Anne with an E is pretty great...

Publicado em 14 Jan 2020
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Sierra Burgess is a Loser is a pretty dumb movie...
Insatiable really is the dumbest show...
Twilight doesn't make any sense...
Jane the Virgin is pretty great...
To All the Boys I've Loved Before is kinda dumb...

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  • YESS!!! this is the best show!!!! why did it have to end!!

  • I’m not shocked that you like the show. I’m shocked that you watched the show.

  • anne with a E is based on a book i read

  • You did not just put Katherine in there lmaooo

  • Anne: No one could be happy with red hair Me: Woah woah woah! I have red hair SIR!! 😂😲

  • anne with an E was washed out and ridiculous by the end when they ran out of book content and had to start making stuff up

  • 4:39 girls: ok

  • 3:53 todoroki disagrees

  • Can u watch stranger things?

  • Yes we thought it was impossible HE LIKED A SHOW !!!!!!!!

  • You know a shoe us good when he likes it

  • the only reason not its not popular in the older crowd is bc not a lot of ppl know about it. If they did they would see how amazing it is. For example, i'm 12 and my 44 yr old parents pay attention and ask questions about it when me and my sis watch it cuz it actually interests them and they enjoy it. And usually when we watch shows they comment about how bad it is, like on disney channel, but when we watch Anne with an E they are actually intrested

  • I stg it was annie

  • You know I love Anne with an E but I always found it strange how right after Marilla says that girls shouldn't be doing farm work then she goes and milks the cow like 5 seconds later

  • I never watched it but it should be actually good if he likes it

  • I Absolutely loved that series

  • Anne is a regular spelling why is it called that?

  • Do the querns gambit

  • A woman can't do everything a man can do and a man can't do everything a woman can...but most thing like being stronger,faster,a small minority but also most geniuses are men because of a reason besides all in all you can't compare because we are too diffrent and even if you could we both know who would win

  • Has everyone forgotten about Anne of Green Gables? Anne with an E is just Netflix ripping off a far better show and turning it into an adaptation. Plus Anne of Green Gables is a complete series with a spinoff movie called Toad to Avonlea.

  • Best series in the world ever!! 😍🥺✨❤️🤍🥕 #renewannewithane

  • Hey, guess what? There's a Pride and Prejudice.. AND ZOMBIES!

  • My dad knows a girl who can pee her name in the snow

  • “Red hair is so awful...” Ahem, I’m a red head and the grandmas at the store would highly disagree

  • Who is name anne here ? I am

  • Right

  • Love this show

  • I legit just gasped reading the title

  • Can you do another video on this? I’d love to see what you thought of the other seasons! Also, funnily, I think if older people had watched the show they would have liked it Cus when my parents watched it with me they both loved it even tho it’s nothing to do with what they usually watch!

  • This show is golden like the song from harry styles.

  • Am i the only one who watched half of my childhood watching Anne of green gables? Like anne with an e is like the real action version of it and maybe they kinda forgot its REALLY AN ANIME ORIGINALLY YEAH 👁👄👁👌

  • He likes the sort of bad shows 😅

  • I disagree

  • Literally everyone: wants red hair Red hair girl: I don't want red hair

  • has soon as Anne hit the dude with the book a playstation ad came up

  • I love anne with an E!

  • THIS UNLOCKED A MEMORY IN ME I DIDN'T KNOW I HAD! When I was like 10, my aunt gave me the book version of this which is called "Anne Of Green Gables" and I loved it! I got the sequel too! It's wack that it's a show now.

  • I watched anne with an e a while ago and I was so invested. It really addressed important issues like loss of a family member, racism, sexual assault, LGBTQ, feminism, rights to be heard and more that I probably forgot. I loved the growth of each character and how they went past stereotypes and focused on why a character is the way it is, and when it finished I was so upset because things weren't really wrapped up and I really wanted to see what happened to Anne's friend who was locked in the "school" and they didnt let her parents take her back. Sorry I forgot her name. Then I learned the show was cancelled and that's why it didn't have a clear ending. It's a great show really and I'm sad that the still haven't renewed it.

  • my mom loves this show

  • OMG YESH #renewannewithane

  • Also Anne with an E talks about a lot of real life problems

  • Wtf this is mee mums fave books and mine like 2nds and we watch the first 1 mathew is my fave

  • Who else watched Anne with an E, and watched the whole show, and really wants a season just me....ok

  • At last theres a show that actually sticks to the original book.

  • uh huh you want mashed potatoes or not lol XD

  • Let's just agree, Anne is beautiful :)



  • you know a show is good when alex likes it


  • of all shows you review. you like. anne with an e. are you kidding me 😭

  • Y’all need to read the book first!

  • Me and my mom watched Anne with an E and we both loved it we finished the movie in three days

  • How else do you spell Anne? Did I miss something?

  • Yhea he liked a bad show now umm annie with and e is preety bad



  • Ms. Stacy said, “No no, this is about men feeling uncomfortable with women.” And that was why it was canceled.

  • I like how Anne with an we gets canceled but 13 reasons why got 4 whole seasons

  • I think their reason for cancelling was the dumbest ever. I simply can´t believe it. The internet is harsh (as we all know) but I haven´t seen ONE single person who DIDN´T like the show. It has the same vibes when a TV show is cancelled bc of too little audience, but they only show it at like 2 a.m.. I mean you can always find somebody who doesn´t like something, so...

  • I’m surprised He didn’t like the umbrella acedemy but Annie with an e

  • its based on a book called anne of green gables the book makes more sense just kidding

  • You should do cobra Kai

  • You should do cobra Kai

  • What the fuck are y'all talking about in the comments, I'm interested in Cole. It hit me so hard when he told Anne he was like Joan and Gurtude?? Sorry I don't remember their names but when he told her the way Anne reacted was amazing, “But with boys.." And she just lit up I fucking love Anne and her support the town pissed me off though.


  • Anne with an e is the show that I can watch on repeat and still get all emotional, fangirling, laughing, crying, and act like I don’t know what’s going to happen next even tho I seen it like 100 times. I wish it didn’t get canceled 😭

  • Me being from the maritime like: ._.

  • Yeah I never made it to episode two her talking just annoyed the hell out of me

  • He likes something-

  • not fat

  • Finally Alex molars likes something


  • You should do Julie and the phantoms

  • My sister hates this seires, because its not like the book

  • I was about to get really mad when I saw Anne with an e on Alex's page but he actually likes it😄

  • this show is based on anne of green gables!!1

  • He should read Anne green gables im purity sure I spelled that rong but it just sounded like a summary of the book

  • Oh meh gawd. HE FINALLY APPROVED!

  • You should do umbrella academy

  • How are u in my recomended every time i finnish a show?

  • I love Anne with an e

  • This is Anne of Green Gables. I read the book.

  • Anne with an e is perfect in every way

  • CBC sucks

  • Anne With An E. I Thought you would say like: doesn't make sense Or something then you said is pretty great- Wow I'm glad cause I really like Anne with an E- :]


  • When your a ginger.....

  • As a redhead, I feel offended that Anne would insult red hair. I love it.

  • anne is most likely to be an HSP (highly sensitive person) wich is why i love the show so much, i myself is an HSP and i tend to always take things to heart, people say i'm overreacting or just plain annoying but through this show i finally felt like someone relates to me ans that i'm not the only person that feels more than an average human being

  • The books are way better than the show in my opinion

  • I literally thought Jerry was gay till he showed feelings for Anne, he would be a cute femboy ngl

  • Try reviewing the entire 3 seasons of A Series of Unfortunate Events. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

  • so no one's gonna talk about cole

  • wait u actually like a show?


  • I have the book, it's 112 years old and it's amazing to read it, like people don't READ at ALL there days!!!!! :/

  • You is a great show

  • Anne: hits Gilbert with a slate Gilbert: so this is love

  • I got covid and I remembered starting this with my grandma and I got hooked and am on the third season I'm watching the first and second season again before the third.

    • I hope you get better soon :)