Zoey 101 was such a weird show...

Publicado em 28 Jul 2020
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  • I’m wondering why chase looks like Finn wolfhard/ Mike wheeler

  • Bad acting=Popular

  • This was a secret pleasure of mine back in the day. Yeah, it wasn’t all that good, but the girls were cute and the whole show wasn’t as mean spirited as some of the shows that came later, like victorious. There was an innocence to it. I still listen to the theme song every so often.

  • I used to love this show... until i found out how pretty much all the cast bullied Alexa (Nicole) until she quit and didn't even invited her to the reunion

  • Who remember Zoey mama

  • You better see 5:31

  • What's your white I can with my own wing cuddle a lot of weight wooden sticks I can love myself up the wooden sticks you can't such a loser such a stupid loser

  • HahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • 5:49 goes running and falls off cliff and dies*

  • Tripiante

  • Normal person: you have a really nice smile 😊 Me: I LiKe yOUr TeEtH 🦷

  • Is it you go to grown man laughing at kids TV shows you’re seriously right here

  • 7looklak r s tag 8 long Tony pon

  • Bébé

  • It's currently 5:38 in the morning for me, and the 'how do I sleep at night?' joke got me rolling :D

  • After I heard why Nicole left zoey101 I lost all respect for the show because it was really sad and messed up what happened to her

  • So has anybody figured out what color the wind is yet?

  • 1:27 this just reminded me of the day i try asking a girl out and i said: "Cool scar, how did you got it?"

  • I never watched this show but I remember a friend of mine watched it religiously because he had a crush on Britney Spears' sister. He was totally obsessed with Britney and thought since her sister was around our age that he might actually have a chance with her. It really crushed his spirit when she got pregnant, hasn't been the same since.

  • Cheese

  • you gotta chill out with the advertisement right when the video’s about to get most intriguing

  • Yo he's funny in2021 just one year away

  • Best channel ever man

  • The sexists comments are not it.

  • Does anybody know where he watches all these shows? Like he has made videos on Icarly, Victorious, Drake and Josh etc, so where does he watch the episodes?

  • Thumbnail: Victoria justice be like: seaweed time

  • Wait, there wasn’t any laughing at the jokes?? I swear there was.

  • I really wish they picked a better episode to wrap up the series or added more episodes. I know they couldn’t make a Season 5 because of Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy, but I really wish the series finale is was better.

  • Your French accent is everything 😂

  • Hey Alex Meyers maybe you could review Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.

  • 2:53 Hey Nicole why don't ya just enter one of the stalls.

  • I know for a fact that I watched this show growing up, but the only thing I remember is the intro lol. The song was so catchy it was great....But I remember more Cousin Skeeter than this.....Speaking on which, please do cousin Skeeter

  • Why did zoey get a spot when she was down 18 until Dana showed up. If anything dana would have been the only one lol

  • 4:00 fweindship is macis im dying

  • as z0ey runs to the door i get an ad of a delivery man asking "did you order a package"

  • Honestly I remember nothing from this show, just the people sometimes lol

  • Guess who failed the "stop making fun of things teenage girls like" challenge

  • Who else is a Disney kid not nickelodeon

  • i had literally NEVER heard about this show

  • I'm 17 and I still love that show. Sorry ):

  • What abt liv and Maddie

  • I used to watch this like clockwork 😐😐 the acting is baddd. I lovee Logan and Quinn still

  • Loved Zoey 101 for some reason

  • Also whats Dana gonna do, hurt their baby feelings or something?


  • Yes. If it was still a boys only school, it would be a literal utopia.

  • Bish are you going to criticize every kids show? Plus Zoey 101 rocks

  • When this show was on I was fascinated by it and never really understood why.

  • M

  • Those acting was the best when i was 6!🤐🤐 now its like the worst acting. Huh. Things really do change sometimes😥😥

  • I remeber i was 6 when this movie came out and im in love with the theme song and listens to it every hour.😎😎

  • Easily the worst acting in any Nick and Disney channel show ever.

  • The second he said some girl screamed in the hallway and Zoey went to see what happened, a commercial came on. Send me being the person I am had the first response of "she screamed because there was commercial". Yup, still stand by that minutes later.

  • Pretty sure Dan Schneider is the baby's dad

  • Chase is such a simp

  • Was it just me, or did Zoey wear too much makeup?

  • Oh these are the shows I watched because they had cute boys and I have no self respect...

  • My little sister literally spent an entire day locked in her room actually crying when she found out this show got canceled

  • The inner child in me is so happy. I grew up watching this shit

  • Were their voices always that annoying?

  • omg I dont remember that everyone looked like a baby back then

  • Oh you don't know about the duck face us girls make when we dance?

  • 1) Zoey 101 was a collaboration by Nickelodeon veteran Dan Schneider and Australian producer Jonathan M. Shiff, thus making it former's only TV show that was not a multi-camera sitcom, as well as the latter's only series without any fantasy or sci-fi elements. 2) The show's theme song is "Follow Me" by Mandy Moore, taken from her self-titled 2001 album. 3) Due to Shiff's involvement, Nicole, Quinn and Logan were all played by Australian actors faking American accents. They often tended to slip up during several scenes which, for some reason, never even bothered to be edit out. 4) Several episodes of Zoey 101 were directed by those who had previously worked on other Jonathan M. Shiff shows - Grant Brown, Colin Budds, Mark DeFriest, Roger Hogeman, etc. 5) The series was presented entirely in 16:9 widescreen; hence, during original broadcasts, the Nick bug was moved slightly upwards to fit into the letterboxed picture (as the network did not launch an HD feed until around 2008/2009).

  • Wow

  • Nicole was sooo anoying

  • is it just me or does he use the word "weird" to describe almost every single show? or is this a thing and I don't know about it cuz I'm new?

  • I forgot how brightly colored clothes were in the the mid to late 2000's.

  • Please do thundermans :)

  • this show popularized the ebike scooter. everyone who watched this show wanted a jetex

  • Chase low-key looks and sound like Finn wolfhard.

  • I didn’t know this show existed until victorious

  • Lmao @ 06:33

  • " what's next a grown man making fun of kid shows how weird " Me : yeah totally weird

  • Looking back on this show, I just realize the lead characters seem as though we're following a group of bullies.

  • Stop freaking out about the urinal and turn it into a plant pot holder or something. It comes with it's own drain.

  • The only part that I actually liked was Quogan. Zoey and chase really took a nosedive after season 3. I was so bored with how long they dragged it out for

  • all premonitions aside, watching the cast grow up and the story lines develop, the show became a really great series. This is literally just a review of the first episode. There were countless others that had good teen dialogue with emotion-invoking narratives.

  • Lmao when he said 'bebe' i laughed soooooooooooooo dam much 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • You sound like u used to be a rly awkward kid

  • Zoey’s hairstyles were a cultural reset

  • I don't believe a word of Alexa story on her time on Zoey 101. I find it hard to believe that the whole cast bullied her for no reason, she is nothing but an attention seeker if she had that experience, how come the other cast members or the extras never said anything about it? she had years to say something, she said nothing about it until not being invited to the reunion. Also why would anyone want to be room their supposed abuser and be sad they weren't invited

    • Well the reunion could of brought back bad memories for her and she could of forgot about while the reunion reminded her of that time on zoey 101

  • Why did I think that chase was Finn Wolfhard for like the first seconds

  • Let’s not talk about Logan putting a camera in the girls room ✌🏾

  • Nicole: URINALS ARE NOT FOR GIRLS Trans girls:

  • “This guy who’s name is Logan because of course it is.” Me who is named Logan: whats that supposed to mean

  • 7:24 bébé

  • prego


  • When he said his name is Logan because of course it is I was like an I spouse to fill a fended or not

  • haha

  • imagine screaming because of a urinal

  • I grew up on this show even tho I was born the year it ended lol

  • 2:45 now she just gave birth. time fliess

  • "What if kids went to school and then had..drama. Tada! 10 seasons" lmaooo

  • Why does no one talk about how talented he is at animation When I first started watching he reminded me of James from the odd1sout (his little character)

  • They probably didn't want to make a fifth season because of the bébé.

  • your animation is terrible and cringe and you barely know what your talking about

  • Damn, early 2000's anything could get greenlit for 20 seasons even if it was trash. Now good shows are being burried because companies care more about marketing appeal.

  • Bro i loved this show