I found the most horrifying kid's show ever made

Publicado em 20 Out 2020
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Sam and Cat was a weird show...
the Jonas Brothers tv show was hilariously dumb
Stargirl is the weirdest show
50 Shades Freed is the worst movie of all time
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  • yes


  • The most scary episode where the boy is having fingernails growing everywhere

  • His horrified realization of what the scarecrow is actually trying to do with the sister, was pretty much my reaction as well.

  • Horrifying

  • round the twist was so good even though it was made like nearly 20 years before I was born

  • Don’t shit on round the twist

  • I agree with everything

  • Mate, just wait till you see the episode where Pete pisses on a tree and then becomes pregnant with a tree spirit and then vomits the baby out.

  • The music Doesn't fucking help

  • Why have I watched this so many times

  • 6 57 oh no no no

  • i think i just died and came back to life from how scary it is

  • We would watch this in science class in 5th grade and we loved it

  • I’m auzzie and I love round the twist so gday alex i recommend you a episode we’re Pete and Linda’s brains come out it’s a little weird Ik Y Australia y can’t we have Tom and jerry

  • All Australians eat weird food!!!!

  • Don't remind me how we had to each it in class ONE OF THEM IS ABOUT A GUY GETTING PREGNANT BY A DRYAD

  • vegemite is nice actually

  • I watch round the twist and I'm an aussie its not that bad actually 😂 I even went to the lighthouse where they filmed it years back

  • Habe you ever every felt like this shit that songs my childhood lol

  • 6:58 Can y'all tell me about this because I am confused. Im only -3 years old soo help me understand!?!

  • Is every video sponsored cuz I always see it sponsored

  • It's like whurzal and gummage! (No clue how to spell it, lol) it's basically this but made in England and is... actually really wholesome. The scarecrows make me shiver to this day but it's really cute... I think?

  • Anyone else notice the Riverdale poster In the background. It very well could be in all his videos but I’m just now noticing ut

  • Ahhh my Childhood 🥲🥲

  • Ooooh my uncle was in are you afraid of the dark.

  • Oh. Oh that looks so stupid.

  • Him honey give de pest price

  • this show is nightmare fuel

  • Lol I love round the twist

  • P E T E I S G O N N A G E T V E R Y W E T

  • I’m Australian:(


  • This is some Penney wise the dancing clown crap

  • What's the name of the show with an episode where it turns out the school teachers and principal are frog people. They feed the kids food that is gonna make frog things burst out of them, and mustard is their weakness. Does anyone know what it is

  • My year 2 teacher made us watch this

  • Me: frank this edibles ain't shit Also me: 5:57

  • 3:36 🤣🤣

  • you've ruined me D: :C this show is the beessssstttttttt in aussie primary schools the teacher read the book then you watched the show all day !!!

  • Me smiling knowing that i am Australian and we are they mind break

  • n i g h t m a r e s s s s s s y e a h b o i p o g g g

  • 5:46 Had the same reaction as Alex

  • This has 666k views. I don’t like where this is going-


  • If you think that’s tramitizing check kotte animations frozen series( I wanna die now)

  • there's an episode where the youngest got a baby from the cabbage patch and the baby turns green and blue and the episode is used in middle school growth and development

  • Lmao I’m on a holiday where this was filmed it’s in Aires inlet

  • 2:21 Was that DIO's Coffin>

  • Bro what is rong with my Country


  • I have discovered my new fear: Scarecrow-clowns.

  • my dad used to watch this show when he was a kid and he loved it but im from england soooo

  • "I found the most horrifying kids show ever made" opens on Australian show... Should I tell him about "Welcome to Crystal Cove" everyone?

  • Bruuuuh, Im from Nigeria and this shaped my childhood. Looool

  • WTF

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what the hell

  • :0

  • Tbh I'm Aussie and this show scarred me

  • I watched this as a kid and it based of a book (funniest stories and scariest stories) that we studyed in y3

  • This goes from weird kids tv to 70s horror movie QUICK

  • JARATE? Also scarecrow commits die

  • In Australia we don't eat our own young but we do subject them to nightmare inducing tv shows 😂

  • Ok, but as an Australian Around the Twist is a classic and good show

  • Welcome to australia

  • alright I just got a honey ad before this I am evacuating

  • Knowing that other people know this show exists is enough. I was worrying I got shifted to a dimension where I was the only one who knew about this.


  • oof this is a "scarecrow walks at midnight" goosebumps spin-off-

  • We literally watched this in class multiple times. And read one of Paul Jennings books for an English assessment and had to re right one with our own twist. MInd you this was like grade 3 or 4

  • wait till he finds "dont hug me im scared"-

  • True, that is a Skyrim quest item lmao

  • 3:39 I’m death so I use closed captions and how does vegemite sound like Hank you

  • I’m so happy you did a vid on round the twist. This is an Australian icon

  • My parents watched that episode and my dad dared me to watch it. I hate him

  • the worst and traumatizing show

  • I agree with all the scary things and all but DONT TALK BAD ABOUT OUR VEGEMITE

  • when I thought it couldn't get worse... then the ending happened. What were they thinking when they wrote that nightmare fuel.

  • As an australian i salute you

  • Yep pretty much

  • Mmm yeah I was always wondering why my fellow pupils wanted to watch this so much

  • Stop stop why is disgusting disgustang house it's raining right next to cycle next to AC bikes to do make a ocean in why you should I mean why should you build a house in the middle of the ocean I mean it's something to go out like SCP-2662 English that is not good SCP best is not the best donut good The Killers it's like for you to everybody in oh yeah cookie the movie please

  • Sandwiches

  • I’m Australian and round the twist is a classic everyone LOVES IT

  • have you ever, ever felt like this ?

  • I wanna pretend this never happend and i never saw that

  • Surprisingly this show didn’t mentally scare me I mean my parents and Casper the ghost did tho

  • If you think this is creepy, watch "Ernest: Scared Stupid"

  • As an Australian i remember the tv channel that I watched only showed episodes that weren’t as creepy as this one

  • this is funny

  • This make up

  • I now have nightmares 🙂👍

  • I have a pun Husband: honey can you get me this chair for less? Wife: how am I going to get coupon codes! Honey: I will do it myself

  • That’s not the most disturbing episode

  • Wow what a inspiration, a movie review + animation, what a master piece

  • I’m not tryna hate on you but most of your videos are of you hating on ALOT of movies

  • That was.... Intriguing....

  • So they ban power rangers in Australia but this is ok

  • My teacher showed me this show 😳

  • Why...... Why did you show this to us. What sick twisted pleasure have your gained from this........

  • I like how generic male character is just Tristan Taylor.