😂

  • I’m still pissed at Freeform for canceling this show on a damn cliffhanger. They should’ve at least gave it one more season to find out who the Professor was.

  • It’s pretty much the plot of One of us is lying

  • you should do a video about T@gged. it's an instagram version of pll.

  • I haven't given the new PLLs a chance because it was a chore to get through the first series! So far it sounds like the first series w/ a few changes; like 'This time lets let the audience know right away that the dead person not only isn't dead but is also the mega mastermind behind everything' ala the whole Charlie/Charlotte thing.

  • holy moly pretty little liars had a sequel

  • Ava is Sofia Carson Aka evie

  • Lmaoooo i just realized the chick that plays Alison played the ice princess in Sharkboy and Lavagirl.

  • they said copy and paste but in a different font

  • bullshit. the show is sooo much better that the original pll. And let me tell u Mona and her boy are the best fucking couple in this show!! they're kinda like esra and aria🤣


  • I know right I loved spencer she was my fav I swear I agree with Alex on everything

  • 3:46 that woman is ageless ❤❤😄

  • aria was my fab character-

  • bad mum in gossip girl - bad mum in the sequel.

  • Wait, if mona is here, who's taking care of fake Spencer in Paris!?

  • Why didnt I know this existed!? OMG

  • i may or may not just think of hodgkin lymphoma becus of the pronouncing of Nolan's last name XD

  • does taylor end up being adopted or some shit, and her parent is Charlie/Charlotte from the 1st one? If anyone says I'm right I'm gonna puke

  • Why is Nolan such a hot shot? He's not even that attractive

  • *What's it called I need to watch. I have nothing else to do with my life and what app can I find it on*

    • It’s on Hulu PLL the perfectionist is on Hulu

    • @little rat ik its called pretty little liars 🤦 Ive watched all 7 seasons LOL but I found out it's called the perfectionist

    • Also the show is called pretty little lairs I hope I helped in some way

    • Maybe Netflix I dunno I don’t watch the show :3 lol

  • I had exactly the same reaction wait wait is that Serena's mom from Gossip girl 😂

  • This new pretty little liars is the worst show I've ever seen 😭 plz do not waste your time on this show

  • I know that caitlin is like spencer but I am way more interested in ava

  • I like this show better than the OG one waaaay better

  • Alison's mom is dead 😐

  • Watch the second Umbrella Academy movie!!!

  • Wait.. Isn't this The Perfectionist duology ? This is not even in the Pll book series.. But they are including it ? Why ? How ? They are not even in the same universe ffs.. Ps- Sorry for the rant though. Am one of those book nerds who get extremely mad if the show doesn't stay true to its origin at all. I haven't watched the show though. But from what I can gather from this video , the show is pretty far from the book.

  • The happiness you brought to me when you mentioned Spencer cause she's literally my fave character

  • Ur on my idols list 😌

  • please do the big bang theory

  • can you do dynasty

  • This show was not good. Thank god they canceled it

  • WHERE IS SPENCER? I never will watch this TV show.

  • It's surprising how you've became popular after you stopped showing your face. Because you're so beautiful 👁️👁️ Why?

  • So Ava is Evie.....

  • 0:55 is that Sofia carson

  • I totally agree where the heck is Spencer she’s the best character. She’s the only reason I watch the show

  • sofia carson, thats all i noticed

  • so veronica mars mixed w/ gossip girl ? veronica mars has a murder

  • Ok but does that creepy scene at the end of the actual PLL where Mona is playing with the doll actually serve a purpose?

  • Wtf is this broo

  • Wait the Nolan and Dylan and Ava shit- what the fuck

  • alex meyers u have to make a video about a series of unfortunate events. I promise u, u will have more questions than answers for all 3 seasons

  • 5:10 when I saw the banana my mind went on a different route than phone call

  • When you said is that Serena’s mom I swear to God I was thinking the same thing

  • wait.... i’m so confused at the end of that episode with the mirror? wth is that even?

    • I think they are watching through the mirrors

  • His name is Hot ch kiss? XD

  • He's still a Spencer stan 😂

  • What’s thus called?